It Takes Pain To Create Something Beautiful

My work weekend turned out great and very productive. Everyone’s happy. I was happy. Perfect!

Then I thought of writing. Inspiration eluded me like I have Scabies. My mind, blank and lethargic like I took too many Sleep Aid. The heart smiling but the brain apathetic.

Some days I’m living my life, other days I’m watching my life being lived for me. Some days, I am changing the World, other days, the World is changing me. Some days I’m a part of many, others days, I’m comfortably distant and withdrawn from everyone.

It’s when I’m battling my inner Storms when inspiration explodes.

I wish they could see what I’m seeing. I wish they could feel what I’m feeling. I wish they could experience what I’m experiencing.

It’s when I’m sad and in pain when I get to create something beautiful that brings People joy and sunshine.

It’s when I’m imperfect and scared that perfection and bravery comes to life.

Am I okay? Am I a Masochist? Am I crazy? Am I a Deviant?

Am I cursed? Am I abnormal? Am I a Weirdo? Am I a Freak? What’s a few more names? What’s a few more labels?

Can I be happy and make everyone happy at the same time? Can I be happy and still be overflowing with creative imagination?

The Waves and I seem to relate too well, from calm to crashing, from rolling to breaking into many small waves and ripples.

Can I ride both sides of the extremes in peace and harmony at one given point of time? Or does it always have to be one or the other?

One moment, many revelations. One memory, many lessons. One story, many complications.

“Artists that allow their world to fully materialize on canvas, images or pages of a book are often living a World of loneliness and isolation. They are often misunderstood. Their work are either so life like or out of this World incredible because every thought and emotion are expressed in all their rawness, pain and honesty. Everything is laid bare for People to judge, marvel or be afraid.”

I see them, they see me, but is there more to just seeing? Are we suppose to know and learn more? Superficiality is a choice.

Unfortunate events and suffering fuels my fire. Loneliness and isolation lights up every corner of my being. Heartbreak gives me the motivation to genuinely laugh with freedom and abandon.

The old Cypress Tree looked alone but not really. When one observes closely, 4 almost invisible wires provide the support it needs to survive the harshest of weather and nature. So, we’re not really that alone if we made it this far. There are People in the background no matter few and seemingly invincible that helped us go through life and its shits.

What doesn’t throw us off the Cliff and Insanity makes us only stronger and grateful.

Foolish heart. Foolish me. Steve Perry’s Love Song was playing in my car stereo. It’s lyrics I knew too well.

“Foolish heart, hear me calling
Stop before you start falling
Foolish heart, heed my warning
You’ve been wrong before
Don’t be wrong anymore.”

First Fall, always terrifying. Succeeding Falls, less scarier than the previous. At some point, no more fear. At some point, we become Survival Pro. When Life happens, we take plunges, ready or not. It’s okay to scream on the way down, no one cares.

Sometimes, the heart can be stubborn and repeats the same wrongs. And that’s okay. Humility and Wisdom in repeated imperfections. Value and Appreciation for layered scars of hard work. Beauty in pain. Creative discovery in times of deep longing.

A Friend texted this to me a few minutes ago. He is right. Many of us have discovered the truth this year. May we live that truth as urgent as it should be because tomorrow, only God knows.

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20 Responses to It Takes Pain To Create Something Beautiful

  1. judithhb says:

    I hope your loneliness and sadness abates. Thanks for those beautiful photographs. It’s several years since I was on the coast of California and probably will not go back again.

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  2. Ab says:

    Your friend’s quote at the end is very timely and I am glad that you and your family seem to live by that message, especially the past two years of the pandemic, because life is too short to keep postponing happiness.

    I totally understand what you mean about the conflicting tension between happiness vs apathy and how it is reflected and manifested in your writing. It is really a strange paradox isn’t it?

    I do hope you know that your writing and photos bring a lot of inspiration, joy and wonder to your community of readers! Always a boost of positivity when I visit your page.

    By the way, where is that image of the foggy bridge from? I seem to recall you posted it before.

    Hope you get some downtime this weekend! 🙏👍

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    • Thanks Ab. Foggy hanging bridge and light house is Point Bonita in the Marin Headlands. Real life a daily mix of beauty and madness , joy and sadness, creative moments and dull blankness. Honesty is refreshing. Relatable meaningful connections are much needed nowadays. And yes, living in the moment has never been more clear for the past 2 years. We should never feel guilty or be made guilty for trying happiness. Our lives are worth trying.

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      • Ab says:

        Exactly! We just found out schools will likely be going back to virtual learning after the break. I just about burst into tears when I found out. So the next two weeks of winter break will be about living life to the fullest! 🙏💕

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        • So sorry to hear that. I don’t really get it why it’s back to virtual and restrictions. Variants will happen every year and we can’t be in this back and forth virtual classroom virtual classroom situations. Our kids will definitely have a post negative effects because of it for years to come. Here in the U.S., at least in my community Omicron and Delta are now normal and People do what they want whether their cautious or spreading the virus around without guilt nor concern. The propaganda in the U.S., “Be Better,” didn’t work because many are only thinking of themselves. Selfishness has been a majority, but many still want to treat the selfish nicely. It’s so insane and frustrating. 2022 will be no better if people refuse to be better. And this is a global pandemic still. Stay safe my friend. I hope it’s back to classroom after winter break . Miracles to happen. There is a Divine Power stronger than any person or virus.

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  3. The scenery is simply stunning and your pictures are beautiful. It’s funny how creativity works sometimes and how and when we get inspired. Some days I just don’t feel it. I’ve learned to just ride the waves and go with the flow. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. As always, your photos are so beautiful. I really want to go back over and drive the CA coast again. Your words and thoughts are very deep. I hope you experience sunshine and happiness this weekend as well as restful peace 🙏🙏 Thank you for sharing your photos, they did bring me joy! …and sadness that I can’t be there 🙁

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  5. Very true. “It takes pain to create something beautiful”.

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  7. Boubacar Bah says:

    You are right my dear

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  8. This is really something here.. I really loved how you expressed the way we fall in and through life at times, yes it’s a consistent cycle of triumph and defeat, and each rise and fall brings us where we are going.

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