Star Wars Toy Collectibles Garage Sale

“Dad, garage sale collectibles tomorrow. It’s near us. See these boxes? If I’m correct, they are old expensive Star Wars Toy Collection.”

I woke at 7 A.M. so we can get in time for the 9 A.M. Toy Collectibles Garage Sale.

I didn’t realize how valuable the collections were until we started talking to the Collector and his Mom.

They have been collecting them since he was 4, and now he’s 40. Many of them are not sold in stores anymore. One Star Wars Action Figure was from a 2005 exclusive Comic Con. I stop counting how many times I said, “Wow” that morning.

It’s was too unbelievable to be true, but there it was, a yard with boxes and boxes of Toy Collectibles.

We haven’t seen so many Star Wars Toy Collections in one place. All were well preserved in their original packages with meticulous care that reflects how much the Collector loved them.

My Son spent all his cash in his pocket, but excitedly told me, “Dad, some of these are 10 times more. Like the Princess Leia for $3 is $30 in eBay. And I got 4 of them.” He showed me later how much they were being sold online, he was right. Some even cost more than what he told me. Some for highest bidder.

We’re all having so much fun that an hour flew by. Collector gave my Son lots of discount. Wife of the Collector said, “You Guys are our biggest Customer so far.” I replied, “Yes, and we’re the luckiest too.”

The Collector brought all the boxes of Star Wars Action Figures for my Son to look at. Son was very lucky to get all the Trilogy Action Figures.

It felt like Christmas Day excitement and happiness. It’s like we all won something big, my Son especially.

We got some Funkos too.

I told the Mom of the Collector, “Looks like Christmas came early for us.” She smiled and said, “Yes, it did.”

On the way Home, Son said, “I’m Happy,” twice. Me and his Mom replied, “We’re glad.”

Marvels, DC, Lord of the Rings, Spawn, Sports Action Figures, Disney characters, Hotwheels, Matchbox, there’s just so many.

The joy on his face and voice was priceless. He looked like the little Kid I remember opening his Christmas gifts on Christmas Day several years ago. It was a wonderful sight, and I felt very lucky to have seen and witnessed it all.

Christmas is a time when imagination comes to life when we believe and hope with all our heart. It doesn’t have to happen on Christmas Day. It can happen now or tomorrow. We are living proof that Christmas Day can be any day.

Christmas came early. Was it by coincidence or fate? I don’t know, but I’m very thankful.

Mother of the Collector said, “My Son will visit me in Vegas so he can help me sell my Toy Collections too. I have a house and a garage full of them which I had been collecting through the years.”

He has this eBay App that shows him how much each Toy Collectible is sold. Limited Edition Funkos can double its original price just few days after they are sold out.

That evening, my Son told his Mom to text the Collector when will be the Vegas Garage Sale happening. He then announced, “Guys, we’re going to Vegas for the Garage Sale,” like he was very sure of it.

Love his dreamy enthusiasm, but who knows what happens when we truly believe, right?

Triplets Princess Leia

“Dear Santa, I wish for a Family Vegas Trip please.”

But first, I have to pass the Naughty or Nice Test.

My Son doesn’t realize it, but he has been sharing early Joy of Christmas to other People this past week. He already sent more than 30 packages of Funkos and Toy Collectibles. And I have 4 to ship this morning. I don’t think he is doing this just for the money. It’s more of doing something that makes him happy and other People. Pure Passion. Truly beautiful. Makes me wanna Hope and Believe the Spirit and Magic of Christmas is real and lasting.

November is in a hurry to end, so will December. It’s up to us to slow down time and make beautiful, happy memories that lives on forever.

“Joy to the World, the Lord has come.” May we not miss again the Glory and Wonder of God’s great Love. Being busy is not an excuse, nor is COVID. Time for something more this Christmastime and for 2022.

When this year is over, it’s over. No reruns. So, let our Wish List come true while we can. Believe in the Magic that’s already within all of us.

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17 Responses to Star Wars Toy Collectibles Garage Sale

  1. faeriestarvbusiness says:

    Oh my, that is a lot of Star Wars toys! I’ve seen those toys on Netflix’s The Toys that Made Us.
    That has to be every Star Wars fan dream of owning those vintage toys. :3

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  2. Your family has truly captured the magic of Christmas and the spirit of giving and sharing.


    • Thanks. I think more than ever, it is important to create our own Christmas Magic because time just keeps slipping too fast, like we’re already close to 2nd week of December yet many are still too busy, too preoccupied, too worried of the real threats and concerns in our communities and the World. Christmas though fleeting and short is an opportunity to escape and just be lost in a place of Nostalgic Childhood, Joy, Love and Peace, even for a few days or hours.


  3. ourcrossings says:

    Some people love garage sales; others pass by without a second thought, writing them off as a jumble of other people’s trash, but those in a second group have been missing out on a chance to score some incredible deals. You guys certainly found lots of amazing goodies at the garage sale! May the best things of the last month of the year be in your favour. A happy new month of December to you. Aiva 🙂


    • Thank you. There’s a humbling, inspiring lesson in being able to appreciate the simplest of things, the old, the used, the forgotten and turning them to vintage treasures with worth and value. Not only it applies if things but on People. Garage Sales and Thrift Shops are a reminder that everything is beautiful and precious to the eyes and heart of those truly see and appreciates. Thanks.

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  4. I love the concept of a garage sale. It’s much better than just throwing your old stuff out. You also never know what gems you might uncover. Sounds like your son had a wonderful time. Christmas definitely came early!


  5. restlessjo says:

    Amazed to find so many still in their packaging. Ours were all discarded for the space. I’m not sure whether your son was adding to or selling part of his collection? I can feel the excitement though. Good luck with that Vegas trip! I wouldn’t mind to come along.


  6. arlene says:

    That’s a lot. That son of yours is so lucky.


  7. Ab says:

    Wow!!! What a bounty of treasure you and your son lucked out on. I love it! And I love your son’s entrepreneurial saviness and spirit. Those are really great finds indeed. I would’ve geeked out majorly.

    When I was younger, I went on garage sale tours on Saturday mornings at times with my aunts family. I always loved it when we stumbled upon a home with comic books. That always excited me. Thanks for bringing up great childhood memories!


  8. rebecca s revels says:

    Always so much fun to walk up on treasures..


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