50 Cents Rasputin Music Vinyl Records

Vintage and Collectible Vinyl Records for 50 Cents?

Unbelievable, but these mega cheap prices do exist at Rasputin Music in Campbell, California.

Rasputin Music, founded as “Rasputin Records” in 1971 in Berkeley, California by Ken Sarachan. It is named after 19th-century Russian religious figure Grigori Rasputin. Streaming Music is not the same as being able to experience browsing old records inside a store using the senses of sight, hearing, smell and touch. Tasting is not allowed. It’s not food!

“Good condition used items at 90% discount is a must grab. 180% discount basically is giving it away. If a Bargain Hunter can’t be excited with that, nothing will.”

I listen to Music that speaks to me and can take me places, mood and moments where my heart needs to be. I listen to Music for an instant escape and relief. Doesn’t matter if they are famous, unknown or forgotten. Always about how the Song makes me feel. Always about honesty, connection and relatedness.

“Antique is at least 100 years old. Vintage, 40. Retro, 20. Collectibles, not about age but about desire. The more dire the desire, the more unreasonable the price. Bizarre Capitalism Supply and Demand 101.”

What does Dolly and Rod have in common other than having great voices? No, not the gorgeous hair. Both, “They’re Playing Our Song” through the years however our lives need them. Music is that Friend that will always understand.

Most of my collectibles are 50 cents, a few $1 and $1.95, and one $3.95 Eric Clapton. A shocking contrast to new Vinyl Records that averages $28.40 in eBay, Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble.

Some new Vinyl Collectibles cost $100 or more, which is insane. But for some, money is not a problem. To me, lowest cost possible is the sweetest deal. I’m no Richie Rich.

My fav. Some when I was a child, some I was not even born yet. Great Music transcends age, time and culture. It’s the universal language and healer of the heart and soul. If people listen deeper, it can even unite and bring peace. Big “If.”

Why so cheap at Rasputin Music, even 75% off cheaper than Thrift Shops? I have no idea, but I’m thankful it does exist.

I listen to Phil Collins Against All Odds song almost everyday as part of my Groovy Kind of Love Spotify Playlist. It’s about forbidden passion, loss and how loving too much can break your heart in ways unimaginable. To find its original version from the movie soundtrack, sounds like destiny. Relatedness? Been living a life of against all odds kinda. Relatable Music that connects personally are the most beautiful. Love should be enough of a reason to set love ones free, not treason, misery and guilt.

How does it feel being inside a Rasputin Store and getting Amazing Artists and Music for a dollar or less?

Like Winning a Lottery or the least, a similar euphoria when one finds their Collectibles at super steal deals.

“The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.” Classic and Relevant.

Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer sang into the hearts of people from around the World the dreams and journey of the Trapp Family. Music became the Light, Hope and Comfort during a time of War, Darkness and Fear. Music shielded the Trapp Children from the Terrors of War and Men. This was then.

This is now…


Have we asked our Children why they’re often listening to music with their headphones, ear phones or air buds? Not a phase.

Our Children are shielding themselves from something dark and scary.

America The Beautiful, is it? Or could be? Music sets the Mood, People decide which Mood to follow, Love or Hate. Patriotism or Division? War or Peace?

Our Children are trying to entertain themselves for escape and comfort from the chaos and terror caused by “War of the Adults.

Adult Actions are traumatizing our Children and the Youth. We assume they don’t see and feel the impact, but they do. They are much affected like you and me. They just internalize and respond differently. They are resilient, so severity manifest late.

Son’s Collectibles. They are more than just collections. They are clues. They are signs. They are keys to his mind, heart and dreams.

Signs and symptoms of damages inflicted on them are very visible. The question is, “Is it irreversible? Can it be repaired when the cause refuses to change and continues to dominate Headlines and News Feeds day after day?

Parents should reflect on how all the Events in their Community, Country and the World are reshaping and affecting their Kids.

One of these National Geographic magazine featured Transgender Children and Youth. My Son saw it in a couple’s house in Fort Worth Texas. He told me, “Dad, do you know how much this magazine cost on eBay because of the articles in them? It’s worth $50.” He asked the couple if he can take it home. They gave him 4 of their best condition National Geographic. The Articles however are Priceless and Relevant because at the moment many Transgenders and LGBQT rights and safety are being threatened.

When I see my Son on a headphone for a long time, I drop what I’m doing to say, “Hi, Bud. How are you? Everything okay? How’s your day?” Sometimes, he just mumbles something, but that’s okay. At least he knows I see him.

I’m sure we all can spare several minutes for our kids if we normally devote 8 hours or more to the World 5 times per week and the rest for T.V., Social Media and Personal Desires.

Certain Hotwheels are in demand Collectibles in eBay. Son has been store hunting them for self and future sell. Best stocks are at HEB Texas, and Target Toys. The MAD magazine he got from an Antique Toy Store. He was so happy to get them.

Hard to believe? Look back and try to remember our Childhood. How did we shield and protected ourselves when our Parents were screaming and fighting? How did we overcome being physically, mentally and emotionally hurt by Family and Relatives? Did we ever heal or we just pushed those traumatic events at the farthest corners of our minds so they do not hopefully resurface?

Mental Health is still a Taboo and Scandal in many Cultures and Professions thus many choose not to seek help or their cry for help is refused, ridiculed or used against them.

It’s Terror overlapping Terror.

“I’m in love with a girl named Maria.” Aren’t we all? Natalie Wood was the girl next door of Hollywood when this movie was shown in 1961. It was a tragic sad love story that continues to happen in many versions today, like Romeo and Juliet. When pride and anger is bigger than love, then any love story will never get its happy ending. Someone will always get hurt. Friends and Family should just leave all Love Birds alone and not meddle. This way, Love and Happiness has higher chance of surviving. Young Love, don’t they deserve to make their own side of the story that is all about them?

There is a reason why we are what we are now. Anxious, Depressed, Heart Broken, Angry, Fearful? These did not happen recently. They’d been there all this time, just suppressed, repressed, denied the Light of Day.

It is too late for us to reverse our past but we can still protect our Children so they don’t become us or worse. Don’t we Love them to the Moon?

Kids don’t know how to pretend, Adults do.” Happy all the time? Not really true. Guys that looks like this are on drugs or has gone crazy. Skipped. Not relatable and honest.

I don’t go to Antique and Collectible Stores for my Vintage and Retro Finds because generally they are reselling at expensive prices things they got on top deals somewhere like Garage Sales, Clearance Isles and Thrift Shops.

As an example, Son bought for $1 in a Thrift Shop in Austin a Tai Lung Plush Toy, the Villain of Kung Fu Panda. I didn’t understand why it would be a desirable sell when he puts it on eBay, but I believe in him. So, we bought it.

Within 24 hours, many Collectors desired it so much they kept over bidding each other till it got sold at $25. Son, was right. Tai Lang Plush Toy was highly desirable.

Son sold this Tai Lung Plush Toy at 2,400% profit via Bidding on eBay. Many Youth are into Buy and Sell Online Business and Robinhood Stocks that started Lockdown of March 2020. When the World of Grown Ups was locked, the Young Minds opened theirs to a whole new level of possibilities. We think they are just playing video games? No, they are not. They are preparing for their Future of their own choosing. Generation Z are different. They are into seizing and living in the moment. They are into work that gives them purpose, happiness and yes, profit. They are Anti-Slavery of any shape and form. They care about their Planet and Climate Change. They are Emphatic. They are more accepting.

There’s this intense addicting kind of rush when one discovers something valuable for almost nothing. The lower the price, the more exciting the hunt. It’s why Bargain Hunters quietly prowls, then quickly pounce on its Target without hesitation.

It’s time to discover why Breakfast at Tiffany’s sparkles like Diamonds. Moon River is haunting and nostalgic. Should I be holding a handkerchief when I listen to the entire soundtrack? No warnings on the label.

Mindfulness and Well Being are part of my priority goals.

Personally, Music has been an effective escape, oasis and therapy for me that is cheap, accessible, safe and convenient. It doesn’t judge nor make negative comments.

Whether it’s iPhone Spotify Playlist or Vinyl Record playing on a Crowley Turn Table, Music has been helping me set the mood, heal, calm down, feel positive, motivated and happier.

“Music is that gentle voice that hums Hope.”

At 50 cents price, I can gamble getting something I’m not familiar hoping that it may turn out surprisingly great. People’s taste in Music are as varied as it’s Genre.

Rasputin shopping has also become a Father and Son bonding activity.

While I’m browsing for records, Son is browsing for perfect condition used video games he can sell on eBay.

He would assist me carrying my Vinyls when they get too heavy. At one point I got 20 Vinyls for $10 total.

Man, who can say no to the King of Rock and Roll. Music from his movies and it’s burning love in the air. Wife asked, “What is that?” Got her curious. Or may be she wants me to turn it off. Too early for the day? I wasn’t thinking it.

So, Rasputin Music is not just an excellent discovery source for cheap Nostalgic Collectibles and Music Golds. It is also a place for quality time with Family and Self.

“At Rasputin, an hour will fly by. Two hours will make you forget stress and negativity. 3 hours? Might as well apply part time.”

Karen Carpenter has the voice of an Angel. No one could replace the soothing coolness of her voice. It was sad that we lost her too soon from a fatal Eating Disorder. Carpenters was the first Music Cassette Tape I heard as a child. An Aunt from Canada brought it home. Then Abba and Wham ( Duo before George Michael went Solo ). Later it was Michael Jackson’s Thriller as one of my most priced collection. King of Pop will always be the irreplaceable King of Pop. JT and JB are cool but they are not MJ, period!

“It’s a Small World After All.”

We might bump at each other at Rasputin. I’m usually sitting on the floor with earphones by the 50 cents section. Don’t be shy to say Hi. I’m very friendly. I don’t bite unprovoked, we’ll not with a mask on.

Love this Guy. Who wouldn’t. I already like Country long before I knew they call it Country Music. I thought they were just Love Songs.

When it’s hard to say the words, let Music do the talking. When it’s difficult to express feelings and emotions, let Music sing them free from the heart. When we can’t do the right moves, let Music do the Magic Dance. And when we need to escape, let Music take us to our Happy Place.

“Music is not just melody and lyrics. Music is a Life Source that keeps the Mind, Heart and Soul Alive.”

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26 Responses to 50 Cents Rasputin Music Vinyl Records

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  2. arlene says:

    Just wow! Those vinyl records have must made a comeback. Dad used to have a collection of classical ones given by his priest friends when he worked at the Univ. Of Santo Tomas. We lost them to the Ondoy flood back in 2009.


  3. Call me Katie says:

    This is so cool. This is something my brother is totally into. I will show him this


  4. Hard to believe? Look back and try to remember our Childhood. How did we shield and protected ourselves when our Parents were screaming and fighting? How did we overcome being physically, mentally and emotionally hurt by Family and Relatives? Did we ever heal or we just pushed those traumatic events at the farthest corners of our minds so they do not hopefully resurface?

    This got my attention I love music they don’t make music like they use to.

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    • This has helped me with anxiety and a way to get away from what is happening in the world a way of traveling without leaving my room etc.


      • Blogging adventures through the eyes, mind and heart of others also help me escape a world that often is anxiety provoking and mean. We need to love ourselves more to try happiness and peace. Take care.


    • Thanks . Music has been that Free Therapy that understands everything about us that real people in our everyday life can’t, even among Friends and Family. As for childhood, we all have our traumas, we just didn’t realize they were and thought it was normal. But there is a reason of what we are now. It’s an accumulation of on going events and experiences from work, community, social media , close circles. We could forgive, and or ask forgiveness , and hope that would be enough to set ourselves free.


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  6. This place looks like such a blast from the past. My dad actually used to have a record player.


  7. Ab says:

    I love this post. Vinyl records are such a special time. I love that they are making a huge comeback and the prices you found them at Rasputin is indeed quite the bargain!

    The vinyl records reminds me of a time when music is shared and enjoyed communally as a group and of the experience of going into a store to browse. These days as you noted, it’s very insular and isolated.

    My spouse still has his FisherPrice vinyl player from his childhood and it works just fine! 😊

    I also agree that kids tend to internalize things and see the effects express themselves in adulthood or adolescence. It’s good that you check in frequently with your son. Those small moments add up to a much larger whole.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. Almost the weekend!


    • That is true. I do remember now that whether among family, friends, classmates, music was a shared event, joy and inspiration. Also, in the Philippines, not all can afford music other than free radio music , so sharing comes so naturally. I think it was a universal kindness and giving during that time time and era from all over the world. Streamline Spotify is more of Me and I thing than Our thing. Times have changed. I guess we are luckier than the younger generation. We’ve seen music evolve and get to experience live and personal both the Vintage and the Retro. Tech and convenience change how people socialize today in a huge way. Son, just turned 16, and right away more opinionated and sensitive. Though that kind of sounds like me now. He likes to just mumbles too lately as a response like I can decipher mumble language. Enjoying every moment of it all though because time do fly by and before we know it, they are 18 and saying goodbye more frequently. If only I can freeze time. Thanks.

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      • Ab says:

        I remember music being a big part of Filipino culture. Lots of singing and lots of caroling during Christmas time.

        Experiencing music back then was so different from now. It’s often an event. Now, everything is all so accessible and digital and more isolated.

        Enjoy those mumbles. But don’t worry too much. They may go away but I have full confidence they will also come back once they are adults. It’s a passage of life. 🙏


  8. Your choices of feature, bring me back.


    • Thanks. I love pop music, full of energy and great beats but it can’t replace the beautiful genuine Vintage and Retro music and lyrics of the past. Love Songs we’re true Love Songs then because it makes people Fall in Love more, if not find it. Today we call them Sentimental which is close to Sensitive, Or Romance when love is not just about passion and desire. Could be Love and Self Care to self in a world of stress and struggles.

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  9. ourcrossings says:

    Any music lover knows that a turntable is more than just a device to play your favourite tunes—it’s a way of life. My mum had an amazing collection of vinyl tapes and we were allowed to listen to them non-stop, but she would go crazy if we didn’t handle them correctly which is holding them either at the edges or by the inner label at the centre.


    • It’s the best. Some of the ones I bought has so many scratches and dust , but of cleaning, still plays beautifully. I wish I appreciated them sooner. Wife gave me the turn table for Christmas and only the past 2 months I get to discover. Never too late though. Thanks.

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    • Just went back yesterday for more 50 cents close out vinyls. Got these love songs playlist either owned or given by someone named Lemon. I guess found his or her love and wants another to find theirs.


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