Carmel By The Sea

Like meeting a Lover on Cloud 9…Carmel by the Sea.

Like the Sun renewing its eternal love for the Day…Carmel by the Sea.

I did promise you a life of adventure and a home with the best view anywhere your heart desires.

Like a heartbroken, anxious adventurer finding his joyful calm…Carmel by the Sea.

Even just for day, we are worth it.

Like the Sunset in its promise that all bad things end at Night and all good things begins at Sunrise…Carmel by the Sea.

Finding God’s peace in the midst of chaos and suffering… Carmel by the Sea.

A person, a place, a moment in memory, we all have our Carmel by the Sea more plenty than the grains of sand our hands can ever hold.

Thank you for sharing your many Carmel by the Sea with me. I see you. I’m with you, from Sunrise to Sunset, from low tide to high tide, from night to day and back.

So we gather and celebrate all that’s good, even in thoughts at our Carmel by the Sea. We share them with gladness and gratitude knowing not everyone gets to have their Carmel by the Sea.

The sad reality of the World is that not everyone gets to have their Carmel by the Sea. This part will never be fair and just. But the hope is alive for as long as the kindness and generosity in people remains.

Doesn’t matter where, we go because our heart and sanity has never been more important. LIVE as ALIVE as we can. Collect happiness, the seashore is full of them. Don’t let them wait too long, the current and waves may swept them away.

Your Carmel by the Sea, how do you want it to be? Today, your wish is my command. One Carmel by the Sea coming right up. POOF!

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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35 Responses to Carmel By The Sea

  1. Klausbernd says:

    The sea makes you quiten down and it’s healing.
    We live directly at the sea in an idyllic village and we couldn’t imagine not living next to the sea. Before we lived at the dramatic sea with icebergs sailing not far from the coast in the Arctic. That was even better.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep well and healthy
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Oh, wow. To live by the seaside is one of my best place to live bucket list. For now, have to drive to be near the beach. California is insanely expensive. Only millionaires can afford beach front properties. Perhaps in Florida or the Tropics one day. Thank you.


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  4. Pratik says:

    Positive thinking is important


  5. Diti Sen says:

    What a lovely post. I have my Carmel by the Sea in my head, memories of a wonderful childhood much of it spent by a wild mountain river. You’re very right. These moments, continue to inspire and nudge us along to see reflections of those times all around us now, too. Thanks for the photos too, felt transported.


  6. aemrat says:

    Wonderful…”the hope is alive for as long as the kindness and generosity in people remains”…


  7. How beautiful – makes me feel relaxed just looking at the photos! Thank you!


  8. This looks like such a beautiful spot. I can almost smell the salt in the air as the waves come crashing through the sandy shore.


  9. Anita Vij says:

    So beautiful, I like staring out at the sea …it makes me feel relaxed and calm.😇


  10. I think all humans are attracted to the sea. I know I am. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.


  11. Ab says:

    That looks absolutely beautiful. That deep mysterious and alluring blue of the sea, the powdery white sand and those old gnarled trees. True paradise indeed!!! Thanks for sharing. 😊


  12. Laura says:

    Oh what a beautiful place, so many memories came rushing back of my time there many years ago, though brief, it is just a magical and amazing place, I will never forget when I stepped out of the car, I was wowed. Great post.


    • So beautiful I want to live there. Yes, rugged magnificent Nature as far as our eyes can see. Its like adventure and play land as soon as we step of our car. Thank you for sharing your memories. They are wonderful.


  13. I do find it hard to enjoy the happy moments of my life right now, knowing around the world so many are suffering and terrified of what will be. But I keep praying and trusting day-to-day in God. And I know he would want me to enjoy the gifts he has provided. So I do, in prayerful gratefulness. I don’t have the beautiful sea, but I do have beautiful all around me!
    Wonderful photos, I’m glad you got your moments at the sea 🙏😊


    • I totally get it. Just browsing my news feed today, and headlines is all about the worst of human suffering and events. Joy is now a luxury but somehow we need to see and pray we get experience them so we can make it another day, week, month and year. The sea has provided me a refuge and escape when I felt I can’t take it anymore. Just want to let everyone know they are not alone in their struggles and their lives worth fighting and living for. Hope is my Carmel by the Sea. Hope for all to live in a world that is better. Thanks.

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  14. ourcrossings says:

    What a magnificent stretch of soft white sand ☺️ thanks for sharing yet another charming and romantic seaside destination that’s located – judging from your wonderful photos – in a setting that feels far removed from the real world 🤗 take care xx


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