McWay Falls

When the tides are high at McWay Creek in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, an incredible 80-foot-tall waterfall dives gracefully into the Pacific Ocean.

Beautiful is when we stop breathing for moment because of awe and wonder of God’s creation.

Visitors can only admire it from afar. The distance between humans and nature keeps it pristine and undisturbed.

Few Summers ago, we took a roadtrip to Mcway Falls for the first time. He was just in Middle School. I can never replicate it but I can only try to make a new Summer moment that hopeful is just as unforgettable. Our kids will likely forget the expensive toys and gadgets we bought them but they will never forget a beautiful happy experience. I haven’t.

A memorable Big Sur roadtrip adventure is never complete without a visit to this Nature’s unique spectacle.

Summer happens for a reason. It is where many of our happy childhood and family moments were created. It’s a fleeting gift the heart carries and treasures forever.

So we make more while we still have time because no Summer is the same nor has a repeat option.

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24 Responses to McWay Falls

  1. Such a beauty of the ocean 👌🌷🙏


  2. Wind Kisses says:

    I so agree with you on making memories. We also find, even with our grandchildren, we take the time to make memories. Gifts are usually adventures.

    McWay Falls is a new curiosity for me. Have to chance it out when we travel north one day. Donna


  3. ourcrossings says:

    I can easily see why the overlook trail for McWay Falls is a must-stop for anyone taking the scenic drive up Highway One along the Big Sur Coast. The waterfall is stunning – I would just want to linger at the end of the trail and watch it fall – and so are the views and those beautifully rugged cliffs. Thanks for sharing sun fantastic photos, through them, I am certainly falling under California’s spell, my friend 🙂 Aiva xxx


    • Reading your comment just teleported me back to a wonderful Nature spell. Thank you. The pandemic did not make me miss world , even state to state travel because I already know what I want and search for , it’ beaches and outdoors, and where I live in California, I’m spoiled , very.

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  4. That scenery is gorgeous! I can’t say I’ve ever seen a waterfall quite like that before. I completely agree with you, it’s all about the experiences over the expensive toys.


  5. Experiences over toys! I so agree. Beautiful!


    • From my own childhood experience. Having lived so many places, It was not the material things that stayed with me but the moments I was most happiest. It help me survive living too far where I was born. Loneliness and isolation can be a migrant worst nightmare, & having enough happy childhood memories and roots makes a huge difference. Thanks.

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  6. It is a most spectacular place, which I have seen like 25 years ago. On this trip I didn’t stop by, because cars were parked all over the place. Loving your images.


  7. Ab says:

    What a beautiful spot! I’m glad that they keep people away from it to help preserve it and I’m pleased people seem to obey the guidelines.

    And I agree with you, experiences over material things are the way to go and it’s great that you are instilling that value in your son.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer. May it feel long and stretched out in the best of ways!


    • Thanks Ab. Hope your Summer and awesome as well. Was sick for a few days and I went through my photo history and Mcway Falls stood out. Remembering a happy travel memory with those we love are instant mood boosters. Enjoying family time before Monday. No plans. Just letting the day unfold itself. Many Californians no longer wear mask, sometimes I try not wearing mask inside the store depending on how crowded. Delta strain is also here in the Bay Area but many seem unbothered. So hopefully the vaccine really covers for it. Happy Sunday my friend.

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      • Ab says:

        I’m sorry that you were sick, hopefully not covid related. Whatever it was, hope iou are better! 😊

        I was reading an article today about how San Francisco is the first city that’s truly opening up, no masks, 100 capacity. That seems like such a different world for me, although we are making small steps towards that. Hopefully there is no resurgence and anything is balanced out by the vaccinated population

        I looked forward to the day I can be mask free inside a store again! 😊

        Take care and enjoy the rest of your week!


        • My son told me the other day, people are no longer wearing mask, most at least. I still wear one indoors though. Honesty rule I don’t trust, only myself. I hope no resurgence too & by fall and winter, SF & Bay Area should be more than 80 % vaccinated. Other States won’t be so lucky however due to poor vaccination rates. Take care. Thanks.

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  8. Oh, the beautiful blue water! Where I live most of the water is the color of chocolate milk. Thanks for the pics!


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