Dear Job Interviewer

Work has been Dog eat Dog. It shouldn’t. Job Step Up is Cat claw Cat, Crab grab Crab, has to stop. Chain of Importance, Employers, Executives and Management on Top, Workers at the bottom. Has to end.

Power Food Chain, voracious Whale Eaters feeding on frantic scared Sardines. That is changing. Bottom Feeders discovered Self Worth and Unity in Numbers. Scavengers are no longer content with scraps and shit. They are swimming up towards better. Oh, No!

Workers today know their value and are going for what’s valuable to them.

Boomers (57-66 y.o.) workforce had been replaced by Gen X (41-56 y.o.), Millennials (25-40 y.o.) and Gen Z (9-24 y.o.).

These generations have their own mindset and priorities. Loyalty and Old Work Practices doesn’t apply to them. If they are not treated well, they leave. If they are not happy, they leave. If it doesn’t pay well, they leave. Add COVID in the equation, they will leave when Burned Out. They will quit when their lives and safety are threatened.

Until, Employers change and figure out how to show genuine empathy, Employers will become more undesirable. The Younger the Workers, the harder it is to retain them.

Our public facilities, streets and highways are being cleaned and maintained for safety by Workers we don’t even recognize in importance. Imagine if they all decide to quit and not come back.

Imagine if “all” Amazon Workers walk out at the same time in one day? We will see chaos like we’ve never seen. Cyber Consumerism and Capitalism will halt. Stores will be wiped out empty from panic buying. Crime will sky rocket. Stocks will crash. It’s another Apocalyptic scene like the first Lockdown. Difference, could last from weeks to months. Doomsday chaos and upheaval revolution of sorts.

Imagine Airports with no Airport Staff? Not everything can be replaced by machines and computers. Even Elon Musk still employs People.

“Empathetic Leadership is the new Gold Standard by which Workers will decide whether to stay or go, accept or refuse a job offer.”

4.3 Million Americans quit their Jobs last August. Another 4.4 Million left their Jobs September. These are just the first batches of the Great Resignation Revolution. The Exodus will get worse 2022.

X mark is where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Imagine a country lacking security, police officers, Army, First Responders. Total chaos and disaster.

COVID is officially forever. It’s a daily all year round sickness with 4 Seasons and Post Holiday Surges in less vaccinated, less mask mandated populations. The predictability will require more job hiring during this expected future events, not just because we have more shoppers. Manpower Strategy is top priority starting Winter Holidays 2021.

Nearly 1 in 5 Health Care Workers Have Quit Their Jobs During the Pandemic.
Who’s going to replace them? How long can Employers sustain paying the expensive limited pool of Health Care Travelers every COVID Surge?

Healthcare Workers saw Death claim lives in the most horrific and traumatic way including People they know, first in 2020, then 2021. They beg for People to do their part. They beg their Employers for kindness and reinforcement. Still they were ignored, so many have left with no plans of returning to bedside care.

Dear Job Interviewer,

I could tell you all that you want to hear,

but that would be a lie.

First Impression is pretty much based on how we judge someone for their interview performance. But was it authentic? Or was it acting? Real test happens once hired. Hiring Quality is hit and miss. Some Workers are Talkers. Others, Doers. Some Both.

I could be impressive the way you want me to be impressive,

but that would be fake.

Work Ghosting and Work Catfishing are real.

I could impress you with words that are stunning on paper,

but that would be deception and trickery.

Sweet and Delicious doesn’t mean Good and Nutritious.

I can be super nice and icing sweet if that pleases you,

but in Critical and Emergency situations needing quick thinking and intervention, sweetness and nice won’t save health and life. Experience, Knowledge, Wisdom, Tough Decisiveness will.

Hot and Spicy? Sure. Extra? Of course. More? Why not. I could be anything your heart desires. I’ve seen Devils’s Advocate and Lucifer too.

I could be spicy hot, sizzling with positive energy and motivation if that’s your thing,

but that would be exhausting. In the end, all that euphoria will crash and burn. It’s unsustainable in a Job that requires consistency, efficiency and patience.

“Job Burn Out happens first to the dedicated Team Player achievers and hard workers, then to the underperformers and difficult whiners when the top unreciprocated assets leave. Karma or Cycle of Life?”

A Winner Employee is someone that makes everyone feel like they are Winners too. A Winner Employee gives Joy, Inspiration, Relief and Fresh Energy to everyone without trying because that is just who they are, being who they are. They are Givers and Movers. They are 25% of whom Employers Hire by Luck.

I could present myself as cookie cutter perfect that fits perfectly to your Pre-Molded Job Profile,

Or I can just be my myself. Honest, sincere, transparent, reliable, hard working, driven, passionate, creative, generous, excited, outspoken, motivated, funny, Team Player, calm and confident under pressure.

There only two kind of Workers. Givers and Selfies!

Bonus Plus, you will get only the Best that will surprise you in so many ways with concrete actions that translates high productivity, excellent customer service, inspiration and motivation to the entire Work Team. A valuable Asset and Loyal Ally.

I can give spontaneous real entertainment and fireworks without combusting. I can razzle, dazzle and still be authentic. I know that know and it feels amazingly powerful.

I could act and sell myself the way you want me to,

but I will loose because I’m bad in Acting.

A great Employee has the right balance of Horns and Halos. Tough and Kind. Firm and Giving. Outspoken and Good Listener.

I am however good with Doing, Problem Solving and Delivering Great Results.

I’m good with finishing the daily Work Show from Start to Finish, Pre and Post required hours, no leftovers. No behind the scenes secret negligence and horrors. It’s Top Quality Reliability beginning to end. Isn’t that the expectation?

This is me, on my Job Interview.

The line between keeping Humans Alive and Death is a Highly Experienced Medical Worker that knows what they are doing even with their eyes closed.

I trust my Heart or so called Gut Feeling when I decide to do a major Job Move. I pray that I make the right choice and God indeed wants me to get it. Faith and Fate to me are important, not just what I want.

Workers today have changed and they will continue to keep changing because they are observing, evolving, adapting, thriving and surviving. The Pandemic showed them they can choose a different path. They found Freedom and learned how to use it.

It is highly possible I may choose to stay if God says, “Hold on Mr. Excited. Think. Is this really what will make you Happy? Or perhaps we can modify things at your current work so you find Happiness there once more? Remember Mindfulness? Maybe you need to give People another chance. They may surprise you like you surprised me.”

“Job Interview is like a live theater. The Job Applicant is the main lead, and the Job Interviewers, the audience. Wow, them with a brilliant performance packed with real work action, suspense, drama, heart, even comedy and the Job is ours for the taking.”

Did I get the Job? Wrong question. Did I want the Job? The answer is in your Gut Feeling.

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21 Responses to Dear Job Interviewer

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m a retired boomer and I think younger generations may have something here with putting their wants far ahead of an employers work requirements. We, society will simply need to expect slower response times and less productivity.


    • Yep. I think Employer and Employees need to meet half way. With the Pandemic and World events, it is important to prioritize self and what matters. What’s the point of money and work recognition if we don’t even have time to breathe and enjoy our borrowed life. Change is happening because I believe it’s needed. Society and the World has evolved the past 10-20 years. I think it’s important to give the young ones the chance to shape their own future. Obviously, Old Politicians and Influencers are not ready to let go of power they’d been using and abusing for decades. Kind of just mirroring what the news are saying everyday. Thanks.


  2. So wonderful photography 👌🙏🌷 glad to view 😍👏


  3. Well said. While I want to find meaning in the work that I do, I don’t want my career to take over my entire life or get in the way of spending time with family or friends or travelling.


    • I agree. Self and Family should come first above work. Work should give us the resources to have more Quality life and moments with all we hold dear in our hearts. Sadly, work and other People have taken so much of us through the years. Has to stop and pyramid of important needs to be corrected. Society can really be a messed up and it takes Wisdom and major life events to wake up on what is true and what is a lie.

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  4. arlene says:

    I am no longer updated with the plight of the workforce, left the corporate world in 2000 due to early retirement.


  5. Ab says:

    I see this happening everywhere, the burnout and exhaustion. And I agree with you that the pandemic has accelerated this. It’s very interesting to see the mindset of the new generation. I definitely don’t have the same mindset, more old fashioned, but the younger generation are more risk taking, balanced and not afraid to make the leap.

    The pandemic exhaustion is real and I agree that empathy has been lacking in so many places. Those with a real lack of empathy will reap what they sow. And already are.

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    • What I wrote I actually am seeing at Work. Different generations are different in their thinking, behavior, attitude & perception. Loyalty to Employers needs to be earned now and has to be consistent and worth it for the younger group to stay. The contrast between Boomers and Gen Z are astonishing. Employers have to keep up with times if they want to stay relevant and relatable. Thanks.

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  6. cheriewhite says:

    Amen on everything you said here! However, we only see employers doubling down instead of wising up. It’s clear they don’t want to relinquish the power they’ve enjoyed for the last hundreds of years.

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