Monastery Beach, Ethereal and Unexpected

It never captured our fancy until the day weather intervened.

Every time we take a day trip to Big Sur, there’s this beach just before Point Lobos that seems ordinary yet often has lots of people in it. Didn’t understand the appeal till…

Supposed to be a great weather weekend, so we drove towards our Off The Grid Summer spot towards Big Sur. As we entered Moss Landing, no Sun in sight. My heart sunk. I had to decide whether to turn back to Santa Cruz where it was sunny or drive further and hope the Sun is shining bright somewhere in that direction.

Full Sun at Sand City. Our mood immediately skyrocketed.

By Carmel-by-the-Sea, Sun gone again. Heart sunk for the second time. We can’t gamble our Family Day anymore as it was getting late, 4 P.M. late. So, we decided to stop to the nearest beach that has full Sun and trust everything to fate.

From the road, Monastery Beach doesn’t look scenic at all, but it’s only when you enter it’s world do you see what truly draws people here.

It’s magic and solitude, wonder and happiness, all wrap in one perfect adventure.

Monastery Beach is happy Sun and peaceful blues, mystic grey fog and playful shape shifting clouds in a spellbinding masquerade ball from sky, land and sea.

Enchanting on one side from Sunrise to Sunset. Dramatic on the other where the mountain silhouettes transition from clear to fading, almost like how we feel when saying goodbye but our hearts are not yet ready to leave and let go.

Breathtaking. Moving. Inspiring. Nostalgic.

Eerie East, a massive fog rose suddenly and quickly from the sea swallowing everything in its path, people and houses included. Everything and everyone seemed like they just vanished into thin air, my wife inside our tent included.

Can’t see my wife or our tent from where me and my son were standing. Zero visibility fog in minutes. And weather app said 88 degrees Sunny that morning.

After 2 hours of cooking and eating, my son and I took a hike and explored what lies beyond the old Cypress Trees and chiseled rocks. I love food but I love adventure more, and my feet was getting itchy restless.

Ethereal and unexpected, Monastery Beach was giving us panoramic views like we’ve never seen before and moments we haven’t experienced from the other beaches we’d been.

Impressive. Humbled. We were fortunate to witness a precious glimpse of creation that is both powerful and divine.

As the Sun started to go down, we tried to capture as fast as we could the remaining golden moments of the day.

On the way back to our tent, an intense rush of contentment, joy and gratitude.

We don’t have to plan too much to experience something beautiful and surreal. We just embrace spontaneity and allow it to do what it does best.

Trust that fate, even weather will intervene and take us places beyond our wildest imagination.

Incredible ethereal and unexpected surprises happen when we let go and let God.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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64 Responses to Monastery Beach, Ethereal and Unexpected

  1. Emiweb says:

    This look like a real paradise! Stunning pictures!


    • Thanks . When it wants to, it allows the visitor enter a realm like no other. We’re just in luck to be there when it was glowing close to sunset. Last time pass by it was too gloomy and foggy and hardly any people. Thanks.


  2. Beautiful flowers 🌹 🌸 🌺


  3. jryb29 says:

    These pictures are ethereal 💙


  4. Saparza says:



  5. Literally it’s amazing


  6. Amazing Life says:

    Absolutely spectacular and fascinating! I understood why Big Sur is considered so beautiful!

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  8. So … so lovely pictures:) Amazing places to discover, too:)

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  9. This looks like a lovely beach. Glad you found a slice of sunshine and were able to watch the sun set. The scenery looks spectacular!

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    • Thanks. It’s amazing how the Sun affects how our day, moments and mood will turn out to be. So far, I was only able to explore the right side of the beach and hiking trail from Carmel, & I bet another wonder will unveil on its left side from next to Point Lobos.

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  10. Hannah says:

    Pretty photos!! 😍

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  11. What a beautiful place to be, wished I had known about it before. I just got back from a most heavenly trip up to the coast to Big Sur and Carmel. And Thank you to one of your former posts I went hiking to Garrapata State Park it was the most gorgeous hike I have done on my trip. Thank you ever for your recommendation. BTW, did you ever do the hike to Salmon Creek waterfalls?

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  12. Wow! Gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a nice trip. Love how the fog rolled in, made everything more magical 💖

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  13. ourcrossings says:

    There’s perhaps no other state that captures the essence of a carefree, sun-kissed lifestyle than California, and its beaches are a big part of the appeal. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos 🙂 Aiva

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    • Thanks Aiva. My co-worker just came back from Florida & showed me her beautiful Sun Tan but she said, “Water is warm but California still has the most beautiful beaches with its cliffs and mountains.” The Pandemic Travel caution made me see and discover even more what California has to offer. I actually feel spoiled when it comes to beaches selection. It’s not just about where but where it’s most scenic within 1-1 1/2 distance N, S, E, W.

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  14. Totally beautiful! And the fog just added a little mystic beauty 💙💙

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  15. Ab says:

    That is quite the breathtaking scenery you have. The way the sun lit that purple flower is beautiful. And the water must’ve been so calming to look at! I love that your family pitch a tent and have a portable grill handy with you. Now that’s how you really enjoy life!

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    • I’m so lucky and pampered , got 2 chef now. Son is into cooking lately and he did all the grilling at the beach. I haven’t stayed put to eat for 2 hours long before but I did at this place. It’s was relaxing and so filling. When we don’t expect much and just surrender to adventure, truly an even more surprising revelation of moments and experiences. Thanks Ab. Have a great weekend. It’s Adventure time again. Regards to your family.

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  16. Wow! Absolutely amazing!

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  17. Beautiful! Just like in life, the sunshine comes and goes. But the good outweighs the bad! Blessings.

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  18. kagould17 says:

    A little bad weather can make the scene so much more beautiful. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing. Alln

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  19. Phil says:

    Looks amazing!

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  20. Beautiful day and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. Mel

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  21. shannonrose says:

    Wow, these are such gorgeous photos. I love your words! God bless you 💞

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  22. Just love the colors and perspectives!

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