Opinion: What Endemic COVID California Looks Like

Once the Epicenter of the COVID Pandemic in America and the World, California has become the picture of a Model State of where COVID numbers and safety should be.

The Roads are back to Pre-Pandemic Mode. Californians are busier than ever. Only difference, we learned to live life with COVID. It’s no longer a big deal nor something to freak out about. It’s just another virus now. And we have proven ways to beat it.

What does this mean? Meaning, we will have our daily COVID new cases and hospitalizations like any all year round diseases and sickness but at small numbers.

This means, no Winter and other predictable post main Holidays and Seasonal Hospitalization Surges, massive deaths and paralyzing Business Lockdowns. Californians can celebrate once again up close, in person with Family and Friends. No more Zoom parties.

Our Adventures got bigger. Many have embraced the idea of living on borrowed time. Californians are seizing the day. All major tourist destinations are packed.

This means we will have our modified normal safety and freedom back. Sure, some will still choose to wear masks because it’s truly that one proven non-invasive anti- COVID measure. Sure, more than 70% are COVID vaccinated, but overall, many Californians choose to adapt a lifestyle, behavior and attitude with COVID in mind so what happened last Winter’s worst will never happen again.

Like Colds, COVID is anytime, anywhere, anyone virus now. Many Californians have accepted that truth and are making the most of fun and enjoyment around that fact and reality.

Homelessness was and is remains unaddressed in California. COVID did not make people Homeless. It’s the unregulated to the roof Housing and Rent prices in most areas. It is very unfordable. Minimum pay is not even enough to cover Rent. Shelter became a privilege, not basic Human need. That’s messed up when we are living in one of the richest and most powerful country in the World.

Adaptability, Unity, Accountability and Responsibility, even Kindness brought California it’s new hopeful dawn that has claimed more than 760,000 American lives and more than 5 million lives from around the World.

As tourists find their way to SF again. The hope is to revive its local businesses and bring back the vibrant spirit of every San Franciscan. It will take time. We can’t build a city to its former glory overnight. Not with COVID always in our midst. Not when Political Divide and Racial Hate became the other uncontrolled Epidemics of this Nation.

What’s a Normal California Work Day for me now? Patient possible sick with COVID walks in clinic. I treat each patient with kindness and respect. I personally swab them for COVID test. No fear. No worries. No second thoughts. I see every patient as an important human being and I will care for them like I hope to be cared for when I do get sick with COVID.

The Malls are the perfect place to observe normalcy and how people perceive COVID today. Mask and No Masks, all about personal preference. Not a big deal anymore. I actually like wearing mask in places I don’t want people to recognize me.

Enough being brats, fighting over masks and vaccines. Enough of being furious, to the point of losing ourselves and possible harming our fellow Humans. We are not each other enemy. Politics and Evil Selfishness are. Aren’t we tired of listening to the same toxic fighting and bickering? It’s been 2 years, move on everyone. Life is too beautiful to miss. Time to Travel, fulfill that bucket list and focus on what’s important to us.

We enjoy the perks of being Endemic because it didn’t just happen without us doing our part in being better. We deserve the winning price.

People are dying younger from all sorts reasons such as the recent deadly Human stampede at the Travis Scott Concert in Texas where 14, 16 and 20 year olds where killed. COVID just made it crystal we only have minutes, hours to days to enjoy our last days. So why waste them with negativity and procrastination. Live our best lives now, near and soon. One year? That’s too far. 5 years? Are we God?

As for those who will experience the next COVID Surges, know you have a choice and voice to put an end to it. Know you have the right to your health, life and safety. Same for those you love. Your Freedom is just as important as the one’s trying to take it from you.

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12 Responses to Opinion: What Endemic COVID California Looks Like

  1. Recommending experimental vaccines is irresponsible and dangerous.


  2. Ab says:

    It’s very nice to hear that things are going back to normal in California. It’s nice to be a blue State, eh? 😊👍 I like the way you phrased it, it’s a part of life now and we need to learn to live with it. And we are.

    I was at the mall yesterday and we ate in the food court for the first time. Minor waif to get our proof of vaccination checked but other than that, it felt like a return to normal.

    My 6-year-old should be able to get his first dose by December and fully vaccinated by Spring. 🤞🏻2022 will still be a rough year for sure but hopefully the start of the turning of the corner. 🙏


  3. It feels amazing to have some sense of what “back to normal” feels like and more freedom. We’re always going to have some new COVID cases, but fingers crossed there are no more surges or waves. I’m glad we’re finding better ways to handle this pandemic besides locking everything down and limiting people’s movement and choices.

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    • Last night, I celebrated a friend’s retirement with current and retired co-workers without mask indoors and it felt the most human and natural thing. We hugged, we laughed, we talked in all abandonment. For a few hours, our World was free and normal. We’re all vaccinated being health workers , & I think it’s one of the things that will help people start living normal, happy, no fear , no hate.

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  4. judithhb says:

    Thank you for that post. Here in New Zealand we are seeing daily increase in numbers with Covid but of course we have had nothing like the outbreak in California. I think the way Californians are now treating this virus is the right way, because Covid will be with us just as influenza is. At least, that is my opinion

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    • I agree. The sooner we accept COVID’s permanence and existence, the sooner we get to move on with our lives us one People. We have all the tools now to protect ourselves, and it’s time to start living and being connected again…in person. Take care.

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