Dawn of the Living Dead 2021

With what’s going in our world, country, community, work place and homes…

They are simply replicas of the real world. Just cuter and funnier. Real life? Never cute nor funny.

We have eyes, but unable to see the truth and human suffering. We have ears but incapable of listening. We have mouths that choose silence or destruction. We have hearts that doesn’t know empathy, compassion and kindness.

We have hands that hurt, claws and tear people to pieces. Too much imagination?

If you’d been inside a mall lately, you will know what I mean. Just observe. Won’t take 10 minutes.

I walk aimlessly among the Living Dead inside a very crowded Mall. We don’t eat flesh. We consume anything in our path capitalism has created. The hunger, never satisfied.

There’s some Truth in Fiction. There’s some Fiction in Truth. It’s been engraved in our Society for so long we can’t distinguish which is which. So, we continue like it’s okay…no escape, no ending. And the Herd just keeps growing, growling, starving.

Fiction, Truth or Analogy? I don’t know, it feels very real. The fear is real. The apathy is real. The detachment, anger and paranoia are real.

I used to enjoy watching Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. I still do. Just didn’t realize it is real, or at least the tamer less terrifying version of it.

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22 Responses to Dawn of the Living Dead 2021

  1. Joseph says:

    World today feels very much like living in a zombie movie.


  2. I’m not a fan of these types of movies but I’ve seen a few and understand what you mean. I heard someone say once that movies imitate life before it happens. An eerie concept to think about but seems true to an extent especially reading this post.


  3. Dawn of the dead by zack Snyder is a zombie movies but i never watch it but after reading your blog I thought I watch it… Your writing are very much powerful… Stay happy


  4. I now want to re-watch Dawn of the Dead. It seems like a fitting comparison to our current situation.


  5. SamSahana says:

    What a powerful perspective! I suppose you’re right about us emulating dawn of the dead 🙂

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  6. Ab says:

    Dawn of the Dead by Zack Snyder is one of my favourite zombie movies. So we’ll done! And it was shot in my city. 😉

    And yes, just like the original film it was based on, an excellent analogy on capitalism and human behaviour during this pandemic!


    • Oh, wow. That must have been very exciting. Yes, the Mall version is one of my fav. Scares me still. The 2021 version is great too, but for some reason not as scary. Perhaps I’ve seen so many zombie stuff like Walking Dead. I just watched Jurassic 3 last night and great movies are great regardless of time. Thanks.

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      • Ab says:

        A lot of interesting movies film in our city cuz it’s cheaper to film here. 🤣 Lot of them are horror too! Driving through our city during our early days of the pandemic felt like a zombie apocalypse too. Near empty highways. Not anymore!


        • Yes, streets, malls, every corner are full of people now. Honestly, I miss my quiet, safer walks during the lockdown. I know many people thought of it negatively but it was also our opportunity to discover ourselves and catch up on what’s important. Today, except some people wearing mask, it’s like COVID never happened.

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          • Ab says:

            Our daily cases went from 200 two weeks ago to now over 800. Another lockdown is looking more likely again. 😑


            • Oh my lockdown already? I am impressed though how Canada is really trying to eliminate the virus. The is Hope for Canada to beat the Pandemic and not have it as Endemic. That is something the U.S. will not have…I’m just being honest of my observation of real life in my community and the soaring data that people seems to be unaffected unless it’s them in the hospitals . Sad.

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              • Ab says:

                We are very fortunate in Canada that our leaders, whether liberal or conservative, all promote vaccination, mask wearing and safety measures. We definitely have an anti vaxxer and anti mask wearing community, but these are in the fringes and universally condemned by all party leaders. This is what has set us apart from the US in terms of pandemic response. In my province (your equivalent of a State), we’re now at 77% fully vaccinated and 84% at least one dose. And all leaders are pushing for vaccination. Will also be introducing a vaccine passport requirement this week.

                Move to Canada! 😆


              • Canada is a beckon of Hope that we can beat the virus if we do what’s needed. I’m giving myself 5 years, if I live that long to reevaluate whether I relocate to another country. No. 1 criteria is safety. If this is it in America every year, every season in the next 10 years or more, then it’s just going to get clearer. Life is too short and precious to settle in one home has been kind my mantra since I left home for college. I just didn’t realize it then that it was fate. I never saw myself to venture in a country I have no clue when I was a child, but we can’t fight destiny. It unfolds in the most mysterious, exciting ways.

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              • Ab says:

                A return to Philippines may well be in your family’s near future as well! 😊


  7. So much truth written 👌🌷

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