No Greater Christmas Gift Than Love

December is speeding towards Christmas. Christmas is sprinting towards New Year. Then, 2021 is gone. No Rewind. No take two. It’s over. What was given or not given can’t be undone.

Our first Winter in SF has lots of fond happy childhood memories at Pier 39.

Christmas dilemma? Finding the right gift that is both personal and special. Many will give up on the challenge and just buy something convenient at the Malls or Costco. But some, will make an effort to do their research, care and diligence.

At Macy’s Toy Land overlooking Union Square SF.


What is it really we want more than anything?

Isn’t it more quality time? Is it more happiness? Is it more unconditional love? All? Everything?

More merry and bright up close. Santa Day SF.

Where do we find these gifts? How do we contain them long enough to wrap them?

How do we express love in ways a person can actually touch, feel, embrace, experience and remember in their lifetime?

Just a Boy who still believes that Magic exist. Just a Boy that still won’t let go of Hope for Love, Peace and Happiness in this crazy New World. Knott’s Berry Christmas. May just come true.

Every Christmas, Wife would ask, “What do you want for Christmas. My answer is always the same, “Happiness.” Her response, “Seriously? What do you want?” I am being very serious, but to make it easy and still interesting, my usual answer is, “Just surprise me.”

Every Christmas Tree is different. But the one we remember the most are invested with beautiful moments and memories with Friends and Family. Never about the cost. Twigs Christmas Tree with colorful ice candy for decors can be more memorable than the expensive Christmas Trees by the Store Windows.

Truth is, things are just things to me. When the newness is gone, it becomes what it is, a thing. And things are easy to forget. But what I can’t forget are the gesture, the moment, the excitement, the kindness, the experience, the smile, the love and happiness that went with the gift giving.

I remember the feelings, and hope with all my heart that they get to be recaptured. I may have forgotten the many presents I have received since I was a child, but I have not forgotten the way they made me feel with the person who gave them to me.

No such thing as having too much Christmas. It’s like saying, “We can’t have too much Happiness.” Christmas and Happiness exactly how we want it. Opinion of others are just noise and distraction of what can be genuinely real for us.

Personalized Gift Giving sounds complicated? It’s not. It seems like it’s a lot of work. It’s not. For most, people already have given clues of what they want for Christmas. If we heard them, if we listened, they’ve said it already several times.

I’m grateful to have seen and experience the Magic so many times. At one point, it became our Family Holiday Tradition. Then COVID came and stole Christmas. Whahhhhh!

I wanted to spend my Family Christmas 2021 in a Theme Park. I wanted it to be festive. I wanted it to be so magical that literally all my worries, stress and heartaches will disappear in thin air. My Son calls it, “Wasting Money.” I call it, “Unforgettable Experience.”

I like to take pictures, that’s obvious. But also, I like to observe how events and moments affects people. When people are really happy and amazed, they are like little Children. It’s a wonderful sight. It’s a very refreshing sight.

Perhaps it’s wasting money, but we can’t really take our money to our graves, right? But we can die happy and content knowing we have lived the way we wanted to live. We’ve shared what we hope to share, “Magical Moments.”

When the Sun disappears, millions of lights illuminate the entire park. That is in itself, magical.

Where to find max fun, joy and magic of Christmas? Where to find amazing time, love and happiness? Disneyland is an impossibility. People have booked and made reservations many months ahead because of COVID crowd limits. Universal Studious and Knott’s Berry Farm are my other options. Haven’t decided yet. Could be a last minute surprise. Could be Christmas to a Beach Town we’ve never been before. Could be where we always feel at home.

I made my wish. I texted Santa of what I want for Christmas. Will it come true? I don’t know but I want to believe that it will.

Our first Christmas Tree in California after leaving Texas.

Life is too short to postpone what the heart wants today. Realistically, not everyone will make it to next year’s Christmas. So, why not make this Christmas the best and most memorable of all Christmases? Take two while we can. Celebrate while we can. Give love while we can.

Our Christmas of 2019. It’s really the last Christmas for the World without the Pandemic, the Politics and the worsening Natural Disasters due to the spiraling Climate Change. I have no regrets of celebrating that year like tomorrow is the end of the World. I can look back on the pictures and memories, and the feeling instantly takes me back to moments that could have been just bucket lists. As for the money I spent on experiences, it’s just money and I already gained it back or went to Uncle Sam.

Joy is never a waste of time. Magic is real whether we’re 7 or 77. Love is always abundant and free but seems always out of stock, expensive or hard to give. We don’t have to beg for Love. We don’t have to be stringy on Happiness both for ourselves and those we care in this World.

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35 Responses to No Greater Christmas Gift Than Love

  1. Kally says:

    Wishing you peace, joy, and unconditional love at Christmas and always.

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  3. Janice Reid says:

    Enjoyed the blog, your pics are beautiful!

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  4. Msdedeng says:

    Great pictures.


  5. So awesome view , so many varieties of X,mas trees decorations 👍🏻🌷🙏🎄

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  6. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner. The older I get, the less I care about material presents. If there’s anything I need, I can just buy it. I’d rather spend time with friends and family and try new experiences. Enjoy your holidays.


    • Time and experiences with Friends and Family are indeed the best Christmas gift and memory we could give to ourselves and others. All the glitter will fade. All the decors will be back in their boxes. But the moments comes alive in our hearts forever. Thanks.

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  7. Ab says:

    Your answer every year really is the best Christmas gift of all: happiness and time spent with loved ones!

    Too bad Disney didn’t work out this year but I hope your alternative wish to Santa comes true! Life is indeed to short to wait or to prolong your joy.

    Our Christmas will be quieter this year but I’m looking forward to just catching up on sleep. 😆 But we do have a family trip booked during our Spring break and I’m keeping my fingers crossed we don’t get screwed by the new variant. All we can do is try! 🙏

    Enjoy your week ahead. Christmas really is unbelievably just around the corner.

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    • Thanks Ab. It’s crazy, Christmas is already next week. The rest of December I didn’t remember doing anything special other than Work, buying gifts and eating out. No memorable road trips nor outdoors so far. Perhaps next week. Every month this year, I try to do something important for the family that we all will remember so when we look back at 2021, it has been a year of blessings and not simply just living and surviving. Covid I came to terms with as forever virus. It will be every patient. It will be every person I am near to any place 365 days a year. What matters is I don’t forget what kept me COVID free 2 years after. Some co-workers still scared to swab covid patients, so I do it for them. It became the most natural work thing as a healthcare provider, and I make sure I make my patient feel at ease and calm. Nothing to be scared anymore as long as we’re all vaccinated and masked. UCSF doctor was correct, “Don’t postpone any Holiday plans that was already set in motion because of COVID. Just do the safety measures and we get to enjoy the Holidays and vacations. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A toast To great Friendship and great Adventures.🙏

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      • Ab says:

        I think you have the right attitude with COVID. It is here for the long while. More variants to come. So best to be vaccinated and practice common sense things like mask wearing and hand hygiene. No need to be scared and just keep living our lives to the fullest, especially these days.

        December really did flew by! Hope you get some outing soon with your family.

        Today is the last day of school and work. Our family is off for the next week and T and I have the following week off too. Will be enjoying it to the fullest and not worrying about virtual schooling again in January. 😆

        Take good care and enjoy your weekend!

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  8. ourcrossings says:

    The winter holidays are a season of gift-giving in many places around the globe and it is a season during which people are more eager than usual to give to others. Things are just things to me, too and that’s why I prefer to receive love and time instead of material things, but then again everyone is different. I also believe that spending more does not always guarantee a well-received gift and I could never really understand why asking somebody what they want is seen as taboo. And that’s a shame. We would all be better off if we gave people what they want 🙂 Have a nice day 🙂 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aiva. Totally Agree. Christmas is a time to be selfless and truly give what our love one wants no money can buy….love, happiness, forgiveness, belongingness, understanding. But it is harder so many choose to go to the store and buy what they see that fits the budget. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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  9. SamSahana says:

    Going to a theme park is NOT waste of money. We earn money to use it and if we don’t spend it on happiness, what else do we spend it on? Indeed as you say, joy is never a waste of time(or money). Such delightful pictures, the happiness is contagious and palpable. Seasons’s greetings to you and yours 💖

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  10. Absolutely true, giving love is the most perfect and least expensive gift and it is not always expressed by gifting material things. It just have to come from a truly loving heart. This year i’m not buying gifts for Christmas, I baking Christmas cookies ala German way and also made lots of pomegranate jelly to give away. I wish I could send you some, my travel friend. Enjoy the moment of happiness.

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  11. Dragthepen says:

    Beautiful ⚘. Thank you for sharing ❤

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  12. I know I am not supposed to openly admit that I am with your son on this one. I too consider any theme park a waste of money. But I think that’s the magic in being human, we are all different and we adjust to one another out of love -at least that’s how it should be.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. My Son is a Gen Z and I really admire how he sees life and views life. So different from my generation. Reason I live by the moment really is that I’ve lost thousands of money, lost a home, lost a car, material things that once seems important. None of them made me happy really , but memories and experiences did, and it last forever.

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      • I know so well how you feel. I am writing on my blog about the time when we lost it all. It changes people, it puts things back into perspective.

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        • Yes. There was one Christmas when my dream house was empty except the Christmas tree to remind us that light and Hope of our lives are being together with those we love, not Earthly processions. The bank took the house, but we gained back our freedom and sanity. Losing things made me dream again and see my life as valuable. It wasn’t easy though, many Friends and Family judge us and closed theirs hearts when we no longer fit their profile and circle. It was a time of true awakening. Christmas has never been the same since then.

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          • “The bank took our house but we gained back our freedom and sanity.” I know what you mean. We had been busy working and much of our quality time was spent talking about my husband’s company or his employees. When we lost everything we refocused, re-learned to enjoy the simplicity and the smaller things in life.


            • Thanks for sharing. Losing the material world can be our first step to gaining back our lives and what’s important. It’s normal to feel depressed and unlucky when we measure success with owning things, but when we look at how much time and moments we have with those we love or being healthy and alive, we realize how blessed we are. Take care.

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  13. restlessjo says:

    I know your wife will find you the perfect surprise, because whatever she gives you will be special because she chose it for you. That’s how it works, isn’t it? A very merry and special Christmas to you!

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