Super Delta Variant Target Demographics: Young and Unvaccinated

“We made our choices. People are hospitalized and in ventilators because of those choices. People will die of COVID because of their own choosing. No one’s to blame. No more scapegoat. We should treat COVID like any other disease, no more special treatment. Everyone suffering from any life threatening health condition deserves an equal fighting chance to live by giving back their hospital beds taken away by COVID patients. A year ago, many were in excruciating pain and struggled with their health because we focused on one disease. That shouldn’t be the case anymore. Everyone deserves equal medical attention and just treatment. All life should be just as important.”

A year ago, we sacrificed our lives and all that we are used to because of COVID. We didn’t have a choice. The virus was new and unknown. We were in a global emergency. That is not the case now. We have enough Knowledge, Science and Technology to end it. We have the effective vaccines. So why are we still sacrificing because of other people’s decisions. It’s no longer fair. Why is my freedom being taken away for the freedom of another?

99% of the U.S. COVID hospitalized are unvaccinated. Many are active healthy young and middle age adults in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who once thought they were invulnerable.

Delta Variant is already around you when the sign says, “Rising Locally.” So I would think twice before removing my mask in an indoor crowded room. People should think twice too especially if people are wearing their scrubs? Why? Well, that person could have just left a highly contagious COVID unit. Like everyone else, burned out Healthcare workers are starting not to give a damn too. Yep, it’s happening.

Hospitalized sicker, their Emergency Room to Ventilator Time is sooner. Their hospital stay and rehab are longer, greatly impacting work, finances and quality of life.

Mask Up because new and improve COVID is back and it’s 65% more infectious. “Stay Healthy or Stay Happy?”

Been seeing Breakthrough cases among the fully vaccinated.

“Think not what the country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” People who kept saying they are Patriotic forgot what Patriotism is. It’s being selfless. So now, the Government has to intervene because voluntary vaccination that could end this pandemic failed. Just get vaccinated. It works and people who got the vaccine are still alive aren’t they? I’m still alive. I don’t have blood clot complications people are so afraid of due to misinformation. I’m freer than I’d ever been because if I do get COVID, I will not be hospitalized or die or end up disable. I can even choose not to wear mask but I have to be selfless so I still wear one for the unvaccinated in case I’m an infectious asymptomatic.

If you’re COVID vaccinated and with underlying health condition like Diabetes, are you comfortable that a non-vaccinated Healthcare Staff who could be a infectious COVID carrier take care of you? Same goes to service oriented work sectors. I will not trust my life to someone who only thinks of themselves and not the safety of others. The vaccinated who did their part should boycott all services and companies that are willing to gamble their customer’s lives and health. Let’s be real. No more Politics and the Freedom Card. Let’s not use, “My Body, My Choice,” as a propaganda because we know that is hypocritical knowing we don’t allow certain choices for their bodies to certain group of people and demographics. 17 months of misinformation and plot to have this pandemic spread further is too much already.

COVID infected are mingling with the Public denying their symptoms as COVID because they are vaccinated.

Symptomatic or exposed, many are choosing not to be tested for confirmation. Either it’s inconvenient or people genuinely believe they will no longer get COVID after vaccination.

The vaccine is never a cure. Anyone can get sick and be infectious after vaccination.

Within two weeks after every major Holiday, we expect pockets of community COVID surges. It’s shouldn’t be a surprise anymore but a warning to do what we must to protect ourselves.

Flu in Summer far off Flu cold season is COVID. We confirmed this predictable phenomenon last Summer Surge and is a red flag every Summertime.

Some think their runny nose and nasal congestion are Pollen-related Seasonal allergy. It’s Summer drought in California. Plants are dried crisp. Hardly any blooms, hardly any pollens.

In some countries, it’s just surging or on their 2nd surge. In the U.S., our 4th major Pandemic Surge has already started.

Others think it’s Sinus Infection. It’s possible to have Sinusitis plus COVID.

Flu and COVID has already been proven to exist in one person at the same time. The Mix and Match of diseases are astonishing.

Pockets of on going Delta COVID outbreaks in the U.S., 7/22/21, JHU.

Top 5 Delta Variant symptoms: Headache, Runny Nose, Sore Throat, cough and fever.

All 5 doesn’t have to be present for positivity. 1-2 will suffice.

Will I risk it for a bowl of Ramen? Haven’t been to the Mall since December. My wife and I tried on a weekday thinking it’s less crowded. I got a reality check. People are behaving like there’s no Delta COVID Variant. We won’t be coming back for awhile after what we’ve experienced. We were so uncomfortable. Like being inside a lab Petri dish. So, no bowl of Ramen for me. Not worth it and the view, not scenic at all.

Confusion, misinformation and plain “I don’t care attitude,” are driving the new COVID surges. And this is just the beginning.

The U.S. has more than doubled its daily average COVID cases as compared to 4 weeks ago.

U.S. 3,026 more reported COVID new cases from yesterday. 7/23/21, JHU.

What does this mean by late Fall to Winter? It means we will experience again overwhelmed healthcare systems in parts of the country with low vaccinations. Hospitals will be begging for license staff to take care of overflowing patients.

Where to find extra Nurses, Doctors and Respiratory Therapists willing to get sick or die for their profession after more than a year of being overworked frustrated with unresolved, continuous PTSD?

Axios 7/22/21. We are in the steady and increasing new cases.

Tomorrow’s COVID Health Crisis is about not having enough trained Manpower to operate the ventilator machines and take care of the sick and the critical.

Heroes are free and entitled to give up if they want to, just like everyone else. They can choose to shift careers or pursue different fields where they feel safe, protected and valued.

For most, money was never their reason for staying this long but love for what they do and caring for people.

Many of the next generation will likely NOT pursue the medical field having to witness the COVID horrors. I certainly will NOT want it for my son. How the youth will choose their future will be seriously affected by COVID that is here to stay.

Reaching daily average deaths of 1,000/day is likely to happen soon. At our darkest, it was 4,000/day. Will this repeat? So far, nothing has been impossible with COVID.

As of 7/23/21, John Hopkins University Data shows that the U.S. at 610,218 still has the highest Global COVID Death numbers followed by India at 419,470.

1 million or 1, that life meant the World to someone.

Roughly, 166 Million Americans are still vulnerable to contracting COVID with serious complications.

No one knows who will be asymptomatic, have mild symptoms, head to ICU or to their grave.

Being young does not make a person invincible anymore.

We can fight for our Freedom or we can fight for our Life.

It never went away. Top 6 Countries leading the Global Pandemic, 7/23/21, JHU.

What I don’t understand is why people seems more interested of what’s happening to other countries than their own, or how they are more concerned of what’s trending in Tik-Tok than the rise of the Delta Strain and COVID Hospitalizations in their community.

What’s happening in India is tragic, but what’s happening in the U.S. is also tragic.

1 out 5-6 people tested resulted positive for COVID. It’s happening while climate is hot, imagine when it’s Winter?

One life lost will always be tragic. One person not being able to resume their normal day to day activities or fend for themselves will always be tragic.

We are very lucky it is not us… yet.

Everyone’s DNA is unique and we will never know what’s our outcome to COVID until we get infected.

It is insensitive to undermine someone’s possible tragedy but people say and do them anyway. Makes me angry but I’m suppose to just smile, be nice and take it. So I do. Being Fake is the new normal too.

Even co-workers was looking at me strangely when I said, “We will have a second Summer COVID surge.” They thought the vaccine will end it, but not paying attention to what’s going on around them. I swab possible COVID daily patients regularly. That’s real enough for me.

How about the unvaccinated kids going back to school? How risky would it be for our children getting COVID with serious outcomes?

Final Answer: Risky, because it is the virus nature to continually mutate to be more virulent and more pathogenic. The vaccine is simply slowing what is inevitable.

Should we be concerned? We should if it’s important. Should we be afraid? Only if it applies to us.

7/23/21 COVID New Cases 7/23/21, JHU.

Children below 12 years old who are not vaccinated have less mature organs than adults. Some children have underlying health conditions that makes them immunocompromised.

He is very excited to go back to classroom schooling. Mom and Dad, not so much now that Delta strain has been the dominant cause of infection in our community. But we can hope and pray, he will be fine. He will be wearing mask and his classmates though. That’s California Policy, safety first!

With some schools pushing for “No Mask” Rule, adults will be accountable for the next wave of death and sickness because of the decisions they made. Adults who are suppose to protect and keep our children safe.

States that have banned schools from mask mandates are Vermont, South Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona and Utah.

Can we forgive ourselves if our children recover from COVID with a brain comparable to those who suffered from Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Stroke?

Can we sleep at night knowing we took away our children’s future and quality of life?

I won’t.

Thank God children are still mostly spared from the pandemic but God may change his mind to teach all a lesson on humility.

The COVID we are dealing now is NOT the same COVID we dealt with during the last surges. The new variants are deadlier, more debilitating.

The COVID we are facing now has evolve into a Super Mutant Variant, and it will continue to evolve because it is in its DNA and RNA, engineered or natural.

River Inn Big Sur. Most not wearing mask, so we didn’t, but this was 2 weeks ago. We trusted the “ Experts” and Leaders, not our instincts. Big mistake when they keep changing their announcements. I should have known better.

Summer’s Headline, “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.”

Fall and Winter Headline, “Death of the Unvaccinated.”

We gave it all the time it needs to mutate. Delta Strain is a clear evidence that we all will be facing much worse COVID mutations in the years to come.

Tragic? Very, because it’s literally reliving the loss and horrors all over again.

Tragic because it’s preventable and we have a way of eradicating the enemy yet we allow the virus to keep claiming lives.

The Pandora’s Box of Restrictions has been opened. It will be impossible to convince many to do the right thing now. Summer fun can not be stopped by any Health Expert, Governor or The President. History and events has to run its course.


We seat next to a patient with COVID in our doctor’s clinic or in hospitals.

We stand next to a COVID person in the grocery isle and cashier counter.

People don’t realize how fortunate they are to be given the 3 best COVID vaccines in the World at their choosing or not, while the rest of the poor countries in the World gets the scraps or keeps having lockdowns. People will die either of COVID or effects of poverty in these countries.

We breathe the same poorly ventilated air space with a COVID person in a restaurant, bar, gym, stores, school and our own workplace.

We share the same ride, land, air or sea, with a COVID Passenger or Tourist, just different destinations and outcomes.

No more COVID contact tracing. COVID is too widespread that it became impractical and expensive.

Try to enjoy life safely today because with COVID around, life expectancy will be shorter whether we believe the virus is a threat or not. Summer 2021, Monterey.

No one will warn us that we were in contact with a COVID positive person.

No one will tell us that we already spread the virus Home.

Now, back to something fun and amazing.

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29 Responses to Super Delta Variant Target Demographics: Young and Unvaccinated

  1. suryahard says:

    Very great information on corona virus, delta variant


    • Thanks . It’s crazy how the news comes to life in actual clinical setting. Numbers are up while people are having Summer fun. It will be another roller coaster Winter. Stay safe🙏


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  6. samsahana says:

    Stay safe! It’s up to us to prevent a third wave. You said it very rightly that it’s within the range of our choices. 👍


    • Watching the U.S. news recap last night and everyone talking about the Summer COVID surge even Fauci himself like it was a surprise. I already knew it will happen months ago when many were too overly optimistic about the virus and not paying attention to the predictable people’s pattern of behavior and attitude. First excuse was covid fatigue , now it’s vaccine hesitancy. People will find reasons to blame and rationalize the choices they made that keeps hurting and taking lives , health and joy. The vaccine works, the Science and statistics says it all. There’s this graph of U.K. during the different surges before and after vaccine and the contrast of before and after sums up one word, “Miracle.” Politics, Blind Beliefs Ignorance and Selfishness will continue to cause lives and suffering in the U.S. Until the fuel of the pandemic and division is stopped. The virus will keep mutating stronger year after year until the once life saving vaccines does not work with the future variants, by then , it’s too late. We had the chance to end the pandemic but wasted our window of opportunity because what’s good for all was overshadowed by self interest only. Thanks for the feedback.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. ourcrossings says:

    It’s 2021, and the pandemic is still here. I know that it’s challenging for many people to come to terms with it’s, but it’s still time to keep wearing masks and keep our distance from one another. It’s time to prioritize ending the pandemic that stole last year before it takes over this one, too. 🙂


  8. I still feel there are so many unknowns. After reading other blog posts from around the world and understanding a little better how different lives are, I am super grateful for the vaccines available here so easily in the US. I had my reservations regarding the vaccine. Still do. But life is full of risks and when I looked at the big picture, I felt that was the right thing to do. I wasn’t as grateful then as I am now that I had the opportunity, as I see many do not. We live in a complex world. I live in a nation that still allows free choice and I am eternally grateful. This challenge is to do our best and make wise choices. And understand we will not all be in 100% agreement.

    I appreciate your perspective as a health care worker. And I thank you for your service 🙏


  9. Jasrameshen says:

    It’s a good and inspiring


  10. This is a good reminder that we’re not out of the woods yet. Even though more people are being vaccinated, new cases continue to be reported. It’s definitely a bit alarming as to what’s happening in the US. I really hope we learn from our mistakes because I really don’t want to do go through yet another lockdown and not being able to see my family and friends.


  11. arlene says:

    Traitor Covid. The four of us at home had it two monts ago. My sense of hearing is not yet normal as a result.


  12. David says:

    After reading your post, a scene from the movie Constantine immediately came to mind.

    John Constantine (Played by Keanu Reeves):
    “They have the Spear of Destiny.”

    Satan (Played by Peter Stormare):
    [mocking, mimicking in a whiny voice] “They have the Spear of Destiny.”

    So let’s address your Spear of Destiny as it relates to the current viral pathogen that has circled the globe. Oh, by the way, this isn’t the first viral outbreak on planet earth and it won’t be the last.

    Reply To: Island Traveler, This Man’s Journey


    • Agree. And perhaps this is part of the end of times, only happening slowly but surely. What else can it be? 4.1 million dead in less than 2 years. Can’t imagine 10 years down the road. Pandemic plus natural disasters and man made , too much sometimes. Stay safe.


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  14. All want to stay safe and Take care own self 🙏🌷
    Here Malaysia also so many affected and death
    also increased, praying for all people safe 🙏🌷😢

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Ab says:

    I really really hope we have learned as a collective society from last summer and avoid another wave this fall. Please please please.

    I agree with you that being fully vaccinated we should still proceed with caution and care.

    I guess we shall reap what we sow this summer in the fall. 🤞🏻🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Was just in a restaurant today. Owner wants both vaccinated and not to wear mask. Reason: they want to keep themselves safe and all customers. This is not the case of most restaurants and establishments however. Anyone can make their own rules now. Honesty rule failed in the U.S. Whatever works for me thinking and save one self has infected the minds and hearts of many. It’s sad that more than 600,000 Americans died of COVID and will continue because safety measures have become inconvenient and burdensome. We haven’t learned from a tragic past just few months ago. I’m thinking of getting my COVID booster soon, I’m not waiting for CDC nor Public Health expert gamble with my life because they are not sure when antibodies start decreasing or when it’s best to alert the public. Anyone often in contact with possible covid infected should be vigilant and make sure they are still protected. Thank you for the support and encouragement. Much appreciated 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        The restaurant’s policy is very infuriating and short sided, for sure. If his customers get sick or die, he’s not gonna have much of a business in the future.

        Things are opening quickly here but restrictions are still pretty strict. We enjoyed our first indoor dining last week and felt very safe with the distancing, screening and mask wearing restrictions.

        Countries, like Australia and New Zealand, where common sense and human lives were put above politics and votes, have consistently fared better during this pandemic.

        Will be interesting to see where we all are this fall!


    • It’s true what the news are saying of what’s happening in the U.S., back to covid summer surge. California being highly vaccinated is not as rapidly increasing with delta as other states like Florida but it will get there by Fall if people keep ignoring the Delta Variant. Summer’s too beautiful and exciting to notice what is spreading in the air. The virus doesn’t pause however unlike humans. It’s determined to do its job. Insane really but seeing how it is evolving, I can’t help but wonder if Science too is responsible for its creation. Nature can not be this evil. The Nature I know brings blessings , not sickness.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ab says:

        I read the news yesterday that Fauci blames the new rise on the vaccination rate stalling at 49%. It seems to be a certain type of populace that it ignoring science and medical advice, which is a real shame to be honest. I also read about an individual in LA who was anti vaccine and then died of covid. The irony. You never want to wish ill will on anybody but you also can’t help but want to say “Told you so.” What a strange time we live in!


      • Rob J says:

        Of course science made the virus! After all that has come out you still doubt that the virus came from the Fauci funded lab in Wuhan?!!!


        • I believe it’s an engineered virus but it was made in China, more likely for World dominance. If not for Fauci warning Americans , more than 1 million of us should be dead by now when no one wants to take it seriously last year. Our window of opportunity to end has passed however because people have more time fighting and bickering. Florida and Texas has replaced California and New York, not because the virus is unstoppable but because people don’t want to do what needs to be done to stop it. People shout freedom only to take someone else freedom if not life. We can’t save people who don’t want to be save. So why care?


          • Rob J says:

            So Florida has surpassed California and New Jersey? So assuming that is true, this whole time those two states were worse than a state that didn’t take the same number of precautions? Maybe it has something to do with California allowing illegals to come on over and spread what they have. Fauci saved lives? No Fauci was one of those that funded the gain of research in the first place and should be held partially responsible for the pandemic. Why is it that we barely hear anything from the left about how and why the virus was released? They want to do yet another investigation into the invasion of the Capitol when we already know exactly who committed the crime.

            Seems to me if they didn’t know where the virus came from and don’t know how it was released they would be focusing on finding out so we don’t have this happen more often. We sanction countries for even thinking about obtaining the technology to develop nuclear weapons but give money to China to develop a virus that has the potential to be magnitudes worse than a nuclear bomb?
            Do you see what I am getting at here?


  16. Hoss says:

    No more fear tactics
    Nice try
    My body my choice

    Get Outlook for iOS


  17. Harrowing thoughts, indeed. Thank you for telling it to us straight. As a medical person on the front lines, you know what COVID is capable of.

    Liked by 1 person

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