Maskless and Free

On Holiday weekend my son asked, “Dad, what’s 4th of July?” What does it mean?” My answer, “It’s Independence.”

For the first time I walked in my city maskless. I felt free. People I see maskless also looked very free.

He asked again, “Dad, what is Independence? What does it mean?”

Off work, I have a choice now to say goodbye to wearing mask. At work, mask is mandatory 40 hours/wk, 8 hours/day of restricted breathing. I may have gotten used to it but it’s never normal to no longer recognize the faces of your co-workers after not seeing them without a mask for more than a year.

Summarizing in one word from all the versions I’m told, I replied, “It’s Freedom.”

I’m not brave enough to be maskless indoors with strangers. I was at Ross and a maskless woman coughed repetitively like it was fine while me and my son was behind her. Experience is a better teacher than health experts. There is a Super Delta Variant that is not in the news yet.

Persistent, he asked again, this time I caught a mischievous smile on his face, “Dad, what is Freedom. What does it mean?”

Some see. Some don’t. Some listen. Some don’t. Some care. Some don’t. We don’t take it personally or we will go crazy.

Suspicious that his leading me into a trap when likely he already knows the answer, I replied laughing, “You’re the one in school. You should know what it means.”

He laughed back hard. He knew I knew. Busted.

Many unvaccinated will die or develop long term complication in counties with the lowest rate of vaccination by next November to January 2022. Currently, it’s averaging 200 deaths/day.

That ended the questioning but his questions made me question what 4th of July means to me.

I can see where he’s coming from and I admire his way of thinking and that of his YouTube generation.

They don’t settle for what peoples tells them but will research and discover for themselves what things mean and how these applies to their reality.

It’s good to breathe and walk around normally .

So, what does Freedom Day means to me? Am I part of the millions of brave dreamy stars that lights up our beloved Home to shine its brightest and most beautiful?

With mask, the world is partly hidden, foggy, blurry. The sounds, muffled. Like having seasonal allergies all the time.

When people shout, “Our Freedom, Our Country,” am I part of that cry or am I part of the group of people they hate and despise?

Without the mask , the world as it should be, crisp, crystal clear, alive.

Being a minority of Color in America, what does this National Holiday celebrated with Fireworks, Parades and BBQ parties really means to me?

Remember those who sacrificed to be where we are now in this on going Pandemic. Have we looked back to our Essentials who never rested and even say, “Thank You?” For a few, too late because they are already dead or quit their jobs.

It’s Hope to belong and be accepted as equal.

It takes courage to fit in. Immigrants have to be fearless to call another country home. People think it’s easy forgetting all that you were and assimilating all that you’re not. Never is.

It’s Hope to feel that I am part the community I serve and not feel weirdly foreign, an outsider, isolated, detached.

To move, think, speak and live free is a gift we should never take for granted. Be grateful for them. Not everyone is entitled to have them in this world. Perhaps in the after life.

It’s Hope for fair justice, kindness and equal opportunity.

“Peace I give you. Peace I bring you.” Wouldn’t that be nice? It’s free.

It’s Hope to be free from all that binds me and controls me.

We revisited most of the places we love, just cruising and taking our time along coastal HWY-1. Few Sunny spots, mostly cloudy. The road was surprisingly not busy at all.

It’s Hope that I can be myself doing what I love and find happiness in them.

We are Cat and Mouse sometimes but she’s my BFF no matter what. Besides, I need her navigation direction skills when taking road trips.

It’s Hope that my dreams stand a chance and last longer.

Everyone is celebrating their version of Freedom and it rounds up to 3 F’s: Family, Food, Fun. The 4th and most important, Faith seems to be missing. It’s easy to forget when we’re in Happy Land.

It’s Hope that one day I don’t have to report to a System that has everyone in chains.

Anyone dependent on other people is never free.

Freedom is real at the beach.

We stop working, we starve. We quit our job, we will loose our home, car, anything materially significant.

We will even loose some friends and family. Poof! There’s goes everything.

Roadhouse Davenport, best place to eat when on the road in Santa Cruz County. Just beyond the window is an amazing beach and adventure.

It’s Hope to stop living in fear. To stop worrying. To stop being affected by the negative toxicity and abusive bull shit.

This is what I order all the time, Roadhouse Blue Cheese Burger and Sweet Potato Fries. I shared it with me wife, 50/50.

It’s Hope to see the world and breathe without a mask, even for day.

Ah, carb delicious Heaven.

It’s Hope that the heart stops breaking.

Small people have to stretch harder to reach the top. So we did.

So for one day on July 4th, my Hopes happened. I was free. I was maskless. I get to do what I want and not have to report to anyone. I get to be the boss of my own life and be where my heart is happiest.

My Heart stopped breaking.

Adventure time…

Listening to my favorite Love Songs of the 80’s and 90’s, I did my long walk on the street, at the park, smelled the roses, enjoyed the Sun and Wind without a mask, without worries, without care.

Then a spontaneous last minute day trip from Davenport to Coastal Daly City. It was fun. It was liberating. I felt limitless.

A quick hike all by my self. Wife and son waited in the car. Their excuse, “We’re hungry.”

Enjoying my last hour of freedom before work began, I hurriedly wrote my thoughts before I forget my true free and happy self again.

See closer. Be curious. Take time to freeze moments.

So if you ask me if I’m really free, I would say, “Somedays and sometimes.”

I normally like to see things at the edge. Sometimes I do need to pay attention if someone is behind me when too excited. One push, that’s it!

No such thing as totally bring free. Freedom has a price and we all are bound to something or to someone.

He was like me…aren’t we all?

For now, I’m clocking in so I can earn enough for my next Freedom Day which by the way can be any day of my choosing. It’s what free people are suppose to do.

Freedom is not Man-made. It is a birth right of all. Until it’s everyone, our dream and hope goes on.

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5 Responses to Maskless and Free

  1. Wind Kisses says:

    This is beautiful. Grateful that your son got YOU thinking. I think sometimes its unfair that we even HAVE to think about it. So grateful for this beautiful nation, and those who fought for that. Donna


    • I agree. There are so much we take for granted in America, things that people work hard for , even died for. If we look at history, Patriotism is very much different from today. People in the past are willing to sacrifice for country and their fellow men , now it’s save ones self and complaining. Unification begins when everyone hearts have it in the right places. Thanks 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      • Wind Kisses says:

        I can’t like this enough. I have devoted my volunteerism to veterans and their families. too often we go about our day, not realizing what and who became before us. I will never forget. Donna


  2. lemuelnick says:

    I can see and realized that bug Sur is one of the biggest and interested Beach where sun can reach out well and well.l am willing to visit there one day because it seems so nice to me.
    Please island traveler how can I reach there possibly??


    • From Carmel Valley to Big Sur, there’s both the main tourists spots and the random secluded ones. Anywhere that looks nice, I just stop the car and wander around. It’s how I discovered my favorites places of escape. You can stay in Monterey , enjoy what they offer , then Carmel , then off to Big Sur. One day is not enough. Have fun and just take your time when you visit.

      Liked by 1 person

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