Another Winter is Coming

Another Winter is coming. Normally, it’s an exciting time with Christmas and the Holidays, but their is another worrisome possibility that will not be as merry.

Last Winter, Santa took Mom and Dad. Who will Santa take this Winter?

This is the first Winter since America was caught off guard by the COVID Pandemic that may have no more Hospital Surges and strict restrictions. Could be the first Winter with no massive COVID deaths. Could be.

Many will have their Joy this Season, but not everyone. Not just because of COVID. There’s Poverty. There’s Sickness. There’s Human Cruelty. There’s Broken Relationships. Truth is no glitter and Gold.

While the rest of the Poor Countries are waiting to be immunized. Rich Countries are getting their Booster. While some countries are still on semi lockdowns, others have forgotten the Pandemic even happened. Well, some never really believed it was ever real from the disease, the deaths, the hospitalizations, the mask and the vaccines. That COVID was a made up exaggeration to take someone’s Freedom. That it is only a Political Propaganda which I don’t really get because it did not only happen in America but the World over.

Second Thanksgiving next week to have survived the Pandemic, all healthy and blessed. So, yes, I’m very grateful.

Death this Winter will still claim lives, but not as horrifying as last Winter. Mostly, it will happen in places where many still do not believe that COVID is life threatening nor the Miracle of Science to end the Pandemic is a miracle.

Every Star can shine. Some needs help to realize they can Shine too. Brightest Stars are the Givers, but their light is exhaustible.

People do have the right to refuse a vaccine they believe is infused with harmful ingredients and magnetizing trackers, but People also have the right to live.

“Believe” is not just for Children. Adults actually need it more, much, much more.

How bad this next COVID Winter will be depends on three important variables, which are Vaccine Immunity, COVID Mutations and People’s Behavior.

We have many reasons to be Merry. We just have to remember and acknowledge what they are. Our Christmas Tree started early for the second year. It has to. It has to last longer too.

We all have our opinions. We all have our beliefs. Right and Wrong are subjective. I just hope more get to live longer to enjoy life in peace, love and unity. Isn’t that something we all want?

There will always be Hope. God so loved us all that he sent his Beloved Son to save us. Are we worth saving? Probably not, but God is the most generous Giver of all and he doesn’t hold grudges.

One America, One People, that is the New American Dream. May be, it’s something we can give to each other as Christmas Gifts so our 2022 will begin with all things good and not with an another Insurrection followed by a COVID Summer Surge.

How Merry and Bright every Home would be? It will vary. Even Christmas is not created and celebrated equally. It’s a Fantasy to think everyone will just be provided with generous material gifts under the Christmas Tree and a table full of delicious food.

“Close to 250,000 Americans died last Winter because of COVID. They were real People with real Families taken by a real Global Pandemic. This Winter, it’s their First Death Anniversary. Spring Projection, 1 Million U.S. COVID Deaths. It doesn’t have to, but may just happen.”

Mr. Grinch didn’t stole Christmas. He just tells People straight forward Truth. Unlike Santa, he is not into sugarcoating and unrealistic over optimism. But People like to be dazzled, so many lies continues.

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26 Responses to Another Winter is Coming

  1. So beautiful Merry Christmas moments photos and very touching information about Cov -19 👍🏻🌷
    Malaysia also this year 30000 over death happened 😢now slowly this sick coming down here !!
    Christmas and New year whole world celebrating with new hope peace and happiness 🌷🙏♥️😊


  2. Love the decor! Wishing you a healthy Thanksgiving and Christmas! And that people will stop politicizing the pandemic…


  3. I’m hoping that a new year will bring about a new way of thinking and approach when it comes to this pandemic. While this Christmas is an improvement in some ways over last year, it’s always good to stay mindful of case counts and our personal health and safety.


  4. ogaraderrick says:

    There will be fewer deaths this festive season. I believe so.
    Where I’m from, most people believe the virus is dangerous even after seeing the horror on news.


  5. So beautiful photos 👌🌷Advance Merry Christmas ❄️🎄


  6. Ab says:

    Your tree ornaments are wonderful and filled with important reminders and message, including the need for us to keep believing as adults.

    I do feel hopeful this winter will not be as bad as last winter but it is still important to stay vigilant and be mindful of each other’s safety. 🙏

    In some happier news, our Canadian health governing body approved vaccination for kids 5-11 today! I’m hopeful to have our son have first dose before Christmas. This will go a long in continuing the fight against COVID as a society. 🙏

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


    • Thanks Ab. I’m glad that Kids 5-11 gets to be Vaccinated too. I think it’s really that next step to move forward to live our freest and happiest. It’s the only way to enjoy life again without worries of covid sickness. Covid will become like flu only all year round and we do what we can to make sure we’re protected and those we love. Happy weekend my friend.


  7. elvira797mx says:

    Let’s us have faith that there wil be health for all human beings, a Christmas with health, peace and love. Beautiful photos, thank’s for share.
    Take care.

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