Pismo Beach, Not Another Beach

Son making his point, “Dad, 3 hours drive just to go to a beach? A beach is a beach. We can go closer.”

Hmm, what to say to convince him? True, a beach is a beach. What makes Pismo Beach any different from a beach that’s less than an hour away?

Had to process my reasoning power STAT.

Stairway to Heaven.

My quick answer, “Well, it’s on the way to Universal Studios. We’re hitting L.A. Buddy!”

He looked shock and confused. Unsure what to say, he replied, “Okay,” sounding more like a question than a confirmation.

Not our hotel. Wish it was. We’re at the Inn. Cheaper or cheapo? Same view, different amenities. All about the fun and experience.

Next Day, when I woke up, he was all ready. Two small suitcases in his room. One empty. I asked why the other suitcase is empty. Laughing he said, “Dad, that’s for my shopping. I already made a list of wear to go. So, let’s go Buddy!”

My brain said, “Oh, No! I never mentioned shopping.”

It’s not entirely false that money can’t buy happiness. With some, we can go to places where happiness can be experienced. With some, we can see the World, discover new Cultures and wonders, meet new friends and family. That part of happiness is never free.

Now I’m the one shocked and confused. Unsure how to respond, I just said, “Okay,” that sounded more like a question than a confirmation.

I hurriedly prepared two cups of strong coffee. One to wake me up. The other, to make me reflect on what I just unleashed.

Funny event on our walk to the Inn, but it’s a secret I promised to never tell. But the Ocean and the Sunset knew.

Nope, a beach is not just a beach. Some are just more awesome than others. Some have bigger fun shockers and surprises from journey to destination, to and fro.

“Never let anyone dictate how our life stories should be. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours.“

In the end, Happy Family moments and memories are so worth all the work, shock and awe. The best actually, that we can’t forget them.

Reminiscing, looking at photographs makes us smile, even glow. For a minute we are transported in time like it’s happening today. For a minute, our heart gets to relive where it was happiest.

The beach will always be our Happy Place.

Isn’t that worth the effort and any long travel? Isn’t that worth working a bit extra to save some vacation funds for our next adventure?

“So, let’s go Buddy. Life is short.”

Mermaid Cave by the Cove. No California Mermaids in sight. They migrated to New Zealand.

Definitely, we need time to relax and be sunny before work week begins again.

With what’s going on with the World, our Country and around us, an ounce of happy experience is worth more than a pound of cure. If there is a cure.

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18 Responses to Pismo Beach, Not Another Beach

  1. Gorgeous photos! Love the painted skies and beautiful beaches. Glad you had a nice time with your family 😊


  2. ourcrossings says:

    Those long white beaches look perfect for taking a pleasant stroll or for just enjoying the spectacular views of the Pismo Beach sunset. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx


  3. Amazing sceneries 👌🙏🌷


  4. Indeed, Pismo Beach is not just another beach, it has beautiful areas to discover. I’m glad you made this long trip with your son with lot’s of coffee, before school starts.


  5. Ab says:

    Definitely looks like it’s worth the longer drive! It’s all about exploring and going outside the road travelled!

    I agree with your travel approach. We stay at leas luxurious accommodations cuz it’s just for sleeping. As long there’s AC and a comfy bed, we’re fine. 😆

    Hope your son got some nice shopping done too! A great way to end your summer.


  6. Diti Sen says:

    Beautiful photos and a very ‘happy’ write up, too. Yes, agree, money does have its uses!


  7. Such beautiful beaches. It’s good to see the sunshine in your photos – not much of the actual stuff around here this summer!


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