Capturing Alive

To capture Alive, I leaned my chest towards the end of a massive boulder. What was I thinking? Inch even closer.

Never let our years passed us by without trying.

Wasn’t Alive enough, so I moved a few more inches just a shy away from plunging into the deep blues beneath.

See, believe and live again…for yourself.

Still not content. I went around the cliff, left hand and arm hugging tightly the rough rock surface, right hand holding the iPhone Camera, feet shaking.

I looked down, some rock debris fell into the ravine.

This time I captured Alive and thank God, no scratches, all limbs intact.

I was happy. I was satisfied.

The things I do to capture Alive? Anything.

The things I do to feel happy? Tango with danger but I’ll dance them anyway.

Through the years, I have lost slowly what used to make me feel Alive. So, I experimented on what will, and so far, these are it. It may not make sense to others but it is so crystal to me.

I am aware of the potential danger but the determination of experiencing Alive, to taste sweet Happiness even just in moments outweighs the risks.

I do have a few scars to remind me of my happiest moments with Nature with those I love. They are good, beautiful scars because of the memories they contain.

People don’t get it, but I don’t have to explain something that is personal and traumatic. They won’t get it anyway. Just more judgement and topic to gossip.

Besides, I’m not doing all these to impress anyone. I am doing them to impress me.

Look closer and really see me. Dig deeper and really understand what is so difficult to understood. Only then…

When I follow my heart and it’s dreams, why is it hard for people to accept? Why is it too much to handle?

The universe has no answer for me, even in its vastness, but it’s the same hope like everyone else’s. Perhaps the universe is just as cowardly and afraid to do something.

We think the danger is before us? No, it’s the one behind us that we thought have our backs covered. We get pushed from the back, not from front. Just how it works.

Self love is not selfish. It’s kindness to self. But people will always make us feel bad for it. Who is selfish now?

We are raised to keep giving. Our Parents, siblings, respected Elderlies said it first, did it first again and again.

Then came Society indoctrinating us to believe caring for self is wrong and enslaving for others is right.

It’s okay to be lost in your own dreams. It’s okay to find you and be you.

People brag about freedom when someone else holds theirs.

We are never free when we are obligated to do things we don’t like or forced to follow things that bothers our conscience or clash with our moral principles and values.

It gave its heart first. I’m simply reciprocating.

When it comes to our own truth, we could be alone in our struggles, loneliness and challenges even if we are in the middle of a crowded room full of laughter.

Gone is the time when people throw stones at you and we throw back love. Gone is the time when people slap our cheek and we offer the other for more slapping. It’s stupid if we don’t learn and be smarter. Abuse is not humane nor is martyrdom.

Back to being close to danger to capture Alive, its nothing compared to the many dangers I faced every time I chose my own dreams over others.

I have swam with sharks, escaped packs of wolves, got bitten and chewed mercilessly, repeatedly. Though I should have died internally many times, miraculously I survived them all. So far…

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. Again, not my time. Not my chapter of creation to end.

Life is a balance. We are given enough to sustain the rest. I look at him, and I see joy and hope.

I always believe, “If it’s my time, then it’s my time.” It doesn’t matter what I’m doing or where I am.

I could be driving the safest speed limit excited to reach my destination, then head on collision with a truck.

Sudden unexpected rerouting to 3 possible destinations: Heaven, Hell or Purgatory. Hmm, doesn’t sound exciting now.

Definitely coming back and find more love notes. I might find yours if you leave some.

Instant or slow, death will happen. Rich or Poor, Young or Old, Famous or Unknown, Politicians or Ordinary Folks, death will come for all of us when we least expect it.

Like a thief 24/7, death will sneak in no matter how much anti-theft devices we have in place. It’s non-negotiable. It’s non-bribable. It’s certain no matter how special we thing we are.

You are more than enough, because enough is already overwhelmingly amazing.

Co-workers question why I ask for vacation request often. My answer, “Life is very short. I don’t know what will happen to me next year so I will try to do the things that makes me happy with my Family the soonest.”

Again, is it really selfish to do that? Is it wrong to feel Alive?

He waits for me eagerly now for our next adventure. He used to whine about day trips when I needed an escape or getaway because his games with friends were more important. We hike and travel where hardly anyone goes. He is searching and discovering also he’s kind of Alive. And it’s fun…super fun.

Events, People and how the World works are odd and strange.

What’s unlucky to one, is a blessing to another. What is wasteful to one, is living their best life to another.

Time is subjective. Adventure is perceptive. Happiness is an option by choice. Only natural when we were innocent children, oblivious to the outside World and what people are capable of.

We take our heart where we go. We leave love notes where we hope of coming back. May it still feel like Home when we do. This is the conclusion to my last adventure but the journey of ever changing destinations continues. That’s real life, and we simply Tango with it.

We travel for what? For fun? For experience? For Instagram likes? Or really, to feel Alive or at least, feel something?

Don’t be that pebble that allows others to drown them. Be that pebble that rises above and saves everyone, deserving or not.

Many have been dead long time ago, they just didn’t know it. Those that are aware of their death-like state of living will attempt to drag others to their miserable graves.

In our quest for our dreams, we have been thrown to the sharks and the wolves so many times that walking at the edge of a cliff with winds at 30 miles/hour is a piece of cake. People can be extremely dangerous and terrifying as compared to untamed Nature or the Global Delta Variant.

So why keep living like that? Aren’t we suppose to inherit the Earth and enjoy God’s creations? So, why aren’t we? Why can’t we be good to one another?

We break the chains made by Man and embrace the blessed life, Alive created by God for each one of us.

No one can paint nor take a picture and say, I captured all its beauty and grandness. We can’t. Only God can.

We are meant for Greatness. So, let us claim them.

God never wanted us to be unhappy. He never dreamed for us to keep living the vicious cycle of lifelessness, abuse, lies, discrimination, bondage, injustice and suffering.

No rewinds, no fast forwards, only play our best version of Alive in the present.

We are more if we choose to be more. We are less if we allow ourselves to be less.

So, we stop being dead and start focusing on capturing and staying Alive.

Stay Alive in our own heart because our longevity depends on it, though not a guarantee.

Even John Travolta knew that and danced it so well.

Stay Alive as genuine, true and beautiful as you are. No compromises.

About Island Traveler

Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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38 Responses to Capturing Alive

  1. Beautiful images, alive indeed. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. I really like these photos. I like your words. I think there is wisdom in them, and the capacity for wholeness.


    • Nature and our life experiences kind of blend together and balances each other. Nature helps me reflect and find pieces of joy and inspiration. The pictures doesn’t fully capture of what Nature gives and shows to those who seek its refuge. I believe we all need it. Thanks.


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  4. Syed Zahid says:

    Amezeeing.Lovely thanks

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  6. aashimasoin says:

    Magical ✨✨✨


  7. samsahana says:

    Mesmerising photos! They’re unbelievably miraculous to look at! Therapeutic in just photos, I’m sure it was magically healing in real life. “Self love is not selfishness”- very well said!
    Once again, AMAZING post! 🤍🤍

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  8. Jasrameshen says:

    So much lively

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  9. Totally loving your “tango”… you absolutely make sense to me. It’s the experience being in nature that fulfill our being here on this planet. Nature is the TRUTH of all and has no attachment to any conditions.

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  11. Spending time in nature makes me feel alive as well and is so important for your well-being. You should never feel guilty for taking your vacation. When I look back over my life so far, the memories that stand out aren’t of work, but rather when I’m away from work spending time with family and friends, going for a hike, or taking a trip. P.S. lovely pictures, the scenery is gorgeous!!

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    • Thank you. Yes, it’s the moments away from work with people I care about that I makes me smile when I remember them. It’s these moments that inspires me to keep trying, hoping, dreaming, living.

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  12. In photos and message…awesomeness overload!

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  13. arlene says:

    I love all your photos, your love for the sea and its inhabitants. Just enjoy life because it is short. Huwag pansinin ang mga nega.

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  14. Wow , amazing photos 👌🌷🙏wonderful sea flowers , the heart shape stone ,stunning ocean
    and wonderful videography 👍🏻♥️😊 mind blowing , Thank you for sharing this amazing place 🙏🥀

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  15. Love this..makes me happy 😊

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  16. Ab says:

    A beautiful, bold and uplifting post. The photos speak for themselves – thank you for capturing and sharing the moments with us.

    While I do worry about your safety to capture these moments, I can understand your rationale and your reasoning. We all have one life to live and how we choose to live it is up to us. We don’t owe anyone any explanation.

    Self care and self love is a wonderful thing to do. Take all the vacations and all the time to recharge, to recentre. It’s a wonderful quality and example you are setting for your son!

    Enjoy the rest of your week and look forward to hearing about your next adventure!

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    • Thanks Ab. The older we get, the more realize we have been neglecting that one very important person , oneself. Being Alive is always a work in progress. It takes effort. Takes time. It needs places and moments of solitude and just being away from the ordinary and monotony. I appreciate the this wonderful comment. Always brightens my day. Happy weekend my friend 🙏

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      • Ab says:

        That’s a very good point. I think as an adult, we have so many responsibilities that make us accountable to so many others – spouses, kids, employers, family, friends, etc. all very important but there is only so much time and energy on a day. Good to carve out time and attention to yourself too! 👍 Enjoy your week! Long weekend ahead. 😊


  17. Msdedeng says:

    It is amazing how much positivity is in this one article. I kept nodding all the way through. Thank you, Island Traveler, for taking us on a journey with you, and for the excellent information.

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  18. Dragthepen says:

    Lovely, lovely, lovely ❤️

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  19. ourcrossings says:

    Wow, so many amazing photos – California’s rugged coast is a place that keeps on giving!
    Self-care is something that many people struggle to prioritise. There is a misconception that self-care is selfish, but this could not be further from the truth.

    If you tend to put yourself at the very end of your priority list, especially when that list gets long, that means you not only are neglecting yourself, but you’re also neglecting everyone who relies on you. It doesn’t seem that way in the moment when you take the time to make little Timmy a healthy breakfast before school but grab a donut for yourself because you’re out of time. But in the long run, if you don’t take time to fill up your own cup, you won’t be able to pour from it any more. Take care ❤

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