Birds Beach, Seals Beach, Human Beach, Any Difference?

Is there any difference between Birds Beach, Seals Beach and Human Beach?

Birds migrate from one country to the next, one continent to the next, but Birds never forget to return home. Is it because of how they were created? Or is it because so much love, understanding and acceptance were given that their hearts have never forgotten? I don’t know. Not a Bird.

Yes, there are contrast and differences with some commonalities.

He hikes with me, not just because he wants to, but he knows it makes me happy. He is one of the most caring and generous person I know. I didn’t read Fatherhood 101, so I’m thankful he turned out to be a better person than his Dad is. He is teaching me kindness. He is teaching me to be happier again. He reminds me to try to enjoy life and care less of what people may say. There are so many things Parents of Generation Z’s can learn from their Children that the previous generation and Society failed to teach. Adults think they are the experts in success and happiness. We are not. Children are. The Youth are.

Birds Beach has lots of flying, diving, tweeting, singing, pooping. Life is communal, crowded, but everyone gets along. Sharing is normal. Watching each other feathers are normal. Trust is natural. No Social Distancing, No Masks, Birds don’t have to.

When Humans are not allowed to disturb their home and sanctuaries, all living creatures thrive with so much abundance, beauty and freedom.

Seals Beach has lots of sleeping and relaxing. Life is laid back and no worries. Sun Bathing is a major lifestyle.

Ever now and then, a few wakes up, looks at each other and talk Seal language. Some just stare with droopy eyes looking startled or confused. Few would swim into the ocean to cool off or find food to eat. Also crowded. No Distancing, No Mask. They don’t have to.

Seals do fight and bite sometimes, but Seals quickly kiss and make up. They don’t hold grudges.

Seals mind their own business. No gossips. No exchange of destructive opinions. Instead, they’d rather doze off and dream. No wonder they don’t have facial wrinkles despite of all day Sun and no Sunblock.

The secret to their ability to sleep easily and looking so relax? Distance from people and not worrying. Distance from technology, detachment from anything material and capitalism. I’m envious. Who wouldn’t? Perfectly pristine.

Human Beach always moving, changing. People come and go. Some stay for awhile to enjoy the Sun, Sand and Surf. Others pass by for pictures then move on.

Human Beach can be peaceful and fun. Can also be anxiety provoking. Socialization can be sensitive and cautious, or extreme, too much and reckless. Human Beaches varies from place to place depending on Human thinking, attitude and behavior.

Humans tend to stay within their circles. Trust is not normal, it’s earned. They hardly talk or socialize with other humans they don’t know. May be an eye contact, a smile or a friendly greeting, “Morning,” when in close proximity to one another.

Fern Grotto Beach

Some Humans are curious, restless, adventurous, brave and daring. They would swim waist deep on waves 4 feet high or higher. They would go past safety markings and climb sharp rocks that looks dangerous. Others enjoy Nature from a distance, content on where they are. These are the Humans that can keep still. They are either the calm ones or the cautious ones.

My son and I were sitting on the top of the rocks, about 12 feet above the water. Few minutes later, the cold ocean water splashed on us both. Shocked, surprised, our expressions must be priceless. People behind us saw what happened looking shocked as well. I see their expressions, but no words. People started to stand up and walked away. I laughed it out. Son laughed too but pointed out it’s my fault we got wet, “Dad, why did you ask me to sit next to you, you got me wet.” My response, “Well, at least we’re both feeling refreshed. And wasn’t that fun?”

No Distancing among circles. Distancing among strangers. Everyone, No Masks. It’s the Outdoors!

I should have gone down just to see how it looks like but I was content from where I was. May be next time.

Humans like Social Media. They like to scrutinize other people’s lives. Gossip is a past time. Taking Selfies are both talent and skill. Humans are opinionated. Their words can be used as a weapon because they’re powerful. Their words can also bring people together and heal.

A rock bridge with arch. When the World was young, continents where connected with land bridges. It’s how people first traveled, not for enjoyment but for living and survival.

Human Beach has trash. Some visitors leave them. Perhaps the waves will just wash them away or gets buried in the sand. May be a genuine Nature Lover will pick the trash and dispose them properly.

Not a single trash in this Beach. How? No Humans are allowed.

Luckily, Human pooping all natural is never allowed nor accepted in these beaches. That would be mega gross. No Porta Potty except at the hiking trail entrance.

Submarine Rock

The 3 Beaches have one beautiful treasure in common, the Ocean. It’s blue, it’s vast, it’s relaxing and it’s wonderful. The Beaches shares the Ocean equally.

The Ocean is always free. Humans decided it needs entrance fee in some Nature Parks and Beaches for maintenance and upkeep. Fair enough. Provides jobs too.

For a moment, it was just me, him and the Ocean we both love.

Same Hiking Trails at Wilder Ranch State Park, just different views, observation and experience 1-2 blocks away. Amazing.

Abandoned Railroad Tracks in the Santa Cruz County Coast. Each track leads to a different Beach Destination and Adventure. Experiences never the same from one hiker to the next, one traveler to the next. It’s what makes this place special.

We didn’t finish the trail. Too long, no water. We skipped the visitor center information. It wasn’t a planned hiking. I just stopped where I first saw many cars parked from the roadside.

My General Rule: More Cars means More Adventure and Scenic Views.

Definitely, we will come back more prepared. I heard, there’s a Shark Beach. That would be “Jaws Dropping.”

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31 Responses to Birds Beach, Seals Beach, Human Beach, Any Difference?

  1. adilsherazi says:

    wow its beatiful


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  3. Beautiful scenery as always. I’ve never really understood why people litter. I completely agree about how there is so much we can learn from children. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I can’t tell you how much I loved this. I laughed out loud when you said no wonder seals have no wrinkles despite all day in the sun without sunscreen. Lol. Your words are kind. I love kindness.


  5. Laura says:

    This post is wonderful, what a grand tour and the beautiful beaches. I love that seals have their areas along the coast, when I traveled the coast of California, we came to a beach that had a brightly colored fence with face holes in it to keep humans off of the beach where seals were mating, I thought it was great that someone went through that much to protect them. I agree 100%, children are the teachers and the way to being a better person.


  6. The Guat says:

    Submarine Rock pick was so beautiful and great reflection to add to your piece. We totally need to be mindful of all the life sharing the beaches. I enjoy the quiet and secluded ones they’re good beach therapy as you say:)

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  7. arlene says:

    Lovely shots as always. Are those seagulls in your second photo.

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  8. This very interesting…thanks for sharing this.

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  9. Lisa Blair says:

    I always enjoy your photos and wisdom. Thanks for being my guide.

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    • Just sharing the joy , adventure and blessings . It’s amazing how fate gives us so much more when we find time for it. The hiking was unplanned, and I have no idea what the trails looks like or what they offer. It was more fun and memorable than way. Thanks.


  10. Beautiful photos… loved the video!!

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  11. Ab says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful and beautiful post. A wonderful reminder that although human life has dominated this planet, we must be mindful that we are part of a larger ecosystem and that we all depend on each other and our fates are intertwined.

    Your love for your son is very pure and touching. And agreed, our kids teach us so much about ourselves and each other.

    Enjoy the rest of your week. Almost the weekend! 🙏

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    • He makes me a better person. He also makes me remember who I was, or what my heart was. He is kind of the young version of me minus the high tech world. I don’t have much friends that really gets me and go where my heart one, then I met him. Yes, there was a phase too that his friends and computer games is all it, then he become a teenager during the pandemic, gave us a priceless gift of friendship. He is into hiking now like I am. Jackpot! Thanks.

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