Maisie’s Peak

Destination is the trophy. Experience is the prize.

Wasn’t sure if my son will go with me for a major 3 hour Saturday hike with friends, but just before he slept, he confirmed he will. It was his first group hike, so I was very excited for us both.

Left foot started to hurt at the start of the hike and I was falling behind. Nike work shoes, not so good hiking shoes.

Close to the end of our trail, had the worse continuous abdominal painful cramps. Had to recall what I ate the night before and remembered I had a custard tart which likely has milk. Oh no, I’m Lactose Intolerant!

I panicked as there is no restroom in sight. Stomach hurt so bad that I contemplated of going wilderness survival mode at the bushes. Hey, if it has to go, it has to go. Better than shitting in my pants. That would be worse and mega embarrassing. And I did have disposable wipes in my backpack for emergencies. No plans to use leaves.

Gross topic but we’re all adults here. Besides, we’ve seen this kind of scenes before in the movies where a person put laxatives to someone else’s drink either for humor or revenge. Hilarious until it becomes real.

Someone had to pee badly. Off to the bushes. No one can wait if Nature has it emergent.

Anyways, one of my fellow Hikers ask why I was so serious and overtook everyone else? I laughed and just replied, “Cause I’m excited to finish our hike.” Though what I was really meant to say was, “Cause I’m excited to hit the toilet.”

Surprisingly I made it home and was able drive everyone to our car pool parking spot.

I will never forget this hike ever!

Relieved post the worst abdominal cramps from Hell, it was overall one of the great hikes experience I’d been. My son so love it too that he is looking forward for our second group Hike. This time no milk and dairy for me.

Happy Weekend All. Hope everyone was able to reboot for Monday’s restart.

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11 Responses to Maisie’s Peak

  1. Beautiful photos! I went on a 10 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail and that was one of my worst fears but luckily I made it through okay and I’m glad you did too. It was nice that your son went with you. I’m sure that the two of you enjoyed the quality time together. Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure! We’re going back to the Appalachian Trail this October but for a shorter hike from a different area. Very excited and looking forward to going. I’ll make sure to share photos of the trail 😉


  2. I love that saying about how the destination is the trophy, but experience is the real prize. Sorry to hear that you ran into tummy troubles during your hike. That is honestly one of my worst fears. Glad to hear that you managed to complete your hike and drive back home before things got real!


  3. aashimasoin says:

    I’m happy that you made it.. 🙂 group hikes are the most exciting!I hope you Make home safely every tine


  4. restlessjo says:

    Phew! That was painful! So glad you made it. Our son and family arrived from the UK last night so I’m wearing an idiot grin all week.


  5. Nevertheless your urgent issues, you made it home safely and the view is grand.

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  6. ogaraderrick says:

    Going on a group hike with total strangers is still unchecked on my list. I plan on doing that before the year ends. You’ll have fun next time Big Man 🤝

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  7. arlene says:

    Lactose intolerant? Same here, I don’t drink milk nor eat anything with milk except ice cream.

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  8. Awe, group hikes! I’ve been on a few of those. You get help but build a bond with others as you walk up the side of a mountain together.

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