9/11, Please Remember and Relearn Its Lessons

“We need to revisit the past no matter painful to remember who we were then. Perhaps, it is not too late to save ourselves and one another.”

We did it then until we didn’t. Can we do it again? Can we set aside personal differences and anger to unite for our Nation? We are at War with terrorism from within. We need to unite again to end it, or else the misery, suffering and death will never end.

“There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols — they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our continuing duty to confront them.” – President George W. Bush, on his speech at Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville.

A True American President is a President for all. So when he called all Americans to unite, they all did. It was a time people take pride of being an American. People from other countries felt that great love, sacrifice and pride too even if they are not living in America. It’s the very reason many chose to leave all behind and be a part of the noble, beautiful, inspiring American Dream and Hope. I did. Photo from The Washington Post.

“I didn’t quite understood until I was ready to understand.”

One Day of Terror United All to a common tragedy. People lost friends and family that can never be replaced. 20 years to them is like yesterday. It’s horror and pain that never goes away. They just learned to cope and live with it. I can’t begin to imagine how it feels to relive the wounds of it all over again year after year.

So, I’m reopening my mind and heart to remember the important Lessons of 9/11. Its Lessons are haunting because the present needs it direly. I will relearn. I will be better. I will try.

Some died right away. Some slowly burned to death. Others jumped to make their death instantaneous. Many were crushed to death or buried alive. It was a Nightmare no one saw coming. It was a Nightmare no one should experience again.

One Day of Tragedy brought all of America to Unite regardless of their Beliefs, Culture and Ethnicity.

Hundreds on Firefighters died that day. They chose to save as many lives as they can knowing each time they save someone, it could be their last. These are our True Heroes of 9/11. Don’t forget them or their families. Let their death mean something. Let us learn from them what being Selfless means. It’s not too late to save our Nation and its people again.

I stayed till 1 A.M. today watching National Geographic’s 9/11: One Day in America and it touched my heart to a point of crying. My wife was also emotional when she saw the heartbreaking, horrifying events captured and recounted by the survivors.

4 Presidents joined together United with one Hope and Prayer for America and all Americans, President Biden, President Obama, President Clinton and President Bush. If we voted and believed in them, then we will do the right thing. Photo from The Washington Post.

It was a time one took immense pride in being an American. It was a time, America had one heart United because of their genuine love for country and one another.

People grieve to this day because it was personal. It is was and is Terror within our homes, families, friends and community. We are still living a different kind of Terror today, with real dangers, with real deaths, with real terrorists. How to heal, forgive, how to move on and come together, these are the lessons for those willing to learn.

Please remember the important lessons of 9/11.

We Honor them by changing to be better.

Please remember who we were and how we can again become One United States of America.

Let their lives, and those who sacrificed mean something.

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27 Responses to 9/11, Please Remember and Relearn Its Lessons

  1. It’s something that stuck with me. Was challenging enough having a relative survive that day (from the UK, there on holiday) and how it eventually led to her having to endure horrific mental health issues. Every year I have an album I play, News at 11, which take some back to those moments just before the events of that day, as though it was just another regular day.

    Then…back to reality


    • It is a scary moment. To remember though sad and horrific, it reminds us of what one day can do to people whether its loss, tragedy , terror, survival, hope and kindness. Thank you for sharing. Take care.


  2. Well said. It’s hard to believe this happened 20 years ago. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. I was in school at the time and they turned on some of the tvs out in the hallway so we could watch.


  3. I remember where I was on 9/11 do you???


    • I was in a different country then but it was just as shocking and horrifying. Human tragedy and Terrorism are universal. I was getting ready to migrate to the U.S. then. How all Americans unite then to beat a common enemy inspires the World. 9/11 documentaries needs to be revisited by all because many are too different from what they were then. We are battling Terror for almost 2 years, so is the World, but our response is so contrast to the lessons of the past. Terrorists can be anyone within and around us. Anyone fearful is living a life of terror. 9/11 claimed more than 3,000 lives, the Pandemic 3,000 every less than 3 days. The response and feeling however are not the same. President Bush was right, everyone has to learn from the lessons of 9/11.


  4. I remember sitting in the classroom and the teacher turned the tv on as a sixth grader those images and thoughts of not being able to help those who were stuck will forever be stamped in my mind. Thank you to the ones who sacrifice them selves to keep our homeland safe! For some of the younger generation they have no idea how badly unity is needed in todays day and time its up to us to teach them and guide them to a more peaceful U.S.A!


  5. Kevin says:

    September 11, 2001. I remember exactly where I stood on that day, one of those I’ll never forget moments.
    I visited the site during early reconstruction. Everything is so close, so congested it’s beyond my imagination how rescuers were able to rush in against the wave of people running away from the falling towers.


    • I saw a lot of images I missed 20 years ago watching One Day In America. It was terrifying. It’s unbelievable that people can do such an Evil thing. It was also incredible that people of all races and beliefs unite and help one another at a moment they needed each other. So much lessons to learn. Thanks.

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  6. ogaraderrick says:

    I was only 2 years back then. I heard the stories and watched the documentaries when I grew up. I’m not an American but I grieve with those who lost their loved ones in the misfortune. 💙


  7. ourcrossings says:

    Hard to believe that it’s already has been 20 years since the September 11 attacks that have changed the world. Sept. 11, 2001, is one of those rare days that, if you ask most adults what they remember, they can tell you exactly where they were, whom they were with and what they were thinking. It is a day seared in memory. Never Forget ❤


    • It was a tragic day but it was a day America showed what it is to be an American when are called to unite, help each other and rise up victorious. I’m glad I watched the documentary because it restored something that is kind of broken to many in America today. Thanks.

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  8. This horrendous day sticks in my heart forever 💔

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    • It is horrific but also it was one of the most inspiring moment in history when everyone helped each other as one Nation under God. Strangers helping save each other from harm.


      • Yes..it was a gruesome site to see.


        • I saw a piece of the building turned into a remembrance Art piece in N.Y. few years back, and seeing the events again through the eyes and memories of the survivors will make me see and reflect differently from now on. It was the worst way to die. It was the worst way to see people dying and be helpless. It was the worst possibility that should never repeat again. 9/11 should remind us all that there is no way of knowing what Evil is capable of creating at any given moment. Everyone is vulnerable. Terrorism can be anyone, anytime, anywhere. No powerful country is invincible. Today, we are battling a different Terror but unfortunately instead of unifying to fight the real enemy, we are divided and hurting each other more. 9/11 is as real then as it is now. Thanks.


  9. I will never forget. I am grateful for every soul who fought a battle that day -and for many days (and years) following. I am heartbroken for those who died, and who suffer still today. I grieve with the families of those who lost lives and health. I simply don’t know what to say. Evil is out there. I pray to God that he protects our nation and heals our hearts. 🙏❤🤍💙 And I will always love American. For me it will always stand for the goodness it was built on so many years ago.


    • Beautiful feedback and so true and important. Our present can really learn so much from the Heroes, victims and everyone that stood together United. It was a time America how greatness is achieved , through its people working together no matter hard and challenging.


  10. Ab says:

    It is very hard to believe that it has been 20 years. But you are right – for those who lost someone, the memory feels fresh and painful.

    I had woken up late for school on that day and ended up skipping school and watching the news for 12 hours. It was horrifying and unreal.

    You are right that it United people together in pain, grief and anger. And I do hope that people have learned the hard lessons that day, so that we aren’t doomed to repeat them.

    Sending you and all Americans warm wishes on this important occasion. 🙏


    • Thanks. I urge all Americans to watch the documentary because so much of what happened is needed now but it’s like looking at a very different America 20 years ago. People were more caring , more Patriotic then. It’s a striking contrast. Indeed it’s lessons are much needed today.

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      • Ab says:

        We were watching the documentary recently. A very different time indeed. I think the rise of social media has contributed a lot to how we respond to tragedy and also escalate disagreements and disinformation and reducing empathy. But I also realize that’s just one of many factors to how today differs from 20 years ago. Definitely a different time then!


        • Thanks Ab. Social Media if used for good could have created good results but people are using it for negativity, and to produce bad outcomes. It is ruining lives, if not harming them. 20 years ago, was I believe better. People are kinder , simpler, more humane. It was a much safer place to live for our children. With progress I think comes destruction too. But we can always try for the young generation in being better. And Hope that’s enough. Take care.

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  11. restlessjo says:

    It’s not something you can ever forget. At the time my eyes disbelieved what they were seeing. I so wanted it all to be a terrible mistake. Please God we can make a better world, and God bless those who died.

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