San Diego Because Happiness Is Calling

Where the Sun is, Happiness is there also.

La Jolla.

So, imagine a place where the Sun shines bright 365 days a year.

One of our happiest vacation. It was hard to leave and resume work. But that’s life. Few happy moments here and there to equalize the rest.

Imagine a place where Happiness keeps giving.

It’s true, life is better at the beach.

Imagine endless beach days where Summer never leaves.

Imagine adventure on weekdays, and no more waiting for weekends. Happy Friday, can be Happy Any Day.

Seals basking under the Sun. They are just an arm reach away. They do bite if we bother them.

Imagine a City exploding with diverse, exciting Culture, History and Culinary Deliciousness from around the World.

Imagine having our senses spoiled and pampered with a daily Fiesta of flavors, colors and textures.

View of the City from our boat.

Imagine overflowing warmth, love, hugs and kisses.

May not be ideal with the increasing circulation of the Delta Variant, but let’s just imagine for a minute the Pandemic is over or has never existed.

They kissed passionately like they were lovers, but actually, they were strangers just sharing a unforgettable moment in history. The war was over, in his happiness, a Sailor kissed a Nurse he didn’t know who just happened to be standing next to him. Back in the old days, it’s cool to kiss a stranger when intense excitement takes over. Now, it’s harassment and lawsuit.

Well, imagine no more because I found such a place for us, and it’s called San Diego.

Old town San Diego. A reminder that once, California was part of Mexico. So really, Mexicans are right when they say, “This used to be my great, great grandparents land.” But now, we put a wall between Mexico and the U.S. borders so migrants can’t cross and have their dreams for a better future happen. It’s a crime now. So, we separate the young from their parents, place them in congested holding stations, then deport them the soonest. This is how we welcome migrants in the present times. People actually believe this is how we should treat humans who can not afford legal paperwork.

Wonderful climate with perfect blue skies and sea, Southern California’s gem San Diego elevates the ordinary, infuse it with magic and viola, “Paraiso!”

View from Hotel del Coronado. Marilyn Monroe used to walk it’s beaches and it’s halls when one of her movies were made here. I wonder what was in her mind when the lights and glamour were off. Was she happy? What’s the story behind her beautiful smile? Was she just girl hoping that the boy she love will love her too? Stars are just humans that can have their hearts broken.

Even Hollywood Stars and Legends used to shine in many of its iconic landmarks like the Hotel del Coronado.

Fun overload from the Zoo, Seaworld, Balboa Park, Legoland and La Jolla are just a few of the many that creates unforgettable priceless Family and Childhood Memories in San Diego.

Biggest Aquarium I’ve see.

Or just want to relax, drink margaritas or coffee while reading a great book? The many beautiful beaches will have you glowing golden while your literary fantasies are unfolding.

Seaworld is never the same. Gone are the acrobatic tricks after Shamu, the Male Killer Whale, chewed and drowned to death it’s teacher. Orcas are meant to be in the wild but we caught them and took their freedom for our amusement.

3 times we were blessed to experience San Diego.

Our first was awakening, curiosity and play.

Our second was exploration, discovery and possibilities.

The third, realization and living our version of the California Dream.

Dolphins, who can resist them? Unfortunately, too irresistible that thousands and thousands of them are killed either accidentally or purposely by big fishing vessels. Check out this spine chilling truth in Netflix Documentary, Seaspiracy. For every 3-4 priced blue marlin caught, 10-12 dolphins are killed. So we need to stop eating deep sea fishes. Same as we need to stop eating shark fins. No demand, no killings.

Yes, San Diego was my window to take a leap of faith on myself when the unknown seems very foolish and scary.

San Diego showed me what my life could be like on the other side of the fence clearly, vividly like watching my future in a 3-D movie.

I never knew such a place exist until I tried to listen to what I want.

The Sun was so powerful it scorched all the noise, negativity and disbelief around me long enough to make a good resume and send it to where God wants me to start fresh.

Truth to my many stories, it was always God who made my impossible, possible.

For some reason, even if I don’t deserve it, he keeps giving. His love never judge my past or the pain I caused him because of my choices and mistakes.

He keeps the Sun on 24/7 to light my darkest and warm my coldest.

Romantic, nostalgic, magical. Live Spanish Guitar music serenaded us while we were walking along Balboa Park.

“Never be afraid to keep dreaming for yourself. When unhappiness and loss are too much, it is time to move on by following a better dream where we can be happier.”

When things get tough, remember what gave you legs to jump and wings to fly. Chances are, your heart still has them. Never let your fear or your past dictate where your dreams can take off. Hope this video brings back memories of what makes you happier. And maybe inspire you to take that next leap…for yourself. Life is too short to settle.

There is always a choice and a way out, unless we’re dead then, that’s it. But even then, the Sun will awaken our spirits to dance as often as we want till the last rays of sunshine are extinguished.

“Always Dream Free for yourself because no one understands your Happiness more than you.”

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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32 Responses to San Diego Because Happiness Is Calling

  1. My Rollercoaster Journey says:

    Thank you for this post! I have been to Sea World once when I was 6 years old and I would do anything to go back…

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  3. jryb29 says:

    Amazing scenery! I really like the last line 💕

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  5. poetthatlikesvellum says:

    Enjoy where various arts meld in your narrative of your recent journey to Old San Diego, especially where literature, memory, glitz and glamour of movie stars intersect, and your thoughtful words on animal protection and current events. While the Pandemic is still on-going I at least had the chance to explore through these images what you were able to enjoy, coming away stoked to use my passport and get stamps, away from the US, once traveling across seas is more attainable without the caveats of variants, etc. What striking images! Thanks, for sharing.


  6. ourcrossings says:

    Yes, life is better at the beach, especially if the sun is shining bright. Who doesn’t love sitting on warm sand, listening to the waves with the feel of salt water slowly drying on your skin in the sun? Add in a gentle breeze and some shade from some swaying palms and you basically have a dream day right there. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day 🙂 Aiva xx


  7. San Diego is so incredibly scenic. This looks like a beautiful area to live and enjoy nature. I’d love to visit someday.


  8. Realization of dreams is the point of success.


  9. arlene says:

    What a lovely place and your words inspire.

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  10. samsahana says:

    “But even then, the Sun will awaken our spirits to dance as often as we want till the last rays of sunshine are extinguished. “ Wow! What a remarkable line! Loved all the pics and the reminiscence of your wonderful adventure. The photographs were stunning with breathtaking blue in the sky and the Seas. I’ve heard about the sailor and the nurse and found it interesting to note how people change over the course of history. I wonder if something similar would happen when people celebrate covid’s disappearance from the world 🤪 Your posts make me thirsty for some outdoor adventure. Things are far from normal in our part of the world. Waiting to lift my spirits with a passionate adventure such as the one you had. Love all your posts so much! Your adventures are a dream 🥰

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    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it. The stories and adventures of others are an instant escape and getaway. Delta is rising here too but people not much caring nor worried anymore which is crazy since approx 150 mil Americans are not vaccinated. I guess everyone got tired, but what’s happening in the World and in our community should be a concern. For now, we enjoy life as cautious as we can. Health is wealth. Stay safe. Thanks 🙏

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      • samsahana says:

        That’s a beautiful, sensible comment. We’ve been like this for more than a year now, so it’s understandable why people have got tired of this 😅 I missed my last year of school due to covid and will likely miss my first year of college too. Delta is rising everywhere and I hope people understand what this means… 🙏


  11. yanre95 says:

    Dies ist ein großartiger Beitrag mit atemberaubenden Fotos. Ich liebe deine Fotografie wirklich, fantastisch.Danke fürs Teilen


  12. Thanks for reminding me of lovely times in my early twenties visiting my dear friend Mike who lived in San Diego for some years with his work. I remember La Jolla and the various beaches. We were young and had great fun there on our trips. Very blessed times of friendship. It’s good to remember 😀

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  13. Beautiful post, San Diego is truly a wonderful place, I just like an hour away and been there innumerable times.

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  14. Ab says:

    Looks like such a wonderful part of the world. Those seals tanning by the rocks on the beach know how to truly live and enjoy life!

    And yikes on Shamu killing his trainer. A lesson learned about keeping wild animals captive!

    San Diego is on my wishlist one day, to attend their world famous annual comic book convention. One day!

    Love the photos and your uplifting way of describing your family vacation. Glad you got to experience this relaxing time together!

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    • Comic Book Convention sounds fun. My sons into Funko Figures, and it would be cool to have a convention for its enthusiasts. Yes, San Diego is a kid’s playground with awesome climate. Thanks for sharing. Happy Weekend. It’s that time again for adventures.

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  15. What an awesome video and all the pictures are so bright and blue. They say “hope” to me.

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  16. francisashis says:

    Simply awesome post with mind blowing photographs. I truly love your photography,fantastic.Thank you very much for sharing .Take care.🌹😊🙏

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  17. kagould17 says:

    We loved our week in San Diego in 2019. It was a nice break, as you say. Cheers. Allan

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  18. I’ve protested at SeaWorld. No animal should be imprisoned for human profit and entertainment. My town. Lots of films at Hotel Del. I was in Stuntman there in the 70s with Peter O’Toole. I live north of the city in a little beach town.

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  19. Gorgeous photos, love your video. The ability to dream is truly a special gift which I treasure immensely! Thank you for writing this beautiful post💖

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