Big Sur Squirrels Eating Doritos

You know the world is messed up when Squirrels are eating Doritos, an addicting delicious junk food.

Good Food can be be Bad Food both in excess and when loaded with artificial chemicals. Our groceries have isles of them. My favorite, White Cheddar Jalapeño Cheetos.

Sunday, wife and I drove to Bixby Bridge. We were very surprised the Squirrels just keep going to any tourist near them.

It is hard to find a place of solitude, when in a tourist spot, so I improvised. Tiny hill across Bixby Bridge overlooking Carmel. Most crowd at the side overlooking Big Sur.

The Squirrels were so friendly. Too friendly. They would stand up and stretch their arms and hands like waiting for tourists to hand them something. Wasn’t money for sure.

The smell of cheese flavored Doritos were too hard to resist. It drew them out to join the feast. Squirrels are rodents like mice and like Jerry the cartoon mouse, they love cheese. Who wouldn’t? It’s yummy.

Then I saw a woman feeding them Doritos. First 1-2 Squirrels came out of their homes, then I saw about 8, could be more. They were everywhere.

“Sweetie, didn’t mom and dad warned you to stay away from the big bad wolf?” The World has lots of them. Freebies and Goodies are never free. They could be a lure to something dangerous.

Squirrels are so cute and adorable. It’s very easy to get excited and just feed them anything edible for fun, pictures and videos, when it’s actually harming them. Could even kill them. All that salt and chemicals. If people can develop obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes, even Cancer because of chemicals, salt and sugar, I’m sure Squirrels are just as susceptible to diseases if not more from eating unhealthy, processed food.

They may even ride in a stranger’s car for chips and crackers. Too trusting and innocent like children. The World has changed a lot, Stranger Danger has never been more important to teach our kids. Even naive adults needs to be reminded to be cautious and be careful. Predators comes in all kinds and forms. Real life has its Horrors.

Would I see them again on my next visit to Bixby Bridge? I hope so. This time I’ll bring a sign, “Please do not feed the Squirrels especially chips.”

What we do with Nature and it’s living creatures has an impact. They could do good or harm. We could help with their survival or destroy them. People need to assume some responsibility and accountability both for Nature and the future generations. They too deserve to live, thrive and stay healthy. Not just us today.

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Leave Nature alone as uncorrupted, undisturbed, unexploited the way we saw them. Never okay to keep destroying our World and everything wonderful in it. DO NO HARM is UNIVERSAL.

And if we can’t really help it, here is what Google recommends:

In a setting without any human interaction, squirrels enjoy nuts, seeds, tree flowers and tree buds from a variety of trees including butternut, cedar, dogwood, elm, hackberry, hemlock, hickory, maple, mulberry, pine and spruce. They also snack on mushrooms and fungi from time to time.

Take care of Nature right and Nature will guarantee to stay by our side and take care of us for a very long time. Abuse Nature and it’s wrath will be upon us. They already are from hurricanes, floods, Earthquakes, wildfires, severe droughts to widespread disease infestations and deaths. Earth is dying. It doesn’t have to.

I guess we can still feed them, just feed them what their usual Nature diet that is all natural and organic. Yes, organic. Don’t panic, Whole Foods has them, most groceries do.

Tower of Rocks beneath a forgotten coastal trail. Someone built it in perfect balance in the hope it gets to protect everything and everyone behind it. A Hero is a person that will risk his life to save others. The same Heroes have been fighting. We need reinforcement. We are at War with Terror, whether it’s a treat to Life or Democracy. And the Enemies are winning.

“We are the Guardians and Protector of all Living Creatures. Remember our purpose. Remember how it felt to care.”

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  1. Love Squirrels, they are adorable. Ones here used to eat the tomatoes i would try and grow but would only eat them when they were green. So i stopped trying to grow them, now they just take all the nuts from the trees and dig up all my flowers in the pots so they can put their nuts in them..


  2. Pkvillage says:

    Very interesting


  3. Kevin says:

    Walk through a forested area, away from human traffic. You won’t see large squirrel populations likes this. But they are cute. 😁

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  4. Khan says:

    Check out my first post and don’t forget to follow my blog if you like it

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  5. maulana baba says:


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  6. twinklehub says:

    Really Beautiful

    Will Love to Encounter Such Sweet Creatures

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  7. Super so cute 😍😍😍🤗😊

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  8. A great reminder to all humans. Aww…they are so cute! Thanks for sharing pics of them.

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  9. Poor things…they need to eat. But,if they do eat our stuff, it’s unhealthy for them. We have messed it up again.

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    • Humans tend to self destruct both knowingly and unknowingly. Unfortunately, Humans like to include everything around them like Nature and all living creatures. I hope, Humans start really being pro-active in protecting and allowing Earth to heal, because Humans too are capable of changing , it by choice they want too. Thanks.

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  11. Pratik says:

    Nice photography and post

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  12. ogaraderrick says:

    All my life I’ve known squirrels as the nut lovers (remember that squirrel from Ice Age franchise). It’s sad to see people harm these adorable little creatures unknowingly. People need awareness.
    I’ve never seen so many squirrels before.

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  13. So amazing photos, such a beautiful squirrels , so many 😊👍🏻
    The nature most wonderful , lovely 👍🏻🌷♥️Have a nice Day 🙏🌷

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  14. Diti Sen says:

    An excellent post…really identified with it. Great photos too, as usual. Thanks.

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  15. SamSahana says:

    A beautiful post with gorgeous pictures as always! The squirrel eating Dorito’s is sad. Loved your words, pictures and how they merged into one beautiful piece together.
    The last stanza is especially pure gold!

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    • The brevity of human life brought by the pandemic and world events made me see, reflect and appreciate things differently. There’s this sense of urgency, even clarity. Age and time are no longer the basis of how long we will enjoy Earth and everything around it. Everyday we wake up, is the perfect day to do our bucket list. Thanks.

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  16. Hi. I so appreciate your post about feeding squirrels Doritos or anything like that. My body literally is shrieking when I witness that people feed squirrels or any other animals with that salty stuff.

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  17. What a beautiful place! What cute squirrels 🥰 …and PS: Don’t feed the ducks bread!! Poor creatures 😢❤

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  18. Ab says:

    That is a beautiful spot you found at Bixby Bridge!

    And I agree that we should not feed nature, as it disrupts the flow of nature, like people who like to throw bread at the birds. But I can understand the desire to do so. I’m sure her intentions were good but misguided.

    Those squirrels are very cute and you’re right, who can resist Doritos. I certainly can’t! 😆

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    • Yes, the view from both sides at Bixby Bridge are beautiful. One time, we just drove their to eat a burger with a view. When I see people’s excitement, it kind of excites me too. Euphoria is nice especially during this pandemic mood. It’s my first time to see squirrels eating junk food. I didn’t even know they like it, but I guess anything that taste delicious to humans can be delicious to them too. It’s just harmful to them. There was a time I can finish I pack of Cheetos. Then I gained 20 lbs and blood pressure went up in 2 months. So I stopped drastically. That was 2010. I kind of developed harmful eating habits in California. Working on it though. Thanks.

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      • Ab says:

        Enjoying nature together as a communal experience is always wonderful. You feed off everyone’s excitement.

        I can imagine California being very dangerous for food lovers! So many great options. It’s good that you’ve developed better habits! 🙏

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        • California changed my diet a lot from where I was at in Texas. I get Carb withdrawals and also stressed eat. My son calls me , “Fatty,” as a funny motivation. It’s day 2 today of stricter diet.

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          • Ab says:

            I know how you feel and I know it’s not easy. Gotta love the way our children tease us!

            I stress ate a lot during the pandemic. I have a particular weakness for potato chips and also Chicharon and went through a bag a day. 🤣 I’ve really cut that down significantly to 1 bag a week and spread it over several days.

            You can do it! 👍👍👍

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  19. It’s never a good idea to feed the wildlife, even if they are as adorable as a squirrel. People here like to feed chipmunks and squirrels too. They then start to beg for food and learn bad behaviours. It’s so not good for the wildlife.

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    • I agree. Humans should leave Nature alone and just be thankful of the wonder they see when with them. Humans eat harmful foods as long as it taste good, it should end their and not extend the harm to animals. Thanks.

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  20. Catxman says:

    The squirrels could turn out to be like the vampire bunnies in the Monty Python films. Flying out of the cave’s entrance, teeth ajar, seeking blood …. YOUR BLOOD, EVERYONE’S BLOOD!!! Throw down your rake (sword) and run for it!!!

    — Catxman

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  21. When my son and I were on our camping trip, I saw signs all over the place telling people to not feed the animals. Sad to say those signs were mostly ignored. It may look cute and seem harmless fun, but as you stated it is anything but harmless.

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  22. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, just look at how beautiful the Bixby Bridge is. No wonder the iconic cement arch has been featured on postcards, music videos and an array of car commercials. I hope you had a great time exploring the rocky coastline, it sure looks staggering 🙂

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  23. kagould17 says:

    That is too bad. Feeding any wildlife is a bad thing, but feeding them junk food is the worst. Animals who look at humans as a food source are endangered and can be dangerous. Perhaps not the squirrels, but certainly, anything larger from racoons to bears.

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  24. bleuwater says:

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. It reminded me of years ago at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, a woman fed the squirrels junk food every day. The squirrels became very aggressive and we couldn’t sit on the beach without them chewing through our backpack to get snacks.

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