San Francisco On A Quiet Day

Take away all the dizzying noisy crowded tourist destinations, and one can actually see the real San Francisco.

I’ve seen it a hundred times, but it always feels like it’s my first.

Simple, transparent, laid back, beautiful, haunting, a City unique yet universally home to every person who choose to be a part of it.

This is how we park.

On a quiet day, it’s hums nostalgia. On a clear day, it breathes freedom and rebellion. When no one’s watching, it’s allows itself to be vulnerable to those who deserves it.

If we can defy Gravity. We can defy Political Tyranny and Societal Oppression. We are Revolution and Movement whenever needed and called for.

It’s steps, welcoming like Time skipped and preserve its youth and innocence.

Diversity, Equality and Acceptance, not every City in the World is cool with that, but here in San Francisco, you are one of us and we will respect, honor and celebrate you for who you are.

It’s Architecture, a reminder that there is wonder and magnificence in what’s old, and modernism is not for everyone.

Sometimes, one forgets it’s 2021 because we never really left the 70’s. The good stuff of the Golden Era we kept. It’s vibe and lifestyle we intertwined with our present day evolution.

Something Vintage, Something New. Our creativity does not conform. It’s an extension of our individually while open for collaboration with fresh ideas and concepts.

San Franciscans are resilient. They are eclectic. Their thinking questions, their beliefs brings change. They are bold, outspoken, broad minded, curious, accepting, innovative, tolerant, chilled, artistic, dreamy. They are what defines the City, and not the City defining them.

Wasteland to Wonderland? Very San Francisco.

On your next SF visit. Skip the usual and walk the normal. I promise, you will see what I see and experience the extraordinary.

Art is Art. Love is Love. Beauty is Beauty. Life is Life. People are People.

San Francisco sees me the way I want to be seen, and that is something I can’t just find anywhere else.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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31 Responses to San Francisco On A Quiet Day

  1. lgopinath says:

    Enjoyed your SFO blog. Very realistic combination of the old and the new.
    I blog on SFO too
    Do check it out at
    Can I share this blog on my SFO blog?
    If you like mine, you can share it too

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  2. lgopinath says:

    Nice blog on SFO… I am blogging on SFO too….just did my first episode today
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  3. Hello from Singapore! Beautiful post. So poetic too. 🙂 Now that you mentioned it, those houses do look like from the 70s. Argh, we missed exploring SF when we did our California 1 road trip. We were too sick to go around after driving down from Tahoe. 🙂 Maybe someday our family could visit again. 🙂 — Amor


  4. Lovely pictures of San Francisco. I would love to visit someday, and as you said, experience the extraordinary.

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  5. michellecj333 says:

    One of my favorite cities I’ve ever visited! You captured it wonderfully!

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  6. ourcrossings says:

    Being on the tip of a hilly peninsula, San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the United States of America. I love its modern skyscrapers as much as its charming Victorian-style buildings and the bridges that cross the San Francisco Bay. Can’t wait to visit one day 🙂 Aiva


    • Thanks Aiva. SF indeed is one of the most beautiful and unique Cities in the World. It’s also Home to People from around the World whose rich Culture and Traditions made SF truly an exciting discovery every time.

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  7. Your images took me to the memory lane, when I visited SF so many uncountable times many years ago.


  8. Ab says:

    Lovely photos! It took me back to when I visited 10 years ago this past summer. 🙂

    I remember when we took the double decker bus through the Golden Gate Bridge it was so windy and foggy. Couldn’t see a thing! But when we got to the other side and saw the bridge, it was awe-inspiring.

    The steep up and down hills were also interesting. I remember taking the tram up the hill and it stopped. My heart stopped thinking we were going to roll back downwards the steep hill. 😂

    The houses are so beautiful in the city. So classy and love the colorfulness of the homes. So vibrant.

    And when we walked down Castro Street, a naked man walked by. Let’s just say my mother-in-law’s facial reaction made me laugh.


  9. So marvelous photography and awesome places, so quiet also 👌🏼🙏🏼🌹


  10. dianaed14 says:

    So interesting to see another viewpoint

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  11. Awesome photos! San Francisco is a fascinating place and it does contain so much beauty.

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  12. gabychops says:

    A very interesting blog!! I would like to be a follower, please.


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