Santa Cruz, The Lost Boys and Us

Surfers Turf, Santa Cruz is not only known for its awesome Surf Breaks but also for its beautiful haunting Sun-kissed Beaches.

4-Mile West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. The Beach makes us forget the World and it’s worries. In a way, we all are Lost Boys and Girls just trying to hold on to what keeps us feeling young, happy and free. The thirst and hunger are unquenchable.

Winter, Monarch Cove at Natural Bridges State Beach provides Haven and Sanctuary to migratory Monarch Butterflies.

They look like Stained Glass Art Windows of old Church Cathedrals.

Thousands of flickering orange wings surrounds tall Eucalyptus Trees. Monarch Butterflies when bunched together looks like bouquets of orange blooms.

Monarch Butterflies are the Ballerinas of the Sky. The wind and the million leaves, its orchestra.

Blessed with many days of sunshine, Santa Cruz is playground and getaway for both tourists and locals.

The Lighthouse.

It’s the perfect Postcard of the California Dream.

A Surfer is one of the luckiest person in the World. They get to do what they love in absolute freedom. They are the most alive and most chill among any of us.

Wonder and amazement? Yes, and a lot of awesome more.

Take pictures but never forget to enjoy the moments.

Families come to Santa Cruz to make happy memories. To enjoy what Life, Sun and Summers have to give.

A Bridge once connected two young lovers. Then a massive wave broke the land bridge, separating them from each other. So the boy and the girl both learned how to ocean surf so they can see each other anytime. Nothing can break true love. They also discovered Surfing.

Lovers come to Santa Cruz for romance, Sunsets and sizzling secrets.

Fountain overlooking the Surfers’s Lookout. Surfers have died for their passion. They get to live to the fullest.

Friends come to Santa Cruz for excitement, thrill and relaxation at the Boardwalk, beaches and outdoors.

Never forget to have fun. No age limit in that. Just make sure your heart can take it.

Hollywood love Santa Cruz.

Us is irresistibly creepy and scary.

Remember 2019’s horror movie Us? It’s about a family whose beach vacation was turned into terror and massacre when their doppelgängers appeared to replace them and their friends.

There is a scene of abandoned cars and dead bodies on the street at the 4-Mile Drive. On one end, it leads to the Beach Boardwalk, the other, Natural Bridges. A must scenic experience by car or foot. Oh, Nudist can be spotted here too. They enjoy the attention. Hello, this is California, we let people be themselves, clothe or naked.

A Door at the Beach Boardwalk allowed our Monsters look-alike to escape the Parallel World beneath. So, anyone that acts Monstrous today, likely is from the Underworld. Brilliant!

Santa Cruz remained welcoming and friendly to anyone before and after COVID. It’s why we love to visit it whenever we can. It’s refreshing to see a place still full of positivity and happiness. A parallel World to that we are witnessing in the News.

And when the Night comes, The Lost Boys comes out to party with the warm blooded Humans. The Boardwalk, Beach and Surf are their favorite hang for fun and feeding.

1987, I was in High School when I saw this Teen Vampire movie. It was the Twilight Saga of the 80’s. Never imagined I get to walk and experience the Boardwalk and everything Santa Cruz as many times as I want. Life becomes the movie.

Once in every decade, they look for a new member to play with forever. Sometimes, the replacement is sudden. Young Vampires are foolish. They will watch the Sunrise on a dare knowing fully they’ll combust. Sounds familiar? The resemblance to present cult-like fanatic groups so stunningly close.

Freedom can be achieved in many peaceful ways. The World is huge, we all can share it. Let’s not be greedy. Let’s not be Vampires and Parasites.

Eternal Youth, Fun and Friendship Bites. Enjoy them while we’re young. Have them while we can. They’re never enough. Having the best time of our lives will never be enough.

A beach lover’s quick fix, a day or night in Santa Cruz is all we need to replenish our hearts to feel young and alive again.

Isn’t that why travel, weekends and vacation are so important?

We make our dreams happen by doing them every chance we get. No one lives forever unless we join The Lost Boys.

Recapture and Live the best version of ourselves because we can. We don’t wait. We make our own dreams come to life in the present.


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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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  3. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    What is the name of the song?


  4. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Love this post. So much new information, and the video is awesome!


  5. Lily-Anne says:

    Your pictures are beautiful and easily remind me of why I love traveling so much.

    The views are wonderful!!!

    I want to learn how to surf but the large body of water still scares me.

    The big fish… the unknown…

    I’m also not the strongest swimmer.


    • It is scary but also thrilling. Yes, all that Shark movies kind of created a negative fear in my mind too. But the love for the ocean overshadows the fears. Hope you get to learn how to surf one day. There are less deep , smaller safer waves too. And they are perfect starting point. Thanks.

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  7. SamSahana says:

    Glorious post! The pictures are spectacular and so are the finishing words. 🔥

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  8. Cameel says:

    Very beautiful 😍

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  9. ourcrossings says:

    So many beautiful photos! I love the blue shimmering sea and the lighthouse grading the bay. As an avid surfer and redwoods lover, I would feel at ease exploring Santa Cruz 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  10. Lovely captures. I especially enjoyed the shots of the Monarch butterflies.

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  11. Wow! Santa Cruz is beautiful!!! I love all the photos. I’ve never seen so many butterflies together like that. Simply stunning 💖

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    • Santa Cruz has so much to offer. It was one of the reasons I fell in love with California totally. Sure, we have expensive houses, fires, drought , homelessness but then we have Nature and diverse Cultures just bursting with so much life, Hope, adventures and positivity. I feel blessed every time I’m close to all I enjoy in California. Thanks.

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  12. cindy knoke says:

    Yes. Brilliant. My daughter and family lived there.

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  13. arlene says:

    Amazing shots, those butterflies are all alive?

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  14. What a fabulous post here again, thank you for sharing all the beauty. Seems like you had one of the greatest days again. As I am always taking notes from your explores, I would like to know about the Monarch butterflies place, since I am planning to visit this in the winter months. Is that the famous Pacific Grove , where the Monarch butterflies migrate from? Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week ahead of you my friend.

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    • The Natural Bridge has two sections, the beach with the land bridge and the peaceful monarch haven with many Eucalyptus tree. I think around November, they start being busy feeding and finding their home tree. When it’s peak of Winter, they are very still this from afar, they look like blooms. It’s one of the perfect starting point to discover Santa Cruz. Then one can walk the 4-mile drive that ends at the Boardwalk. Depending on how how want to savor all. It can take a day, or a few hours. I recommend toping the adventure with a delicious ice cream from Penny Creamery. Local and delish.

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  15. Diti Sen says:

    Loved this. The photos speak for themselves, especially those of the Ballerinas of the Sky. And the music just adds to a great post.Thanks for livening up my morning.😊

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  16. Ab says:

    What a beautiful post! Santa Cruz is quite beautiful and those monarch butterflies under the sunlight do look like a beautiful stained glasses work of art. Very stunning.

    I would love to learn how to surf one day. It really seem like such freedom to ride above the turbulence of the waves, rather than be consumed by them.

    And Us is one of my favourite horror movies from recent times. So well made and a wonderful commentary about society today.

    Looks like a fun family outing for you three! 🙏👍

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    • Thanks Ab. I can’t forget our first year in California and Santa Cruz. It was our son’s Bday weekend. He was so happy that we stayed in a hotel that he looked like he was having a sugar rush. The Arcade at the Boardwalk was his favorite. It was after a few months that I realize it was the place The Lost Boys was made. Small world indeed. Santa Cruz is actually opposite of scary, it’s super fun and instant happiness. The director of Us did a awesome in turning the Summer Capital to Terror Capital.

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