Genie and Bottle, the Untold Story

I felt like I was dying climbing back up. My body, in aches and pain the next day. But I will do what I did all over again when opportunity strikes. Why? Because it’s one of my Life Source.

Whether it’s a short walk or a long hike, Nature and Outdoors kept me well, happy and sane. Place me in a box and I won’t last a year. For those who have been a part of my journey, this won’t be a surprise nor an exaggeration. The heart is fragile as it is tough. It can move mountains and do the impossible. It can also be that mountain that erodes in time when nothing protects and sustains it.

We went to Daly City this week to send two shipment boxes my wife bought for her sister-in-law.

As an incentive, my wife gave me a hiking adventure of my choosing. The closest was Thornton Beach.

Everything changes including our heart. It’s up to us to take care of it or abuse it. No one can love it more than the person who carries it. If only someone told me that when I was younger. Catching up is not the same for the times I already lost.

Now that it’s colder, there should be no fog guaranteeing clear, beautiful visual sceneries with the brightest mood boosting sunshine.

The same tree has survived all despite that part of its roots are exposed and vulnerable to climate and diseases. If this Tree has survived, so can any of us that have more shelter, means and protection.

But first, Dim Sim at Ranch 99. It’s cheap. It’s delicious. It’s the convenient To Go picnic outdoor food. We also bought 2 days worth of cooked Chinese Food like Spare Ribs, Sweet and Sour Pork, Orange Sesame Chicken, Fried Chicken, BBQ and Peking Duck. Yep, we love Food as much as we love Outdoors.

This was just small lunch. The rest was in the car for early dinner.

Son was super excited when he saw what we got later that afternoon. He didn’t know where to begin, so he tried tasting them all.

We had to eat quick. The crows are hovering above us ready to dive in. I didn’t know they have super smell and super sight. They were aggressive. Wife kept saying, “Hurry with your picture taking and eating. The crows are just above you.”

The Hike…

The day unfolded like the carpet of blooms that surrounded us.

Well, the Hike I remembered few years back was easy. So I told my wife, “We pass that way, it’s an easy hiking trail.” I didn’t realize it just looks easy and my memory was too motivated.

Maybe back then it was really easy, and I just got older. Plus, I am not as physically fit as I was before.

Downhill was easy. Uphill, well, I did wish for adventure excitement and hiking exercise.

Sand Skiing. It’s real, and it’s fun. Kinda dangerous and unpredictable which adds up to its thrill.

I used my hands and arms for support and balance. My butt sitting on the sand was an added safety option when I felt like I’m falling or sliding down too fast. It’s the perfect cushion.

Everyone goes to the beach for a reason. Everyone tries to be close to Nature for a reason. Those reasons we all have in common. We don’t have to speak in volumes to know them. We relate and understand even in silence.

Touch Down. I get to be near the water.

It’s a Dog Friendly beach. I saw many Dog Walkers and Whisperers. Dogs would ran towards me. They would sniff my legs and circle a few times. Once I had to stop climbing up when I saw two big dogs running down towards me.

I discovered a lot of interesting finds during my relaxing walk at the beach while listening to my calming mix love songs playlist of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

“There are more of us out there. And what we search, what we try to find and connect are not that different from one another.”

Just ahead of me, a Man was standing alone with a music headset. He looked very peaceful and content as he watched the waves roll towards him.

The Untold Story of Genie and Bottle

Saw a Bottle at the beach. It’s cap still close. I’m suppose to make 3 wishes but I didn’t because I already got my wishes.

No one really knows what happened to Genie and Bottle. Theirs remain untold from their side of the story. People can only speculate and imagine stories about them. People can only hope that they are both happy and got what they wished for.

I looked closer. Bottle was empty. Genie left Bottle. They’ve been together for centuries. Genie decided to discover the part of herself she can no longer remember. Genie wants to find out what will repair the hole in her heart that keeps hurting everyday. Genie wants to stop missing out on her own life.

Bottle had to let Genie go. He doesn’t have the answers nor the remedy. He can only love her powerful enough to set her free so hopefully, she gets to find whatever it is that will make her happy and complete.

Genie and Bottle’s Dream House, or what’s left of it. They both wanted “Bigger,” and more. They ignored all the signs and symptoms. Each was too proud to admit one’s fault. World and People ate their innocence. World and People fed on their naivety. Love wasn’t enough, so it wasn’t enough to save what needed to be saved. Anger over Love finished what could have been salvage.

Bottle? He’s fine. Lonely but okay. He still hopes for Genie to come back. However, he has accepted reality. He had to let go the love of his life, the source of his life. He promised to be open this time when he meets another. And if that doesn’t happen, he will always have the Sea. For some, Solitude is their Happily Ever After.

Once, it was the King of the Sky and free to fly wherever. Now it’s buried in the sand with only it’s head visible. It can’t fly anymore. It’s dead. But looks like he lived and died doing what he loves.

A Family of old wood that once provided strong support to a wooden deck and its visitors continues to face the harshness of the Sea, the Wind and all the Elements that brought the rest of their members down. Only 3 remains. The three does most things together. They chose to be each other’s inspiration, pillar and strength. Perhaps, these are the very reasons they are still standing.

I picked up some flat pebbles along the way. I wanted to create a pebble tower.

The tower of pebbles on a driftwood lasted only for several minutes before the strong breeze toppled them all except one. The survivor pebble is used to hard work, trials and hardship. It also invested the strongest foundation. No wonder it outlasted everyone.

So many dead crabs. Their claws severed from their head and bodies. Did someone massacred them all, or they just died one by one in in their old age?

I created a Crab Frankenstein, but I’m no God, so it remained lifeless.

An Angel fell in love with a Human and chose to give up her eternal wings for a lifetime of love and happiness. It was worth it. Love is worth it.

Humans have a tendency to exploit and trash what is beautiful and kind.

How can Nature compete with man-made trash that does not decompose? Or compete with the insatiable hunger of Humans to enjoy Nature without care nor limits.

Evidence? Two big torn bags full of trash at the base of the hill where I climbed down. It was my landmark to return back.

I smelled shit, so I’m sure there is shit in these abandoned trash bags. Nasty and disgusting!

Walking back I was already tired and gasping. It was hot and I don’t have water. Climbing up 75 degrees angle on part sand and steep soil was the hardest. I was basically hugging the soil in some parts so I won’t slide down and fall.

She waved at me, I waved back. She asked me later, “Where did you go?” I answered pointing on my right side, “Just somewhere there.” I was gone for an hour. I might have gone to a different Earth Plane where Genie and Bottle exist. Could be mirage. It was dehydrated and exhausted.

I stopped several times, too tired and having a hard time breathing. Then more inclined walking from where my wife was sitting. She didn’t join me in the slope and climb challenge. Good for her. She’s Ms. Smart and Safe, I’m Mr. Adventure and Danger.

She tries to go where I am happy. She tries to be there to mend what’s too sad and broken. My Bottle let me choose my path. We both threw the cap long time ago for love, freedom and happiness. She flies where I want to fly. But sometimes, the storms still catches up on us both. For some miracle, we survived them all. That’s a lot of miracles to thank God for.

Thornton Beach doesn’t disappoint. It will even surpass expectations. I am going back. This time with my Son.

We need love that open our eyes to see. We need love that open our ears to listen. We need love that open our hearts to care and understand with kindness.

If I did it then, then I can do it again. The body aches and back stiffness will go away, but the thrill of a great hike adventure will remain with me forever.

Not all wishes are good for us. But it’s better to try than regret not doing them.

So, I’m with Genie on leaving Bottle to explore the World and follow her own path independent and free. I’m with Genie on making her own wish happen by doing and not waiting. I’m with Genie on choosing to Live and fight for her Happiness. No one should be trapped in a bottle. No one deserves it, not even the worst in this Planet.

I’m with Bottle for loving Genie selfless even if it caused him so much pain. Not everyone will do what he did.

I extended my vacation for another week doing two things. First, Doing Nothing. Second, Loving Myself by Doing What I Love and Enjoy. Second should have been first. Old Dogs can only change so much.

COVID is not going anywhere but the train of time and opportunities left us for awhile now.

How long is it safe to start living, travel again and make new stories? A year? A Decade? Half a Century? Tick-Tock.

Unlike Genie, we are NOT Immortals. But like Genie, we can enjoy life again. We just need to try harder because our Life Source depends on it.

Never give up even if it’s game over.

“Some are already dead even if they have a heart beat. Many can still be revived. A few will decide life is not worth living anymore.”

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  1. Awesome depiction of Genie and the Bottle, life and death, and the world at large! I wrote a short story for the woman I love while she was in an abusive relationship last year. I called it, The Genie who was set Free! I hope you can get around to reading it. 🙂 Cheers!

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    • Thank your for reading the post. Yes, will read The Genie who was set free. More than ever, we need to be inspired by stories of real people surviving real life hardships and abuse. Abusive relationships are common and prevalent and many times, people don’t even realize they are living in one until someone open their eyes and heart to the truth as well as the possibility of freedom and happiness. Thanks.


  2. BramAsuqo says:

    I ❤️ the pictures

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  3. oneday@atime says:

    I love that you brought Chinese food!

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  4. joycemaryj says:

    I’m really glad that I found this post. So beautifully written with amazing pics and a soothing song. Thank you for sharing this. I hope you had a wonderful day in the beach with your family.

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  5. Beautifully captured!!
    Do visit my blog and kindly share with others

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  6. Those who wander are not all lost.

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  8. dolphinwrite says:

    The world is an amazing place. One of my fondest memories was a trip to a California beach, I think, Santa Cruz, nearby. I was walking where a rope was, crossing, and walked down to the beach. I was amazed. Over a hundred sea lions sunning themselves. I sat within a few feet of a couple, then took a couple nonflashing pictures which I’ve kept. To some degree, they made me think of dogs, but those eyes were amazing, completely black, which I guess they need where they swim underwater where the light is very dim. They didn’t seem to mind my being there, but I could also see, if the nearest one wanted to protect, I would have to leave quickly. Hundreds of pounds of pure power. Amazing.

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    • Thank you for sharing a beautiful, inspiring California and Nature memory. There are still a few Seal and Sea Lions beaches and islets protected by the Santa Cruz and monterey county coast. It is must needed for Nature and it’s sea creatures to thrive and survive. I feel lucky to see all these in my lifetime. I just hope my son gets to enjoy and experience them too when he reach adulthood.


  9. Here we go, another delightful post of Yours from the beautiful north coast. I enjoyed every bit of including your great writing. Some if the images brought me back to my summer trip along the coast. And as always I took notes of your discovery for one of my next trips up there. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and thoughts, my friend.

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    • Thank you. The sand was full of outcry from nature that I hope people will take seriously. I look around me, also an outcry of many going through hard times feeling alone and helpless. Genie and Bottle are luckier. Most of people don’t get to rewrite a happier story. Many don’t get to be free from whatever bondage they are suffering. Many gets buried in the sand and never to rise back. That part of California coast almost felt like a beautiful lonely purgatory. There was even a rising fog at the end of the horizon coming from black grey sand with certain sad gloominess. I can’t fully comprehend what I was seeing but it was a wake up call. Thanks.


      • Thank you for your response, you definitely have a way with words to express your thoughts and feelings.


        • Truth is, it’s my Mental & Emotional Therapy. The intense my days had been, the vivid things become , almost like watching a movie on top of an experience. Can’t describe it but it has saved me so many times from falling off the edge. We have our ways to escape what we needed escaping from. We need to find what works and make sense because no one will give what we need exactly how we want it. Thanks.


  10. So beautiful photography and so nice view 👌🌷🙏

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  11. Jyothi says:

    Beautiful captures!

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  12. Ab says:

    It is a rainy cloudy day where I am today and so I especially enjoyed your sunny and positive post today! 😊🙏

    The lunch time treat you ordered looks delicious and it must’ve been nice enjoying them with the gorgeous view you had. The beach line and waves looked beautiful.

    I loved the story of the bottle and seeing the different artifacts on the beach, including the driftwood and rocks. It is too bad that you also sad litter left by others, which is always upsetting to see.

    The video was a nice summary of a beautiful outing. We need more of these during our challenging times! 🙏👍

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  13. The landscape looks breathtaking and that sounds like quite the adventurous hike. I’m sure it was well worth the effort. That’s such a shame to find trash at the base of the hill.

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  14. Beautiful photos! What a joyful place. I do miss the beach, but I find my joy every day where I am. That’s what we have to do. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos! Blessings! 🙏🙏

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  15. Krista says:

    Beautiful pics & video 💕⚘

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  16. restlessjo says:

    Such a wonderful coastline! Happy you can enjoy it again.

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  17. dolphinwrite says:

    Might go travelling, again.

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  18. ourcrossings says:

    Soft sand, rolling waves and endless sunshine. What’s not to love? There’s no place like the beach. It’s the ultimate cure for whatever your heart is in need of fun, relaxation, love or reflection. I can’t quite explain it, but there’s just something so magical about spending a day or night by the ocean.

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  19. Cyan says:

    Your words are just as beautiful as your photos. Very moving. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Life is like a movie. Some moments it’s tearful sadness, other times hilarious fun comedy , then there’s action and horror. I didn’t realize the hiking will turn out into a life reflection awakening . But I’m glad. I needed it. Thanks.

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