“I will do everything to keep him safe, alive and happy. I will try everything to make sure he has a future and still has a Planet to grow and enjoy. I will change and be better so he can thrive and prosper. I am Parent. It’s what I must do.

I need to be better for him. I need to be selfless and kind, for him. I need to try harder for him.

Rage and Acting Out ranging from rudeness to assault have been more frequent because of the Pandemic and Weaponized Politics.

Who hasn’t yet? Photo from the Wall Street Journal, 9/16/21.

Mask Mandate is the number one explosive trigger of Adult aggressive behavior and tantrums. Second, delayed gratification or refusal of service.

A caring Employer will do this for his employees. However, it’s 1 in a Million. If our Government and Employers really want to show appreciation and gratitude to all “Essentials,” give us a National COVID Holiday Rest. One day is all we ask in 365 days. We don’t need anymore empty words and Bullshit. Obviously, I’m mad too for being told to suck it up. Aren’t you?

Whether it’s proof of vaccination or employees being required vaccination to continue working for the their own safety, their co-workers and customers, COVID Vaccination will soon emerge the top cause of people snapping and throwing outbursts.

Insurrection Part 2 will happen anytime from now. It’s the most terrifying of all the Acting Out. People are willing to Kill, Die and Take away the rights of the rest. People are willing to overturn the Nation’s Democracy so they can replace it with something that is Supremely Evil and Self Serving.

Airlines, restaurants, stores, schools, trains, buses, hospitals and clinics, every customer driven workplace, it’s employees have been on edge. Employee’s fear, anxiety and stress of possibly being hurt, insulted, of being a victim of something unknown and unimaginable are at it’s all time high.

This strikes deep among Health Care Workers who experienced them. Everyone is vulnerable. Anyone can be a victim. Propaganda called them Heroes but these Heroes have been slapped, spitted on, traumatized in so many dehumanizing ways. No PPE’s or Plexiglass can prevent Human Attacks. Code Silver? Code Shit? Dock, run, roll over.

Work PTSD is real and prevalent. It is however ignored or covered up with empty superficiality by those who could have made working situations better. Victims remain unprotected victims.

Where else can you find a Society in the World that will harm Women and take away their rights? All Pregnant Women has a Bounty Price in Texas, U.S.A. The moment they violate it’s anti-Abortion Law, they can be hunted down like animals with a monetary reward for the bounty hunter.

Ever wondered why the News does not mention much if something is being done to help the employees heal and overcome their trauma? It’s because nothing significant is being done.

Do Teachers feel safe? No, they are scared for their lives and safety. Is this what we do to our Heroes? If Parents and Governors keeps threatening them, soon their won’t be enough teachers. Parents will be forced to do Home Schooling or On-Line. As Dangerous as the Delta Variant are Furious Parents. But Karma will happen to those who inflict suffering on others. Just too slow. Very slow. Photo from NBC News.

Difference with more Indifference equals Outbursts, Burn Outs and Exodus. The damage, irreversible and unrepairable to some.

The plane ticket does not say, “Beat and hurt your airline crew whenever you feel like it.” So Flight Attendants are being taught to defend themselves from violently insane passengers. When your job becomes hazardous, it makes people think if it’s worth the sacrifice. Unfriendly and Hostility are the New Normal for people that works in Service Oriented Work Places whether land, air or sea.

Anger and meanness have been noted among fellow employees. Selfishness and unreasonable bad attitude has also increased in every work settings. The more busy and short staffed, the higher the incidence.

A passenger beats another passenger then the airline crew. Be ready for anything when traveling by air. Bring Pepper Spray. Might save your life.

Employees are also more unsatisfied and angry to their employers for not hearing them and placing them at risks of COVID or for being required to follow infection control COVID mandates.

The longer the COVID Surges remain, the more Kindness and Patience will disappear. Being Humane is endangered towards extinction.

Many don’t seek help and justice for fear of Retaliation. Not all of us are brave. It’s like David versus an Army of Goliaths.

Our RNA and DNA did mutate, and it’s because of People’s Attitude and Actions, NOT the Vaccine.

If I’m wrong, then we shouldn’t be easily angered, agitated, mean and destructive towards one another.

A fence is placed around the Capitol to protect Democracy and everyone within it from its own Citizens. Madness is allowed to create more fear and chaos. Photo from NPR.

Short Fused? There’s a reason why. Never random. Never blameless.

Realization, acceptance and control helps us from doing or saying things we will regret and can never take back.

Direct Dangerous Verbal Confrontations Between Pro-Mask, Anti-COVID Parents and Ant-Masks, Don’t Care About COVID Parents are happening all over the country. This is the kind of violence our children are witnessing in our schools. It’s a big shame. Parents have become Bad Role Models. Freedom versus Public Safety? Freedom versus Life of a Person? WTF is happening to us all?

I can tell you that I have mutated. I’m not the same before and during this Pandemic. If I’m not careful, I may no longer recognize who I am several years from now, that is if I make it that far.

COVID Disease will change everyone Physically, Psychologically, Emotionally, even Spiritually year after year. It’s called Evolution.

The Truth, people are just turning their backs away and allow this kind of incidents to happen. So now you know what the so called “Heroes” of this Pandemic have endured. There are no words really to describe how we actually feel. Photo from WebMD.

The Terrorism both from the Virus and from People are causing everyone to change either into being their best selves or worst selves.

A young innocent restaurant hostess just doing her job was terrorized and assaulted by an angry customer for asking the customer’s proof of COVID vaccination. If this is how we treat our workers, there may hardly be any in the next few years. Workers will shift jobs where they feel safe, valued and respected. Only half of the restaurant workers have returned to work since this lockdown. Now they have a reason to never go back. Our Young Generation are quickly learning, assimilating and changing because of our Bad Examples and Behaviors. One day, they will look at Adults as dangerous enemies. And aren’t we already?

At the end of this Pandemic, “if” it ends, two kinds of Human Analogy will evolve, Angels and Monsters. Which one will we be? Deep in our hearts, we already know.

“Some people come into the hospital and do worse than they would outside because they realize outside, they will get arrested and be held accountable. However, when they come into the hospital, they don’t.” Mawata Kamara, R.N., S.F. Bay Area

Two kinds of Divided Parents have evolved because of the Endemic COVID in America, the one that will do anything to protect their child from sickness, disability or death and the one that will do anything for their child to be free. Both, their intentions are good, but the outcome neither will win. Until we get it together, everyone loses. Photo from The Atlantic.

Terrorism comes in many forms but basic are fear and harm. If we experienced either or both, then we have been terrorized. If it’s a repetitive pattern, then it becomes an abuse. And we are Victims of our Abusers.

“If being Nice didn’t work, let’s try Spicy Honesty and Raw Accountability.”

COVID Hospitalizations are now Preventable. No more 100% free Emergency and Critical COVID care. Long Term Hospitalized COVID patients will be in debt for a very long time paying their copay alone. Healthcare Systems have been charging millions to insurers, and insurers will collect this time in full force. Health is Wealth will never be more clearer. Most People can’t afford to be sick anymore. People will pay and be responsible for their choices.

Kindness is a must, not optional. So, NO Kindness, NO Service. People and establishments have equal rights to refuse care and service. Isn’t that what Freedom and Democracy means?

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  1. SamSahana says:

    “One day, the younger generation will look at adults as dangerous enemies” I’m afraid this occurs every generation. We are born inherently better than the generations before us and hence, they can appear quite barbaric. Oh, thanks for speaking out about work place PTSD! It is real indeed and a real danger.
    I believe we as humans have mutated, not in a good way. Instead of evolving, we are “de-evolving”. That is what happens when you do cruel things to your own species.
    This is a powerful post! Thanks for speaking up! 🙏


    • Many Parents believe they are thinking for their kid’s best interest with COVID anti-safety mandates. Have we asked our kids if they want to get sick, possibly be disable and die? Young children have no clue what is Freedom and what is Survival. It’s adults who make both good and bad choices for them. Which actually violates the child’s freedom. It doesn’t sound nice but truth is, many have become fanatically selfish. At the end of the day, we need to ask ourselves, which one I love more, my Political Idols and their beliefs, or my Family? The choice is so clear and easy, I will choose my spouse and son. Work PTSD is one of the most kept and ignored outcry. The so called Heroes are having the worst PTSD and Burnout of their lives. Many Heroes have quit. Heroes are entitled to save too of what’s left of themselves. Essentials around the world are the most that suffered with the pandemic and politics. In America, more that 3,000 healthcare workers died because of COVID. No one really talks about them nor the next batch of the dead. The World is kind of ending but many are too blind and angered to enjoy what’s left. Stay safe.


  2. ogaraderrick says:

    What’s going on in most parts of the world is so sad.
    Just hoping your son and the generations to come find a better future🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the picture of your son and the passionate love you have for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s was our last trip to my country of birth. Can’t revisit for now due to COVID surge there and lockdown. But perhaps next year. Happy moments with family are worth every time and investment. Thanks.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Same here , not visiting my family in Germany


        • Many People are not realizing that the longer we all keep this pandemic uncontrolled , the longer we can’t travel the world safely or that other countries will be close to tourists. It would be interesting to see worldwide what happens when the U.S. opens it airports freely for travelers. I think we are looking at more infections to and fro, and perhaps exchange of variants from all over the world. I really believe , the only way to move forward with covid is to adapt a COVID Safe Lifestyle. There is no such thing as getting back pre covid lifestyle when the virus becomes part of our everyday life. Thanks & stay safe.


  4. Ab says:

    I do sadly think that the tantrums have just started. It’ll move on from mask wearing to vaccine requirements. This will be an issue that’ll push human relations to the edge. I can see it happening in my own community already. Very contentious topic.

    On a happier note, that is a wonderful photo of your son in your post. Very peaceful and full of hope. That light will pave the way for the future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Photo is a happy memory . It’s also a heartbreaking reminder that until the other parts of the world is safe, people that has family from other counties can not reunite because lockdowns are strictly observe in areas vaccination is less than 40% and surges are happening. It’s was our last revisiting of my wife’s hometown. We’re hoping to visit next year, that is the Philippines allows U.S. tourists. I agree, the violence to the vaccination mandates has just began. Assault however should be penalized to full legal justice. If there is no legal accountability, people will harm and hurt people. It’s scarier than delta v. Thanks.


  5. Msdedeng says:

    This article would be funny if it wasn’t real. Scary times!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, scary times. Every part of the world is battling the same enemy. Never in my entire life where time has never been more valuable and uncertain. I think people need to demand and assert for kindness because the pandemic have created so many adult brats and bullies. Pandemic created monsters that are allowed to terrify others. People need to voice together that these are not acceptable. People are more scary than the virus.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Msdedeng says:

        Really well said. I am realizing that hate sells. Just look at what passes for news nowadays, Social Media, YouTube, etc., and see how ANGRY people are. Like what’s going on?


        • Yes, Anger and Hatred sells. Negativity and suffering sells. Fear and chaos sells. It’s hard to find something positive in my phone’s news feeds, so I go to my blog community, which is a contrast to the world of other forms of social media like FB, tik tok and IG. Realness and truth is a rarity in a world either mad or superficial.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Msdedeng says:

            Absolutely true. Very sad, though.


            • It’s really a weird time. Major news are actually empathizing words like frustrated, overwhelmed, rationed care, exhausted, collapse, dying but it doesn’t work for many and selfishness and ambition are their response. Easy, 100 Americans will die from covid by new year but that possibility don’t scare those who don’t believe danger is within everyone’s space now. Take care.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Msdedeng says:

                Very well said. Incredible how news is reported, or what is reported.


              • Yep, almost like an exaggeration but then we can’t blame the news, they need to be catchy headlines for people to notice. It is however the truth , just to unbelievable sometimes that they are actually happening and that people are capable of so much rage and anger.


  6. kagould17 says:

    Adults are not modelling good behaviour for children. They seem to be an entitled lot who think that their opinions and rights are all that matter. They do not stop to listen to others, they trust their brother’s father’s cousin for medical advice, rather than a physician and they condemn mayhem in other countries, while creating it in their own. We need to stop being so narcissistic and realize our rights are only our rights until they impact somebody else’s rights. Those who choose to riot on September 18 will soon see their fellow rioters from January 6, but it may not be on the outside. Two words, everyone….BE KIND.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for this feedback. It is a hope to know there are kind people out there and doing what’s right. It so true, Entitlement and Narcism are harming us all. The actions of some are the suffering of all. People don’t get it, we are all in the same fight. If America doesn’t move forward together, if we don’t save the the rest of world in saving ourselves, covid vicious cycle will never end. And everything it comes back, it is stronger and more resistant. Almost 2 years of seeing with our own eyes what this pandemic can do, and that should be enough to realize no one can win this alone. No kindness , No future, No humanity.


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