Dead Barry, Dead Patriotism

Is Barry a person? Is Barry an event in History that made ordinary people to extraordinary Heroes and Legends?

“We are at War to a bio weapon that adjust to our response. Many of us answered to the call and became soldiers and heroes without knowing it. And the War will just get worse. We need more soldiers willing to sacrifice themselves for everyone’s America and it’s people.”

Fort Barry continuous to stand strong and brave to remind all Americans that America is a country worth dying and sacrificing for. We’d been at War to an invincible enemy. Like the Gulf War on Terrorists, this will take many years to end because the bio terrorism weapon hides in a human host.

Is Barry a forgotten Fort that used to protect our Defenders from Foreign Invaders? Or is Barry a Soldier who gave up his life for others during a time when being selfless is considered an expression of genuine love and loyalty for country?

Was it worth for Barry to die and leave his wife and children for other people who don’t even appreciate nor remember?

Was it worth for Barry to set aside a bright future, leave mom and dad behind for what the heart strongly feels was the right thing to do?

Was Barry’s self sacrifice worth it?

Barry will never know. Barry is dead, and more than a million of Barries of America throughout History. Their orphans, widow and widower however knows it so well because they relive the loss and trauma in their lifetime while those that our Barries died for are enjoying “I only” Freedom carelessly without accountability and remorse.

All the Stars should be aligned and the Flag mighty and powerful across the sky. But the Stars are fighting. The Stars are divided. The Flag has been desecrated and violated for personal interest and gain. The only way for it to rise and soar again is for all its Stars to unify and align themselves for each other. Only then can it be strong and great again.”

A lonely barrack at Fort Barry stands alone by the day. When the lights are out, its halls, rooms, empty beds comes to life to tell the stories of the brave men and women who once lived here.

Remember how people used to volunteer because it is an honor and an act of bravery to serve during the Civil War, World War I and II, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War after the 9/11 terrorism attack in New York that shook America and the World?

“The willingness to die for what America stands for and it’s constitution is what makes a person a True American.”

We created fences sharper than barbwires. We created weapons enough to destroy our World and kill as much as we can.

How are we honoring and respecting the memory of those who perished so we all can enjoy, even abuse our Freedom, Happiness and Democracy?

Are we doing the honorable? Are we doing the respectful?

These are the messages of the forgotten who died and sacrificed at a time Patriotism is about people willing to die for country and others.

“Missiles were made by men. It was not natural. Then men created a bio weapon, still not natural. Everyone is scared that one country will get trigger happy. But many are not scared that the lethal bio weapon is already in their homes and communities.”

In quiescence, the walls speak. Heavy footsteps on stairs and corridors. Moaning of pain and loss in deafening crescendo. They are the ghosts of Battery Mendell who hopes to be remembered.

These are the stories of the dead, known and unknown at Fort Barry and all the places blood and life had been sacrificed for all Americans.

Do we hear them? Do we honor them? Our actions today are too far out from our answers.

They were unknown to most for whom they died, but they were a love one to those they left behind.

Remember how Men and Women are willing to subject themselves to the horrors of war, die or leave families to fight Freedom for all and Democracy for all?

Battery Mendell, an abandoned concrete Endicott Period gun battery at Fort Barry in the Marin Headlands. Originally used as harbor defense in the early 1900s. Till today, its doors opens to the past for those wiling to experience uncomfortable.

That was the time of Authentic Patriotism. That was the time people inspire each other through concrete actions of selfless sacrifice for one another.

That was the time we were willing to die for our neighbors we don’t know but because they are Americans in one United America, we do it for them.

Where is danger? Where is safe? Inside or outside? Nowhere. When death comes, it will not ask permission. If sickness happens, it doesn’t matter who we are.

Recent events shows Authentic Patriotism is dead to many. In its place, Politics rose inflicting evil, hate, division, sickness and death.

Across view, Fort Cronkhite, Marin Headlands, Sausalito.

More proof? Check our T.V., newspaper and smartphone news. All the evidence of the truth we keep pretending is not happening is all there. So transparent and clear. So blaring and blinding that it hurts.

If we still refuse to see it despite of facts and events, then hope is dead too.

Today, we throw or burn the life saving mask and shout “Our Freedom!” The word ours is plural for I, me and mine. Selfish is not Patriotism. It’s self benefit and preservation. It’s narcissistic. It’s super pride.

Today, we refuse a vaccine despite of 9 months of proof and evidence that it worked and shout, “For our Freedom. For our America.”

Inside are stories, secrets and dreams that only comes out during the coldest, darkest of nights. No full moon needed.

Again, the use of the word “ours” in a sense of exclusivity.

Ours excludes anyone that doesn’t share our beliefs, our cause or does not look like the Americans we envision to be a part of the Great United States of America.

Fort Barry Barracks and Rodeo Lagoon.

Patriotism has been infiltrated with Supremacy and Racism.

Wasn’t this what we witnessed during the planned, organized terrorist attack at the Capitol this year with the intent to kill and destroy?

What else could it be? How else do we redefine it so it doesn’t sound savage and brutal?

The True Patriots…

The real Patriotic here are the ones who stepped up and got the emergency vaccine despite of possible side effects and adverse reactions because they are responding to an emergency call of duty.

So close I can see the skeletons underneath the water. Long pointy fingers sprouting above the surface of the lagoon. I stopped and turned back.

It did not matter to the Patriotic Vaccinated if the vaccine was not FDA approved. It did not matter if there were risks and possible complications. What mattered to them was to keep everyone safe.

It was important for the new brave heroes that “we” and “all” have a chance to end the War to a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Imagination by day. Haunting by night. Who makes it tomorrow?

True Patriots goes above and beyond.

True Patriots rise above hard challenges.

Empty cars, empty buildings. Everyone disappeared. No trace. No foot prints. Not a Sci-Fi movie set. It’s a real scenario when we keep ignoring the signs.

True Patriotic Americans don’t complain and cause harmful disturbances.

Genuine Patriotic Americans are the solution, not the problem. They jump to the fire without hesitation to rescue a stranger, NOT push the stranger to the fire.

“There’s beauty, there’s madness. There’s peace, there’s war. There’s hope, there’s death. There’s hate, there’s love. Everything begins with a choice and choices have consequences we have to face and answer to. If not to people, it’s our conscience. Few are lucky, they don’t feel anything when they commit something dreadful and senseless. We are not those few…unfortunately.”

Rodeo Beach. Too beautiful we forget what’s real and what’s not? We even forget who we are and what we stand and fight for. There are so many Rodeo Beaches and Parks in the Country. Even more hypnotizing than this one. It’s okay to have fun but fun shouldn’t be why we exist.

Real Heroes of the Global Pandemic…

The vaccinated didn’t have to be soldiers to decide and make a heroic sacrifice. They didn’t think only of themselves but thought about their neighbors, their community, their Nation.

They didn’t shout and brag, “I got vaccinated because I’m Patriotic!” They received the vaccine quietly and proved their Heroism and Patriotism without a fuss, without chaos and drama.

I touched it’s branches. Didn’t realized it was covered with thorns, then a drop of blood fell. Will it awaken something or someone? I thought it did as I followed the voices and echoes.

Real Heroes don’t go around announcing and shouting, “I’m a Hero!” Real Heroes keep doing the good, the kind and the helpful as unnoticeable as possible. They don’t like drawing attention to themselves. They dislike attention because it only delays what is essential, “make a difference in the lives of others.”

It was a beautiful day. A full Sun for 2 hours in the Marin Headlands while in SF, a thick fog loomed partly covering the top of the Golden Gate. The weather contrast just a bridge away always fascinating.

The Young and the Innocent Heroes…

Children with their parent’s consent chose to be experimental Guinea Pigs for others and the World so everyone gets to survive and thrive while many adults keep disrupting hope and turning off the light at the end of the tunnel.

Shameful, embarrassing when adults are the irresponsible and the hesitant but the young innocent are the fearless and the responsible.

Who is Patriotic in this pandemic scenario? Who answered the call during a National and Worldwide Emergency?

Soldiers and their Families lived here. They even have a school. It was a community sharing a common love for country. Strangers became friends and family willing to fight and die for each other. The past doesn’t have to be a past when we need it’s core values and lessons in the present.

Bad Role Models…

What kind of role models are we to the our children and their generation?

We are badly messing up their minds and killing their hopes. Looks like we want them to be as miserable and prejudice as we are.

We should do everything we can so the sins and devastation of our history will not repeat in theirs.

“We left them alone the moment we didn’t prepare them for what is real and true. The generation I grow up did not give trophies and praise for failures. I was taught to work harder and persevere. I was taught to suck it up and try better. I was taught education was my only ticket for my impossible dreams. No freebies, no easy money schemes. I was taught to be kind and help others without expectations.

What’s the point of working so hard for our children’s future if it’s already doomed.

Our children has to live in a world of people where diversity and differences are normal. I don’t think it’s our intention for them to survive life on their own. Their world will be tougher, harder, meaner because their parents and society made it that way.

What Legacy are we leaving behind?

“His Mom tries to hide the evils of the World, Life Circumstances and People. She wants him to see it as perfect, flawless, easy, no worries, nice, kind. I say the opposite and try to tell him for what it is. I don’t want him to make the same mistakes and go through similar difficulties and heart breaks because I was too naive, trusting, innocent, over optimistic. I want him to be smarter, wiser no books can teach. A parent needs to prepare his or her children for the worst and teach them how to handle the best.”

The Legacy…

Who will be remembered in the history of America and the World for being selfless, patriotic and heroic?

Who will be remembered as the selfish and the cowards who allowed more people to die unnecessarily?

Enough babying and tolerating the selfish and the narcissists.

Enough allowing people to abuse the word Patriotism to kill, cause damage and division.

Enough bandaid, coverups, excuses and lethal misinformations.

We already allowed the unimaginable attack on Democracy and America we dearly love last January 6, 2021.

Why are we still allowing the same perpetrators to keep spreading lies and hate?

The same people are influencing others to fuel our 4th, 5th and future Pandemic Surges.

The same people are telling us to run towards disaster instead of heading towards safety.

“There are more dangers than walking at the edge. There are people that will lead us to suffering and death. It wasn’t just their fault. It was ours. We believed them. We followed them. We had our choices. It wasn’t forced. We’d been walking on edge. We’d been very edgy that one little trigger, we snap.”

Are we that fanatically blind? Are we that scared? Are we that heartless? Or are we that unpatriotic?

Unacceptable and senseless. Even our Dead Barries knows, but can’t do anything because they are dead.

Unless of course a Zombie Apocalypse happens because of a Walking Dead COVID mutation Variant. Only then can our dead Barries decide if they will seek revenge to the undeserving.

“The memories of our soldiers should be respected, honored and appreciated, but we do the opposite.”

“They circled around the beckon from Earth to Space. At night, shadows comes from beneath and from above. Those whose conscience are dark, they freeze to death before morning from fear of their own doing. People have been warned not to stay passed sundown but some can’t resist self destruction.”

Stop shouting, “I’m Patriotic,” if you only meant to shout it for yourself or a supreme group who thinks this Land is just theirs. Not cool. Not very American.

Stop, because it is only widening disunity and anger. Stop because it only prolongs the war against sickness, death, unemployment, economic loss.

Not a U.F.O., though looks like it. Or is it?

So, for the living who can still make a difference in the World, stop listening to those who can’t save you and start listening to those who already died for you or willing to die for you.

Make Barry’s life meant something. Make Barry’s living Family and Friends see that their beloved Barry’s death was worth it. That you are worth it.

He didn’t want me to go inside because it was dirty and risking Tetanus. But I didn’t care. I had to see it. Some visitors who were bored, sprayed paints. Some were disrespectful and left their trash. This is how some people honor history because they don’t know better, or they are just being themselves.

“Pride is evil. Don’t let it consume you. It will devour you without you knowing it. Pride becomes you. Evil becomes you. It’s everywhere. It’s everyone. They don’t hide in the shadows. They are at podiums and social media creating as much havoc as they can. And we are willing lambs to be slaughtered.”

Try to see things through the eyes of others. Try to see your own reflection if you like the person it has become.

Then…we destroyed in revenge a country and killed men, women and children when Terrorists hit the Twin Towers, killing 2,977 of our fellow Americans.

We justify everything that brought destruction and death to others. We wash our sins because it’s easy. We blame others because it’s convenient.

Now…we become willing host and super spreaders of a highly evolving biological terrorism weapon meant to harm all Americans.

We don’t see, we just fall. We fell and still refuse to believe we’re inside a hole, trapped. That’s hopeless. So why bother? Let things run it’s course. I guess I find myself starting not to care sometimes. Who wouldn’t?

Our best revenge is to do our best to end the terrorism caused by a highly intelligent engineered virus. We don’t have to destroy more lives. We don’t have to literally kill more people. We don’t have to destroy and harm each other.

I haven’t walk towards history this personal. I didn’t have to try, the voices and whispers won’t leave me alone till I listened and understood. So I did.

One country under God, united and made whole as one people against one war to one common enemy…COVID.

Translation: Our fellow Americans are NOT our enemies.

If collectively we joined forces, this war against ALL Humanity would have been over.

Who is Barry again? Barry is our love one who will not be retuning home.

Barry is our Patriotic Hero who fought for what he truly believes, preserving Democracy.

Barry is that soldier who died too young so everyone can grow old enjoying unlimited Freedom and Happiness.

I choose to create a Summer where I made a difference. I choose to create a Summer where everyone remembers with fondness. It’s not impossible. I already did most of them before school reopens.”

Justice for all the Barries.

Prayers and Support for every Barry still fighting for what’s good, decent and worth saving in this country.

Inspiration and encouragement to our young future Barries to pursue their dreams of honor, bravery and heroism.

We get to surf with freedom and be happy anytime, anywhere because someone else gave up theirs.

“I had to see for myself the remnants of history to appreciate all the more the blessings I’m enjoying in the present. Everyone I think needs to go back and reflect on what they are complaining about. Why doing the right thing is so difficult. I don’t want to hear another excuse because it’s all that I hear, see and read. They become blah-blah-blah, a nuisance. It’s not the sound of music for sure.

“I look around me and most that I see are distant, cold people with faces of distrust, frustration, anger, apathy and impatience. The enemy has won, but doesn’t mean the war is over. Maybe Hope is not dead yet. Maybe Patriotism is not dead yet either. But that’s not up to me, but it’s up to all of us. That’s we.”

Tunnel towards the Fort.

Someone made our Freedom and Happiness possible. They didn’t have to know who we are. They just knew we needed it. That was enough for them to give up their lives. That was enough to sacrifice everything whether we deserve it or not.

We can’t see passed few meters away because of the fog, but we knew the lighthouse is at the end of the swaying suspension bridge, so we pressed on.

They are what real Heroes are made of. They don’t think of themselves first. They save us first, then save themselves last.

It’s not impossible nor hard to be that Hero.

Point Bonita Lighthouse, Marin Headlands.

If we are in Barry’s shoes, will we choose bravery, sacrifice and love for country and fellow Americans? Are we willing to walk in the footsteps of every Barry with humility, dignity and honor?

Or are we going to whine, be mean and take everyone’s chances again?

Fort Baker Soldiers and Coast Guards making sure everyone’s safe. I stood on the rocks next to the water, a blow horn warning was announced, “Man on the rocks, get out!” At first I thought I just imagined that he meant me. Then my wife confirmed it when she said, “Coast Guard told you to get out. How were you able to go down?”

“Have we been terrorized by COVID, a living organism? Have we been terrorized because of COVID related Government mandates, restrictions that took away our jobs (or threaten our jobs) and freedom? Have we been terrorized by people because of COVID? If our answer is yes, then COVID is a bioterrorism weapon and we are at War. COVID is the ultimate weapon to destroy powerful countries because people don’t know it’s a weapon and people are voluntarily helping the enemy win. I saw this last year, just didn’t want to believe it’s true. But here we are, our lives, freedom and happiness once again being taken away.”

The best views of the Golden Gate is not in San Francisco but in Marin County. Fort Baker, Sausalito.

“The light at the end of the tunnel remains a myth. We are fooling ourselves if we actually believe it’s there when it’s not. I don’t see it at all. The Delta COVID mutation has proven indestructible. My worst fear, a mutation where the vaccines will no longer work. It’s probable this will happen in 2022. Over optimism has proven catastrophic. Let’s celebrate victory when we actually won and deserve a trophy.”

“The number of lives taken by all American Wars from 1861 to now, COVID will match in about 2 years or so. The country we keep shouting we love so much has been screaming for us to make that sacrifice, to do what’s right, to stop thinking of what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country and our countrymen. It’s been screaming for help but our noise drowned it’s screams. Our hearts, ice cold dead.”

Our hiking experience took us to a time of honor and bravery. I wasn’t expecting to hear our soldier’s stories but my heart was, so I listened. Memorial and Reflections, Fort Barry, Fort Cronkhite, Fort Baker, 8/5/21, 8/8/21.

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18 Responses to Dead Barry, Dead Patriotism

  1. SamSahana says:

    This was like watching a beautiful documentary. It is indeed sad that these Barries and their sacrifices are forgotten. “Why do we struggle for our children’s future if it is already doomed?” THIS just hit very very hard! “Ours excludes anyone that doesn’t share our beliefs”- MIGHTY MIGHTY LINE! This seems to be a disease around the world! The rightists and leftists, the educated and uneducated, etc… Anybody who’s different is an enemy.
    Everything from the catchy title to the deep, thought-provoking write up had me absolutely glued to this post. Wish more people read this and reflected similarly!


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  3. David says:

    Stick to your avocation, because you have failed in your attempts to persuade by engaging in a campaign of fear. And throughout your post you have confused nationalism with patriotism. But living in California and being surrounded by leftists, it comes as no surprise.

    Nationalism is about power: its adherent wants to acquire as much power and prestige as possible for his nation, in which he submerges his individuality. It is based on the premise that the individual’s loyalty and devotion to the nation-state surpass other individual or group interests. They also rally against any philosophy, such as religion, that supersedes national loyalties. Their feeling of superiority differentiates their nationalism from patriotism. Nationalists believe they have a right to dominate others because of their supposed superiority. While nationalism is accordingly aggressive, patriotism is defensive: it is a devotion to a particular place and a way of life one thinks best, but has no wish to impose on others.

    You are not a patriot, you are a nationalist, because so-called Progressives (Socialist/Marxists) always want power and prestige in order to impose their ideologies upon those who want to live their lives as they believe is best. Fortunately, a majority of the population are patriots and still believe in a constitutional republic and as patriots are willing to defend the tenets of that constitution. Those persons who forcibly entered the capitol building on January 6th were Nationalists and those who peaceably marched to the capitol building and refused to illegally enter the capitol building were Patriots.

    Nationalists have generated an enormous amount of pressure that is being placed on people. The push is coming from politicians, public health officials, the media, and celebrities to get vaccinated. Many go so far as to claim that researching the issue for oneself and doing a careful cost/benefit analysis is selfish. As with all things Covid, this obsessive push is unprecedented, and is not remotely supported by evidence. It is understandable why people are afraid, and mostly misinformed, about Covid in general, and the vaccines in particular. For 18 months we have been subjected to a non stop, entirely one sided, campaign of fear, censorship, and misinformation. Factual information from even the most credible experts in the world has been labeled “fake” and suppressed. Meanwhile misleading, and often false, information is simply asserted as fact, and those who challenge the narrative are criticized and suppressed. I find this onslaught against those who choose to conduct independent research and the gathering of data to be highly un-American.

    Until recently, suggesting that making decisions about one’s own body is selfish, would be, for the most part, unthinkable. Now it is commonplace. Determining what one puts in his body is a basic human right, it is important that we do not sacrifice it. Everyone has a right to assess their own risk and decide for themselves.

    It is well known that the risk of Covid varies widely due to age and health. If you are old and sick, it might make sense to take the vaccines, if you are not, it is reasonable to decide not to. The Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) research should be used as guideline to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the current “experimental” vaccines being pushed by a host of the galactically uninformed.

    Note that for those under 55, the IFR is similar to the seasonal flu. But, and this is very important, these broad demographic categories include large numbers of very unhealthy people. Within each demographic, the IFR is an average of people at higher and lower risk. According to the CDC, 94% of those reported to have died from Covid had severe comorbidities. So where’s you outrage toward coronary heart disease? Yeah, we saw one of your other posts where of were sucking down a Fat Burger and French Fries. We are not surprised because the leftist mentality is “it’s OK for me, but not for thee.” Just like Barry’s (Barack Hussein Obama) recent birthday party where everyone was dancing, dining, drinking without wearing face masks and not social distancing; even though all of those leftist phonies will stand in front of a TV camera and blabber on and on about the patriotic duty of every citizen to bow at the altar of government imposed draconian regulations. They are liars and hypocrites!

    The IFR data reveals that your health is the most important factor to consider when assessing risk. If you are healthy, not obese, don’t have diabetes or a heart condition, your actual risk will be significantly lower than the average IFR in your group. Under age 65, the risk to you, if you are healthy, is likely to be similar to, or less than, the risk posed by the seasonal flu. In younger groups, if one is healthy, the risk is negligible. The bottom line is that, if you are healthy, Covid is not very dangerous. Certainly not as dangerous as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). Yes, it is also a virus and manifold worse than SARS 2. Instead of running around California and using a travel blog to promote your personal, political ideology…you should be standing on the street corner in the Tenderloin district and passing out condoms. That is, if you really wanted to illustrate the actual meaning of the word patriotism.

    According to the manufacturers and the CDC, the vaccines do not necessarily provide immunity, nor prevent infection or transmission. They were tested for efficacy and safety in reducing the likelihood of infection and the severity of the symptoms if infected. Also, while they may reduce transmission and infection, which could accelerate herd immunity, significant numbers of fully vaccinated people have become infected after both doses. This does not mean that you shouldn’t take the vaccine, it just should be considered when assessing risk.

    Adverse events may (not must) be reported to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), and we can use this information to assess the relative risk of these vaccines to past vaccines. But, it is important to note that a study by Harvard, commissioned by the US government concluded that VAERS vastly under-reports adverse effects. Ask yourself, “Why would a physician, hospital, clinic, health department, etc. under-report an adverse reaction to the current ‘experimental’ vaccines?” Big Pharma, major corporations, Big Tech and government agencies are a huge source of monetary gifts and grants given to the those who should be reporting every adverse reaction to any vaccine. But as we all know, money talks, so don’t bite the hand that feeds you is the covert message being given to those who accept the gifts and grants.

    VAERS data reveals that in 2019 a total of 605 deaths linked to ALL vaccines. So far, 11,405 deaths have been reported linked to the Covid vaccines alone. Ironically, the leftist corporate media doesn’t challenge the numbers, they just do their typical dance around the truth and state the overall low risk associated with the “experimental” and suggest, without evidence, that people are over-reporting the adverse effects. To entertain such a ludicrous and farcical suggestion is foolish.

    What are the long-term risks of these vaccines?

    Nobody knows, anyone who says otherwise is deluded or dishonest. These new mRNA vaccines were rushed to market and, for obvious reasons, have not undergone long term testing. These vaccines have not been approved by the FDA, but have received an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). They have not been tested in the manner required for FDA approval.

    So, do we have reasons to be concerned about the long term risks of these vaccines? Yes we do.

    The previous attempts to develop mRNA vaccines have not fared well.
    – In 2004 attempted vaccine produced hepatitis in ferrets
    – In 2005 mice and civets became sick and more susceptible to coronaviruses after vaccination.
    – In 2012 ferrets became sick and died. And, in this study mice and ferrets developed lung disease.
    – In 2016 this study also produced lung disease in mice.

    These previous attempts at mRNA vaccines initially produced good results. But, when exposed to the wild version of the virus, many of the subjects became ill and died. The speculation was that these vaccines produced Antibody Dependent Enhancement. In short, these vaccines seemed to cause the immune system to wildly over-react, often resulting in death. Will these vaccines do the same? Nobody knows.

    Add to this the fact that Anthony Fauci, and others pushing the jab, own patents in parts of these vaccines and it becomes immediately legitimate to be concerned about conflicts of interest.

    Are there alternatives to these vaccines?

    Yes, there are numerous treatments that can be used prophylactically (before sickness) and in the early stages of sickness. These include: hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, zinc, Ivermectin, fluvoxamine, vitamin D, and more, that indicate promising efficacy. Many doctors around the world have achieved great success using these medications, usually in some combination, but information on this has been censored and suppressed. The Lancet published a fraudulent paper claiming that hydroxychloroquine is dangerous and ineffective. They retracted the paper 2 weeks later.

    Not only was information suppressed about these alternatives, official treatment guidelines in many parts of the world recommended they not be used. Instead many doctors were instructed to tell their sick patients to stay at home until they were so sick that they had trouble breathing. This insane policy likely caused hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths around the world, and likely contributed to the few places where hospital overcrowding was a real issue. To make it worse, doctors using these alternatives all said that they are effective in the early stages of the disease.

    The campaign against these treatments was, and still is, medically unjustifiable. It is true that there were no Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) confirming their efficacy, but their comparative safety has been well established for years. To argue that these treatments should not be used (some doctors have lost their medical licenses for doing so) over phantom concerns about safety, is unconscionable. If a treatment poses no significant risk, but might be beneficial, it is unethical to insist that they not be used until an RCT proves their efficacy. It is interesting to note that there were no Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) on the lockdown policies, known to cause extreme harm, were conducted before being forced upon us.

    Opposition to these adjunct therapies makes no sense medically or scientifically. Unfortunately it does make sense financially. First they are all inexpensive and easily available, which threatens the staggering profits being made by the vaccine producers. Second, and this is quite astonishing, it is illegal to grant emergency use authorization to a drug if there are other safe and effective treatments available. Draw your own conclusions from this.

    Why is so much pressure being employed to get everyone vaccinated?

    It doesn’t make sense scientifically, ethically or medically. I do know that sowing fear and mistrust, labeling anyone with concerns about these vaccines a “denier”, “anti-vax” or a selfish person who doesn’t care about others, is deplorable.

    Is it true that deciding not to get vaccinated harms others?

    No! This is a tool, intended to shame people, founded on a series of claims, always asserted as facts that are not supported by credible evidence.

    Asymptomatic spread is the mother of all shame tools, but it is not a significant driver of the virus. The claim that asymptomatic spread is a significant driver of the virus is not based on identifying infected, but asymptomatic, individuals, tracking their contacts, and testing whether they infected anyone; they are based on anecdotal claims and mathematical models. Such “evidence” cannot establish causation.

    Yet this scare tactic, originally used to justify draconian and harmful lockdown policies, is now being used to shame people into taking the vaccine. It is perfectly reasonable to say “because I am not sick, I cannot infect others; if I do get sick, I will quarantine myself until I’m fully recovered”. “Oh, but you might be sick and not know it”, say the people who’ve been conditioned into fear.

    The asymptomatic spread narrative serves two purposes, sowing fear and shaming those who’ve researched the issue and concluded otherwise. Here is a study on this that does identify, track and test; it found no examples of asymptomatic spread.


    • We have our opinions. Everyone is entitled to them. People have beliefs. 4 things I don’t discuss with friends, Politics, Religion, values and beliefs, because people are willing to do the extreme for them, and just ends up with disagreements, fight , negativity , anger, division. I’ve seen it many times so I just turn away or stop and talk of something else. Americans had been fighting and arguing from day 1 of covid. We are getting worse. Everyone is opinionated. Everyone is right, which is impossible because there has to be the wrong side. I’m trying not to care and worry of what I can’t control, and focus on what I can control and change. Besides, no rush, covid like flu and rsv is here to stay…forever. For now, we enjoy life for as much, for as long as we can. Thanks for the feedback.


  4. Thank you for this brilliant post, along with such great images. I’ve been there some 30 years ago, yet didn’t walk around the entire compound.


    • Thanks. The first time I went was before COViD, mostly at Rodeo Beach. But second visit, we decided to hike past a fence that unfolded so much of history and lots of self reflections. I guess, I wasn’t the same traveler few years back.


      • Thank you for your feed back comment. I guess we are all not the same travelers years back. Through circumstances and age we change all the time and that’s a good thing.


        • True. Places and landmarks changes some but it’s mostly the person who revisits that changed the most. My wife ask why I go to the same places I like. I guess it’s to remind myself of what I love and who I was, of the simple things that makes me happier. Age, circumstances, people and events changes us through the years, both good and bad. Some we know, some we just don’t until self realization happens. Thanks for sharing.

          Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a beautiful place. The hike reveals a history today’s living can learn so much from.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ab says:

    I was reading about a famous podcaster today named Joe Rogan who is claiming that vaccine passports are the next step in taking the US to a dictatorship.

    It reinforced to me that the civil war in the US right now is between the vaccinated and the anti-vaxxers and the mask wearing vs the “freedom fighters.”

    It really is quite sad. This pandemic could’ve been long curbed if more action had been taken and people are more willing to believe in the science.

    The best way to honour the Barries of the past is to believe in the science and to do our part to curb the pandemic.


    • I was watching the news last night. Florida with deSantis is like U.S. with Trump last year. He is blaming Biden , Fauci , the helpless immigrants from the Borders for everything. He is too Narcissistic to accept that he did it and keeps doing it himself. How can a State survive the Delta Variant without the effective mask and vaccines? How can a leader watch his Floridians die, get sick, it’s health workers exhausted and afraid? How can he still campaign for the next election when 1/4 of his voters could be dead in the next 2 years. Same thing with Texas Abbot. He did not encourage mask , vaccines and safety mandates but now asking help for staffing at overwhelmed hospitals whose patients mostly don’t believe in ending this war with the vaccine. It doesn’t make sense. The reporter was correct, States ruled by the selfish Governors will have a far worse 2022. 2021 is just a preview of what will happen if people choose to ignore the dangers of a highly evolving virus. In the end, what matters is we tried. Then after, We focus on those we can still help and save. Hopeless is not worth the stress and our energy. If you saw another news, angry anti-vaccine people are even threatening the lives of those trying to do their jobs, & caring for their children in schools and community. So why waste time and risk our lives on those who are clearly want harm on others? Human behavior has been more tragic than the pandemic. Thank you for a very inspiring share. Much appreciated 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        It is very telling that red states are the worse hit with covid because they have selfish – and yes, narcissistic leaders – who refuse to encourage safety measures because they are playing up to their anti-vaccine and conspiracy theory-peddling constituents. They’re not going to have much of a base when many of die in the incoming next wave of the virus! Maybe that’s not a bad thing, as awful as that sounds.

        Do take care and enjoy what is left of your summer! 👍


      • Ab says:

        Further to my earlier reply, just read this and made me both sad and angry. I don’t understand parents who would willingly put their kids in danger like these ones.


        • It is sad. Sadder, our leaders too afraid to make a judgment call, so sickness and deaths continues. A dad hit a teacher for trying to protect his daughter and other children. Parents threatening their lives as teachers and medical staff for doing their jobs. A friend texted me, 100 nurses left a major hospital in Houston at the surge of covid. Reason was burned out. My thinking having worked there before is inhuman and unkind treatment to nurses. Texas does not allow unions so all the nurses their can be exploited however they see fit. With no back help for staffing as other states as battling their own surges, more unsafe patient care will happen causing the lives of people who have no idea that their lives are being jeopardize the moment the enter the E.R. or called 911. In a disaster mode, health workers have to freedom unlike regular citizens. It’s dictatorship. It’s work whatever or quit. Children hospitals will see terror they have not seen before in the next 4 months. People again are over optimistic when the truth is in front of them. California is lucky, we have a Democrat Gov Newsom. Despite of the recall BS from Republic self serving politicians, he is the first Gov to mandate school mask regardless of vaccination to protect children, staff, teachers, even the parents who hates him. Humanity versus Politics, this is the real War. Covid and people just a willing weapons. Stay safe. Thank you.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ab says:

            Health care workers have been the true heroes during this pandemic. The way they continue to be exploited is truly deplorable. I don’t know how you hang in there. But thank you!

            It seems to a pandemic of the unvaccinated and it still boggles the mind how many still seem to think this is a hoax. Many learn the hard way.

            Hope your first day back at work was ok!


  6. I fervently hope that more people see and think about everything you said. I didn’t want to step up and get a shot that was unproven, but I wanted to live. Even if it was a 50/50 chance of it working, it was better than a 100% chance of dying from Covid! Thank you for posting today. I wish more people could go visit the old military facilities and remember the men and women that sacrificed so we could walk among their sacrifices and thank them for their service. I remember standing in line to get the Salk vaccine because the thought of spending my life in an iron lung was not something I wanted in my future. Get the damn shot and be grateful that you can!


    • I agree. I actually want to get a third shot , before any CDC or expert mandate. I don’t have to be told “when” to get the booster when possible sickness is in front of my face everyday. I don’t trust really the “experts” because of inconsistencies and politics. They want to make everyone happy when we can’t, not with a pandemic that does not know politics. Besides, we wasted millions of experience covid vaccines in America, might as well use them for good use. It’s a frustrating war on bioterrorism with people will to spread it. Not fair for people with other sickness too as COVID patients gets preferential treatment. My thought is why? Is a cancer patient life less than a covid patient who was not vaccinated? We didn’t choose cancer but covid, we do now.


Thank you for the visit. Have an awesome day!

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