Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery

Have you been to a restaurant where the owner personally meet, greet, takes you to your table and serve you your food?

I love food, food loves me. It’s another World of Adventure and Stories. So sit back, chillax and let me tell one of my yummy love story. Once upon a time…

Have you been to a restaurant that feels like you’re part of their family though a total stranger?

The Mother and her Lion. Who protects who? They protect each other.

Have you drove 1-2 hours just to satisfy a food craving that has no other substitute anywhere?

The Mermaid and the Fountain of Youth. Nope, did not wake up the next day looking like I’m 21.

Have you been to a restaurant where the food taste and looks gourmet and beyond Zagat rating yet at a very affordable price?

Taste buds extravaganza, Pescado Cubano, a freshly catch Fish of the Day encrusted with crushed pistachios and pumpernickel mounted on black beans, serve with plantain croquettes stuffed with aged Mexican cheese generously drenched in avocado tomatillo salsa and cream. I’m drooling again just writing this.

Have you been to a secret garden where the ambiance seems to have been created just perfectly for you?

Under grand chandelier surrounded by million flowers. Lights, camera…eating time.

I’ve been, twice. It’s called The Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery at Moss Landing, California.

Superb Empanada. Thin buttery crisp with perfect blend of salt, spices, and hint of fruity sweetness.

The Haute Enchilada Cafe is a non-pretentious food haven. It’s serious great food everyone will have an equal opportunity to enjoy. Seems unbelievable in a World full of fancy, even intimidating, uncomfortable, too formal Resto Bars and Restaurants.

Relleno de la Paz, brings back the delightful joy of Fall, bite after bite. Chile Pasilla Pepper roasted and stuffed with caramelized onion and plantain mash drenched in pumpkin raisin pipian mole sauce finished with cashew cream. Special Gourmet food at the price of the usual generic restaurant food. That’s a delicious deal.

Here, customers dine as they are in their most comfortable clothes. No need to impress anyone. Just the Kitchen chef eager to impress each and every customer.

House Margarita…refreshing, strong, guaranteed to relax the restless, tired traveler.

We’re lucky to walk-in twice without reservations and be accepted. The others after us, not so much. 24 hour reservation is needed.

Great Food with Great Ambiance and Great People are hard to find. So to find one, jackpot!

A large group of people walked-in after us. They we’re turned down even if the woman with them said, “We’re always here.” The owner wasn’t impressed a bit to bend the rules. She said no.

Vintage, rusty, one of a kind Artistic details everywhere. Then there’s the priceless Art Gallery by the Patio Garden. No entrance fee.

This gem restaurant observes COVID CDC mandate of distancing and mask. So, one can eat without worrying about the Delta Variant landing on one’s food, nose or mouth.

A banquet awaits at the open secret butterfly garden. From the road, no one would suspect such a wonderful place exist.

The Haute Enchilada owners does not compromise their staff and clients safety for money. Quality never compromised for quantity. This rare character alone makes the people behind this food treasure destination deserving of this post. Well earned and yes, I’m still feeling lucky and thankful to celebrate my wife’s 45th Birthday there.

My wife’s Chinese Zodiac is Dragon. Mine’s Pig. So it’s obvious who’s the boss. Behind the scenes, we’re like Cat and Mouse sometimes. Marriage is a lifetime of both amazing and crazy adventures. Another story, another day.

No, I didn’t tell the owner of my wife’s B-day to enter. Somehow, she just saw in our eyes we needed a moment of joy, romance and a bit of magic.

God bless our dreams and hopes when our intention is good, true and pure. He doesn’t compromise too, he is God after all.

Destiny, instinct, connection, whatever it was, it made our dream come true. And yes, we drove almost 2 hours with traffic on a hope. And hope happened.

So much magic and beauty. How the plants and flowers were clustered and group together, a living, constantly changing Nature Art.

A special place deserves more than the usual ratings and reviews. It deserves to be shared and remembered by heart in a personal way because it did the same to the story teller.

“I only see you.” So romantic the flowers seem to float on air. Or was I seemingly floating on air? I only drank water, so it’s not the alcohol. Enchantment is intoxicating.

That is something money can’t influence nor how many followers we have. Not everything revolves in Social Media.

Cherubim playing at the Garden. When one let go of their phone and start noticing the World around them, one can hear the Cherubs’ singing, whispering, laughing. Could be the Carb high too.

In this restaurant, no one cares if we are an Influencer or deep pocketed. What they do care is for us to have an amazing time and take home a happy, delicious memory.

Travel without great food is just travel. After a while, we forget them. Travel with great food is an experience and it becomes an unforgettable memory.

Garden Strawberries. No room for dessert though. So full, tummy, eyes and heart.

Dessert Story next Food Adventure. It’s sweet tooth divine and will be worth the wait.

“There are foods to sustain life. There are foods to feel alive. We need both to live happy and healthy. No compromise.”

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34 Responses to Haute Enchilada Cafe and Gallery

  1. Looks and sounds amazing!


  2. neilshinde19 says:

    looking too good!!!


  3. What a beautiful place…and the food looks delish!


  4. SamSahana says:

    Really enjoyed the format of this post. It was like I was there, in that café, as you narrated your beautiful experiences 😊 This, to me, is heaven! The pleasure of being in comfortable clothes in a friendly, refreshing ambience with scrumptious food and authenticity, it’s just pure bliss! It’s like you literally walked into heaven twice to relish some great food 😃

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    • To create a story of generous giving, serving, sharing to all is like joining a buffet of beautiful, incredible minds and heart from all over the world. To write, to read, to inspire, to hope…it is a small world after all. Thanks.

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  5. Looking at those pictures almost made me drool! 🤤

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  6. ourcrossings says:

    What a wonderful and colourful place to go for a hearty meal. Customer service is the cornerstone of a memorable restaurant experience and so is consistently great food. I am glad to hear you had a lovely time dining out. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  7. Ab says:

    This restaurant looks amazing. I love the ambience, the food looks delicious and beautifully plated, and the customer service sounds top notch.

    I also find in my experience that customer service goes a long way. I will often go back and back again to a place that provides exceptional service. They make you feel like family.

    And good for the owner for honoring covid measures despite how the pandemic has ravaged the restaurant industry. That is true integrity. And good karma!


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  8. This looks (and sounds) like a delicious restaurant. Glad to hear that they focus on quality and safety! What a great spot to celebrate your wife’s birthday. Cheers.

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  9. Wow, just mouth watering food and it seems like they really care about their customers, great treat for the 45th birthday of your wife. You know each time you are posting things like that I take notes for my next trip up the coast. Thank you so much

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  10. Nice to read this lovely story 👌🌷😊🙏

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  11. Laura says:

    Its clear that the chef is cooking food from the heart and sharing memories, that’s the only way to dine out, in beauty, and with love from the kitchen. Great story, amazing food, one of a kind place that will always inspire memorable meals and experiences.

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    • Thanks. It’s nice to discover places like this especially now that people seems more distant with the pandemic. Restaurants that feels like home and welcoming are much more needed more than ever.


  12. Wow looks like great and delicious food

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  13. It looks fascinating. We went to a restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario. The owner greeted us, gave us a tour of his restaurant and explained the sushi bar, before seating us at a lovely table. It was an amazing experience. The restaurant was full so I don’t know how we rated such attention but it was very much appreciated.

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