Are Dreamers Meant To Fly?

“Is it Love or is it Selfishness to stop People we care about from flying away because of their Dreams? Is it Right or is it Wrong to take away their Opportunity for Happiness so we can have ours? Are we Good or are we Bad for resenting and pushing away Family and Friends who became Brave and Adventurous Dreamers?

I have not forgotten. I haven’t stop feeling it all. I haven’t stop missing and loving you. My dreams never changed who I was. People just narrated a very powerful lie. I am not the Prodigal Son I am accused of. We are just unlucky victims of control and monopoly of People we trust and listen to. Please don’t give up on us, cause I won’t. May your heart remains open and strong till the day I find my way back Home. – Just a Boy who got too curious with his Dreams.

There are Dreamers who found their wings and used them to fly. But are they suppose to find them and go places?

There are Dreamers who discovered their wings but too afraid or made afraid to use them.

I will fly with you if you ask me to. I will support your dreams even if it means you leaving me and your Mom one day. I’m here to make sure you have the strongest and best Wings that will match the bold and adventurous Dreamer in you.

They are Dreamers too curious and restless they start wandering around. But are they suppose to discover the World and Life beyond their pre-determined walled boundaries?

Jump High, Dream High, No Fear. Know I’ll catch and cushion your fall, always.

There are Dreamers foolish to believe Love is real no matter how many times their hearts been crushed and broken.

Lovestruck Dreamers, hopeless or brave? Blind or patient? Realist or disillusioned?

Sometimes, our Dreams gets blown to another direction. Could be blessing, could be curse. Regardless, never forget the simplest ones, they are the most real. They are the most you. The farther we from our original dreams, the more likely it’s no longer about us. People can easily be influence by other People. I know, cause I’m one of the silly ones who got influenced.

There are Dreamers who defy the Laws of Men so they can live the Laws of God and their Hearts. These Dreamers will always be the Outsiders, the Pariahs, the Enemy, the Constant Threat. Society never meant for them to know the Life Freeing Truth, Wisdom and Secrets.

I can watch and do nothing or I can try and be something. For sure, I won’t stay put. That’s just being me. Too curious.

Liberation and Freedom are not meant to be enjoyed by all. Control most, Free the few, this has always been the Status Quo. Exemption and Privilege is not for all. Justice is not for all. Riches is not for all. We just tell ourselves it’s for everyone to feel better or appease those who are making noise and nuisance.

Suffocating? Trapped? Imprisoned? Miserable? Something within you keeps screaming for freedom and escape? Life could be better on the other side of the fence. So why not fight for yourself and be free? A Dreamer living a life that serves to please the Dreams of others will eventually die within self from continuous torment and sadness.

We make Laws on Equal Rights, Social Justice and Freedom from Discrimination thinking they are enough to change what’s really inside People. It is not, and we are seeing it’s violation and abuse past, recent and present again and again from Work, Community, Social Circles and Country.

“I can’t promise you everything but I promise to follow your Dreams with kindness and understanding. I hope my love is enough, but if it’s not, let me know. I can be better.”

Society never intend to set the Deviant Dreamers free and discover that Happiness exist. But by some Divine miracle and intervention, some Dreamers found their way out. Present day Exodus has been happening from around the World.

Rich and Poor Countries, People realized who they are and are going for what they can become.

Most exciting event of our time has been burning bright for awhile now but many are still missing it out.

Vote for yourself because no one else will Vote for you the way you want to be represented in this World. Freedom is life. Freedom is power. Freedom is you, me, us.

There are Dreamers who will always pursue who they are and will never compromise their beliefs and values. They will always live a Life of Mix Extremes. Challenging but Adventurous. Hard, but Alive. Tearful, but Laughing. Struggling, but Blissful. Lonely, but Happy. Hell, but Heaven. Purgatory, but Piña colada.

How I know all these? Well, I’m a Dreamer too, just like you. Still am and always will be. Obviously, been living a Life of Mix Extremes. Never easy, but never boring.

Rich Dad can easily buy the World for his Child . Poor Dad can show his Child how to discover the World with his Heart, Bare Hands and Imagination. Both will do everything they can out of Love for his Child. May both never forget to first discover and ask the Dreams of their Child. Parents make mistakes even with the best intentions.

If you just found out today you are a Dreamer, we welcome you with all acceptance and open arms. Together, we will fly as high and as far as our wings will take us in a beautiful, magnificent V formation.

City of Dreamers. Dreamy City. What can go wrong? Seems like a sure thing. For some, it is. For others, the dream needs a lot of work.

“People that dreams together and help each other are bound to reach their dreams faster with clearer certainty.”

It’s wasn’t just about the Sunsets and the Oceans that draws me to you. It’s everything. It’s everyone. It’s living for something more. It’s remembering what’s more.

We are given invincible Wings for a reason. We are given a beating Heart for a purpose. Aren’t we curious what they are for?

Never let anyone clip or cut our Wings. Never let anyone chain or kill our Hearts. We are born free. We will live free. We will die free.

It’s not easy for Dreamers to enter the Land of Dreams. People have no idea of what we had to go through and what we have to give up. The cost is high. Was it worth it? We don’t know. There is no turning back. We hope to think we made the right choices.

About 385,000 Babies are born each day from around the World. Less than 30% get to use their wings freely and go where their Dreams wants to take them.

What happened to the 70%? Either they don’t know they have wings or someone severed their wings so they can’t go anywhere.

“Fly away little Dreamer. Your World is now yours for the taking.”

“More tragic than the tragedy itself is People allowing the same tragedy happen all over again to Family and Friends they are suppose to love and protect.”

On Judgement Day, God will ask us, “My Dear Sons and Daughters, what have you done with the gifts and talents I gave you?” Many will respond confused, “What gifts and talents Lord? We don’t have them.” God angered and dismayed explains, “What the heck my Children. I gave you brain to make things better. I gave you heart to feel and care. I gave you hands to build and help one another. Those feet, they are not made to wear boots and high heels only. They are meant to take you places I want you to make a difference. And those wings, I gave them to you to set you free and others.” Our answer, “Oh, we didn’t know. Second chance Lord? But please put label and detailed instructions on each of your gifts and talents. We’re to busy to figure out what they are meant for.” God stunned and now more mad ended the conversation with, “Nope. Gave you a million and a lifetime of chances. Time to go to Hell. Enjoy eternity.”

We are Alive for a greater purpose. We survived the worst for a reason. Aren’t we curious why?

I wish I can tell you happy stories all the time, but that would be a lie. I wish I can take you to amazing places that’s all fun adventures all the time, but that would be too predictable and unrealistic. Wouldn’t you want to be surprised? Wouldn’t you want something that relates to your story? This is us, and we should never be ashamed or afraid of what makes us valuable, different, honest and beautiful.

PS, I’ll catch up on my response and visits soon. Things got busier than usual. Just want to let you know I appreciate and thank you all. Happy Sunday.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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42 Responses to Are Dreamers Meant To Fly?

  1. Ayesha Jazib says:

    It’s on the brink on absolute courage to do that

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  4. What a wonderful post. Wow, incredible! Cheers to all the dreamers. You and I included!

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  5. ogaraderrick says:

    🥂 to all dreamers. Keep the dream alive.🙏
    I’ve heard multiple times that deep desire for something make one reach that which is on the mind.
    Good day Big Man.

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  6. restlessjo says:

    All I know for certain is that you launch your youngster into the world from a place full of love. He can’t have a better start.

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  7. It’s always good to be mindful that life is a gift. It’s always good to dream, but at the same time, we reach a certain point where it’s up to us to make our dreams a reality and to live the best version of our lives that we can. Hope you had a nice weekend. Take care.

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  8. SamSahana says:

    I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the pictures or your lovely words. Dreamers are the only humans actually living. Can’t imagine what life would be like without dreams! I’m glad we belong to the league of those who dare to live 😀

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  9. ourcrossings says:

    What a fantastic post. We need to recognize that we will only be given one shot to live the life of our dreams. There isn’t going to be a second chance, this isn’t a dress rehearsal. That’s why you have to identify first and foremost, what is important to you as it relates to your career, your relationships and your family and go chase it. The biggest and most exciting adventure one can take in life is chasing the life of their dreams 🙂 Take care xx

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  10. This truly a remarkable post, my travel friend, I really understand what you are sharing wit us, and I thank you for that. For most of my life I didn’t know that I was a dreamer all along, probably because my wings were cut at times.
    A few years ago, in my older age, I went para hang gliding and the world opened up for me, that even the impossible dream is possible.
    Thank you for sharing all the wisdom and maybe you reveal the name of he place with the painted rock, or is it your secret.
    Have a wonderful and inspiring week my friend.

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  11. arlene says:

    Lovely thoughts my friend. One of my new blogs is entitled Dreams Never End.

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  12. Ab says:

    This is a timely and so important life lesson.

    This weekend, we celebrated my second cousin’s 18th birthday and I marveled at what a young lady she’s grown into. It would not have been possible, the life she has now, If her parents did not dare to venture out of the Philippines for a new life in Canada. And I know the immigrant/emigrant story from the Philippines is one that resonates deeply with you.

    Money doesn’t buy true happiness is something I know you believe in. And it’s great that you gift your son with the opportunities to explore, grow and learn so that he may one day leave the nest to explore his own dreams.

    That’s the true goodness of life! 🙏🤞🏻💕

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    • Thanks Ab. There’s this scene from a TV series Fresh Off The Both where a Chinese American couple went back to China for vacation. They realized they are both foreigners now in the country of their birth and the country where their dreams took them. It’s like being caught in between two Worlds where the heart will never know wholeness because it loves both and haven’t given up the other. No amount of material things nor self sacrifice can fill the void. I guess, realizing we can not make everyone happy because of our decisions is the first step to bring free. And in time, we have to make that hard choice of where is home and whom we want to spent our home with. The past and the people in it can be so powerful that it affects deeply our present. Could just be me.

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      • Ab says:

        FOTB is a great show. I’ve caught a few episode but not the one that you mentioned. Although I definitely agree with you. My late father sacrificed a lot to come to Canada in his late 60s so his kids could have a better life. I don’t think he ever felt whole here. Ditto my mom and I can only imagine that when he does go back, home feels different and never the same. I do believe that the heart can belong to both and that the different places fill different sections of the heart. I’m probably being overly sentimental. 😆 Have a good night!


  13. waynemullane says:

    This is truly one of the most powerful and motivating posts I’ve ever read. I needed to hear this. Thank you 😊

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  14. cheriewhite says:

    I love this! ❤❤❤
    “There are Dreamers who defy the Laws of Men so they can live the Laws of God and their Hearts. These Dreamers will always be the Outsiders, the Pariahs, the Enemy, the Constant Threat. Society never meant for them to know the Life Freeing Truth, Wisdom and Secrets.”

    So true and resonates!


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