San Francisco, First U.S. City Showing Signs of COVID-19 Ending

75% percent of San Franciscans above 12 years old are COVID-19 fully vaccinated, and 82% at least received 1 dose.

It’s like a scene from an Alien movie. Just standing a few meters away I joined them. I looked at the Ocean waves rolling towards me, then closed my eyes. The breeze, the wave sounds, the warmth of the Sun, very comforting. Slowly, I breathe in all that’s good and and breathe out all that’s bad consciously, repeatedly. I held my wife’s hand. It was minutes of Nirvana. I opened my eyes, all seems invigorating and light or may be, it was the Body Snatchers. Whatever, it felt nice.

No more mask and social distancing except Healthcare facilities. COVID daily cases and hospitalization negligible as compared to the rest of the country. Zero COVID death.

Concerning Delta Variant seems nowhere to be found.

No one cares if your naked. No one cares if you stare. One was dancing and it was wiggling. No judgment. No shaming. Acceptance. Few cities is like SF. It’s closest to what defines being free for all. No wonder people from all over the World calls it Home.

Is it possible then that San Francisco could be the first major U.S. City to have beaten the COVID-19 Pandemic? Looks and feels like it.

Being able to reach the light at the end of the tunnel 17 months after, it’s reasonable to conclude, “The Vaccine worked. The Mask and Safety Mandates worked. People regardless of differences unifying together worked. Being selfless worked.”

Baker Beach looked and feel very different from last year’s Summer. We were having a Summer surge then.

When other States are on the brink of another disaster due to the worsening Delta Variant COVID-19 Emergency, San Franciscans are returning back to their normal way of enjoying life.

It’s infectious to see people genuinely happy. Makes you smile and laugh back and it’s very real.

San Franciscans have done the impossible and did the incredible.

Strange to feel normal in one city and not in others. This will be the new America for awhile, a contrast of life and events between the most COVID vaccinated and the least. No escaping from that reality. No discrimination from that truth. Same goes for the rest of the World.

Their stories are an inspiration to people and communities still battling the invincible Army of Sickness and Death.

San Francisco has become the new epicenter of Hope.

Marin Headlands overlook.

Impressive 360 degrees turn of events from being part of the top 3 Epicenters of the first outbreak in America to being the first city to rise up victorious.

City establishments still suffering from the after effects of the pandemic. The Malls are still a sad place to hang out. Many businesses have died, some for good. Anywhere outdoors, close to the ocean and the iconic Golden Gate are busy again with people reclaiming the things they missed. May it be enough to revive businesses and entice those that left to come back. Many took their hearts away from San Francisco. I was one of them until today.

The California Dream of Freedom from COVID-19 has turned to reality in San Francisco. The city is given a precious opportunity to once again rebuild and reinvent itself to become the greatest City by the Bay. Will take time and a lot of work, but signs of rebirth has already began. May people not waste it. May people learn from its past.

Happiness is never easy. It needs effort. It needs sacrifice. With COVID-19, it asked from everyone the Epic of sacrifices that separates the Heroes from the Narcissists, the Worst from the Best, the Evil from the Good, the Patient from the Impatient.

Ranch 99 Dim Sum and Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapples was our Lunch at a parking lot overlooking the bridge. Golden and delicious. This is my Family’s Normal when we crave adventure, and I love every moment of it.

To all who made this miracle possible congratulations and thank you.

Finally, “Better” happened.

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13 Responses to San Francisco, First U.S. City Showing Signs of COVID-19 Ending

  1. Great post! I also miss San Francisco and California! keep reading about masks coming back for you. How do locals feel?


    • It’s a mix of emotions and more scary than the virus are people. Many are more hostile, angry, impatient. When workers in business try to ask people to wear the mask again, people get mean when these workers mean well the safety of everyone on top of just doing their jobs. Many are acting like the Delta is happening in a far away land. It will take another COVID hospitalization crisis and people dying for people to wake up…again. Bedside Healthcare workers are so tired and frustrated however because when battle is over, a new one emerges. It’s like a cycle every season and every post Holiday. Thanks 🙏


  2. ourcrossings says:

    These are such fantastic news! As we are approaching the year-and-a-half mark of the globe’s collective experience with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the Covid-19 pandemic it has triggered, it’s fair to assume people the world over are asking themselves the same two questions: How will this end? And when? Sadly, Ireland is in for a “bumpy journey” for the next few weeks due to the Delta variant and a sharp increase of the virus cases. Keep our fingers crossed. We can only rely on vaccination and taking all precautionary measures like social distancing and wearing mask. Have a good day 🙂 Aiva


  3. UnstableTrip says:

    The first picture reminded me a scene in City of Angels movie! It’s good to slowly go back to normal I’m sure. It will take some time for the whole world to do that though.


    • People were dancing, singing, with or without clothes, just trying to be lost in the moment, finding oneself, be free, be one with Nature. Was an inspiring sight because it’s what we all hope to experience, just being ourselves, doing what we love, no fear, no worries, just love , peace , joy, harmony , acceptance, to feel alive and connected. Thanks.

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  4. Man, I miss San Francisco! These were great!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Halbarbera says:

    Great news for the Golden State!


  6. 🎶I left my heart in San-fran-cisco.🎶 Its great to hear good news coming out
    of the Golden State. I wish folks in my neck of the woods were more willing to be vaccinated. Blessings!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks. San Francisco feels like a second home. So much happy family memories since my son was just a baby. Same places, never the same moment. The inner city however is still scarred by the pandemic . It will take time for it to return to the way it was. Food court at Westfield , like ghost town. I do hope with no more mask and people freer, the Asian Hate crimes also will stop. That was one of the saddest thing worse than the pandemic I never thought people in a very diverse city are capable of. I guess Racism and Hate is everywhere, just took a lockdown and lies propaganda to finally come out.


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