If Life’s A Beach

Peace, calm, solitude, tranquility, chill, no worries, no drama, no fear, no discrimination. Everyone gets a piece of joy and paradise equally.

Laughter, smiley face, dancing under the Sun, Beatles and Abba, positive, motivated, inspired, euphoric, Ocean High, Heaven’s Bliss and Kiss.

The Beach is already in your Heart. It can be anything you dream and desire.

Love, romance, dreamy, passionate, a Thousand electrifying shades of Green and Blue.

Escape, getaway, wonder, amazing, magic, breathless, free, transformed.

Time & Opportunity does not wait for anyone.

Surprise, mystery, adventure, suspense, vivid, new, discovery, connectivity.

I don’t wait for Summer for incredible to happen. Incredible is a when and where of my choosing.

Real, authentic, transparent, vulnerable, sensitive, simple.

Unfiltered Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. It’s okay to show sadness and vulnerability. It’s okay to feel grey. It’s okay to let people know we are experiencing loneliness, pain, heartbreaks, anger, hardship. It’s okay to ask for help. We can’t keep presenting ourselves and our World as always amazingly perfect. That is make believe. That’s Facebook and Instagram. We need to stop trying to please and make other People happy. Only do what feels right and happy from within ourselves first. We have to stop caring of the opinion and judgment of others. Not healthy. Not helpful. Not being free at all.

We don’t have to have words to describe everything. Just enjoy what we see wordless. Just appreciate the blessings as it unfolds and savor each second.

Kind, gentle, welcoming, accepting, humane, giving, selfless, caring, emphatic, nurturing, healing and renewal.

We don’t have to impress the World. We are good and beautiful just the way we are. Uniqueness and imperfections are what sets us apart from the ordinary. Be proud of who we are and what we have given that made a difference.

Home, comfort, safe, cozy, child-like, nostalgic, ageless, unforgettable, limitless, powerful, Love and Family.

Some People live in impressive big houses. Some live in tiny ones that can be folded and taken to where the heart wants it’s adventure. What matters for both, are the People living in them and how they treat other. Love and compromise, forgiveness and patience, kindness and acceptance, dreams and support, respect and boundaries, honesty and trust, these are what makes every home beautiful, strong and lasting.

Present, future, tomorrow, hopeful, feel good vibes, beautiful moments and memories. Once upon a time and Happily Ever After, bright next chapters, no goodbyes, fresh starts, I’ll be back and be with you soon.

I don’t know what happens to me next year, or next Summer, but I do know I have today to make my wish come true. So can you.

“It’s okay to live life like a Beach if that makes us happier, at peace and more connected with Nature, ourselves and everything that gives our lives meaning and purpose. It’s okay not to be okay because the Beach will always accept us for who we are. We don’t have to run, be afraid or pretend anymore. We are more when we choose to be more.”

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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13 Responses to If Life’s A Beach

  1. Ab says:

    Shark’s Fin Cove is beautiful both from the base level and viewing from the cliff. The strong blue wavy water looks very calming from the photos. I am only what it must be like to hear and to smell the beach in person.

    Thanks for always the slices of heaven from your part of the world with the rest of the world.

    It was 10 years ago this past summer that I first and last visited San Francisco. What a beautiful part of the world. Hope to visit again one day?


  2. Mandisa says:

    Beautiful photos! Slices of heaven here on earth! Thank for sharing.


  3. Stunning photos! The beach is where I always go for a reset. Beautiful post 💖


  4. 11brett11 says:

    Thank YOU! This very easily good be my biography, the “beach” is where I go even I cannot, it’s in my mind, SO many good things have happened in the 12 yrs beachside. Marriage, spiritual center, Solace, moonlight on the ocean nights. Life “IS” a beach, my guess is Heaven will be as well. Thank you again.
    Brett 👋😎👍


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