Delta Variant COVID Surge, Horror or Comedy show?

Real sign in real city with real people. Horrifying enough. A Nurse Friend in Austin just told my wife today, “48 pregnant women with COVID in our unit. They are scared. I am scared and tired. Lots of overtime though.” I told my wife, “Please, tell her not to over work, she can still get COVID even if vaccinated. Money is not everything.”

Depends which part of the World we live. Depends on our perception of Truth, Science and Reality.

“If this is our child intubated and attached to a ventilator machine not knowing if tomorrow he or she will not make it, would we have done things differently?”

If we live in New Zealand, 1 new Delta Variant COVID case is perceived as horror resulting to 3 weeks of country lockdown and people will stay home with one unified goal, make their country COVID free.

Her people did what needs to be done when she called for them to do their part to eliminate 1 new COVID threat.

If we live in the U.S., 7-Day average of 145,000 soaring new daily cases with rising Hospitalizations and Death, life goes on with about half of the population following safety mandates.

The U.S. lost more trained medical staff due to resignation and early retirement this year than 2020 due to fatigue, frustration and pervasive fear of one’s life. If COVID becomes a daily normal event in our hospitals in years to come, we will be in big trouble if losing hospital staff becomes a regular trend. Our young generation sees all the death, loss, misery and evil this COVID has created. How are we to convince them to become the future replacement of the Medical and Nursing Profession? How can we convince Parents to encourage the dreams of their children knowing their children will be sacrificed in the battlefield? The impact of COVID and Adult behaviors to our children will be devastating. No one is innocent when the long term effects begins to manifest. Image from People Headline.

The other half will not do anything or attempt to stop the interventions to beat the Delta Variant driven COVID multiple outbreaks. Horror Show.

Symptomatic Patients collapsing on the floor, in pain, too exhausted and sick waiting for their Intravenous COVID treatment.

Many are choosing Politics, Freedom and Pursuit to Happiness as more important than Public Safety and Saving Human Lives. Horror Show.

In New Zealand, Leaders come together to save its citizens.

In the U.S, Leaders fight and many of their Governors will place their citizens in hospitals and morgues, children included. Politics first. Politics second and third. People last. Horror Show.

Gov. Abbot of Texas, Asymptomatic positive COVID getting Regeneron yet the Governor mandates schools to not wear mask putting all the lives of unvaccinated kids below 12 at risk. Normal folks don’t get Regeneron if COVID asymptomatic. They are advised to stay home and take Tylenol over the counter for fever and pain.

In other countries, 1 COVID Death is unacceptable. In the U.S., people dying everyday from COVID has been accepted us normal. That’s 19 months of people dead from COVID everyday.

People don’t have to drown and die every COVID Hurricane Storm. We were given 9 months to prepare. Next week, our daily COVID deaths will surpass 1,000/day. I really hoped and prayed I was wrong predicting it would happen again. But one prayer, one difference is too insignificant when millions didn’t believe and do their part. COVID is behavior and attitude related. Will always be. It can mutate but will not change the basics of what makes it so lethal and dangerous.

U.S. Average 7-Day Death from COVID is now 975/Day. It’ll surpass 1,000/Day next week. Horror Show.

Yesterday, we lost more than 1,000 Americans from COVID.

It’s a War To All AMERICANS, Republicans and Democrats alike. No Winners so far, only COVID is winning. If Seasonal Surges Theory is true, we have 2 more battles this year and 4 next year. This is what Endemic means. 4 Horrific events every year.

This is very tragic. This is very heartbreaking. People didn’t have to die. New deaths doesn’t have to happen.

COVID patients will be in tents. What’s happens when Summer surge peak overlaps start of Fall surge? More tents, rationed care. People may die of neglect from lack of staffed medical beds.

Why people are dying and hospitals overwhelmed?

“COVID Season” says, Florida Gov. deSantis. If this is the case, Death and Hospitalization Surges from COVID will have 4 expected major Seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. Each season will have its peak. Two seasons can overlap. Horror Show.

Parents who felt their kids lives are at risk are suing the Florida Governor hoping he changes his mind of mandating all schools “No Mask.” He threatened to cut the Teachers salary if schools ignore Politics and Freedom. I thought it was a Bully move, but looks like he is getting what he wants. Why he is not being recalled?

So, it’s okay now for people to die and or have lingering complications from COVID because it’s in Season? When was this even considered acceptable? Horror Show.

NBC News Headline.

More and more U.S. States have ZERO Pediatric and or Adult I.C.U. staffed Beds. Alabama Wednesday, NO I.C.U. beds for all ages and all critical medical conditions like Heart Attack, Stroke, Sepsis, Vehicular Trauma and struggling to breathe, COVID patients. Horror Show.

Alabama has No EMS or Ambulance to answer 911 calls. Critical patients in hospital hallways. Patients being refused or diverted elsewhere for life saving medical care.

Alabama expects Summer’s COVID Surge peak in Mid-September 5,000 hospitalized patients. Wednesday, the State was already overwhelmed with 2,743 hospitalized patients. Healthcare System and Hospital Staff preparing for Apocalyptic Hospital scenarios. The State is in a Disaster Mode. Horror Show.

I.C.U. safest Nursing care standard is 1:1 or the most 1:2, NOT 1:5-10. If multiple CODE RED happens with only 1-2 CODE TEAM, Doctors have to choose which one to save and which ones will die alone. In Disaster and Emergency Situations, something this horrific is legally allowed.

Horror, horror, horror because this is NOT an End of the World movie. These are live ongoing series of preventable tragic events, with real people fighting for their lives.

This is what happens when the Healthcare System made of people gets burned out and frustrated from 19 months of COVID torment and defiance. Healthcare Providers are only people and will give up when it becomes too much.

I was told to take off my mask a month ago and now its “Wear Mask” indefinitely? If it means I get to save both the lives of those around me and mine, then I will.

Anti-Mask Parents. Meeting was cut short because they refused to wear the mask in a very pact poorly ventilated crowded room.

In others countries, mask will be worn automatically as soon as they are warned, “New, more virulent, deadlier variant on the loose.”

How can we defeat COVID when we don’t try and use all our energy to prevent those who are trying?

Many U.S. States Governors empowered Parents to decide and be responsible whether their unvaccinated child will wear a mask for their child’s safety and the safety of other unvaccinated children. Problem is, there are two factions of Parents, the Pro-Mask and the Anti-Mask.

Parents protesting against children wearing mask in schools to keep both children and adults safe from a deadly, debilitating disease.

All their vulnerable children becomes collateral damage to a battle everyone will just loose. As to who will be accountable? Should be the Governors first because they made the announcement and threaten school districts choosing to follow CDC safety mandates. Parents, second. Horror Show.

Many Parents don’t believe the lives of their children are in danger. Again, it’s Freedom over Public Safety. Almost two years of COVID heartbreaking events and we are back to fighting about masks to protect both the unvaccinated and vaccinated Americans. It doesn’t make sense but the senseless acts and decisions continues to make people land in the hospitals and coffins.

As a Parent, even if my child is vaccinated, I worry when my child leaves home for school. Will he keep his mask? Will he be around kids wearing mask?

I can only hope and pray he is safe as he begins his first week of schooling. California Education System and Governor Newsom are Pro-Mask. Some relief to parents with immunocompromised and unvaccinated kids.

In California, Gov. Newsom being considered a Hero by many in this Pandemic fight is being recalled for being Anti-COVID and for being the only Governor to mandate mask in schools to keep Students, Staff and Teachers safe. The goal is to replace him with a Pro-COVID Politician. Horror Show if he gets replaced. Lost Hope for all Californians if we join the ranks of Texas and Florida in COVID status and management. California will have a very dark Winter if the Anti-Mask, Anti-Vaccine, “I don’t care about COVID” opponent wins.

I urge my co-workers to Vote “No” to the recall. We had a very bad COVID nightmare last year despite of strict safety mandates. The margin towards disaster and collapse of the Healthcare system is too close if California will be ruled by a Politician who will NOT take Delta Variant COVID seriously.

Few countries will end the Pandemic. Many including the U.S. will have it as Endemic which means they will have COVID like Flu and RSV…forever. A child below 5 can possibly have 2-3 of these at the same time. Horror Show.

A lifetime warranty of on and off COVID Plateau and Surges. One guaranteed Super Mutation once a year that may outpace current vaccines. Horror Show.

If most will get vaccinated then eventually in time COVID will be like Flu but we are no there yet. Same with Flu before most got vaccinated. Herd Immunity takes time and cooperation. Does NOT happen in 2 years only.

The world is about 24% COVID fully vaccinated. The U.S., 52% fully vaccinated. Poor Countries will wonder when will they ever be vaccinated, Rich Countries gets their 8th month third booster dose. Inequality of vaccines will lead to super mutations that will continue to kill more people around the World. Horror Show.

People can change, both good and bad. All have a choice.

So, Horror or Comedy Show?

In my opinion? It’s ALL Horror Show.

There is an alarming trend of Kids being hospitalized from COVID in various Summer Surge Epicenters. This is just the beginning. Can we survive another 4-5 months of this at its worst?

Nothing funny gambling people’s lives and jobs. Constant chaos, suffering, frustrations, stress and anger are NEVER a laughing matter when we are part of the Reality Show.

All PARENTS, regardless of our beliefs have a moral responsibility to protect their children, our children from sickness and death. Are we doing that? A Parent can never forgive oneself for being the cause of their child’s death. Never.

Nothing entertaining of having to wake up each day and repeat the same Horror Movie, our Horror movie.

For those who enjoy Reality Shows, these year has many of the best and the worst. So glued to the news, Netflix is losing some of its subscribers and Widescreen movies will never recover.

I see people wear the mask this way all the time. People inhale the infected droplets via uncovered nose freely. Breakthrough COVID cases happens more this way.

4 months to go before 2021 ends. Bigger, more explosive Blockbusters to come. Or is it, Covidbusters? Don’t know, I’m so confused and conflicted nowadays.

One thing for sure, never a boring day in my side of the World.

It’s easy not to believe when common good has been trampled with the bad, again and again.

For those still undecided to get the COVID vaccine, please do get vaccinated quickly. I know it works. I know it’s safe. I know it will save your life and those you love because it saved mine and those I love so many times.

Any drug store in America gives free COVID vaccine for our convenience. We give $100 dollars incentives and raffle prizes. In Poor countries, they wait and wait…not knowing when they could live normally again.

The longer we delay vaccination, the higher the chances of getting the Delta Variant. What happens when Lambda where all vaccines don’t work replaces Delta? More Horror Show.

We are our Brothers and Sisters Keeper. If we still value God’s words of Love, then we do everything we can to keep everyone safe, that includes our Families, Friends, our Community.

Tough days and months are coming. Please, we need to help each other.

People may still refuse despite of everything we do or say, but others may change their minds to do what’s right.

We have to try everything we can to protect and prolong God’s gift of Life, our Life because it was created with a higher calling and purpose.

When our community Emergency Room Doctor tells us, “Be scared because we can longer take care of you and your families because our hospital system has collapse,” we should really be scared because the peak of the Horror is not even here yet.

No more anger. No more hate. No more blame. No more endangering others. Forgiveness and support one another. We give Hope a try for as long as it takes. We give each other the chance to live until this War is really over.

“If we could save one life from COVID, will we get vaccinated and wear a mask? How about 10 lives? 100 lives? A Thousand?”

“If it saves one life, 10 hospitalizations, isn’t that the least we could do?” – Lynn Gray on keeping All Students, Teachers, Staff and Parents in her School District Safe from Delta Variant COVID

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  1. hartlife1973 says:

    I’m not happy as a parent of a teen with low immunity having to go back to in person school tomorrow. Yes, his school district is requiring masks. Yes, he is vaccinated (as am I). I still think they should have the option to do online school like last year if they have health risks.
    Covid is not going anywhere for a long time in the US. I do whatever I need to do to keep my family safe. It’s all I can do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. My son’s school district offered on line this year but an independent company, not his teachers. Most of his classmates are back to classroom. I’m actually pro-on line. It was not only safe but very convenient. My son enjoyed it too and his friends. Hope you and your family will be safe. Winter will escalate our covid numbers and will be confusing with the flu season. I told my son I have a feeling they will be back on line by then. He agrees with me. He can sense it too. Take care.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Vinny says:

    These anti- mask/vaccine people are living in cuckoo land. Speaking as someone who caught it and it nearly killing me( 9 times in hospital) I think these nutcases are seriously messing up all our chances to somehow live with this virus. What is the big problem with a mask?! It honestly baffles me…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Vinny. Unfortunately, we are living with them at the same land and space. We could have eliminated covid early this year but no, freedom was more important, it still is than public safety for all. I rest my case. It’s survival mode now. Take care my friend.


  3. Ab says:

    The politicians who refuse to enforce masks and encourage vaccinations and instead who push and peddle disinformation and conspiracy theories are the ones with blood on their hands.

    New Zealand has the right approach and if only more leaders took that same approach and leadership style, I do think we wouldn’t be in the position that we are in now. Very sad indeed.

    The stories and images emerging of children in ICUs are truly heartbreaking.


  4. It is alarming how quickly the Delta variant has spread. You would have thought we would have learned our lesson earlier since we’ve been dealing with COVID for well over a year now.


    • True. So I guess moving forward, it’s save those who want to be saved and just hope that would be enough. That someone everyone will get it in the end before it’s too late. The vaccine was our chance to eliminate covid but we blew it and now it’s endemic.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. UnstableTrip says:

    I don’t think politicians are to blame here. Partially, yes but unfortunately most blame is on us, on all egocentric people who don’t care about others, who don’t want to loose “their rights” and forgetting that they step on other peoples rights at the same time. Politicians can order to do this or that but if people think they don’t care because they have right to not wear the mask, nobody and nothing will force them to do so. US and Europe is already privileged more than any other countries in the world. We have access to free vaccines and we can even choose which one we like more… and still there are people who won’t take it no matter what. There are other poor developing countries that will gladly take any amount of vaccines – lets send it all there! Let’s help those who want and need help!


    • I agree with you 200%. We threw millions of expired covid vaccines that could have saved millions of lives. It kind of reflect the American Culture of wastefulness. If we waste food and all things excess just because we can, what makes COVID vaccine special and different? The 3rd boosters will save the same group who believes in it. The hesitant might get it soon. But the determined Americans that believe the vaccine is bad for them will never take it. Freedom is a choice. So if freedom comes first, then our conscience are clear. We did our best. Unfortunately, many will fall in the collateral damage category like the sick, the dead, the Healthcare staff indefinitely .

      Liked by 1 person

  6. arlene says:

    Gosh, what is happening to the world?


  7. Sobering thoughts indeed. Doesn’t the US have the highest number of deaths (world wide) from COVID 19? I teach at an elementary school where every student is too young to get vaccinated. Wearing a mask–to protect them–is a no-brainer. But sadly, not all elementary teachers agree.


    • We are but many Americans don’t see the data or refuse to believe the data. We were so concerned with India when it was surging there but many are not concerned it’s is surging here now. I don’t understand parents willing to put their own child and other children at risk for their political beliefs. Even Trump announced “Get vaccinated,” to his believers but he was booed. We can still save the hesitant but unfortunately we can’t save those who will die for their freedom. Again, I don’t get it. God sent us several boats to save us from drowning in a flood but we refused. Not God’s fault nor those trying to warn everyone. We are accountable to our own selves first. Take care my friend and stay safe. Flu season is coming soon.


  8. esthercollas says:

    I’m fortunate enough to have chosen New Zealand as my home. We’ve lived a relatively normal life since we came out of first lockdown in May 2020. We could go to concerts, sporting events, we didn’t have to wear masks, unless on public transport. Our borders were closed, we felt safe. We almost became complacent about covid because it wasn’t really affecting the vast majority of people here. Unless you worked in tourism, then you felt it. I am incredibly proud to call New Zealand home. We’ve seen what’s been happening all over the world with Delta, as soon as we had one case in the community, that was it. We were asked to stay home and the vast majority are doing just that. We have been told by our government that to eliminate from our shores we have to work as a team. Their decisions always appear to have the populations best interests at heart. My family are in the UK. I know how lucky we are to have the government we do at this time in history. I also understand we are a small island of just 5 million, not everyone could have done what we did. But they definitely could have done more. Reading about how rampant Covid is everywhere else is hard to fathom over here, we may never truly understand just what it was like for the rest of the world. My heart goes out to every person that has been affected.


    • Thank you for sharing this. New Zealand is story of hope that people can find solace and inspiration. New Zealand has been a model country. It’s people, proof that unity and selfless actions can beat the virus. Perhaps, I will retire there if in 5 years, covid becomes so out of control and deadly in the U.S., I don’t really believe the leaders and experts anymore that this would go away when we do this or that. They underestimated the virus so many times only for people to pay the wrong, conflicting announcements with their lives and health. It has become a Political weapon, with its citizens and children as collateral damage. It’s disheartening. Healthcare staff are tired in this country. If half of them leave the profession in the next few years, America is in big trouble as COVID may possibly have 4 COVID seasonal Surges even with vaccination. But we can hope. We can stay optimistic. It’s what we’re told.


  9. CattleCapers says:

    In the USA our southern border is wide open. 20-40% of the illegal immigrants are Covid positive, depending on the city they’re traveling through. They are filling our hospitals and being transported throughout the USA. Till the border is closed, it is utter stupidity to lockdown here.


    • Thanks for the feedback. Covid is everyone and everywhere now. My city is too far from the border but our hospitalizations from covid is climbing up. I’d been swabbing covid patients myself with no travel history. I was at the mall weekend. It was pact. Next to it is a testing site, that says, “Get Tested and Go,” I guess it meant get tested before or after shopping. Either way, some shoppers will take COVID home as a free shopping giveaway whether they want it or not. Flu season will be a much bigger disaster. Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. kagould17 says:

    Some thoughts. NZ I think has locked down Auckland and environs for 10 days and the rest of the country for 3 days. Since the one case, they have climbed to 22 and 16, so the short circuit breaker will work. Not just those in government in NZ pull together, so do the people. They listen and they do what is needed to minimize the pain. We have good friends there and have just talked to them. In the U.S. (and Canada to a lesser extent) Covid is all about politics and the whole S— Show sickens me. Covid does not give a crap whether you are a D or an R, it does not play favourites. In Canada, our cases are climbing too, but not to the U.S extent. I am convinced we need to stay open with minimum restrictions and let the Covid run through the population vaxed and unvaxed. We will all get it, but mostly the unvaxed will get serious cases. This will either push them to get the vaccine or they will get sick and get antibodies (for a short time) or they will die. I am also convinced we need vaccine passports. You can choose to not get vaccinated, but like all cases, choices have consequences. And do not talk about rights, you can’t drive without a license, you can’t visit another country without a passport and you must stop at a stop sign or red light or face the consequences, which could include death. I still wear my face mask in public places, I still distance and I still do not get close to un vaxed people (friend or stranger) and I am fully vaccinated, but I am not bullet proof. Ask questions, talk to doctors, stay off the deep web BS sites and as to the Bill Gates nano trackers in the MRNA vaccine BS, they are nano particles so the vaccine can reach its target. I cannot imagine why Bill Gates would want to track my ugly A–. If you carry a cell phone, you are being tracked, if you use a debit or credit card, you are being tracked, if you visit a website you are being tracked. Who gives a S— if Bill Gates is tracking us? I think that is it for my rant. Work together people and this will all end happily or fight every inch of the way and this will all end sadly. The choice is yours. And so are the consequences.

    Liked by 4 people

    • auntyuta says:

      I do very much agree with what you’re saying!
      Aunty Uta


    • UnstableTrip says:

      Bill Gates doesn’t need to track us – people share their data all the time. It’s nothing new. I will gladly take a chip with this vaccine if it means I won’t die of a horrible death. My auntie is 2 months in hospital with Covid-19. When she got better she told us how it feels to not be able to take a single small breath. I don’t want that and I don’t wish that to anyone else.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. The news last night featured a doctor whom so many Americans believe is a anti-COVID prophet. She said, “if you are vaccinated. Your body becomes a magnet. To check, place a spoon on your forehead.” That is a talk of a crazy person. Me, my family and my co-workers all got vaccinated and we don’t have super powers to magnet metals. We do have power to repel the delta variant. What’s wrong with many of our brothers and sisters? It’s a very extreme thinking. Pfizer now full FDA approved but the wrong thinking has not change. More people will die from now till 2022. We have reached more than 1,000 deaths from covid in Summer. What happens to the peak mid September. Horror and madness. We can’t save everyone even if we have given all that we could. That is sad. That is heartbreaking. Frustrating, very.

        Liked by 1 person

        • UnstableTrip says:

          If vaccine gives super powers I hope we get something good like internal internet receiver? I’m not sure how magnetic power can be useful but I’ll figure it out. I’m taking any superpower really, why not. If it saves my life and give me powers it’s win win situation in my eyes.


  11. I live in Alabama where we still have the lowest vaccination rate in the US. A reporter tweeted yesterday that her niece is in NICU at Children’s Hospital with COVID. The child is 3 weeks old. And still the ignorant masses demand we be allowed to not have to wear masks or become vaccinated. And still our Governor appeases them by doing nothing.


    • So sorry to hear that. I can’t believe the news. Kids are potentially placed in life and death Health scenarios and adults are causing them. It’s happening in Northern California too but because of the high vaccination rates, hospitalizations is low as compared to other States. But this is only Summer with peak in September. Fall and Winter will have their own surges especially after long holidays. I guess it’s all about protecting oneself and love ones know. We did what we could. Pfizer Vaccine is now FDA fully approved. No more excuses. The hesitant we can still save but those who made up their minds we can’t, but they should stop endangering the lives of our children. Stay safe my friend. Our battle is far from over. Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

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