Hiking in the Clouds

Halloween Weekend, Father and Son drove to Aptos for Funko direct eBay buy pick up.

His favorites are now in display in his room. These are for resale.

Son very excited. Funkos were 2015 valuable Collectibles. He looked super Happy, like getting his Birthday or Christmas Wish Present. Ah, the Fun Wonder World of eBay Gen Z.

Anything beyond, impossible to see. if I haven’t been here before, I wouldn’t have known Garappata Beach and Big Sur Bixby Bridge are so close by.

Still early to go back home. Told my Son we’re Hiking. He asked, “Where?” My reply, “I don’t know. Anywhere with a Sun.” Weather Forecast, cloudy and fog from Bay Area to Big Sur all day.

So, we drove first to Santa Cruz. Nope, all fog and grey. Moving on.

Be Brave. Be You.

Then Moss Landing and Seaside. Nope, more clouds and fog. Zero visibility beaches and hiking trails.

He is the Team Hiking Captain now. I just drive.

Precious random Sun patches started to appear entering Monterey to Carmel. Told my Son, “Hey, we can hike anywhere from here on where it’s Sunny, but let’s get food first. What you want?” He answered, “I want Sushi and Chicken Tenders.” I asked, “Where can we get both?” He said, “Safeway Dad.”

I wanted to bring the Sushi and Chicken Tenders in our hike but Son said, “Dad, we can’t bring my Sushi. Too messy.” Did not argue. Mutual open minded respect on adventure decisions. Just because I’m a Dad does not mean I’m always right. Kids can be more sensible than their Parents. So I try to listen.

So Safeway it was. Got myself Starbucks Venti Americano too. Was zoning out. Needed caffeine for wakefulness and energy.

I wouldn’t have known Amazing if not for Curiosity.

Initially, I was thinking Point Lobos, but its Ocean View was blocked by a dense wall of fog and clouds. Easy to fall off a cliff. Too dangerous.

Magic happens to those who seek and believe they exist.

We keep driving till we found Full Sun. Final hiking place was our favorite garbage can landmark just passed the sign Garappata Park.

Our Father and Son tradition, build a Stone Tower in every Beach Hike Adventure. That day, he added more play and fun. He placed big stones both in series and as individuals. Then we throw a stone from a distance to topple them. Kind of Topple the Clown in Carnivals and Beach Boardwalk Arcades.

On my left, a powerful Witch cast a spell creating Giant Walls of Clouds and Fog making invincible the Ocean and Land behind it. On my right, was clear and usual.

Hmm, what to choose? New Mystery Adventure or Safe Old Adventure?

When Nature and Human Heart combines, it’s beauty and magic like no other.

Hiking in the Clouds happens rare and quick. Not everyone in their lifetime will experience them. Overthink and we loose a chance. Overdo and we may hurt a limb or two.

Going back and up are the hardest. We both got scratches. Mine on my arms, his on his legs. Part of a Great Adventure are few scratches and bruises. The scars are a reminder of an unforgettable moment and memory with those we choose to share life, joy, love, and magic.

So, we entered the Cloud Barrier. It was Magic and Adventure in a World that is just ours. It was risky but it was worth it.

“Only those who conquer their fears and believe in themselves can enter the Walls of Untold Stories and Adventures.”

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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32 Responses to Hiking in the Clouds

  1. Reading that just made me feel happy.


  2. So wonderful nature, photography and grace places this Divine earth 🌎 🌷👌🙏♥️🌷


  3. Tarot of the Missing says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. What a great experience.


  4. Wow what an incredible view!!! This looks so magical


  5. ogaraderrick says:

    That father-son relationship is really adorable.


    • I miss those days he looks at me like I’m Superman, some days he looks at me like, “the Old Dad.” So I try to be more creative, challenging and adventurous. He’s 16, and I don’t know how long I have before he realized hiking with friends can be more fun. Or being on his own can be liberating. I hope the many Family memories will always remind him that Mom and Das brings out the most magical adventures.

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  6. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Amazing photos! Which camera do you use? Also, I love your movie edit, as always. Nature is amazing and you make me feel as if I were there in your posts. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I live vicariously through you


    • Just my iPhone 8 Plus. I heard the iPhone 13 is incredible. Could be my next investment because great pictures and videos of a great moment and memory are priceless . Thanks.


      • My Rollercoaster Journey says:

        Awesome! A relative of mine got an iPhone 11 and she said the camera is great. My new phone is a Samsung A52 and the camera is 64 megapixels, has x10 zoom in and a zoom out (great for scenery pictures). Plus a super slow-motion option and auto-detect the type of photo (food, text, portrait, sunset, etc). There is so much more, so if you aren’t just an iPhone person, I recommend the Samsung A52 (my husband is strictly an iPhone person and I’m strictly an android person so it’s ok if you are 😆)


        • Thanks for the information. I wanted to get a Samung before because of better camera but being poor in tech, I decided to keep using iPhone. I have to photo edit with iPhone to make the initial pictures more vivid and clear.


  7. Beautiful captures. I love the look of the low hanging fog. Sounds like another fun outing. Enjoy the rest of your week.


  8. SamSahana says:

    Thanks for taking us on this amazing magical tour with you. Felt like a virtual tour. What do I say? Like your son, I belong to the so called “Gen-Z” clan and I know for a fact that we are the best age for adventure. Yet, technological addiction has taken the place of nature-time. I’m genuinely glad your son is enjoying this life, the real one. I really wish I could travel again but the covid cases in my country are as bad as ever.

    “Magic happens to those who seek and believe they exist.”- Powerful and so so true.
    Loved all the pics. The stone tower tradition is a WONDERFUL one 🤩 It looks so surreal. Can’t imagine how you could manage to stack them to that height!
    Loved this adventure! Waiting to weave my own adventure story very soon (in real life, I mean) 😀 You inspire me so much to see and observe, rather than just glance.


    • Thank you. The stack of stones my Son did all. I just helped him pick up the heavy ones for the base foundation. While I was taking a picture, I heard him say, “You’re not helping Dad.” I quickly hid my phone & jumped in to help. I hope you get to see and experience your adventures with nature soon. They are so important for personal well being and positivity. Covid is now a normal part of life here in the Bay Area. Mask has become a normal choice for most. Vaccines, Californians stopped fighting about it and just move on to what’s better for all. Positive cases are normal as everyday part of the health illness cycle. I don’t think there will be a Winter Surge in California unlike other parts of the U.S., which means we get to celebrate our Holiday Traditions and Travel as freely as it can get. Take care and Stay.

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  9. Beautiful photos and nice time spent with your son 😊 Love the stone sculpture, sounds fun to topple it. I have to say, the clouds in the photos make it kind of magical and mysterious. Enjoy your week!

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  10. meshay422 says:

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    This saying came true as the result of a Cricket match held between India and New Zealand in T20 World Cup.
    individual or every team plays defensively or plays offensively is no matter, never be succeeded if their minds carry the fear of failure or there is some doubt about their success or victory in their minds remain fruitless. But overconfident is as injurious and fatal as fear of failure. Mentioned above lines are extracted from the speeches and lectures of Prime Minister Imran Khan that’s delivered by him at different events.
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  11. Ab says:

    Looked a magical outing with you and your son! I’m glad you kept looking for that sunny spot and found it. Hiking above the cloud barrier also seemed quite fantastic too.

    The sushi and fried chicken also sounded like a wonderful treat for the workout you had! Your son is sensible to not bring the sushi and it’s great that you let him lead the way as well. 🙏

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  12. “When Nature and Human Heart combines, it’s beauty and magic like no other.” So true, your words speak volumes, much like your pictures!

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