Can’t Say It? Mug It.

I’m always at the stores and didn’t notice there’s actually an LOL Section.

“That’s why we need highly skilled and experienced Nurses who knows what they’re doing, NOT guessing.” Real Truth, many hospitals don’t care about Quality. What matters are Quantity and Profits, even for those that are supposedly, “None Profit.” When we enter clinics and hospitals, it’s a raffle. Some will get great Nurses, others will get Nurses that knows how to look great. Not the same.

These can be found where the Mugs and the Motivational Frames are.

Let’s not stress the Bride. Lock all rooms and keep him away from all the Bridesmaids.

Mugs are the best. They are cheesy, hilarious, flowery, blunt, positive, intriguing, provocative. It becomes however we interpret their “words of wisdom and inspiration.”

So many “Almost Doctor” out there. Facebook, Podcasts, Tik-Tok, Tweeter, You Tube and the Dark Web has tons of them. We call them “Influencers.” We don’t need a degree to influence people to take harmful, non-Scientifically proven drugs nowadays. Primary Care Physicians and Web MD are no longer the trusted source of Medical Information for many.

Funny and fun when it does the opposite effect, meaning, message and reaction. Feel Good and Adorable Irony Word Salad.

NOT ON MY DAY OFF! Outdoors and Nature helps me relax. It heals back all the energy and joy I lost at work. It’s not a want. It’s a need.
Love is never to the moon rocket ship all the time. Let’s be honest, that’s too exhausting. No one lives on constant love struck euphoria. To miss, excites the heart more.

If we want to give a not so obvious, subtle but highly effective brainwashing hint, a morning coffee Mug is the perfect gift.

Eventually, it sank into my Brain. Mindfulness works.

So if you want a diamond ring, find a mug that says, “Diamonds are forever,” or “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Don’t worry Guys, we are still our Gals BFF. And aren’t we more dazzling than Diamonds? Well, my Wife said I am. So I believe her. Ask your wife, I bet she’ll say you are dazzling too.

10 years ago, may be. 20 years after? I don’t think so. But, I’ll take the compliment. Or is it a hint to diet seriously, work out more and loose weight? Mirror, mirror on the wall, thanks for the reality check. People who cares are not afraid to tell us the truth.

Add, exchange, omit words or join group of words together and boom! Instant Scandalous Shockers.

Pervert? Offensive? Degrading? Predatory? Racist? Demeaning? This belong to the sick in the brain section. Some mugs need to be separated.

Husbands, instead of waiting by the exit doors for your wives, get some fun mug for yourselves. Time for some coffee mug intervention. Stop using those chipped and stained ancient mugs. Live a little. Pamper yourself. Haven’t you earned it?

Not really and the ride is crazy unstable. Sometimes the ride can be fun, but it’s very unpredictable. Also has zero gravity drop zones and many 360 degrees loops. If it plateaus, that’s the only time we get to enjoy and relax. We should warn people turning 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and so forth of what to expect. It’s what friends do.

Honest, direct, open minded NO Shit and NO Non-sense are the funniest and the most real from my POV. It relates to my World where BS is a regular attitude and behavior.

It’s better to hear the truth than look like a fool or people laugh at us behind our backs. So if I have visible Booger on my nose or a green salad on my tooth, tell me. We can LOL it for sure, and I’ll be thankful someone is concerned enough to save me from embarrassment.
No I’m not. Who made this up? Besides, to feel special should be everyday, not only for one day.

Toxic People, Evil People, One Word, “CANCER.” And like CANCER, we need to cut them off, tune them out and delete them from our lives. If we can’t escape their presence, we change how we react and think around them.

Anger and Hatred are forms of CANCER.

Society and People’s expectations. Only if it’s a Two Way Street. Only if it benefits are fair, just and mutual. We don’t have to please anyone anymore unless we want to and not because we have to.

I tried until I realized I was being stupid, naive and just being used. I don’t have to “Stay Golden” to please others, but I can be Golden for myself if I want to. Saying NO to pressure.

Think it but don’t say it? Or Say it but be ready to rumble? Good, close Friends can joke, laugh and be real among themselves, but never among acquaintances, the sensitive and co-workers. Not worth the hassle and stress.

I can see my wife giving this to me. And we would LOL together. I would even use it everyday just to make me smile. Also to remind me, “Think before you say it.”

Yep, there’s people who easily get into our nerves. They buzz, annoy and sting like bees minus any sweet honey for consolation.

Are we a Bother or a Brother? Does our presence makes people feel positive and happy or brings unhappiness and negativity? We can always improve. No one is perfect.

We want to point a problem but don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings? Here’s a good one, “I need ——- to focus.”

Anything in excess is addiction. We stop abruptly and we go on withdrawals. That includes eating delicious sweets. I know, because I love sweets. Yes, I have a sugar problem.

If we can’t focus without alcohol, we have a drinking problem. If we can’t function without coffee, we’re caffeine addict. Okay, I admit, I’m a caffeine junkie. I’m working on it.

There’s always an explanation for our behavior, physically, psychologically or emotionally.

No wonder we’re all HYPER and JUMPY.

Then there’s that Mug that we hope our heart will always be because it is the key to everything, our joy, our peace, our love. It’s stillness and contentment. It’s the perfect Mug to stay humble and appreciative.

Gratefulness is Greatness. Gratefulness is Happiness.

Words are not just a words when it becomes our way of thinking and doing. They are powerful motivators of change or catalyst of destruction.

It’s Herbal and Legal. More CBD please.

With great words comes great responsibility. Right, Uncle Ben?

Full of people was fun Pre-COVID. Today, it’s called “Super Spreader Events,” and “Being Irresponsible,” when the Delta Variant is 9 times more infectious. Just restating creatively Science.

Ok, time to finish my second cup of coffee and head to work. I’m hyper and awake enough.

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25 Responses to Can’t Say It? Mug It.

  1. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Nice funny mugs. If you like buying mugs, my sisters have shops on redbubble. They sell designs on t shirts, mugs and everything you can think of. If you’re interested let me know so I can send you the names of their shops


  2. Thanks for the laugh. I’m getting ideas for some Christmas presents.

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  4. So beautiful cups 👌🌷🙏☕️

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  6. Ab says:

    Mugs are the best. It looks like you found one that offers a great variety of inspiration mugs all the way to the funny mugs.

    I love the Golden Girls mug with Blanche saying Shut Up, Trash. Haha. So great to see their merchandise still live on to this day.

    A good reminder that inspiration is everywhere we look, even on coffee mugs, and we don’t need to look far for it so long as we are open to it.

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  7. This is epic, haha. I love this post. Just going to save it for the mugs and gift ideas!!

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  8. Diti Sen says:

    Using coffee mugs to illustrate life’s learnings, is really fantastic. A great start to my morning!

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  9. Wind Kisses says:

    hahaha. Your commentary was even better than the mugs.

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  10. Great post and great mugs. I am currently getting ready to pack all mine away to get ready for our big Reno project. I am trying to decide which one I want to keep out for the journey.

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