When It Rains, It Pours Complaints

Californians prayed and hoped for Rain for more than a year. State is in severe drought. Water Reservoirs at emergency low. It’s Land, parched and cracked. Forests ravaged by Wildfires the entire Summer.

Took a long time, but finally God answered our prayers. Last weekend, it rained generously for 2 days.

But instead of thanking God and the blessing of Rain, first thing we did was complain. Then second, blamed everything on the Rain.

His Light was trying to get through, but there’s just too many layers and walls.

Complaints and exaggerated inconvenience were the News Topic all day and all night. Major News Stations presenting the Rain as the Super Bad Enemy to a level that People were scared and panicking. They call it “The Storm.”

They are nuisance to some. They are beauty and Art to others. Some see. Some don’t. Some appreciate. Some don’t.

Okay, I worked on that weekend and drove the streets, it was not a Storm. In fact, many People are driving out to eat Hot Soup. I know this because I treated my co-workers with Hot Soup as a thank you for their hard work. Then after work, I bought more Hot Soup for my Wife and Son.

How many can spot Raindrops? How many will be inspired by it and it’s importance? Not many.

The Restaurant Staff were busy from the time they opened to the time they closed not because it was Stormy but because People were hungry and needing comfort.

It’s Fall. Are we seeing it’s Colors and Magic? Are we feeling and enjoying its Season? In a few days, October is gone. We won’t have another chance till next year and the experience will never be the same.

Blame It On The Rain

A bit of flood. Rain did it. Truck over turned on the freeway. Rain did it. No electricity in few areas. Rained did it. I have a bad day. Rain did it. People don’t feel like going to work. Rain did it.

Poor Rain. It was expecting Red Carpet welcome but instead got hammered with Negativity in all directions.

Raindrops keep falling on my head…loving it while it last.

So, instead of joining the complain band wagon, I thank and celebrated the Rain and the Giver of Rain this Weekend with kindness and generosity. It brought Sunshine to all without the Sun. It made a difference to everyone’s “Stormy” day.

A Rose can only bloom this beautiful because it is nourished with nutrients and water. Water comes from Rain, not Grocery Stores.

In Retrospect:

Okay, it was windy but it wasn’t a hurricane or tornado.

When it rains again wouldn’t it be better to pour gratefulness and see rain as a blessing?

Okay, some puddle of water here and there, but it wasn’t a calamity flood where people needed to swim, ride boats or be rescued on top of their roofs.

Look closer and we’ll see God’s Image. He is watching us how we treat each other and his Creations. And how we treated his Creations are exactly why Weather are getting worse every year. We were given a second Eden and we are destroying it as fast as we can. God will not give us a third.

Okay, it was flooding temporarily in few cities, but that wasn’t the Rain’s fault. It’s People’s fault for allowing their Cities to have poorly built and maintained drainage systems. Also, blocked drainage from trash are caused by People, not the Rain.

Autumn is in its Full Bloom. Take time to stop, notice and enjoy it.

Okay, Electric Outage in few areas. Again, it’s not the Rain’s fault the Electrical Wires are not Weather Proof. Besides, isn’t it romantic to have candles all over the house, while getting warm with soft and nice comforters? Weren’t Love and Romance part of our Prayers? Weren’t we praying for Self Love? Now that we are given the time, mood and ambiance, we don’t know what to do with it.

Every drop of water is precious. Not everyone can afford to waste it.

So, God said, “Common, ungrateful People, what do you really want? Rain or No Rain? But until you make up your minds and learn to be grateful, I’ll stop my blessings. I will toss the rest of your prayers and review them next year. Time to take a long overdue vacay for myself. I need Self Love and Self Care too. My Universe doesn’t just revolve around you People. I am God. I can do anything I want.”

Monday, Rain stopped around 9:30 A.M. Full Sun out. Sky crystal blue. Raindrops glistened beautifully to it’s last existence. Then the Magic of Rain was gone except the cool post Rain breeze gently caressing my face.

People rejoiced that Rain ended. Some said, “Thank God, the Rain stopped.”

Pumpkins outside Trader Joe’s after a morning Rain.

The Hills are Green and Alive again. Are we Thankful? There’s some Water supply again. Are we Grateful?

Or are we too preoccupied complaining of a new Subject that we are unhappy about?

October is ending.

Me? I am enjoying to the fullest images and experiences from Rain to Sunshine, drinking my coffee, taking iPhone pictures, listening to The Beatles and Elton John. Great Day. Perfect Blessing. And I’m very Grateful.

Beauty is in the eyes of its Beholder. Thankfulness is in the heart of its blessed Recipient.

“Until we learn Gratitude, we can never appreciate the blessings that pours and overflows in front of us. Until we are Thankful, Happiness is a prayer that will remain unanswered.”

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22 Responses to When It Rains, It Pours Complaints

  1. appamprawns says:

    We write short posts about everyday life in Indian cities – sharing one on sudden rains do read


  2. appamprawns says:

    It’s amazing how little we thank nature for its abundance and lean more towards complains. Thank you for pointing that out 🙂


  3. ogaraderrick says:

    The rain was treated like an ex who came back after the partner moved on.
    People forgot what they had been praying for. Humans are complicated.


  4. pegasusx78 says:

    Indeed 🧐.. gratitude always fleeting. It’s an action ya know.!but y’all talk funny and weather to nice to appreciate shit. But we love ya anyways.

    All states in the we got some not to sharp tools category.

    Never rained when I lived in Goleta, radar out a big grin on my face that day.

    More coming the little people say.


  5. I really enjoyed all the images and I totally agree with you, that Californians want the rain, but when it rains they complain. Being European rain is a natural thing of nature and we go out and drive even it rains strongly. Indeed gratitude is everything.

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  6. It’s funny how we complain when we have no rain and then complain when we finally get rain. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the weather from rain to sunshine and that you had the perfect day.

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  7. Ab says:

    Beautiful photos. Love the bright oranges and yellows!

    I had to chuckle at your post. We do it a lot over here too in Canada. It’s too hot… then it’s too cold… we need rain… too much rain. It’s the human tradition and sport to always complain about the rain.

    We need rain to nourish the land which nourishes our soul. It can certainly feel inconvenient at times but it is also so beautiful and calming to look at (from the indoors).

    That was lovely for you to treat your colleagues. I’m sure they appreciated it.

    Enjoy your week ahead!

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    • Thanks Ab. I was smiling re-reading my post because it’s really ironic and funny how humans are so ambivalent and confused of what they want. The News Stations needs to tone down too of what they say and show. They need to reflect what they are saying from what they were telling people weeks or months prior. People need to appreciate the Rain in California before it only rains every 2 years or more. Many parts of California can turn into Deserts 50 years from now like Vegas and Arizona. With irreversible global warning, we have to enjoy and be thankful of whatever Nature gives in the Present.

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  8. SamSahana says:

    Such wonderful pictures! I’m glad your prayers were answered at last. It is wonderful that you regarded the rain with a sense of gratitude rather than joining the complain bandwagon. Hope the drought reverses. May the world heal!

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  9. So much in this great post! …and I love that last quote. Gratitude is everything! Beautiful photos of colors and rain drops. People are crazy. Damaging wind freaks me out, but I will always appreciate the rain where I live. I’m so glad you were able to enjoy your rain and get some fantastic photos and refreshing down time to breath the clean air. 😊💦🍂

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  10. arlene says:

    Love your photos. Amihan na daw dito. The sun is shining bright this October morning.

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