Omicron World Takeover 2022

Better than movie is real life. We go to theaters to be entertained for 2 hours but real events entertained us throughout our waking hours.

It came out of nowhere. It’s name, like from a Transformers Movie sequel. Omicron with its 32 new mutations on its spike protein will circulate before drastic measures will be made. Same story as the original COVID variant and Delta. Omicron is doubling in Infection Numbers every 2-3 days.

Let’s be honest. Don’t we miss President Trump’s entertaining headlines handling of the Pandemic from the time of initial attack of COVID on American soil in 2020 to the attack on Democracy with Insurrection of 2021? I do. Very much.

And yes, the Stock Market was at its best and exciting performance when he was the President. It was the perfect time to get rich quick when many stocks were heading to the moon. Meme stocks like GameStop and AMC made many instant Millionaires. It was the peak of Pump and Dump. Nope, not one of the Millionaires.

JHU Data today, 12/3/21, U.S. back to more than 100,000 new cases a day, and more than 1,000 COVID deaths per day. How many because of Omicron? No one knows. Most, including myself don’t really pay attention to these data anymore as it became an everyday normal. Life simply happened and moved on.

Okay, I am Pro-Vaccine. I believe me and those who got fully vaccinated had been and will be saved from serious COVID Illness, Hospitalization and Death. And thanks to President Biden aggressive campaign with vaccination, many maybe spared from the new variant concern, the Omicron.

At least once a year, a new variant will replace and dominate the previous variant that caused the surges of the previous year. The goal is that we can make vaccines and boosters that catches up with the speed of these mutations.

“Maybe” because Omicron Variant wasn’t a consideration and possibility when the current batch of COVID vaccines were made. It’s an “if” and “may” work guessing game for now till we really see full blown widespread Omicron replacing Delta in the next 3-5 months.

Respect equals peace. I work in the biggest healthcare system in my City where we are a mix of Democrats and Republicans. We have our opinions. We learned to listen and when to stop. We learned to set aside Politics for something bigger like Friendship, Humanity and Saving Lives. If that can be done on a Nationwide basis, 2022 is promising. If not, then it’s just any other year where everyone is one year older but not wiser.

In less vaccinated areas, Omicron will take hold. Winter to Spring 2022 cluster surges will close movie theaters and some businesses again. Some Cities will have a repeat of overwhelmed Hospitals and Emergency Systems. Real life fear and horror will outdo any horror movie to be released in 2022 in communities Omicron will choose as its epicenter hub.

Michigan Hospitals overwhelmed as it faces its 4th COVID Wave. As predicted, Waves or Surges will be in Clusters depending on Vaccination Rates, Masking and Human Behavior. Previous infection is not guaranteed protection as antibodies post infection goes down after 90 days. Booster every 6 months. Can be sooner too with future more infectious and virulent strains. It’s just the nature of the virus.

First case of Omicron already in California, but the only reason America knew about it was because the Person was very pro-active in reporting travel history and for being tested specific for Omicron. How many will do that?

We will have undetected cases of Omicron because either People are not aware they are infected or will not bother to be tested. Contact tracing is no longer being done for the usual Delta, but only for the Omicron, but who determines which specimen needs special test to identity if it’s Omicron or Delta unless it becomes a universal standard protocol? How many Laboratories in the Country have the fancy device and trained Professionals to detect Omicron?

By the time Omicron detection is widely available, it has been passed around thousands and thousands of times as evidence by a sudden steady outburst of outbreaks that is Omicron Variant dominated.

He is trying, but we will only win over COVID if we do our part, until then Omicron will happen, then another more powerful variant after. This is how viruses survive. This is how COVID was created. Again, it’s not natural, at least not from what I have observed. It’s not a common cold. It’s not the same as Flu nor RSV. COVID is uniquely COVID in evasiveness and invasiveness. Its the perfect living weapon.

We will hear and read more confusing stories in the next several weeks both from Experts and People pretending to be Experts.

Exactly, during these times Omicron will swiftly infiltrate many communities in America and the World, just like Delta did. Recent History will repeat itself.

Some are Heroes, others are Selfies. Some will do their part, others won’t. This is how it’s going to be. We don’t have to be smart to know what’s right. We don’t have to be morally upright to do what is good and kind.

As I said, real life is better than the movies whether it’s Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, War or Fiction.

Early part of 2022 from Winter to Spring will have lots of surprises and shockers. Definitely, it will be entertaining. A must-watch year for both the predictable and the unexpected.

Coming Soon in Real Life near you: Omicron World Takeover 2022

Enjoy every moment and don’t hold back. Make December the happiest and most wonderful time of all Decembers because real life is not guaranteed eternal happy ever after. Not for the past two years of sudden loss and crazy turn of events. That is, if we believe they did happen.

“Some days I forget COVID still exist or that it can be life threatening. Possible COVID patients has been an everyday normal work flow to me that it has become ordinary. It has become like any other infectious disease. Doesn’t bother me anymore. No fear made me live normally again. It’s been like that for many months now. I’m sure, many feel the same way.”

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52 Responses to Omicron World Takeover 2022

  1. Great article. I enjoyed reading it and tuink you made a lot of good points with regard to the Omicron variant.
    I also believe in taking the vaccine to minimize the chances of spread. At this point it’s not about me anymore but everyone else.


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  3. Wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it and listening to your thoughts about this new variant. I have also recently published an article on my blog about Omicron. However, mine was very much a criticism of the media coverage on the new variant which I have found really disappointing. I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on my article if you get the chance! Take care 🙂


    • Will do. Thank you. Omicron will be like Delta. There is however a over news by media versus under action by government which brings us back to another pandemic surge. It is frustrating. Totally relate on what you wrote. Thanks

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  4. Lol, no reason to fear covid. Enjoy life–family and friends.

    Too many young people taking the clotshots are having strokes.

    Friends don’t let friends take covid vaccines.


    • Yep, we should enjoy life and build something more meaningful with those we love and care. No fear. If we get sick and die, then it’s meant to be. If we survive all and live another 20 years, then it’s meant to be. People have been afraid of Death when it’s the first natural possibility the day we are born if not when created. Life and Death are two sure thing that happens every second in the World over. Thank you.


  5. Omicron is gradually taking over the world in 2022, we don’t know yet. But Covid is deadly for sure! Thank you 🙏


  6. I completely agree about how a highly vaccinated country can better deal with these new variants. We’ve had a few confirmed cases of the Omnicron variant in Ontario, but thankfully we’re taking stricter travel measures to prevent the spread. Here’s hoping we learn from the past.


    • Thanks for sharing. Some countries are pretty good in handling new variants, others seems like come what may. The U.S. I think is the most ambivalent of them all when it comes to covid. There is one side that believes it’s real and try, then there’s the 30 percent or so that will bet their life and others that COVID is all fabrication, lies and a political tool to take away people’s freedom. There are even healthcare staff who don’t take COVID seriously even if they saw patients sick and dying themselves. It’s crazy what people will do or think for their ideology and beliefs. Also crazy how people are willing to die for their political Gods. For sure, always edgy and exciting to live in America. 2022 may outshine 2021, just don’t know in what way. Take care. Stay safe. And yes, Hope we learn from the past. Thanks.

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    • So a highly recovered country is somehow inferior to a highly vaccinated country?

      Sweden is highly recovered and covid is now endemic in it, apparently.

      Naturally-acquired immunity is theoretically superior to artificially acquired immunity, with contributions from innate immunity and mucosal immunity and non S-protein humoral antibodies all joining the fight.


      • Thanks for the share. Haven’t have the natural immunity as have not been sick with covid at all. The vaccine I got my booster. Whether natural or artificial, as frontliner worker, had to get something from being sick due to frequent infection contact.


        • There is so very much uncertainty about covid that it’s impossible to say that anyone hasn’t had it. The reason for the uncertainty is a lack of certainty in testing for exposure. There was a Hopkins meta analysis of PCR false negatives which found that there was a floor of false negatives for PCR on the third day post symptom onset and climbed in either direction from there. Of course, if you have been exposed and your innate immune system dealt with exposure, then your humoral antibodies won’t show it and PCR tests will not show exposure.

          Certainly, with Delta being so very infectious, we have all been exposed to it by now. Last summer we saw the rural population being exposed to Delta.


  7. arlene says:

    Omicron is scary. Last digit I saw yesterday, we have around 500 new cases of Covid but deaths recorded were almost 200. Sana hindi na makapasok yang bagong variant.


  8. Ab says:

    I had to laugh when I read the story of why they skipped two Greek letters straight to Omnicron cuz one of the letters was Xi, which would have not gone for diplomatic relations with China!

    All jokes aside, I am optimistic that highly vaccinated populations can weather the new variant and those red states with its anti vaxxers will be hard hit sadly.

    As entertaining as Trump can be, the last year of calmer Biden has been good for my mental health!

    We made it to another weekend. Hooray! Hope you and your family have a good one.

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  9. I didn’t think there was anything remotely entertaining about that sociopath. I woke up every day wondering what stupid or dangerous thing he would say or do. His legacy is still wreaking havoc as he hasn’t been arrested or imprisoned for Jan. 6 and I can’t even think about the travesty of this Supreme Court and decisions nobody has the right to make about women.

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    • I agree. Seeing how he handled it all, was very traumatic. It was a relief that he wasn’t as powerful anymore but he still has influence on those who share his beliefs, heart and ideology. Finding humor in something evil made things feel better, but we can’t really erase history anymore. We can only try better in the present and future. Thanks.


  10. ourcrossings says:

    A common saying goes; if you do not slow down in life, you will not only miss the scenery but also the sense of where you are headed. Tomorrow is untold, and the only guaranteed moment is now. So live life as you will only live now; this doesn’t encourage you to be a hedonist and throw all caution through the window but to appreciate the small moments you have every day.

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