Why I’m Voting “NO” to the Recall of Gov. Newsom of California

18 months of dealing with a deadly virus is too long of a torment to any Bedside Healthcare Provider. The likelihood of extending the trauma indefinitely will cause long term irreparable mental, physical and emotional damage, at least to those who had to face the disease and death repeatedly.

“Healthcare Providers had been pleading to people to care since our first COVID Surge but we ignored them. We’re on our 4th Surge heading towards our 5th, and we are still ignoring them. When it’s our time to plead for care, they may no longer be there, or at least half of them.”

She left Nursing a months ago after 18 years of bedside critical care, and 1/3 of her peers did the same because COVID Burnout finally broke their mind, heart, body and spirit. In the end, they choose to live for themselves. They chose Freedom from a different form of slavery and abuse. Our lives are worth more than $10,000 sign on bonus. So is our Freedom.

Bedside Hospital Care and Brain Drain Crisis has already began in areas of the country where COVID surges in hospitals has been non-stop and their Nurses unheard and abused. An Exodus of Nurses have left their profession or shifted to fields less dangerous and traumatic since 2020. More will leave in the next 5 years. Rationed Care will become a normal event in hospitals every “Surge Season” where staffing will be inadequate.

Burnout, so they leave. There is a deeper reason than “Burnout” why Nurses are leaving a profession they love. And the Pandemic Surges just triggered it. Management and CEO’s need to listen and genuinely care. Photo from USA Today.

We can’t manufacture experienced medical professionals who are willing to put themselves and their families safety at risk every time they go to work. Their Freedom to live, their free choice to pursue their own mental and emotional well being will create a emergency shortage of Nurses America hasn’t seen in the last 2 decades.

When people gets overwhelmed, their survival instinct kicks in to save what’s left of themselves. So they leave and move on to something better, safer, happier. More Nurses are realizing they do have choices and options just like any other free American. Photo from USA Today.

So, I’m voting “No” to the Recall of Governor Newsom of California. I’m saying “NO” for California becoming the next Super COVID Florida.

Exactly, “If You Call Us Heroes.”

“Hell NO” to the likelihood of multiple preventable Emergency Disaster Activations and Paralysis of California’s Economy and Healthcare Systems.

Who would be next?

California, the most populace State in America of more than 39 Million people can become the next Super COVID Florida in the next several weeks. Last day of Recall Voting is Sept. 14, 2021. That is less than 1 week away.

This is the future of California if the main Republican contender wins. It will also be the possible future of America on the next Presidential Election. Is 2 years of division and loss not enough? We want extend the death and destruction for several more years? Photo from San Francisco Chronicle.

Many Californians have no idea of how much of their lives and State will change this September. Many are oblivious that their fun, laid-back, happy California Dreams are being gambled and threatened.

Yesterday, I did my long walk in my city. What I saw was concerning. Business shut down and homelessness are everywhere. Saw this Homeless Man sleeping at the Park. The longer COVID remains uncontrolled, we will have more unemployment, more homelessness, more people suffering, more people being angry and losing their humanity.

California has a double edge sword recall law that can potentially place the State in the top 1 of all 4 COVID Major Horror Categories: Most Daily Infections, Most Overwhelmed Hospitalizations, Most Daily Deaths and Most Pediatric COVID New Cases and Hospitalizations.

The dead are getting younger, soon it will be the youth and children. The guilty will never find rest because no one can escape their conscience.

Close to 1,500 Americans per day are dying from the deadly Delta Variant. Around 10,000 Americans died this week from a preventable sickness. Many are acting like this is no big deal. Some even laugh, throw insults and verbally threatening those trying to keep everyone around them safe by promoting CDC recommend mask wearing and vaccinations.

Americans have died and will continue to die of another disease or trauma because all beds were and are taken by COVID patients who are mostly unvaccinated. Their Freedom cost the lives of others. Is this fair? Is this right? Is this even Humane? Is this what we will see more this long dark Winter? Someone needs to be accountable for unnecessary deaths and loss.

To others, Sickness and Death are not real till it becomes close and personal.

What’s happening in Florida is quickly happening in other States like Idaho.

Florida is the No. 1 State in everything wrong about where the Pandemic direction is heading. It’s Governor continues to take away Florida’s Light at the End of the Tunnel by promoting No Masks, No COVID Vaccines, No Social Distancing mandates particularly in schools that has unvaccinated innocent children.

Okay? How can the Republican Governor say he’s “not responsible” when he mandated “No Mask” in schools? It’s amazing how Governors do something harmful and washing their hands of accountability at the same time. Voters, we have the power to change. The Abuse and Threats can end. They can be held accountable.
Events like this are happening in parts of the country where surges are also happening. On one spectrum, their healthcare systems are begging for help, on the other, reckless super spreader events. People are tired, frustrated, disappointed. More will stop helping, caring, listening and just save themselves.

California can easily replace Florida from its No.1 COVID spot by end of 2021 if the next California Governor has the same mindset and Political agenda like Florida Gov. deSantis.

Newsweek Headline. Result of Rationed Care because of Staffing Healthcare Crisis.

Again, California is the most populated State. Power in Numbers. Storm-like Surges in Numbers. In the wrong misguided hands, many Californians can be used and turned into an unstoppable bioterrorism human army not just within California but all over America. This possibility should scare all of America.

SF has very high vaccination rates and it’s businesses, pro active in ensuring their customers and staff are protected from the more infectious Delta Variant. The City is still suffering. Downtown SF will never recover until the COVID threat ends. COVID and Politics took the heart of San Francisco.

Imagine, even roughly 19 million Californians just doing whatever they want in a Pandemic Surge? It’s Doomsday scenarios in a matter of months.

It’s here. But sure, let’s all enjoy life like there’s no tomorrow without infection control mandates.

The Recall was intended for good use, but the unhappy some and bad Politicians are using it to serve their selfish motives. They are using the Recall as an opportunity to stop if not reverse all that the Democratic Gov. Newsom and many of the Californians have accomplished which are: Most COVID Vaccinated State, Least New Daily COVID Cases, Hospitalization and Deaths, Most Free of COVID Fear and Restrictions.

Until COVID and the Political War are over, no one is truly free. We can shout we are, but it won’t change the fact that someone owns our mind, life and health. Freedom is not real when our decisions and beliefs are controlled by someone or by something.

Governor Newsom is the only Governor who took a definitive brave stand of enforcing mask mandates in schools from day one to preserve the life and health of all Californians and prevent potential School disruptions because of the on and off COVID school outbreaks.

He made one mistake last November for having a dinner party outdoors with no mask and distancing. Is that really the reason why we are recalling him? There is a huge political plan that is being manipulated that all Californians will pay big time including their lives and health. Why are we being sacrificed for the political greed and ambition of the few? Why is injustice tolerated in the land of Democracy?

Governor Newsom’s purpose for following CDC COVID guidelines is to make sure California will not have a lockdown again, that businesses and employment remains operational.

If we are really listening to the Republican Recall Governor candidates messages and intentions for California, we all should be scared if one will win and take hold of California. Regardless of political affiliations, we all will suffer for it. No discrimination nor special privileges.

Californians have enjoyed their Summer this year freely, safely unlike the Delta Variant COVID devastated States like Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Idaho and Florida. I know, because I was one of the Californians who get to appreciate Summer with Family like it was before COVID. We didn’t have to be scared anymore. We were and are free. Freedom is real and honest.

It’s open but no people.

The leading Republican Recall candidate to possibly replace Newsom is already announcing his top priorities once he sits in power: NO masks in schools, NO on COVID vaccines, No on Scientific Evidence of CDC approved COVID safety mandates. Basically it’s NO to going back to a safer, less terrifying normal.

Scenes of Caution in my City, Many are wearing mask even outdoors and we have one of the highest vaccination rates in the country. Same people who took the pandemic seriously got the vaccine, keeps wearing the mask and will get the booster. Perhaps, more undecided will finally consider vaccination but how many are undecided among the 75 million unvaccinated Americans? 35 million? That leaves 30 million getting sick and be the sources of new mutations in the next 5 years.

All these translates to Fires of COVID Hell consuming all Californias. So, on top of the Drought and Wildfires, we will have Wild Uncontrolled Endemic Surges.

President Biden is correct, “COVID isn’t a Game.” Many GOP Governors and their supporters right away were outraged. Why? We and everyone whose lives had been played, sacrificed, lost should be the ones in outraged. We are all pawns, used without remorse to an Evil Game that is nothing to do with our freedom, our best interests and our survival.

Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated will suffer the outcome of the future Surges. Both Republicans and Democrats will experience the effects of the disease on people and economy. Young, old, children, everyone.

Those who pushed for the Recall did not realize that there are more that wants Gov. Newsom to continue doing the good and for California to be better. Many are standing strong with him. People want to feel safe. People want to live. So they too are fighting for their Freedom and the future of their children by choosing “No” to the Recall.

How California would end 2021 and experience 2022 depends on the result of the recall.

Real People, not Actors are sleeping on shaded streets and outside buildings that were closed since last year’s first lockdown.

We need to stop being angry to one another. It’s exactly what the self serving, evil Politicians are trying to accomplish in preparation for the next Presidential and Senate Elections. We all are just Human Shields to their ambition and arrogance.

I need to live long enough for him. A Parent will do anything to protect his or her child. Wouldn’t you?

I value my life. I value my family, my community and my country. So, I’m voting “NO” to the Recall.

All Californians payed a total of $276 Million hard earned tax payers money because some people find the CDC COVID mandates inconvenient. Freedom of some cost the Freedom of all. To pay $7 dollars each without our consent, isn’t that taking away our Freedom? I did not sign for this recall. I did not choose the recall. Did you? Photo from ABC 10.

Life and Safety are more important to me than Freedom because Freedom is worthless if I’m dead or those I love are dead. Same goes if many in my beloved State are dead.

The lies and propaganda started again before Recall Election Day like the Presidential Election last year. Really? Is it that hard to grasp majority wants to end this sickness, death and economic paralysis? Is better really hard to believe?

I dropped my Ballot today and my wife’s, not just because we want to but we need to with a sense of Emergency. May be it only takes two votes more to keep our life and sanity intact. I’m done with the downplaying of this virus that killed more than 700,000 of my fellow Americans. Aren’t you?

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4 Responses to Why I’m Voting “NO” to the Recall of Gov. Newsom of California

  1. David says:

    What a bunch of crap! That is putting it mildly. You had a homeless problem with people defecating in the streets LONG BEFORE the current viral outbreak. The streets of San Francisco look more like those in Mumbai. And when Gavin Nuisance was the mayor of San Francisco he vowed to clean up that mess. When he became governor Nuisance was in a better position to allocate funding to correct the problems plaguing California cities, but he has failed to do so.

    Stop spreading your radical leftist lies about Larry Elder. Elder is NOT an antivaxxer; he himself has been vaccinated. What he is against are forced mandates that rob citizens of the freedom to make the best personal choices based upon the information given to them by their personal physician. After consulting with my physician and several others I won’t be getting jabbed with any of the currently available anti-viral vaccines. Why? According to data from EudraVigilance, which is the European Union’s database recording adverse drug reactions from Covid vaccines, there were more than one and a half million reported injuries, including more than 15,000 deaths, as of June 19, 2021.

    As of September 12, 2021:
    Reported cases of Covid: 225,449,008
    Deaths: 4,643,664
    Source: http://www.virusncov.com
    That means less than 2% of those who contract the virus have died.
    Note: I believe there are many cases that have gone unreported simply because those persons contract the virus, their immune system combats the virus, and they heal within a few days; so they do not get tested and that case goes unreported. That would mean the percentage of those dying directly from the virus is likely to be much lower.
    Official figures show people under 40 are now at greater risk of dying in a car crash than from coronavirus.
    ~The Sun New UK by Chris Pollard Updated: 8:40, 24 Jun 2020~
    Have you stopped driving your car, because your chances of dying in a crash are greater than dying from coronavirus? No need to respond, because I already know the answer. Stop the fear!

    Men like JFK and Reagan represented with true liberals and conservatives had in common. They wanted the same goals, but worked toward those goals from different directions. JFK wouldn’t be a part of the Democrat Party as it exists today and Reagan could not comprehend how RINO’s have infiltrated the Republican Party and moved it so far to the left it is almost unrecognizable. But true liberals and conservatives can debate and work together for the betterment of the nation.

    Not so with leftists. Leftists never want to debate and they destroy everything they touch. The fires, the looting, the destruction of personal and public property and the attacks on first responders prior to last year’s corrupted election are examples of the Marxist mindset that permeates leftist thought.

    The epithets hurled at Biden during a couple of his recent, rare public appearances speak volumes about the failed leadership of the current gang in power. The chants have moved from “Impeach Biden” to “F–K Biden.” Imagine thousands of students at this past week’s college football games shouting in unison inside the stadiums, “F–K Biden, F–K Biden.” And when students within the educational system, which is the breeding ground for leftist indoctrination, are voicing their dislike for the Biden/Harris administration…the end is drawing near.

    The border crisis, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, manipulation of the election process, using political clout to protect Hunter and the Biden clan, increased murder rates, urban flight, inflation, etc…have awaken the sleeping giant…”We the people.”

    Recall Nuisance! Elect Elder! Impeach Biden and Harris!


    • Thanks for the feedback. Majority of Californians has exercised their rights and voted. When we respect the majority and work together , then perhaps there’s hope for America to unite all and end the War of both viral and human terrorism.


  2. Thank you for posting this in-depth article with so much factual information! There is a faction that is striving hard to turn California red. THAT is the true purpose behind this recall attempt, and it’s sickening the reason behind that purpose. I won’t put it in words here because I’m sure you know. 😎


    • I watched the 9/11 series by National Geographic and it is looking at a totally different America. No wonder our genuine good Leaders reminded everyone to remember what we have forgotten. That one fatal tragic day United all of America regardless of political beliefs, Race, and ethnicity. That was the America that won the hearts and prayers of the World. That was the America we needed to be now, but until America Help one another and be selfless, COVID and Politics Will claims lives everyday. No limit to how long until people learn to be Human again with heart and soul. We need to remember what made this Nation Great, and it’s not the few that thinks they made it great. Thanks.

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