Garappata Beach, Chameleon of Beaches

Today, we get to experience Summer that is truly us. For a moment nothing else matters except him, her, me and the beach we love.

Calla Lily Valley, California Dream Adventure like no other.

In my native tongue, Garappata means tick or parasite. First verbal reaction, “Eeew,” followed by fleeing. So, when a friend told me few Summers ago, “Check Garappata when heading to Big Sur,” my response was, “What? Is it nice?”

Heavy clouds embracing the mountain peaks. The Ocean yearning and longing to be embraced too now that distancing and paranoia has become a norm. Nature and People will heal the wrong and the broken…in time.

It is unfortunate if we judge a place based on its name or review because we are only depriving ourselves of the opportunity to experience something marvelous.

This is what we saw on our first visit. The play of colors, shapes and textures…incredible. Nature was in a super happy mood that day and we’re just lucky to be there to play in it.

Even during this era of popular reviews and likes, must-travel destinations needs to be personal because travel experiences are subjective. They are unique and perceive differently by every individual. It’s like the movie critics versus the general patronage with their subjective criticisms. What critics don’t like, we average movie goers may actually find enjoyable and entertaining.

California Nature Carpet Palette…Bohemian, Artistic, Dreamy, Optimistic, Diverse, Care Free, Always Summertime. It reflects the California Culture and Vibe. Here, Birds of different feathers, flock together because of their universal love for the same, Freedom, Happiness, Nature and Outdoors.

People standards are different when it comes to appreciation, Nature included. Some people are simple to please and their happiness easy. Others amazing has to be loaded to be impressed.

Fossilized Rocks

Back to our diamond in the rough, Garrapata Beach at Garappata State Park in Northern California is the Chameleon of beaches. The beach is never the same with each visit. It constantly changes with the weather, seasons and tides. It synchs with the mood and temperament of the sky. Weather Apps are advisable though sometimes this beach teases and surprises weather predictions.

360 degrees of Awesomeness. You have to see the views and details from every weather, angle and direction. That requires multiple visits.

Anyone searching for a quiet escape, Garappata Beach is perfectly secluded. Driving towards it, a Veteran Traveler can spot right away the difference between Garrapata and the other more famous tourist spots. That alone is a gem when we value space and safety in this constantly changing COVID-19 Pandemic World vaccinated or not.

I see many tourists just pass by, watch the ocean a bit, take some pictures and selfies then leave. To each his own but I think they are missing what is most enjoyable in this California paradise.

Some search for the undisturbed and the blissfully silent. Others search for the fun noise in action packed places.

Respect Nature and People and they will take care of us for a very long time. Meet my hiking friend, Lizard. He lived here together with the original owners of the Land, The American Indians way back when the Land was still pure and undiscovered.

Pristine Garappata can get boring for the thrill seekers. The beach is ideal for resting and can be challenging for the restless to stay put. Me included. So, keeping it interestingly fresh with every visit keeps my feet on the sand.

We hike wherever there’s a chance to hike. We venture on untraveled paths even if the sign says, “No Entry.” Our secret, don’t tell. A bit of danger adds to the excitement.

What awes me at this place? A lot, but let me start with the local frosted bluish green succulents hanging bravely on its cliff walls.

How they survive and flourish this beautiful is a miracle.

The succulents grow snowflakes-like white flowers reminiscent of Winter’s magic.

It has its cousin succulents in Montara only they are vibrant green with bright yellow flowers most beautiful in Spring and Summer.

Montara succulents in full bloom. This was Nature Spring 2020. The Earth for the first time was healing because humans retreated in their homes around the world. COVID was feared then.

Then there’s the mountain crystal clear stream surrounded by robust Calla Lilies that passionately meets the Ocean like secret lovers. Romance and adventure are an addicting euphoric mix.

The Valley of the unforgettable blooms.

The sound of water cascading from layers of sandy soil and pebbles creates a very soothing music like that of bamboo chimes singing with the wind. Hypnotically calming.

Take time to listen and fall in love all over again…with yourself and everything you love.

Best but rare. When the tides are low, a hidden lagoon reveals itself behind two mountain rocks in front of a bridge. It doesn’t happen often so we were fortunate to see it twice. Don’t attempt to cross when the tides are high. The waves are tall and powerful. One can easily be swept and swallowed by the Ocean.

Secret Lagoon with Hidden Caves, that’s amazing enough for us, and the excitement of being able to see it again inspires us to keep going back.

Option B if you really want to see it, climb up and down the rocks that surrounds it. Be careful, the rocks are jagged, sharp and steep.

Bare feet beach rock climbing. He is my Hiking and Fitness Buddy. When Father and Son relationships becomes both Family and Friendship, we struck Gold! Best treasure there is.

Our roadtrip must haves: Picnic basket full of food and beverage, Griller, Beach Tent and Mat, Football and Card Games.

It’s hard to diet when the food is so delicious. Make it medium rare please.

Oh, and my iPhone 8 Camera. Can’t just take pictures for sharing with my eyes.

Our Blue Tent House. Instant Home in every place that matters to us as a Family.

So when having a Roadtrip to Big Sur, Carmel or Monterey. Check this paradise and tell me what it unveils for you. It’s a romantic beach that will win your heart with creativity and unique moments that are just made for you. Don’t you feel special already? You should cause you are.”

I wouldn’t have seen nor experience this if I didn’t took the time to go back and really look and enjoy the moment. This is why even for a day, Family road trips are important to me…to us.

Write stories that makes us realize how blessed and happy our lives had been, is and will be. Our lives, our adventures however we want it.

The Lagoon was all ours. He was building a pebble tower while I was trying to climb the rocks to get a picture of the frosted succulents.

The moment we stop following, comparing and competing for what’s “amazing” in the Social Media Travel and Lifestyle frenzy, the closer we are to our own happiness and inner calmness.

Open roof cave. At night, you can gaze at the stars.

So, delete the Apps we don’t need and just keep the one that inspires and connects with us the most.

Zen is having less and living more.

Believe me, having less will make our lives happier and less stressful. It’s one free prescription to gain back our Mental and Emotional Wellness.

Our finished tower. I helped him find flat pebbles so we can raise it as high as we can. Everyone’s welcome to our tower before it falls down. It’s free and all natural.

Follow our heart because it will lead us to everything genuinely amazing.

Some days, it just blends and camouflaged with its surroundings to be invincible. It’s a way to protect itself from the outside world’s abuse and exploitation.

So, go and enjoy every moment and adventure your Summer has to offer. Make lots of happy family memories because that is guaranteed to last forever.

Had to almost crawl to see what’s inside the cave. Didn’t know it exist until today. This and the rock climbing to get into the lagoon, one awesome heck of an adventure. Summer 6/27/21.

Every minute waisted not doing anything is a lost opportunity to discover something truly marvelous.

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154 Responses to Garappata Beach, Chameleon of Beaches

  1. Lizbet says:

    lovely beach


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  3. I absolutely love your photographs. This looks to be such an amazing place.

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  4. saree says:

    It’s so lovely and beautiful. Nice beach. I wanted to go out badly. Missing beaches, mountains and usual travel.

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  5. samsahana says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing these breath-taking pics! Seems like a glorious place! 😃 Found this post in my “discover” and this is certainly a marvellous discovery 😉 Amazing clicks!

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    • Thanks. It is truly a place of wonder and discover. From the road, one won’t even know it’s a has a huge beach full of nature surprises. When Full Sun, water is gloriously in shades of blues from emerald to turquoise, the green mountains as backdrop and clouds touching its top. Dramatic definitely!

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  9. flemin says:

    I love travalling
    Travalling is an interesting subject for me enjoying,exploring,studying the nature,finding new places

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  10. What a lovely beach! Nature is amazing and coloured … Sea is wonderful and calm

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  11. Dior East says:

    Beautiful place to unwind and be within

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  12. victtoriedesign says:

    Sounds absolutely amazing

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  13. Sol Lowe says:

    Wow awesome read!

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  14. Tiny Jeremy says:

    Nice and brezzy

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  17. Antarikhya says:

    I never knew I needed a trip to the Californian beach up until now❤

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    • Northern California has so many beautiful beaches and they all are uniquely different and dramatic. Too cold to swim but the views and adventures are what draws people. Famous or off the map, all are unforgettable. Best to enjoy them is to just take your time and let go. We like to revisit the beaches that made us happiest and excited the most, and Garappata is in our top 3 list. Thanks

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      • Antarikhya says:

        I can only guess how unique the beach is. The photos are utterly appeasing and surely did justice to the place. May the summer heal everyone out there. ❤❤


        • Thank you. Being close to Nature, watching and hearing the waves, just to getaway, it’s enough to begin healing. So much of ourselves had been broken by more than a year of the pandemic. There are no words to describe how it affected all of us. We need to find our zen and our harmony. We need to find the place where we get to be who we were before this pandemic and everything it created thereafter. Everyday at work, I am reminded that the battle towards a virus that fears no one is still very real. Being at the beach, even for a few hours is a promise that we are all going to be okay.


        • qaadii12 says:

          Man of the year

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  19. Absolutely beautiful place so serene the pictures capture the beauty so perfectly. Someday day will visit this beautiful place. Thank you for sharing 🌼💛

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  20. Jaba Paul says:

    What a great place and if you don’t mind can you read also my blog please I’m new here

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  21. Treasure says:

    Nice post

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  23. Away We Go says:

    Wow, beautiful pictures! That view from inside the cave is gorgeous! This place looks like a great place to spend the day.

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  24. Gibberish says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful ❤️😀

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  25. Mill Zeus says:

    It releases stresses when u are in a such place😍

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    • It does. It makes us forget all that we’re running from and Helo us get closer to all that we love and value. Nature is the perfect to reconnect, unwind, discover, heal, let go. Thanks 🙏

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  26. Wow wonderful place to stay and enjoy 😍

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  27. What a awesome place. Beach + Island 🏝️. Beautiful pictures. Love it 🥰

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  28. This place is amazing 😻
    Check my collections and please follow me up on

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  29. Mamalava says:

    Oh, this is beautiful! I stumbled upon it during a quick break at work, and I’m so glad I did! You gave me a true moment of tranquility. Thank you for sharing!

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  30. This place is like a little Eden, thanks for sharing!

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  31. arlene says:

    Ang ganda naman. I miss the beach. It’s been a long while since I’ve gone to one.

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  32. Ricky Morgan says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It’s absolutely breathtaking!

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  33. Abu Muafa says:

    Beautiful pictures. The picture composition was nicely rendered.

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  34. Serenely spectacular🧜‍♀️

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  35. Joweda says:

    Awesome is the word.

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  36. Fantastic place to relax

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  37. jryb29 says:

    The pictures are so lovely! It’s been too long since I went someplace like that

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  38. The Guat says:

    Dude. The secret lagoon with hidden caves, the succulents, and cliffs! Your pics as always rocked these Kodak moments and once again you added another spot to my list. Thanks so much for posting your beach escapes 🙂 hope you’re having a good week.

    Liked by 6 people

    • Nature shows it’s best when we love it to the moon. The day I had it updated was the day we went back to see in its most glorious since Summer of 2020. Thanks. The cave was something I didn’t know and I’d been to this oasis so many times. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

      • The Guat says:

        Man! I’m definitely going to have to visit! I love the ocean and beach but this cave is something new. Definitely on the list 🙂


        • Hope you do. The cave is tricky. When tides are high, it’s not visible. So most often it’s not accessible unless one jumps from its open roof into it but that would be dangerous as the waves are strong and rough. It’s located just before the lagoon which is a totally another fun adventure when it’s comes to accessibility. Many don’t know about the cave nor take time to discover it. Also it’s a very small space so it’s just a few adventurers at a time and some like to dwell long in it not mindful others are waiting to see it too. Yes, no more mask in this beach and no one talks about their vaccination history. Best time, go on weekdays. Weekends would be crazy. Thanks 🙏

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  40. Matup says:


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  42. Hendradoang says:


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  43. Nikhil Jaju says:

    I think this is awesome!

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  44. Shoes says:

    The vegetation is so beautiful! Quite often some of the most amazing beauty to be found, can only be found when one is slowly wandering and not actively searching for it. You have captured the beauty of that place perfectly.

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  45. Wow! What a place!!!

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  46. ourcrossings says:

    I love your photos of Garappata Beach. Ansel Adams used to come to this beach when he wasn’t capturing the beauty of Yosemite. Thanks for letting me enjoy some of the unique beauty that can be found on the beach, wildflowers and a lovely array of rocks including 🙂 Aiva

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    • Thanks. I feel blessed to be in this side of California. I’m not rich but being in these places makes me feel like I’m a winner and a millionaire. So spoiled really. When wife ask,” Beach time,” my answer, “Which one? Just a beach or that with scenic views?”

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  47. CattleCapers says:

    Great point about movies. I actually love the “Godzilla” movie with Matthew Broderick but the critics panned it. For some reason only the first photo showed up on my cell app. Sigh.

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    • Yes, I like that movie too. Critics are just being themselves , critical. Box office movies did not happen because of critics, it’s the movie goers trying yo appreciate and enjoying movies for what they are. Critics needs to loosen up a bit and come down to planet Earth. Thanks.

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  48. Ab says:

    These are stunning nature panoramas. The royal blue colour almost seems other-worldly and those mountains hugged by the clouds are very soothing to the eye. I can only imagine what it feels like in person to be in that beautiful place.

    Glad you and your family got to enjoy this outing! And congrats to your son on completing another school year. Here’s to summer memories!

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    • Thanks. Nature road trips and Summer memories are precious to me. It gives me hope that life and people can get better, change, be their best for love, peace, happiness. One life, we might us well live it our best for all.

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  49. Beautiful photos. The colors of the flowers are stunning! Glad to see you were able to get out and enjoy natures magic 💖

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  50. What a great to be , so beautiful and marvellous beach’s awesome flowers and the rocks 👌🌷
    Mind blowing sceneries 👍🏻🌹👏 Best Wishes 💐

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  51. 1972italy says:

    I lived there for two years and miss it dearly! I’m glad that you were able to enjoy the beauty!

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  52. kagould17 says:

    A beautiful post on a beautiful place to be sure. Thanks for sharing. Allan

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    • Thanks. I’d been wanting to share this place as my way of thanking it for the many times it was there for me when I needed it the most. It’s my place of healing , solitude and joy. Plus the Family memories, just priceless. I hope for others to experience the same when in town.

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  53. Bacardi Gold says:

    captivating photos !

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  54. Cherryl says:

    Such lovely landscapes, and it looks like you pretty much had it all to yourself✨

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  55. restlessjo says:

    The colours are just stunning! What a treat for the eyes this morning 🙂 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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  56. auntyuta says:

    I just referred to your blog here:

    Big Sur

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  58. auntyuta says:

    This is a ‘California Nature Carpet Palette’…
    Thank you very much for sharing all these wonderful pictures!
    Best wishes and, please, stay safe!
    Uta from NSW, Australia 🙂

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  59. Halbarbera says:

    Ah the winding turns, seaside cliffs and views of the often-winding turns, seaside cliffs and views

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  60. What great place to day.

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