Alamo and Riverwalk 2021 Adventures

My son must be around 5 years old when we first saw the Alamo and rode the Riverwalk Cruise. My son said he can’t remember it. I wanted to refresh his memory but I can’t remember it too.

Big in the Heart of Texas.

I knew I was in San Antonio several times before but I can no longer recall the details. When I look at the old pictures of our San Antonio family vacations many years ago, the feelings are still there but the memories are just blurry and fragmented.

So, when our friend asked me where to go on our 4th day in Austin, I suggested, “How about San Antonio? It would be nice to see again the Alamo and the Riverwalk.”

On a weekday, the Riverwalk is perfectly not crowded.

Our New York friend has not seen San Antonio before so my suggestion was an easy unanimous yes.

We started our San Antonio adventure experience passing through a grand hotel that has an elevator that led to the entrance of the Riverwalk.

Full Boat, Empty Tables.

There were many walkways, bridges and stairways. Each took us to a different walk in history.

Each took us to a place of discovery that is beautiful and unique.

I don’t see much tourists. The walks are quiet, relaxing, unhurried, spacious, friendly, no paranoia.

One of the stairway led to an old hotel where President Clinton stayed. I asked my Texan friend, “Was he with Monica?” My friend did not confirm nor denied. So, my naughty imagination went wild that I caught myself smiling.

“Hmm, Mr. President, what were you thinking? Or why weren’t you thinking?

Hotel for the rich, the famous and the politicians. What happens in the Hotel Bedroom stays at the Hotel Bedroom. What’s said at the conference room stays at the conference room.

Anyways, he made an unacceptable mistake following his human desires. An Impeachment Trial for lying under oath about the sexual scandal followed, but not for the Adultery itself. He was acquitted via Voting by fellow Politicians. Lying, protecting fellow Politicians and each other’s interest has not change much since 1998. Different History, same Dance Party.

The Alamo still stood strong, brave and beautiful. This time, I made sure I will remember all of it visually and by heart. And if I forget again, I have this post to remind me of a time that is truly special and inspiring.

It’s incredible to walk in history. To stand were soldiers and heroes once stood, fought and died is very humbling. Helped me value all the more what an honor and privilege it is to live in America.

The Heroes and Soldiers of the past did what they can to make sure we enjoy the Land and the Freedom we are enjoying now. Does our heart and actions today worth dying for? If the Battle at the Alamo happens today, are people willing to die for what it symbolize or will people run away to save themselves? Is present version Alamo happening now but only in a different form?

The American and Texan Flags are a product of blood, sweat, tears, heart, soul, loss and victory. It deserves respect and appreciation.

The Lessons of Alamo are needed today more than ever. It’s canons needs to fire once more the loudest to awaken the entire country to unite against its real enemies.

All that walking made us hungry. Lunch was at Whataburger, it’s the In and Out of Texas. It’s one of our Revisit Texas Bucket List.

Other than wearing mask indoors, it’s easy to forget there is still COVID in Texas. Honestly, it feels good not to wear mask outdoors. No one got sick from the trip. The vaccine worked very effectively. Wearing mask at the airport and inside the plane worked. Science worked which means we all can travel again safely because of Science and Mindfulness. Yes, I’m planning my next vacation already. Time to catch up for lost time last year. Besides, Mental Health and Well Being are my top goals Bucket List. Life has never been more important and shorter. What we lost last year, we can never go back nor raise from the grave.

No one cared if it’s 1,000 calories per cheese burger. It was so good that there was no left overs.

We’re eating big. We’re in Texas.

“The secret to having the most relaxing and happiest Travel is to think like a Local but see Things and Adventures like a Tourist.”

We use today’s technology to preserve and remember all that’s good and inspiring in the present for the future. Our memories will not remain sharp always, no matter how much the heart wants to remember. Music The Good Life by Taynte. Video App used, VivaVideo and iMovie.

Unlearn at Departure, Learn at Arrival. Enjoy from Journey to Destination to returning Home. Live fully every Adventure like we’re saying goodbye tomorrow.

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  1. Love this post! The pics and video are awesome! You got moviemaking skills! I have no idea what the battle of Amaro is, though


  2. I almost went to the same restaurant different city but I misunderstood the name i throughtit was “water burger”

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  3. 😎🤗 greatest wall


  4. VM says:

    Very nice. Great photos💫
    Will read in detail, later.


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  6. That looks like it was an amazing trip! San Antonio is a bit far from me, but I’m hoping to make it there someday. Thanks for the additional push to travel out that way!


  7. Travtrails says:

    Had visited in 2010 … fresh in memory


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  9. ourcrossings says:

    Great post and amazing photos. Discovering the magic of the San Antonio river walk all while sightseeing, shopping, eating, and having heaps of fun sounds like a fantastic thing to do. I’ve seen photos of the wonderful canal before from other travellers, and I have to say that it is an amazing place to visit. Hopefully one day 🙂 Thanks for sharing, and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx


  10. I have never been to San Antonio before, but it looks beautiful. The Riverwalk looks like a great way to explore the city. The Alamo is pretty incredible. Thanks for sharing. Linda


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  12. restlessjo says:

    I’ve seen photos before of this place and it looks truly beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your adventures and memories.


  13. Wonderful photography to view 🌷👌🙏😊


  14. arlene says:

    Just eaten a McDo burger for merienda. Iove yours though, it seems yummy. I read about Alamo before but it was only in fiction.


  15. Dragthepen says:

    Very nice 👍


  16. Ab says:

    That looked like another wonderful outing. I love the old historical buildings and the care and detail in the streets, such as the colorful flower pots on the street lamps.

    The Riverwalk must’ve felt wonderful to be in. Those colorful umbrellas by the water look so inviting and charming.

    And I agree with you about enjoying Texas portions while you’re traveling. Diet can wait until you return to home! 😆 That What-a-Burger looked yum!

    Look forward to seeing what else you did on your wonderful getaway!


    • It was one of the best travel trips I had , and I lived in Texas for 9 years. Everyone agreed, it’s our best get together , vacay since covid started.

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      • Ab says:

        I’m glad you got to get away. It’s so important to your wellbeing. I hope the re-entry back to the day to day is smooth!


        • Thanks Ab. Re-entry has been smooth. I actually worked yesterday as they needed a Charge Nurse. It’s been busier than ever. Medical Care Live Action and Drama are back with COVID as part of the ordinary and normalcy. Flu too is now in session. With PPE’s and vaccines, we shouldn’t worry anymore. We need to start enjoying our work and company of people again. Fear has to go away because it affects important human caring and interaction. Kindness and understanding with one another should come back because almost 2 years without it is too long and has caused so much damage & trauma. Being mindful of each other’s well being at work should be observe by all because burn out is very real and scary, and most are triggered not by patient care but dealing with another co-worker or management issues. There is a growing number of people leaving their work or shifting other areas of their profession not because of covid but because of the PTSD effects of people that has remained unaddressed if not handled badly. People are realizing more that their life and well being should come first. Pandemic made clearer what is valuable in ones life.

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          • Ab says:

            I am glad to hear that re-entry has been smooth for you.

            I’ve been hearing a lot about burnout in the healthcare industry. I hope you take good care of yourself. Glad you are taking the time to recharge in nature and family.

            Are you affected by vaccination requirements? Here, healthcare workers are required to provide proof of vaccination or face termination. We are all bracing for a shortage of workers once the deadline passes. It will also unfortunately create even more conflicts on the work front.

            Flu season is also around the corner as you pointed out. Well be getting our flu shots as soon as we can for sure! 🤞🏻


            • Yes, smooth cali entry. Vaccination card not required yet in cali for indoors except SF. Work wise, it’s not a requirement too which is weird because it’s a government institution. Like the rest of the country, Cali is also confused and lax in its above 100 workers vaccine mandate to kelp its customers and workers safe. It’s either politics or lack of concern, only to panic winter when numbers go back high. Thanks. Stay safe.

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              • Ab says:

                Politics or lack of concern is certainly a great way to describe it. It’s always sad to think of where we’d be at right now if it wasn’t politics that drove the pandemic response.

                Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!!!


              • True. Stay safe as well. Delta Plus is now of interest but “not a concern” yet. Something I heard early this year with regular delta until Summer Surge happened.

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  17. More beautiful photos. Thank you!


  18. Never been to Alamo ..would love to visit there ..So much to see..


  19. ogaraderrick says:

    You really inspire me to travel around the word Big Man.


  20. Krista says:

    Beautiful ⚘ San Antonio & Corpus Christi are on my bucket list


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