Ghost of the Blue Lady at Moss Beach Distillery

Romantic, tragic, spine-chilling. Our story began some 72 years ago.

The beach is too peaceful. No one would have suspected blood was spilled in its sands long time ago.

Young and naive, a beautiful woman always in a blue dress fell in love with a handsome ladies’ man who played piano at the bar of Moss Beach Distillery. She made multiple trips to the restaurant to be meet her lover. Blue Lady was married. Supposedly, her husband never knew of the secret love affair.

Moss Beach

The lady in the blue dress was killed while walking with her lover at the beach below the distillery. Did the murder happened under the moonlight or in broad daylight? There was no mention of when she gasp her last breath or how she died.

Her lover claimed they were assaulted and he was just fortunate to have survived.

No description on how she got killed. Was Blue Lady strangled? Was she hit on the head? Was it a bullet or a knife to her heart?

Her death wasn’t peaceful. Her death sudden and unjust. So, her Ghost roams the distillery for answers. Her Ghost continues to search for love that was cut short.

The murder was never solved. It remained a mystery.

The Blue Lady and her lover have watched the many Sunsets of Moss Beach. I don’t think he ever loved her the way she loved him. Otherwise, both of their Ghosts would have haunted the beach and the distillery together. Blue Lady’s Ghost remains alone. Probably the reason why she keeps coming back. Finding love is her unfinished business.

Many have witnessed the Blue Lady’s presence at the Beach Moss Distillery. Ghost Experts say it’s because she is searching for her lover. It’s the version of the Blue Lady story for the tourists in this historical landmark.

Perhaps, she haunts seeking for justice for the life and love taken away from her too soon. No one knows, only the Blue Lady does. She hasn’t trusted a living soul to tell her full story of how and why she died.

The lover would have been an easy suspect wanting to get rid of her or the furious husband in his moment of rage, but the Killer was neither. The Killer got away with murder.

Till this day, the Ghost of the Blue Lady continues to search for her lover at the Distillery. If you stare at the windows long enough, you may just catch the reflection of her Ghost.

A haunting version was recreated in NBC TV series Unsolved Mysteries titled “The Legend Of The Blue Lady.”

Many strange harmless events had been documented like phone ringing but no caller, checkbooks floating on air, locked rooms from the inside without signs of entry, women diners losing one earring only to be found in one place weeks later, computer dates tampered and small children actually able to see the Ghost of the Blue Lady in the Restaurant.

Thrilling Sunset. Our car parked just at the edge of the cliff.

We ate at the Moss Beach Distillery hoping to see the Ghost of the Blue Lady. We didn’t see her but definitely one can feel a lonely presence or at least the romantic sad nostalgia of her love story.

The restaurant food was excellent, the ambiance, reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hollywood, the staff very friendly. And there’s the view as haunting and as beautiful as our Blue Lady.

Is that the Blue Lady behind the window?

Maybe I saw a glimpse of her. One of my photos captured a lady in blue. Nah, I think it’s just one of the customers coincidentally in blue. I’m no Ghost Whisperer.

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31 Responses to Ghost of the Blue Lady at Moss Beach Distillery

  1. Jason Whitely says:

    Honestly, blue was my favorite color, and I guess blue lady can also be my favorite too…nice photo you have….


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  5. tubasarwat says:

    Lovely story with so many goosebumps….

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  6. The pictures on your blog are always beautiful😊, it’s feel my heart… I don’t believe in ghosts but sometime somewhere some strange things happen that science can’t explain.

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  7. Your pictures fit remarkably well when telling this haunting tale. I would definitely not want to visit the Moss Beach Distillery by myself, that’s for sure.

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  8. says:

    How fun! Pretty photos!

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  9. jryb29 says:

    A really interesting story and amazing pictures 🧡

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  10. SamSahana says:

    Oh, my! I don’t know if that’s unsettling or beautiful. It’s a tragic story nevertheless. Maybe not the best place to visit alone 😅 The pictures look lovely and I tried to spot the blue lady in all of them, but couldn’t. Maybe one needs to be there, in flesh, to “experience” her.🙂 The documentary sounds very interesting. Do you know where it is available for viewing?

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  11. Such a magnificent photography and inspiring story 👌🌷the beauty of the photos awesome 🙏🌷♥️

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  12. What an intriguing mystery about the Blue Lady, I just looked it up. Well Moss Beach seems to be really beautiful spot.

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  13. Ab says:

    Yah, I’m not going for a walk on the beach by myself. 😆 A very haunting story beautifully shared by your words and photos, however. The views look absolutely lovely. And who knows, that might’ve been the Blue Lady in your photo!

    There is something both sad and scary about a love cut short and its spirit haunting a place for eternity.

    I will have to look up that Unsolved Mysteries episode. That show and theme song used to terrify me as a child!

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    • Her story reminds me of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s GHOST. Patrick got killed by his best friend so he can have Demi. Patrick was taught his unfinished business was for her to find love, turns out its to keep her safe from the killer, his best friend. Know I need to watch that movie again. Been into older flicks lately. Can’t believe many of their scenes I already forgotten. Old age.

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  14. Good story, but very sad. Glad you had a nice time there. The photos are beautiful! What a gorgeous view!!

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