Alemere Falls, The Waterfall That Loves The Ocean Unconditionally

One of the 2 known rare Tidefall, a waterfall that flows directly into the ocean in California, Alamere Falls is too dreamy to be true, but it does exist.

The Waterfall love so much the Ocean that it made a vow to love it unconditionally till the end of time. No drought will ever stop it from giving all of itself.”

It’s one of the most unforgettable Nature Hiking Adventure I’d been. Not only do I get to stand where the water cascades down, but unbelievably able to dip my feet on the refreshing cold water where it meets the sand.

Bottom Fall

One Hiker from our group gets to cross out a bucket list, “Shower under a waterfall,” and bathe in its pool. I wish I did it too, but I didn’t bring extra clothes, he did. He came prepared. I wasn’t. It’s a reason for me to go back though and cross it out on my add on must-to do list.

Upper most Fall

The Drive…

I woke up at 4:30 A.M. so we can drive before 6:00 A.M. towards Point Reyes National Seashore, Marin County. I though it was too early, then an OMG moment happened.

As we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, the most amazing Sunrise appeared connecting two destined lovers, Marin and Francisco who promised to love each other forever. No odds, hardships and opposing families will break them apart. Theirs is a story that confirms love conquers and endures all when people fight for it.

It was a magical revelation of courage, perseverance, hope and new beginnings, at least for me.

I wish I can slow mo the moment, but it was over in a minute. Our driver did try to drive the slowest, so I’m thankful.

The Trail…

Mesmerizing ocean views on the left.

Gorgeous wildflowers, trees and rocks on the right. They were so eye candy, I found myself alone several times staring at them because the rest of my group hikers already went ahead.

Middle Falls

My hiking pace was leisure walk-pause-run. It is very distracting to have a scenic trail. Good distraction though because I forgot all my anxiety and stress.

I was 100% lost in enjoyment to a once in a lifetime 100% magnificent Nature experience. To a restless, often worried, broken dreamer, that’s a rare gift as rare as the Sunrise I witnessed that morning.

The Tidefall…

Everyone stands next to the edge. No fear of slipping. I guess the sand can serve as a cushion. Still ouch.

I stood close to the edge of the fall next to the water that was flowing down.

I was here. How many of us can say that? Don’t let this Pandemic stop you from following what your heart truly desires. Go travel. Take a roadtrip. Just get vaccinated, wear a mask, avoid crowded places and events with people not wearing mask. It’s the only guarantee we will make it to next Summer’s adventures. Personally, my bucket list is unlimited and keeps changing, so I intend to live longer, healthier.

I looked towards the ocean’s vastness so happy that my chest felt like it’s going to burst.

Exactly how our hearts should feel.

I stretched my arms wide and look up towards the sky, silently shouting, “I’m on top of the World!”

Exhilarating, thrilling, exciting, I can go on and on of how it all felt to describe the experience, but one stood out, blissful.

Peace…even the richest person can’t buy it, but any of us ordinary folks can have it. Not a forever though. It’s something we just enjoy while it last and then we try again. Only the dead gets their lasting peace…if they hit heaven!

After our group hiking picture, we ate and shared our packed lunch. Place so fun, I didn’t hear my tummy growling.

I had to see the entirety of this California paradise so I walked the farthest from the group and stood on the rocks next to the ocean waves.

There are friends in this World that will take time to take us places and moments that make us believe in people and ourselves again. They are friends to keep forever. The rest who never made you matter, delete now and fast!

I felt so wonderfully alive like all my senses are heightened. It was invigorating, almost like I was 21 again. No need for Testosterone shots, not yet anyways.

“We don’t have to see the full face of a person to know they are happy or smiling. It could be the sound of their voice, their laughter, the words they write or say. There are pictures we can’t photo edit when it comes to inner happiness. I looked at this one and all the pics taken that day and I really did look very happy. So I will try and find time to make more of these moments if the reward is happiness. Life would be lifeless without it.”

The Lesson…

Freeze the moments that awes you. Keep the ones that inspired you. Leave the ones that hurt you. Repeat the ones that made you forget the shits. Be grateful for the ones that stood out as a blessing. Share the ones that made you love life and yourself all over again.

The Ending…

Anything beautiful doesn’t really end because the heart will always go back and remember.

So, please wait. Don’t give up yet. The one you are longing for will find you. It’s a promise like the Sunrise made to always wake up the Day.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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  1. mzbaddog says:

    I love waterfalls.. nice pictures!


  2. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing


  3. This post was really good! excellent pictures and video! It feels almost like I was there!


  4. jasonlikestotravel says:

    It looks gorgeous! I’ll have to make sure I visit here next time I visit San Francisco 🙂


  5. Beautiful pictures…. Love the wild flowers 😍

    I went there a few years ago… It was an awesome experience… I also got to watch the sunset there 🤩

    Nicely written about your experience 🙂

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    Very nice


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    Thank you for sharing this photos and moments.


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    Awesome! Nice hearing the gushing waterfalls


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    Read mine too


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    It’s amazing.


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    It’s amazing


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  14. Great post! I’ve never seen this place before.


  15. Diti Sen says:

    I traveled along with you. The sound of rushing water was a bonus, beautiful photos too. Thanks for this. Read it early morning, really cheered me up.


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  18. Absolutely beautiful definitely a place to add my list of places to visit. Thank you for the beautiful pics felt like a breath of fresh air looking at them🌼🙌

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  23. Zsoro says:

    Vivid photographs! Love the idea of an *unlimited* bucket list. Savor every possible drop of life

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  24. LinziB says:

    Loved this! This has now been put on my “to do” list, even although I live in Scotland! 😂 #inspirational thanks for sharing 🥰

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    Nice blog
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  26. Unconditionally and always wet love from fountain to ocean

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  30. Shashi says:

    Beautiful pics

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  31. aeaevara says:

    Nature in its rugged view is still so beautiful. With all its natural rough edges and it still manages to look spectacular. I could never be tired looking at this view. You are so privileged to visit this place.

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  32. Love please follow my website and support me

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  33. This looks like such an incredible hike. That sunrise alone was worth waking up early! I still can’t get over how the gorgeous the landscape is.

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  34. Lokigen says:

    Great stuff, I now have a new place to explore. 🙏✌️

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  35. Miriam Elen says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing your photos, they make you feel like you’re there! I really enjoyed reading your experience at Alemere Falls, it’s nice to see people reconnecting with nature in this time

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  37. Irene says:

    Looks amazing. Another hike added to my bucket list. 😁

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    Such amazing pictures 🌸

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  39. Great photos. The falls are amazing! Really love the sunrise too

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  40. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, so many amazing photos especially the ones with blooming wildflowers! I’ve never heard about Alamere Falls before – a waterfall that flows into the ocean! How incredible is that! Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

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  41. So cool to see a waterfall going right into the sea like that!

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  42. Ab says:

    That looks beautiful, a true nature’s gift! Some things are worth waking up super early for. In your case, getting up at 4:30 am to start your journey was well worth it. 😊👍💕

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  43. Amazing photography and wonderful scenery 👌🌷🙏I love the place 😊♥️🌷

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  44. I so much enjoyed this, my coast traveling friend, never heard of those waterfalls, it’s all so inspiring and mesmerizing, thank you for sharing this wonderful discovery. I need to take notes and google it of this for my next trip up the coast. So this place is passing San Francisco?

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  46. I love the waterfall. The idea of fresh water washing into the salty brine is so cool. I also love the closeups pf flowers with the ocean boca’d in the background.

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  47. Thank you so much! These pictures are stunning! I love how you tell a story with your photography. It’s like your photos are the cake and your words are the icing! 🤩

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  48. It’s good to hear that you got to experience a beautiful sunset despite waking up early. Sounds like a fun, refreshing, and unforgettable experience 🌅

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  49. Halbarbera says:

    One of two breathtaking tidefalls on California’s coast to add to your bucket list immediately to cement itself in our hearts for life, sometimes switching up the skyscrapers for cliffside havens and fresh air is the break we need to appreciate it all the more. And what better way to take in the awe-inspiring natural beauty along the West Coast, than with two of only three tidefalls in the whole of the United States?

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    • What’s the third Tidefall? I’ve seen myway falls, beautiful but not as fun and personal like Alamere falls. I want to go back to bring my son. I hope to share with him a Nature experience like no other. Perhaps this week. Thanks for the comment.

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  50. kagould17 says:

    Beautiful photos. We have been lucky enough to visit Point Reyes National Seashore twice, when our son was going to U.C. Berkeley. Hope to get back again some day. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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