Caring Fatigue and Deadly Delta, What To Do?

“A year ago, I braced myself scared, unprepared for a deadly unknown. Today, I braced myself fearless and ready for the known that is deadlier. My assurance, I’m vaccinated. I can get sick but will not die or have a Stroke. Almost invulnerability when I am in frequent close contact with a virus that potentially can harm and kill me. Having my entire family vaccinated is hope that we’ll be okay as the 4th Surge rages on. No worries for the succeeding community outbreaks. That’s closest to being bullet proof. That’s closest to living again.”

The Vicious Cycle repeats, just new victims, orphans and widows. This will happen throughout the year, every year. Then there’s chaos, anger and unrest with every surge and restrictions. People will hate and resent one another. Neighbor against neighbors. Americans versus Americans. Will it end? Only COVID knows and we are at its mercy.

Found out I got in contact with a positive COVID patient I swab for testing the day before.

What do to when in contact with the highly virulent Delta Variant having worn PPE and fully COVID vaccinated? NOTHING!

That’s what I’m told, “NOTHING.”

Yep, “ let’s do nothing” when California is back to no. 1 last 72 Hours with Delta COVID. Wow, I rest my case! Wondering too while Gov. Newsom is not pro-active. He should ignore the Recall because the one running against him are NOT into saving lives from COVID. But if he remains passive, we are no better than Republican Governed States like Florida and Texas. More Californians will die. Children may die this time. Another lockdown by Winter. This is fucking ridiculous. We have to suffer again?

Until symptoms appears, vaccinated Healthcare Workers in contact with COVID patients resume work and life as usual. They have to wear their mask at all times except when inside their cars during lunch break. They clean and disinfect all room surfaces 1 hour post contamination then move on to call the next patient to use the same room.

Work flow goes on in an outbreak without disruption. Every room is precious when you expect a new patient anytime. No time to pause. No time to be concerned with germs because germs are our constant companion.

We try our best to keep you safe, or alive, but no guarantee nor assurance. We hope you wake up after we intubate you and entrust your breathing to a Ventilator Machine. The rest is up to your body to overcome death. Your body will choose to live or die while you watch unable to do or say anything. Your ability to choose ended once unconscious. So is you’re right to say no when someone decides to pull the plug when it’s taking a long time for you to show signs of recovery. Another patient awaits your bed space and care space. They too deserve a fighting chance.

We don’t pick and choose who takes care of the highly infected, we just do it. No fear. No biases. It’s our job. It’s our profession.

We set aside personal differences so we can work as one team with one aim, save lives and restore health.

We don’t discriminate. We take care of everyone like they are our own friend and family. We don’t care if you’re insured or not. What we care is we see and treat you as a person we ourselves want to be treated.

Vaccination time and numbers should outdo how fast the virus is mutating. Not the case however, and discrepancy gap is widening by the day.

What happens to our co-workers we may have infected? They go back to work whether they are aware or not of being in contact with a positive COVID person. Only when they start having symptoms does self quarantine takes effect. COVID test will be made and if confirmed positive, Staff stays home for 10 days. Instant vacation in bed rest.

If you’re wondering what happens to patients and visitors whom the infected staff had in contact with because of direct care and interaction, I too wonder because I have no idea what happens to them.

We are not allowed to warm you. So, we hope you’re okay. We pray you’re okay.

In 2-3 months, this will be mostly red. By Winter, all red. Red means Emergency. Red means more people will die unnecessarily. Red is Christmas too but will be a season of mourning not joy for those who will loose a love one. Some States depending on their Governors like Florida and Texas will have more sickness and death. If they are topping the surges now, how much more by late Fall and the entire Winter?

For patient and visitors, COVID contact tracing stopped last year. We don’t tell you. We let you be, worry free until you get sick.

If you start having Flu-like symptoms typical of COVID, particularly in Summer when there should be no Flu, you need to start your own diligent tracing where you got infected as well as who you possibly infected.

Public Health will no longer knock on your door and monitor your whereabouts. Waste of resources when they are understaffed and overworked.

409 COVID death in the past week, 21,683 confirmed new cases Friday, Florida is Summer’s Delta Variant hot spot epicenter accounting 1 of 5 COVID cases in the U.S. Vacation responsibility will not happen in Vacation Mode. We don’t practice caution if we never believed it was a real threat. We’re burning and we are helping spread the wildfire as we did before. It’s in our Nature, the virus just happens to love it so much it decided to stay, for good.

It’s up to you to seek medical help and be tested and stay home to keep others around you safe. If you choose to go out and infect others, it’s your choice. No one will know except you. No one will stop you either.

It’s up to you to tell those you have in contact with to start observing themselves for COVID symptoms and practice infection prevention measures, or you can choose to keep silent.

We think we have more time but we don’t. We think it will not reach us but it will. We think our beliefs will save us, they won’t.

Honesty, Accountability and Self Diligence are the assumed expectations but many are not doing them. For some, it’s unheard of.

There’s a rapid upward trend of COVID positivity due to the more contagious Delta Variant but less hospitalizations as compared to previous surges thanks to the highly effective vaccines. That’s the great news.

We haven’t learned. Being young is not an excuse nor exception. The virus will find a way to be more pathogenic among the 18 to 28 group. The virus already has proven itself damaging and fatal among adults in their 30’s and 40’s.

The bad news, non-vaccinated are the new vulnerable population regardless of age. They represent almost all of the hospitalized, the intubated and the recent dead. The mind boggling part is that many unvaccinated are not scared nor concerned at all. They do not wear mask and are attending full capacity mass events while the vaccinated are still wearing mask and avoiding crowded places. No explanation to such a bizarre behavior. It’s a very interesting phenomenon.

Heart breaking for something preventable, but people made their choices and we respect that. People who are doing the right thing however will eventually have a caring fatigue and will stop trying.

Unvaccinated parents don’t want their unvaccinated kids to wear mask and angry to teachers and parents who are vaccinated advocating for masks to all vulnerable children and staff. Can’t we just call it for what it is, “Selfish Indifference!” So if the vaccinated and unvaccinated parents allowed to clash, what do we think will happen? Blood bath? People will get hurt by people, not by the virus. Insane!

COVID thrives on irresponsibility and apathy to mutate. Soon our present vaccines may not work for the future mutations. The country spent billions only to go back from the start. All that death and sacrifice for nothing.

ABC News: Greater Austin, 2.3 million population, 10 ICU beds left because of the sudden surge of mostly unvaccinated COVID patients. No more reinforcement of extra staffing. They are on their own as each State tries to keep their own staff to handle their own COVID surges. Many will die or deteriorate because of neglect. Other critical patients suffering from other medical conditions may die because once again, attention and manpower is unfairly being focused on one sickness that is now preventable. Everyone should have a fair chance on survival based on severity of threat to life and not because it’s a pandemic. We need to be just to all patients suffering from all kinds of diseases.

Increasing in significance, the fully vaccinated with Breakthrough COVID infections are capable of passing it to the next person via droplet mode of transmission like talking, coughing, sneezing and heavy breathing during a workout exercise.

Yes, fellow vaccinated, we can infect others with COVID. Shocker, right? We can carry a viral load capable of infecting anyone including our unvaccinated children younger than 12 years old.

Montara Beach. You can tell right away who is still listening and those who stopped caring. Observation easily predicts where this Pandemic is heading. Places with Governors that are leading people to the cliff should be accountable for the new COVID hospitalizations and deaths but people made them untouchables and blame free while those who tried to protect others are criticized for trying. Gov. DeSantis versus Newsom? Who did the right thing, and who keeps announcing people to ignore COVID? Clearly, Science and Data showed who failed and will keep failing. Winter will be darker in some States this year. It’s already dark for some now.

Problem is when we are not aware that we are infected, and testing has become optional at work.

“My Body, My Choice,” applies to me too and every Healthcare Worker. We don’t have to be Political to appreciate the power and freedom of being able to decide what’s best for ourselves, body, mind, heart.

No one can buy nor negotiate time. We can’t say, “Not now, I still have plans for a vacay next Thanksgiving and Christmas. I still want to travel the World next year.” When our time is up, all future plans and bucket list ends.

Entitlement is a Universal Human Right, not a privilege for those who think they are the “exceptional” few.

So if I don’t want to be tested because I’m busy or it doesn’t feel important, I can skip it. No obligation. No liability. No worries. No guilt. Too callous for all of that and that callousness is spreading like the surges to Healthcare and Frontline Workers.

People learn quicker by what they see and experience when happening continuously. Medical Professionals even faster because studying, learning, memorizing, adapting new knowledge and skills are what they do best for most of their lives. They are smart and highly trained. They are the perfect weapon if given in the wrong hands. They are the perfect Miracle Heroes if molded and motivated right.

The longer the Pandemic, the lesser the Love. Just is.

Don’t be scared of bioterrorism via mail but be afraid of walking bioterrorism carriers. They are everywhere and everyone. They are our friends, family, co-workers, people we interact everyday.

COVID is relentless. It is resourceful. It will continually modify to suit our lifestyles and behaviors. It will be here longer than our lifespan.

It only takes 6 months to create a Super Variant that infiltrate Cities and Countries from around the World, Super Powers included. This is something people should have realized by now given the abundance of Scientific truth and experience.

I wish I didn’t threw my mask, but I did. I wish I didn’t let my guard down, but I did. I wish I got vaccinated, but I didn’t. These are what most think just before we intubate them or on their last few breathes.

How long we can outlast COVID without safety measures should be a question we all should be asking ourselves now that we’ve witnessed what this monster can do even with the vaccines.

Be afraid? Only if we are not ready to die yet. Be concerned? Only if we care. Otherwise, we skip, ignore and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life like we used to before COVID.

Our Choice, Our Fun. Our Freedom, Our Funeral.

I’m back to social distancing. The world is kinder, more beautiful and peaceful that way. I could actually hear myself and my heartbeat. I tried to go back to the old normal but the was already gone. I have changed and mutated without knowing it. I guess, my DNA chose to survive regardless of what I want. Thank God it had more sense than my brain.

“No one believed me when I said, there will another Summer Surge. People kept saying we are vaccinated. The past 2 weeks, people are quiet from disbelief that they are wrong and reliving last year’s COVID horror. The Fall and Winter Surges will happen as well, with its worse November till January. We underestimated a determined enemy, and it’s winning again.”

Governor Cuomo of New York is stepping up and will initiate the first Mandatory COVID Vaccination for workers that are facing people in high risk situations to protect their clients, customers, patients. It is very sensible both for everyone’s safety and gaining back the economy. If only the rest is like him. Aren’t voters place these other Governors in office? Why then are they allowed to bully those that are trying to end the outbreaks?

Sure, it will get worse before it gets better. 250,000 new cases/day and more than 1,000 deaths/day worse before it gets better Spring of next year. All that hard work and sacrifice thrown to the wind. Another dark Winter of loss and misery is coming. Haven’t brace myself on that yet. I will enjoy this Summer to its fullest before it’s over. It’s what people do in vacation.

If only we worked as one country. If only we thought less of ourselves and focus on what we can do to serve the best interest of our Nation and it’s people. But we didn’t. More than 600,000 Americans are dead from COVID because we all failed to unite and be better. We will be remembered as the selfish generation that allowed 1 million Americans dead by the time we have COVID under control.

Caring Fatigue has began, and it will be just as contagious. Your so called Heroes? Well, they don’t feel heroic at all. The are exhausted and frustrated. They are realizing how good it feels to choose themselves first and their families. Their body, their choice. Oh no, they can think. Oh no, they can feel.

Their body, their choice. Where in for a big trouble if more will wake up to this realization.

Epic tragedy when the selfless joins the selfish. Who will save us then? Ain’t our Governors for sure, they are too busy for themselves.

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14 Responses to Caring Fatigue and Deadly Delta, What To Do?

  1. rhul23 says:

    you guys must check this website


  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you came in contact with a patient who tested positive for COVID. Unfortunately we’re not out of the woods yet. Who knows whether we’ll ever be out of the woods.


    • Thanks for the concern. Really appreciate it because many are not really showing concern where I work. Employers and management assume all will be fine for the vaccinated. News of real people vaccinated and still sick says otherwise. I think it’s very disappointing and frustrating when our lives & concerns are shrugged off. But then we learn to shrug off too when they end up needing us. It’s already happening in other States whose Governors undermine COVID. They are now begging for help and staffing? It’s ironic that those who did not did their part in ending the pandemic are the ones suffering and scared. I thought they didn’t believe the virus exist or was a threat? The past is a great lesson to not give everything and reserve some for yourself. Never selfish to take care of yourself and protect the ones we love, not with the Delta Variant. It’s okay to save yourself. It’s okay to think first of yourself because when we do get covid and end on ICU, those that exploited us won’t be there. We are just collateral damage to a very evil Politics. Stay safe.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So awesome photos sceneries and heart touching article , all read finished 👌🙏🌷
    Now Delta virus ruling our lives and we are no bother , your words correct ,
    We own self want to care , now Malaysia also badly Delta virus spread ready ,
    Sad situation , only hope that all will be ok 🌷🙏🌷 you stay safe and take care 🙏


  4. Julestx51 says:

    I know I complained about having to be tested when I am fully vaccinated on my blog but you are correct. Since being sick last week, I have stayed away from people and worn my mask everywhere I absolutely had to go.
    I’m more frustrated because I haven’t gotten the results back yet. But it will come when it’s done and I am sure to be safe to go back to work but still wearing a mask.


    • Hope you get well soon. Scary times again. Though I’m not really afraid now that I’m vaccinated, I’m still concerned if I be asymptomatic or symptomatic if I do get infected. The chances of getting covid delta is higher among frontline workers. Sometimes we see several in one day. Our management wants us to feel invulnerable but we are not. The Vaccines helps prevent hospitalizations, death and complications. We all can still get sick but milder. Vaccine is never 100% bullet proof but for some reasons people think that way. I think it’s wrong to assume and gamble people’s lives. Every employer should think of their workers concerns and safety , not undermine or dismiss them. Fine is not the same as absolute exception from sickness. Take care. Stay safe.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ab says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about you’re coming into contact with someone who was positive. I hope you will be ok. Keep us posted!

    What we are reading about what’s taking place in the US right now is quite scary. There is an inevitable fourth wave coming this fall. Kinda easy to see which states are where the worst hit will happen!

    Leadership leading people over the cliff is an apt way to describe it!


    • I really thought it was over or at least controlled but then I see people behaving like the delta variant will skip them. Work actually wants us to take care of covid infected like it’s just normal. Their excuse, we are vaccinated and have PPE , like we’re 100% COVID proof. Studies now shows asymptomatic vaccinated people can potentially infect others either vaccinated or not. So patient can infect staff, staff can infect patient. We are suppose to pretend it’s okay though it feels wrong. Oh, well, we do what we’re told, though I get a strong sense it will back fire, & only then management panics and drastic measures will be implemented. Breakthrough cases are happening, more than is reported or tested. The Fall and Winter is one prolong 5th surge that will claim lives again, as well as traumatized hospital workers. I really hope people will change so this could end. Thanks. Take care.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        What is being asked of hospital workers is truly shocking and morally wrong. I don’t know what to say other than thank you for continuing to be on the frontlines fighting this pandemic. And please take good care!


  6. Ugh…when will the madness end?!


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