Road to Cambria

Mind over Body. Heart over Age. Will it work?

Woke up at 4 A.M. to avoid traffic. I was all psyched up that I could drive 5 hours straight to L.A.

Detour. Son wants to visit a Walmart by Paso Robles. Oh, my Gosh! We entered an out of nowhere road surrounded by thick Fog and total darkness. I can’t see anything.

I felt a sudden hot flush at 37 degrees cold, panicking. Worried of hitting another car or crashing on a tree. Scared of falling off the ditch. Google Map gone. No Phone internet service. We’re lost.

Instant happy turned instant stress.

Wife warned, “Next time, you and your Son need to talk and plan where you both want to go.” She’s pissed. I’m pissed. He’s pissed. Hilarious battle of the most pissed.

Fog cleared. Madness cleared. However, Mr. Excited Driver suddenly felt very sleepy.

My eyes were shutting down involuntarily that it was too dangerous to drive further. So I stopped by a gas station and slept.

1 hour nap. Refreshed. It’s Daybreak. I’m all ready for take two. Wife update, “Another hour to get to Walmart Paso Robles. This is expected when we have to stop to visit places.” This time, my head was clear, my heart, calm as I replied, “Okay, got it. Driving to Paso Robles.”

Red Ribbon symbolize Love. Lock symbolize Forever. A long stretch of wire still waiting for People to commit. Moonstone Beach Boardwalk.

Son, tone and mood jumped from disappointed to excited as he heard, “Driving to Paso Robles.”

We’re all back on happy mode as quickly as the weather shifted.

Paso Robles Walmart was nice.

Son got Limited Edition Reese’s Cereals and BMW Hot Wheels Car Series collectibles. Smiling all happy, he said, “Bro, we don’t see this in our Walmart. Glad we went here.”

Always wondered what Cambria looks like. It’s a famous stop over among Road Trippers. Turns out it’s close to Paso Robles. Second detour.

Isolated from the rest, it stood out. Every grain of sand, every pebble, every Sun-wrinkled driftwood. Resilient.

Moonstone Beach is Cambria’s coastline treasure.

Once, it was more. Can it be more again? Will there be enough time?

Distance Landscape with Ocean View, not as dramatic as Carmel and Big Sur beaches along California Highway 1, but up close, Moonstone Beach shines beautifully in its simplest details.

My Castle. My Fortress. It goes where my dreams want to explore and discover.

Hidden and camouflage by the sand, are ethereal gems called Moonstones.

Except for one, I got all my Christmas wishes and prayers. And it’s just Christmas Eve. It wasn’t an easy year, but when blessing comes, it’s like pouring rain. I’m very thankful. I’m grateful because I don’t think I truly deserve all these.

I didn’t Google in advance what Moonstones looked like so I gathered some random stones, hoping one of them was a Moonstone.

Moonstones incorporates abundance, fertility, love, and renewal. Definitely, I needed all of them.

Cambria’s Seaside Village is quaint Country and laid back Coastal fusion.

Seemingly untouched by modernism, Cambria is a very relaxing escape from the busy city life.

A Christmas Tree stands by the porch. It gets merry and bright when it sees visitors. When visitors leave, it gets sad and lonely. It feeds on Joy. It thrives on adventure. So, it tries to dazzle in glitter, decors and colors to draw passersby. Most of the time, it works. It becomes the most wonderful it can be for others. It gives. No expectations except a moment of People’s time.

Meet Frogman. He was cursed for taking away Christmas from the Villagers. The only way to break the curse is for him to give back the true meaning of Christmas. Till today, he is searching for that meaning.

Can we help Frogman discover the meaning of Christmas?

I thought that was it, back to interstate 5 for L.A., but no, destiny wasn’t done with its fun and surprises yet. It’s Christmas Time and it’s being generously giving.

A flower blossomed on dry sand. No soil. No rain. Just faith and determination to live. Morro Bay, CA.

Wife mentioned, “16 more minutes drive and it’s Morro Bay. “ I asked, “What’s in Morro Bay? Any beach there?”

Which one is the Morro Rock? Real life or make believe Illussion? Which is better and kinder?

Turns out there is a beach called Morro Rock Beach, and the town has lots of thrift shops that we all are curious to check. So, third detour happened. Third Christmas surprise happened.

All I want this Christmas is more happy times and experiences with my Family. And though Christmas Day is tomorrow. I’m already enjoying my Christmas presents. Joy has come. Love has come. Even Peace and calmness outdid themselves.

Not sure if they were pebbles or polished pieces of shells, but we picked up several and made a tower of Christmas wishes. I added in the tower your wishes too. There’s always a room for everyone. Morro Rock Beach.

God gave me more than what my wish list can contain or what I believe are possible.

Silver Dollar Shells looked like Flying Saucers that landed on the beach. Morro Rock in the background or perhaps it’s the Mother Ship disguised as a Giant Rock.

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holidays.

“Dream, Imagine, Hope and Believe. They are free. They are possible. They can surprise and amaze. Okay, time to open your presents and tell your stories.”

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6 Responses to Road to Cambria

  1. Absolutely love love love this post! How did I miss it till now? Thank you for sharing such an amazing journey with spontaneous detours! The pictures are astounding – love the beaches and pebbles/rocks. Love the juxtaposition of son at Walmart with the incredible forces of nature – those beautiful scenes!


  2. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Glad you enjoyed your vacation! Lovely post. You have a great eye for photos and creativity with words. You made me feel like I was there. Stuck between 4 walls for the entirety of this vacation, at least your post made me live a little.


    • Thank you. It’s was not an easy ride in 2021 and moments like the trip to Cambria inspires me to see the positivity , joy and hope in life even if sometimes they seem too elusive. Thank you. Happy New Year.


  3. Janet Alcorn says:

    Lovely photos! How was the weather at the beaches this time of year?


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