Goodwill Scavenger Hunt

End of Summer 2021, the 3 Amigos were trying to figure out one collective activity where everyone will enjoy and remember.

1930’s Silver and Glass Carafe. $9 at San Francisco’s Goodwill. We placed it in our living room to remind us always that happy treasured family memories are everything.

I quickly suggested, “Roadtrip to the Beach? Wifey replied with a question, “Again?”

Can you spot the Carafe? My Wife asked me, “How did you find it right away?” I replied, “How can you not? I saw it right away, or may be it called me right away. But I immediately took it.”

My second suggestion, “Hiking on rugged Ocean rocks and cliffs? Son replied, “But Mom will just stay in the car…again.”

Wife was so happy. Found this vintage copper cookware for her that she now uses in her territory, the Kitchen.

I threw my third idea, “How about travel to Hawaii? My co-workers highly recommends it, and no testing needed nor quarantine?” Wife and Son roared a point, “Too much money Sir and we do not want to get sick with COVID.” So, that’s 2 versus 1. Bye Outside Travel. Sad Face 😔.

Can you spot the vintage copper cookware? Scotts Valley, CA Goodwill.

Proving his point, Son showed me a video of a very crowded airport where people are waiting in long lines for hours. He said, “See this people trying to go back from Cancun? And you also want us to go there? You’re crazy Dad.” I watched the madness in the video and replied smiling, “You’re so right, and I am crazy to suggest Cancun.”

Vintage Car Lighter next to a Silver and Glass Sugar Container. If the metal is heavy, it’s likely real old metals. And yes, it’s Google certified.

He knows I hate crowded places. It’s stressful and I get very uncomfortable. Packed airports are worse because they are the perfect Viral Medium Petri Dish for COVID. Wasn’t this the mode of entry of the Pandemic last year? Air Travel spread swiftly the droplet airborne infection to every corner of the World.

Christmas Reindeer, had to get this one, the holidays are coming.

Wife suggested, “Malls or Shopping Outlet?” I immediately replied, “Hell to the NO.” Malls and Outlets full of people makes me anxious. Its like being in a caged human zoo. With the community Delta Variant everywhere and anyone, it’s easy to shift to panic mode.

Crowdphobic, COVIDphobic, Deathphobic, Claustrophobic, it’s all of the above

Someone’s garbage, other’s gold. No shame in going to Goodwill and Salvation Army. It’s fun and we actually help people because the sales goes to charities. Like Salvation Army helps rehabilitate people that has jail history and give them jobs. Our Donations do turn to kindness and hope for those who need it. A second chance to start a new life. Many People do make mistakes and are capable of changing. Marina Goodwill.

My last suggestion, “Hey, how about Treasure Scavenging Hunt to the Goodwill Stores for vintage finds along the coast we love going for roadtrips? It’s two in 1, Shop and Outdoors.” It sounded like a winner and my hopes were up to the moon.

Wife freaked weirdly. She wanted to check the place even if it’s too out of nowhere, but first to bolt out when she saw how crowded it was. Son and I stayed and pretty much checked all the bins without gloves. I told my Wife, “Hey, we are already here, I’m making the most of it. If we get sick of COVID, it’s meant to be.” She totally missed out the fun bin diving. Salinas Goodwill Outlet, items sold by weight, excitingly so cheap.

Immediately they both said, “Yes!” It’s unanimous. Goodwill Scavenger Hunt won. Everyone were so excited.

Someone took time to make this playlist. So I’m going to listen to them. Son asked curiously, “What’s this?” Told him, “It’s a cassette tape, and with a tape recorder, it’s how we listen to music in the 80’s. He then said, “Oh, you mean it’s Antique. Okay, let me buy this for you.” Cost 75 cents, including the leather cassette container.

Wife made a map from Marin County to San Francisco, San Mateo County to Santa Cruz County and Monterey County to Rural Salinas. Took us 3 days to visit them all, and a lot of getting lost here and there.

There’s a kind of rush when we get to relive the past with actual things of the past. Nostalgia brings back the beautiful and the cherished that we have long forgotten in our hearts. We need to find ways to be in love and be happy again. We can find them if we really want to. Carpenters Vinyl Record, my favorite among all the 50 cents records I got. Goodwill and Rasputin, Santa Clara County.

Vintage Treasure Finds, Check! Great Outdoors Adventures, Check! Happy Summer Memories, Check!

Antique Pyrex Finds from Salvation Army San Jose.

This is one of the most beautiful, unforgettable Summers we ever had. It is the Summer we felt more closer and appreciative of one another. COVID, Toxicity and Politics never had a chance to ruin it. We chose to celebrate Life and Seasons no matter what. Time has never been more urgently precious.

High End Used Designers at Wasteland San Francisco. Too expensive but Son wants to just see it. We bought nothing, it’s almost the same price as Brand New. So, we shopped at the awesome cheap store across it..:Goodwill of course!

It is the Summer we are more than just a Family. It’s the Summer we became great friends, sharing, discovering and experiencing each other’s hopes, hearts and dreams.

She hit the 45 milestone. Speed limit automatically resets to 45 or slower at 40’s. It’s up to the celebrant to try accelerating back to everything youthful, vibrant and amazing. So she did. So we did. Just needs a lot of hard work and determination. Never take for granted being young and being able to do incredible things whenever we can. Creativity and Adventure don’t get old.

Life is about creating as many happy moments that becomes lasting joyful memories no time, circumstances and people can ever erase.

This was my incentive for driving the Family to our Goodwill Roadtrips. Ocean, Beaches and Breathtaking Outdoors. Just between you and me, I got the invincible winner’s trophy. Carmel Coast.

Oh, what’s a Goodwill? It’s a Store that sells donated stuff that others don’t want anymore. The income goes to creating jobs and helping people.

Plastic Flower arrangements are best recycled. We need to care about our environment. We need to care of what our world will be in 10 years. Laziness and Inconvenience versus Doing Something Really Important and Heroic. Seems like the right thing to do.

So, please don’t throw in the garbage old usable things. Donate them. Also, they may be Tax deductible.

$45 Antique wood cabinet from Salvation Army found a new home. It’s my Wife’s side table in our bedroom.

Someone’s trash, is another person’s treasure. And we get to make our World a better, kinder, environment friendly place. Now, isn’t that a win?

Son found this $1 glass Bear for himself at Mountain View Goodwill. It’s now displayed together with his prized Collectibles of Pop Funkos and Anime Figures. He has been buying and selling on Ebay since the Lockdown. COVID made him a little entrepreneur. He even prepares the orders in between online classes. Don’t know how he does it, but Generation Z’s are truly talented, resilient and imaginative. They will become the much improve, accepting, happier version of their Parents just observing how they perceive and navigate through life and society.

When we see the value in things, it becomes valuable. If we see trash, it becomes trash. The mind and heart can turn anything insignificant to something beautiful and priceless.

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20 Responses to Goodwill Scavenger Hunt

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  2. Goodwill shopping is one of the things I was most looking forward to when I moved back to the states last year! I’m not a fan of buying something new if I can get it used super cheap. Lots of great finds!


  3. Asif Balouch says:

    This is some awesome thinking. I love this! Wonderful ideas!💓


  4. It’s disgusting the amount of stuff people just throw out these days. I’m glad these places exist because you’re absolutely right about how one person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. I love your idea to go on a Treasure Scavenging Hunt to the Goodwill Stores along the coast and make a road trip out of it. THanks for sharing. Linda


    • Thanks Linda. It’s kind of become a Family Hobby. The other day, someone donated hundreds of vintage old car toys still in their original package , probably from a person who owns a vintage toy store cause it still has a price tag. My son was so happy when we got him 2 dozens of them. He will sell it in Ebay. He’s been buying and selling toys, Pokémon cards and clothes in Ebay since the pandemic began. Keeps him excited and busy. I’m more than happy to support what he loves doing. Thanks.

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  5. ourcrossings says:

    You managed to find many amazing items, and I very much like the antique wood cabinet from Salvation Army! Treasure Scavenging Hunt while browsing second-hand and charity shops for unique gifts or seasonal decorations is one of my favourite activities as you can never know what you’ll find. I believe that buying used goods, especially clothes, books, home care items, musical instruments, collectable toys, video games, and even furniture, offer great value. Buying these items from swap shops does not only save you some money when compared with what a new one costs. It also encourages reusing which is sustainable for the environment. In other words, you are doing yourself, as well as the environment some good when you shop for second-hand items 🙂 Aiva xx


  6. What wonderful treasures you found, that makes a good day. I really like the glass carafe in the first pictures.

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  7. arlene says:

    Sorry, vintage I mean.


  8. arlene says:

    Love that sugar container. If I were there, I will search for vantage items too.


  9. Ab says:

    This story makes me so happy to read. You are right that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and that we can do our part to reduce waste and to pay it forward.

    When I was younger and my family first came to Canada from the Philippines, we did not have much money. I remember we went to our Goodwill once to buy clothes. As a young kid, you often feel self conscious and aware about things like status.

    But as an adult, most people thankfully see what real value and real worth is and things like that don’t bother me anymore. As your post beautifully illustrates, beautiful things can be found anywhere. Happy moments can made be anywhere. You just need to change your perspective. 🙏


  10. E.A. Wickham says:

    I enjoyed your Goodwill finds. We have a Kiwanis thrift shop nearby that I love.


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