COVID Vaccine and the X-Men Evolution

Fact or Fiction?

A reporter asked an elderly Trump supporter, “Now that Trump recommends COVID vaccine, will you get it?” Her answer, “He did? I don’t think that’s true. No, I will not get the vaccine.”

COVID has created a new group of Inhumans. They don’t feel guilt, remorse, fear and compassion. It’s a War on its own. Many have fallen. Their names forgotten. Many more will fall. Collateral damage.

Reporter asked her again, “Now that FDA fully recommends COVID vaccine, will you get it?” The woman replied, “Nope. I won’t get it. The reporter trying to convince her to get vaccinated explained, “But it’s been proven and tested by Science to be safe and highly effective.” The woman answered, “No, I will not get it. I watch Dr. Quack on T.V. and I believe what she says.”

Super Variants will emerge and infiltrate. No one believed Super Delta Variant will reach the U.S. and cause the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated. Americans are not invincible to the virus. Took 4 surges to prove a Scientific fact.

Reporter curious of Dr. Quack’s teachings asked the woman,”What is Dr. Quack telling people?” Woman explained, “Dr. Quack is a professional expert. She said our bodies will turn to magnets once vaccinated. You place a spoon or fork on your forehead and it will stick.” Reporter trying not to look shock told her, “That is not true. Dr. Quack is giving people misinformation.”

The only way to prove a wrong is to do it no matter silly or ridiculous. If harmful like overdosing on Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic drug to deworm horses and cows, talk to your doctor first. Fact: Ivermectin, NEVER approved as COVID treatment. Fact: Ivermectin Toxicity can lead to severe central nervous system side effects such as depression, coma, and death.

Woman already made up her mind despite of factual evidence and Science the reporter was trying to share with her. She concluded with, “I watch and believe only Dr. Quack and Fox News. I will never get the vaccine.” Reporter was quiet, looking defeated.

There are many false beliefs and ideology created by 2 years of misinformation, lies and propaganda that made many of my fellow Americans refuse a vaccine that could save them.

Dr. Quack is anyone using all that they can to spread lies and misinformation. They are our Leaders and Experts too. Some own News Networks and influential Social Media Platforms. They could be us. Anyone is capable of convincing people anything when people are vulnerable, afraid, angry and hungry for answers. No super mutation needed. Just skills of talking and convincing. Everyone is capable of acting to mislead others. We don’t have to pay actors to do that.

No one can blame people from losing their faith and trust to a Government system made up of Politicians that continues to lie, manipulate, cover-up and use its citizens.

Our Government has been warned before the first known U.S. case of COVID in Jan. 1, 2020, but those warnings were ignored and dismissed. International flights went on allowing the COVID infected to bring the virus in the country.


Our Government waited 2 months for the virus to circulate first before they made an emergency nationwide lockdown. By then, deaths from hundreds turned to thousands. By then, people were already confused, distrustful, angered with the indecisiveness and misinformations. Even Fauci and the CDC disregarded mask as a safety measure in the beginning. Then kind of repeated that error announcement Spring of this year.

The Body Snatchers…

The brainwashing so deeply embedded that people’s minds became impenetrable to any proven Scientific truth. In fact, using the word Science triggers an automatic lockdown response of the human brain. Any truthful information that gets through, the programmed brain defense system will try to eliminate and destroy quickly. The goal is to block the mind from any opportunity to think rationally to save self and others.

There are no winners in this War, only casualties. The War also gives us a clear picture that the privilege and the rich Nations gets the be saved first. Everyone else poor, has to wait for excess donations. Humanity did evolve. Not just the heroes we envisioned. Humanity still saves but only after saving oneself first. Survival. Evolution.


People strong and brave can still overcome being brainwashed, but first, they must acknowledge that they are in fact brainwashed. And second, they are willing humbly and openly to accept the truth to replace the lies.

What Future? What light at the end of the Tunnel? Promises becomes annoying noise when abused repeatedly. People are not stupid.

One unvaccinated man was surprised why he got COVID. The reporter asked him what made him believed he is immune. His answer, “Well, I have blue eyes and red hair.” Reporter’s facial response looked surprised but he simply said, “That is not true. Anyone can get COVID regardless of hair and eye color. Man added, “I know that now.” The reporter then asked him, “Will you then get the COVID vaccine?” The man replied smiling, “I will do now.”

Any DNA or RNA can be altered whether naturally in time or in the lab. But NOT with the vaccine. COVID vaccine simply assist the body to make antibodies to fight the deadly virus. These antibodies decreases with time, does the need for boosters.

The man was one of the lucky ones who fully recovered without complications from COVID. Also one of the lucky ones to use his second chance on life wisely. But not everyone is as lucky as him. Not the 1,292 Americans that died today from a preventable disease.

Some will embrace darkness. Some will follow the light. Same battle of good versus evil for centuries. Just different versions and characters.

I know it’s easy to just give up and focus our energy on the hesitant group who may decide to get the vaccine but the Anti-Vaxxers are still our fellow Americans. They are our Family, Friends, Neighbors and Community Members. They are part of where our future is heading. Their success and survival will affect our success and survival. We are in this war on humanity together whether we agree or not.

So, we don’t give up on them, we don’t give up on us. Our beloved America deserves better.

We breathe the same air. We live in the same space.

Testing the X-Men Evolution Theory…

COVID vaccinated for 8 months now, I wanted to see if I developed an X-Men power of magnetism. So, I placed a metal spoon on my forehead. The spoon immediately dropped to the floor. I placed a metal fork on my forehead. Again, it quickly fell on the floor. I placed a metal pan on my head. Oh, wow, it stayed on top of my head. Then, I looked down and heavy pan fell straight on my feet. Ouch!

X-Men Gene Mutation with COVID Vaccine is FICTION. It is a misinformation.

Exactly from now to the next several years, only those with Strong Immunity because of the COVID 19 Vaccine will have better chance of survival. No longer Sci Fi. Not a conspiracy misinformation. The Future is happening now. And I’m no Dr. Quack. Just one of the millions of bedside health workers who saw it even before CDC and Fauci finally admitted we all should wear a mask. Watch the HBO documentary, “In The Same Breath.” Here we realize we all got lied, tricked and used by our Government in both the land of no freedom and the land of the free. We all are victims manipulated to hate and harm each other. The cover ups and propaganda, still happening now. Facts.

Nope, I didn’t develop mutant super powers. No chip tracker either for Bill Gates to invade my private life and secrets. I Googled my name and Google search threw back a question, “Who the heck are you?” Another ouch.

We Stand United no matter different.

Humor in the absurd. Laughter in frustrations. Sense in the senseless. Life is tragedy and comedy dancing like puppets controlled by our Government and powerful people. I watch Fox News too. I watch all news network. But I choose to control my brain and resist misinformation. I choose to use my freedom responsibly while respecting the freedom of others around me.

The next few months is our LAST STAND. Anything beyond 2021, PANDEMIC becomes irreversibly ENDEMIC to a country. This means , the virus will continue to impact everyone’s life, health and finances in varying degrees in the next 100 years or more. What’s happens in 2022? Expect the worst, but if the worst doesn’t happen, we thank God for showing mercy. We thank Science and the people who made it happen for not giving up on humanity.

Fact or Fiction? Sci-Fi or Real? It’s hard to distinguish them nowadays. Whatever, we go on trying our best one day at a time. We do our best to survive because we all are born survivors.

Believe that the power to change is already in you. No more Dr. Quack please.

Could be me, could be you.

Always been a fan of X-Men from childhood days of comics and cartoons to big screen Blockbusters. It would be cool to suddenly wake up evolved with awesome super powers. I want the triad powers of Magneto, Professor Charles Xavier and Mystique.

How about you?

COVID VACCINE will NOT give us powers like Magneto or any of our favorite X-Men characters. I wish it could but it doesn’t. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

Yes, our Government and our Leaders lied, whether it’s in China, the U.S. and elsewhere but now that Science has given us the tools we needed to decide and make safe decisions, are we going to use those resources to think independently smart?

People get brainwashed only if they are willing to be brainwashed. Fact.

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14 Responses to COVID Vaccine and the X-Men Evolution

  1. judithhb says:

    Thank you my friend for such a well thought out and researched blogpost. Thank you for sharing this and your thoughts with us. Stay safe friend.


    • Thank you. Until all gets the vaccine all over the world, no one will be free of the virus and it effects on humanity whether people believe it’s real or not. Actions of a few makes a huge ripple effect on an entire community. Humanity has been mutating either less Human or more Human in terms of compassion and kindness. It’s exactly what we see and read in the news.


  2. Ab says:

    Very creatively expressed post! I’ll have to try the spoon magnetism trick to see if I can pull it off. I’ll report back soon!

    Misinformation and disinformation have been the crucial factor as to why the response to the pandemic has been unsuccessful. And a key difference between this pandemic and the last one in 1918.

    We are now in a fourth wave because of man made choices and active efforts to spread false information. Very sad!


    • Very true. The tragic part, COVID will have 4 surges every year with plateauing in between because it’s an all year round virus. Optimism is nice as our leaders are trying to advocate but reality is also important so people can move on and live with covid as part of life. Take care my friend. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s really sad to hear how COVID has brought out the worst in some people. You’re totally right about how brainwashing becomes do deeply ingrained in people’s minds that they are unable to listen to logic or reason.


    • 2020, the excuse was, “It’s a new virus…and freedom.” 2021, “Full FDA approval…and freedom.” The rest of 2021 and entire 2022, “Freedom only for self, freedom of others don’t count, including children.” The virus won because people were selfish. We tried to make the world selfish to be less offensive for those that continue to make everyone’s life miserable but how do we make it less offensive to those who died and their families? How is it fair when people continue to put their lives at risk for those who don’t care about them other than themselves? People who did their part are losing sympathy for the unvaccinated COVID sick more and more. Indirectly, other patient has suffered because unvaccinated COVID patients took their hospital beds. People by choice evolved on their own. No vaccine nor virus is needed for that. It’s called freedom to choose. Sorry, got carried away. Thank you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It’s good that you’re passionate about this. As we all should be. We’re still in the thick of things with this pandemic and it’s scary to see that cases continue to increase. There is a solution and it’s hard to believe that some people don’t care or don’t want it.


        • Had too as it has become a way of life. Every health care worker in the World will never have a normal life and work with COVID for many years. Saddest reality, because many tried to convey their desperation but many are too numb to care. Yes, we’re lucky to have jobs but seeing the same frustrations again and again affects everyone, even those with the biggest heart and patience. People are only people. We never asked to be called Heroes, someone made the label for political reasons and propaganda. Every health worker I think feels this since last year but 2021 just made it clearer. Thanks for the support and encouragement.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. So awesome and scary photos and inspiring story 👌🌷🙏♥️whole world affected 👏😢


  5. Covid-19 is a band spirit it’s not come from the Lord. God love us to life a good live .


    • I agree. Man brought COVID either by Global Warming or bioterrorism, so Man suffers. God gave us free will but so far, Man is choosing extinction and destruction. No longer a movie , real life horror.


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