Private Beach on our last day of Summer

“I don’t have to be rich to have a private beach. I just need gas money and a long day off.”

Our treasure finds at our Private Beach.

People wonder what it is to travel at a whim to the most expensive, beautiful destinations from around the world where money and time is never an issue. I am one of those.

People wonder what the rich enjoy and experience. People fantasize what’s it like to own a private jet, hotel, island or beach and just live a life of permanent vacation. I am one of those.

Truth is, we can without having lots of money. We can improvise and have a version of what the rich have.

With creativity, imagination and practical realism, we get to see what they see, feel what they feel, experience what they experience.

Anyone can live life to the fullest for less.

We can have fun, relax, enjoy and be happy for so much less.

They didn’t cost a cent. Nature Gems are free.

A private beach just for me? Sounds impossible, if not ridiculous but I had it not just once but a few times this Summer.

Being rich is subjective and personal. To me, being rich is being able to control my own time and happiness. It’s freedom from worry, stress, anxiety, guilt, sadness, coercion, fear. To be myself following my dreams and everyone is happy and in harmony with it. Achieving peace and calmness regardless of what’s happening around me.

And my private beach didn’t cost me much except money for gas, bottled water and To Go food.

There is a better World just for us. Never settle when so unhappy. Never keep carrying the weight of everyone on our shoulders. It gets heavier. And it doesn’t stop. Care less, live more for ourselves and those we love. It’s not selfish. It’s sustainable love.

Sunday was my son’s last day of Summer. It was also my last day of Summer vacation. We chose to stay local for 2 weeks and not travel International or other States for two reasons.

We are already rich, we just didn’t see it that way.

First, outrageous expenses ( hotels, air fare and car rentals have been jacked up ).

Second, super crowded airports and public places when we are on a COVID surge with the Delta Variant.

The rocks and soil formations, just a work of Art.

Every time I bring up the idea of Hawaii or Cancun, son will show me an IG video clip of how crazy their airports are. And it worked.

Salmon Pink and White Granites as far as my eyes can see. No diamonds unfortunately but the experience were worth like diamonds.

The Private Beach…

Last day of Summer. My son and I decided to hike back to Garrapata State Park just passed Point Lobos. We’d been to the same spot 3 times. This time we intend to hike and climb the rocks farther till we can’t do it no more. That was the goal and the dream.

Quick stop at the fruit stand by the road. It has the sweetest, juiciest Plums, Nectarines, Peaches and Apricots I’ve ever tasted in a very long time. Locally grown.

It almost did not happen. Wifey wants to drive somewhere closer, safer. In the end, what the heart wants won. Super lucky and happy.

There are adventures and moments in life we can’t quantify nor measure. These are the ones money can’t buy because it only revealed to those it is meant to be revealed. Everyone’s experience will always be different. How we see the world, how we see our day is not the same as the person next to us. Same view, different perception and interpretation.

My son called me as he pointed his fingers beyond the rocks, “Dad, look. It’s a Private Beach. Our Private Beach.”

Discover and explore what our heart really wants, then do them as often as we can.

And there it was, our own Private Beach. No soul in sight. We can do whatever. I could have swam naked and no one will care. My son won’t care either.

No Summer is the same. We don’t compare. We can only try to live it to the fullest at our own terms. Then we say goodbye with a heart that is genuinely grateful for every blessing and hope we shared those blessings generously to as many people as we can. Good Karma flows easy that way.

Just a small strip of beach but that’s all we needed for an enjoyment that is just ours. Did we feel rich? Yes. Did we see, feel and experience what the rich see, feel and experience? Yes, yes and yes.

Paradise is anywhere and anything to anyone. We don’t even have to leave home to find it. It doesn’t have a price tag, which kind of makes it difficult to get for those accustomed to getting things quick using money and credit cards.

On the way back, exhausted, face all sweaty, huffing and puffing, my son told me, “Dad, you look like your dying.” I replied, “I am, but I don’t care. Just give me a moment to catch my breathe.”

I am rich because of him. He teaches me life lessons that is contrary to the lessons of the Financial Experts of the World. He makes me remember the simple things that makes me feel like the richest, luckiest person on Earth. Things both forgotten and taken away.

I don’t know how I made it back legs so tired, wobbly and heavy but I did.

Road trips replaced World travel. Driving replaced flying and cruise ships. Happiness and inspiration remained the same if not more.

Driving home, I told my son, “Can’t believe this is our last day of Summer.” Then I asked him, “Are you happy of the places we went to?” He smiled at me and replied, “Yes, I am happy.” I smiled back content, “I am happy too.”

I see it as a beautiful creation. Some will see it as a weed that needed to be removed.

This is our second Summer that we haven’t traveled outside the U.S. nor other States. We chose local Staycation and just do day trips. No overnight hotels too, if possible.

So far, we did fine. The fun, adventures and happiness are just as good, if not better.

Private beach for all. We thought we were the first people to reached it but before I left, I saw a rusty beer can and an old bonfire pit. If only the world works this way, “Equal opportunity and happiness for all.”

Always live our Summers the way we dreamt our Summers would be. Never waste time procrastinating or dwelling on negativity. Just let our hearts surprise us with its adventures. No expectations.

Believe me, we will have such an amazing time that our hearts won’t be able to contain all that happiness.

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  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks for letting me tag along on your summer day trips.


    • Summer is my fav. Long days and opportunity for adventure with family. School has started, but whether wise, very Summer still in Cali so off to the beach today. Weather too nice and it’s weekend off. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Kim Sa says:

    This place looks nice and relaxing especially the fact that it’s all yours! Whenever my husband and I travel, we always go early morning so we can have the place


  4. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    You are so wise! Great post. Loved the pictures and the captions. I love the beach. Nice perspective!


  5. Tiyasa Kar says:

    It looks so tempting


  6. ourcrossings says:

    You don’t want to be rich—you want to be happy. Although the mass media has convinced many Americans that wealth leads to happiness, that’s not always the case. Money can certainly help you achieve your goals, provide for your future, and make life more enjoyable, but merely having the stuff doesn’t guarantee fulfilment. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xxx


  7. Hi there. You know it’s so interesting, as I scrolled down the first two images, I felt like this looks so familiar to me , than scrolling down further, I saw that I was right, The Garrapata State Beach I have been there like 2 months ago and you were the one who introduced me to this true gem in one of your posts I read while on my coastal trip. So thank you again for leading me to this mesmerizing place. Your images are stunning and I love the reading about your last summer trip.


    • My pleasure. I didn’t even realize myself that Garappata park is so vast. I thought the beach area was it then last part of Summer, we discovered the less traveled trails. Even more fun and exciting. Thank you for also being a meaningful part of my Summer Blog journey. It’s amazing how really small the world is. Take care.


      • I’m sure I haven’t seen all of the beauty of Garappata, good reason to come back next year. I feel honored to learn so much from your wonderful Summer blog journey, thank you so much. Take care too.


        • Thank you too. Garappata gave me a place to balance and escape. It made me and my son closer. For the first time, we’re hike buddies and that made the experience even so much more. Looking forward for his Fall break, perhaps we will hike again there, this time, Autumn colors will very beautiful.


          • That is so wonderful that this hiking season made you and your son closer and becoming hiking buddies. Well nature does any magic to us in any form.


            • Honestly, I only have two best friends nowadays. My wife and son. With them I could be myself. With them, I could go where my heart wants to be without struggle nor judgment. It’s easier to find happiness again with them. Fall too is one of our fav season. Can’t wait for new hiking adventures surrounded by the magic of Autumn. Thanks.

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  8. Sounds like you are enjoying the last days of summer. That private beach looks beautiful. You can find beauty everywhere in the world, you just have to keep an open mind and heart.


  9. ogaraderrick says:

    All that fun at such a small cost (gas, water and food). You sure enjoyed your summer Big Man👌


  10. Ab says:

    The phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies very much to this post. Your photos and sentiments are heartfelt and beautiful.

    If it’s one thing the pandemic reinforced, it is to appreciate the beautiful things we have nearby and in our own backyards. Just as you were encouraged to explore local, we explored the northern part of our province for the first time in the 30 years I’ve lived here.

    Your local destinations are pure beauty and rival those of Hawaii for sure! Enjoy it!


    • Thank you. Looks like we see and try to experience what Nature close to us gives in a similar way. I truly enjoyed your family’s nature adventures in Canada. The country is blessed with pristine and flourishing Nature outdoors. Makes me wanna move there if only I can stand the cold. I don’t think I can survive the snow. Nature kept me sane where the pandemic world made me crazy. It’s so hard to feel human when so much anger, apathy and indifference around me. People are in this denial bubble until it explodes, by then, too late. Many People are numb to both what they see and experience. There is no going back to normal but we need to go back to being kind and loving humans. Covid does not cause mental and emotional distress, it’s people and their actions. Nature on the other hand and our true love ones seems to be the only ones who can truly understand and give us comfort, peace a d joy. The photos and the words, they’re simply reflections of an escape beyond words.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        The snow and cold winters are definitely an acquired taste, along with the very short days of daylight. It’s my least favourite season and makes me appreciate the rest of the year and our summers more!

        What has happened with people treating others negatively will be very hard to come back from, I think. But I have faith. 🙂 I do sincerely hope this time next summer, we will have moved on in a forward way and not stuck in the same pattern we find ourselves in this summer compared to last summer!


  11. says:

    Your last adventure of summer looks like it was sublime! I have enjoyed watching your adventures this summer! Your photos are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!


  12. I enjoy your beautiful photos!


  13. SamSahana says:

    Such a wholesome post! You took us to another magical world that’s waiting to be discovered 😀 Have bookmarked this to remember to add this remarkable place in my travel bucket list. No better way to spend the last day of summer for sure! Terrific!


  14. Laura says:

    Beautiful images and places, what a wonderful way to enjoy the last of summer with your family.


  15. Sheree says:

    Looks an enchanting spot


  16. jeankennerson says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing photos! What an amazing area to spend many hours with your family! 😎


  17. arlene says:

    Ang galing mo talaga. Those sea shells are lovely. Andbthe scenery…wow.


  18. Wow! Gorgeous photos! Beautiful way to spend your last day of summer. There’s nothing more calming than the sea 💖


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