Last Disney Halloween Magic

It was our last Family Halloween Disney Magic before our World got locked and turned up side down.

A Happy Moment never goes away unless we want them to go away.

It was our last Holiday Celebration where we were freest to bring to life our wildest imagination.

It’s was okay then to walk shoulder to shoulder, chest to chest, back to back. It was okay to bump with one another. Distance was unheard of. People gladly share their space. People were polite, patient, apologetic. Now, it leads to people exploding, throwing tantrums and fighting. If only they sell Chill Pill in theme parks.

No worries of infection, people nor caution. Everyone was nice. People genuinely smiled and were kind. Strangers exchange random friendly conversations.

Happiest Place was also the Friendliest Place. It’s was the Epicenter of everyone’s Happiness and Wishes from around the World.

Sleeping Beauty is still waiting for her Prince to wake her up with “The Kiss.” She doesn’t know the World she remembered is gone. She didn’t know her Prince who killed the Evil Dragon perished passing through the COVID Lake. No one taught the Prince how to fight and survive an invincible evil virus.

“Once upon a time, People breathe the same air, enjoy the same space, shake the hands of new friends they just met, kissing and hugging were considered gestures of love, welcome and affection. It seems that time was so long ago. I wish upon a Star for that time to come back. I wish for all better stories with Happy Endings.”

Sleeping Beauty Castle. If it came to life from a story book, so can we.

It was our last time to experience Happiest Place on Earth for what it was…happiest.

Talking Car? Wasn’t Hallucination? It’s hard to distinguish what’s real and not these days.

Post Reopening, Disney lost some of its magic and enchantment.

The Prince can no longer just kiss and hold hands with the Princess without proof of COVID vaccination and negative test result.

Disney characters can no longer be so close to the audience without being vulnerable.

People can’t sing too loud because they may be unknowingly contagious.

It’s the weirdest kind of magic not even imagination can fix.

It’s like a dark spell turned Disneyland to Strangeland.

Mind and Imagination create the Incredible. The Heart, gives the Incredible its Life and Magic.

To walk around Disney with People in masks, distant and defensive doesn’t feel happiest nor magical.

Feels uncomfortable and tense. Feels sad.

Did I just used the word “sad” in the Happiness Capital of of America? Noooooo…the dark spell needs to be reversed by whatever means necessary.

So let me celebrate and remember the Halloween Disney that was authentically happy, free and child-like. Perhaps, it may bring the magic back.

First, let’s head to Cars Land for some exciting fast Car Racing.

Oh, Wow. That was awesome. Now, time to try the best Chile Con Carne with loads of melted rich cheese. Delicioso.

It’s not recommended to ride the Guardian’s of the Galaxy Tower drop ride after eating but who cares. It’s fun.

Seat belt on, arms up towards the Sky as we slowly ascent straight to the highest floor. Elevator door opens, few seconds of best view of Disney on top, then a sudden zero gravity drop.

Scream and shout it all out. Don’t hold back. Let it go. Let it go.

Now, let’s do something more terrifying. It’s Intergalactic Dance Off Showdown with Star-Lord and Gamora. Talk about Stage Fright.

Want more scream and shout? Let’s hit the Coaster Ride. No puking showers and passing out please. Scared? No risk. No thrill. Guaranteed to make our heart jump off our chest.

Meet Mickey, Donald and Friends up close. Sway it, Sing it, Spray it, it’s all good. This was Pre-COVID. Germs were harmless. No need to Lysolized everything. No need for facial barriers.

So, is the Disney Magic then and now just the same? Does it still look and feel like the Happiest Place on Earth? What you think Tinker Bell? How much Fairy Dust do we need so we can fly again to Neverland? Oh, No. You’re out of Fairy Dust?

The Disney experience is never complete without Music, Lights and Fireworks. So, let’s get this Party Started!

The happiest place welcomes you like Family.

Many times, we don’t realize how good our life was, or how blessed we are to visit and experience the most amazing of destinations on Earth that others only dream from afar.

Rediscover the Magic in you. Just Believe.

May be the magic is still there. May be happiness can be as it was. But first, our heart needs to change. Our hearts need to be appreciative, grateful and kind. If we truly do that, then perhaps the Happiest Place of Earth will feel like it got all its magic back.

Halloween Fireworks on our last magical night at Disney. 10/2019.

We deserve all the magic and happiness we can get. Don’t allow anyone or anything make us believe any less.

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11 Responses to Last Disney Halloween Magic

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  3. Mireya says:

    Wow I was reading and kept thinkig I am enjoying these pictures. It has been a while since I have been to Disneyland especially at Halloween. I miss Ghoast Galaxy. What I have learned is that there are no limitations except for the ones we place on ourselves. I know I ned to take my own advice.


  4. How fun to visit DisneyLand around Halloween. It’s sometimes hard to believe what life was like prior to the pandemic sometimes. Fingers crossed this pandemic ends sooner rather than later.

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  5. Magical memories through magical pictures.


  6. Ab says:

    These memories and photos are wonderful and I hope you hang onto them as we get through this pandemic fall and winter.

    It certainly is frustrating that this pandemic continues to ravage through the good times and its effect on social gatherings such as Disney. But I do feel hopeful that this will one day be a memory. I believe in that strongly.

    And I had to laugh, although I know you didn’t mean it as such, at the Prince not kissing the Princess. Hopefully they’ll have their happily ever after kiss one day soon! 🤞🏻👍


    • Thanks Ab. Disney characters kinda reflects of dreams and fantasies. Some do come true , some don’t, but all, we hope the same, Happiness. Yes, hope the right Prince for our Princess comes along COVID ready and all to make sure the Princess and him gets their Happily Ever After.

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  7. SamSahana says:

    These pictures are simply magical and your words give me memories of precious pre-covid times…
    It seems like eons ago. I fondly remember my trip to Vietnam in late 2019. Just 4 months later, the world would shut down. We still live with restrictions despite close to 50% of our huge adult population being vaccinated. The worry is still there because well… The virus is still there. Funny how a tiny microorganism froze a big world! I was 16 when this all began. I’m 18 now but still feel 16 because I lost 2 precious teenage years and my last year of school, along with million other teens around the world. Your post is just delicious because it provides a glimpse into the real world yet again. Thank you so much! May the world heal!


    • Thank you for sharing your memories and wonderful adventures. Life and it’s enjoyments doesn’t have to stop with covid, we can still find new adventures. We just have to remember our safety covid 101 measures. I think covid will be a permanent virus and we have to adjust our lifestyle that balances all. Stay safe.


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