“I’m Vaccinated,” So What?

“Sir, please put on your mask. Do you have any symptoms of COVID like fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, loss of taste and smell, vomiting and diarrhea? Have you been sick or exposed to COVID the past 14 days? Man looking annoyed answers back, “I’m Vaccinated!”

“Ma’am, Doctor ordered a COVID Test because you have symptoms of possible COVID. Would you like it scheduled today?” Woman looking surprised replies, “But I’m vaccinated.”

My son got his second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine last week. Yesterday, he entered Starbucks and Blaze Pizza without mask for the first time with a friend. He told his mom smiling, “Mom, I don’t think you’ll like what’s happening out there.” June 15 marks no more COVID safety guidelines in most establishments in California. Is it the right move when the India Delta strain is close to doubling every week? We’ll find out in 6-8 weeks. For now, we enjoy Summer.

5% chance of infection is 5% chance.

People forget that the COVID-19 vaccine though highly effective is NOT 100% effective and was approved for Emergency use because the World was and is still in a Pandemic Emergency.

“I’m vaccinated,” will trigger lots of conflicts, confusions, even embarrassment as some adults will have bratty tantrum outburst when Essential Workers requires them to follow establishment rules and be considerate of other people’s health.

If people were irrational and ridiculous when the Pandemic was averaging 3,000 deaths per day in the U.S. during COVID’s peak, how much more today that many people are vaccinated and hospitalizations are it’s lowest?

Real people died. Real people lost family members. Real people can no longer go back to work because of disability complications. Many don’t care because it wasn’t them that was affected. Many don’t care because they are not front line workers. Many Politicians should go to jail and answer for their indifference and misleading announcements that caused people their lives, Health and jobs. Injustice is the new normal intra pandemic.

Delta strain reached the U.S. without anyone flying it into the U.S. It’s the same strain that is ravaging India. It mutated without travel history just like it did with the U.K. variant. COVID does not know remoteness.

We are looking again at COVID like it’s distantly happening only in other countries like we once did when it was happening in China and Italy. We are acting again like the U.S. is exempted and invulnerable to the Pandemic. What’s happening to India, Brazil, Asia and Europe can happen in the U.S. within a few weeks to months. We don’t have super genes that makes us super humans. Just super pride and super grandiosity.

3, 2, 1…Toss it time! California is ranked no. 1 in U.S. COVID-19 deaths followed by Texas, Florida and New York. Hope we don’t forget.

With vaccination comes great responsibility. Even Spidey knows this.

America, U.K. and other rich countries got most of the first batches of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Great and lucky are we, but how about the rest of the World?

Longer and more Heatwaves this year due to worsening Global Warming. Expect more crowded beaches and outdoors. Air conditioning will be a wise investment as it is guaranteed to get hotter every year.

Truth, rich and powerful countries hoarded the initial batches of vaccine first. Surplus went to Third World countries who can’t afford them via donations.

Truth, thousands of opened COVID vaccine vials has been wasted and thrown away because people did not show up to their vaccination appointments. That’s thousands of lives that could have been protected and saved. We wasted life saving vaccines like we wasted food.

So much misinformation and half truths since last year. So much disregard of what people are really thinking and feeling. No wonder Mental Health Illness skyrocketed, same with Hate Crimes and Anger. Dismissing what people are going through, never okay nor humane but is happening everyday.

Truth, COVID-19 will never be over until everyone in the World gets the chance and opportunity to be vaccinated.

Truth, a significant part of the population will refuse to get the vaccine causing a back and forth infection-quiescence-reinfection.

Truth, Travel will spread new strains in places where vaccination is slow and or inadequate.

The Delta Variant is similar to the common colds: headache, sore throat, runny nose and fever. Testing is important more than ever but all depends on honesty. Testing Fatigue is already happening which means people will skip testing and just resume work, play and normal daily living even if they have symptoms.

I’m COVID-19 vaccinated since February 2021, but so what? I did not change on how I deal with the infection except I’m no longer afraid. It did not change the fact that COVID now is anyone and everywhere.

I may not get serious symptoms of COVID-19 nor it’s complications, but I may still get COVID. It’s a possibility. Again, not really scared for myself except the concern of taking the infection home to my family. My wife will freak out big time. I think seeing her fear and anxiety would be worse than me getting the COVID.

Some countries will be wearing mask and having lockdowns for awhile, others will resume life like the pandemic never happened. Japan Town SF.

10% of those who recovered from COVID will be Long Haulers regardless of age. They will experience frequent debilitating fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath with activity and sleep disturbances that will decrease their quality of life for months to years.

Perpetual inability to function, work, think and breathe well is never okay.

COVID threat and danger is still very real even if our employers act like it’s no big deal anymore. Usual response to Staff concerns, “Just wear your PPE and you’ll be fine.” Wow exactly! As to what happens to other patients? Secret and silence because it’s a No-no to talk about it.

We have ourselves and our families to protect. Don’t believe everything we are told. What we see and experience is the truth. Those that looks and feels wrong are lies.

“I’m Vaccinated,” So What?

Just because we are vaccinated doesn’t mean we can just do whatever we want. Sure, if we don’t care about others, but if we do, we still need to be mindful and be respectful till this virus really is 100% controlled.

“I’m vaccinated,” will be the talk of discussions and debates for months to come. It will cause division and animosity if not dealt with caution and sensitivity.

“I’m vaccinated,” will be the excuse and blame for future sporadic outbreaks and super spreader events.

It will be an interesting Summer as Theme Parks like Disney goes maskless and No Social Distancing. Tourists from around the world may take home more than just souvenirs and photos.

Truth, we won’t see the full real evidence of the effectivity of vaccination this Summer but by late Fall and Winter when the virus is at its most virulent. This is when people have to stay more indoors and frequent Holiday family gatherings are happening.

Those that did their part will be the first one to have their normalcy back.

More than 600,000 dead Americans no longer cause shock reactions. The U.S. can reach its first 1 Million COVID-19 related deaths by early next year. This is not and never normal.

“What doesn’t affect me, doesn’t bother me.” This mindset gave COVID-19 all the time it needed to be what it is now the World over. Until we change, the virus will evolve faster than we are changing. It was created by Science to defy Science. Isn’t it obvious by now?

COVID-19 virus behavior is anything but natural. Who wants to admit they accidentally killed 3.8 Million people around the world?

and MORE LOVE. This is the true challenge with COVID-19 Normalcy.

Hate creates more hate. Victims remember. Victims learn. Victims can fight back and just be as violent as the Attacker.

Harm or be harmed, this is the New World we brought upon ourselves because of the choices we made, but like any other free will choices, we can choose what is good. That is Hope.

The Pandemic made transparent what’s already in the hearts of people.

P.S. Try being nice when someone is just doing their job protocols. Don’t pounce our agitation and anger on our Essential Workers. Go straight to the CEO or Manager’s Office. They make change and miracles happen if they want to. Employees are just ordinary people working hard to make an honest living. Besides, don’t we still need them if another COVID-19 surge happens?

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79 Responses to “I’m Vaccinated,” So What?

  1. So great explanation 👌🌷 patiently I read these whole article 👍🏻😊🙏
    So much truthful lines, thank you for this awesome advice 🙏♥️👍🏻😊


    • Thanks. Just want to share both the real truth and the frustration of being in the frontlines. Being vaccinated is now is an excuse to potentially expose people from direct contact with the infected droplet infections. I pretend I’m not concern but I am. No one is truly 100% safe. 5% chance of getting sick is a significant number. Could be any of us. People regret it only once they get sick with bad complications. For the mean time, it’s Summer fun here. I guess, we all just want to enjoy life while we can. The consequence we worry after if bad things happen. School starts too mid August, another nightmare happening but for now, we try not to worry & just see what happens.


      • Thank you for the truth explained very we!! 👌🏼🙏 In Malaysia so many getting
        This virus after take 2 vaccines . For us we must be more care that double mask
        Use going out, hand wash , clean sorroundings, , drink hot water and food also ,
        Must take vaccine. My family all taken vaccine Fyzer and we so alert , praying
        For all children’s great future 🌹🙏🌹💕


        • Thanks for the update. I think the vaccine overall reacts differently for everyone. Breakthrough cases post vaccine is happening more that what public health and the news are telling. Many are not even tested. Of course, we don’t want to have people loose interest in the vaccines because in honesty, we need everyone to be vaccinated if we want this virus over. Till then, we protect ourselves.

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          • So true message , yes , my wish also everyone to be vaccinated 👌🙏🌷
            Praying for all get well soon 🙏🌷🙏


            • It’s now the pandemic of 99.5% of the Unvaccinated in the U.S. , so that takes away half of the pointing fingers and fighting. The obvious is crystal which was something many knew but can’t do anything. Freedom has a price is centered only to self, always is. Thanks.

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              • Actually they know this pandemic how serious 👌🌷
                But they never bother , we cannot do nothing for
                Them , and we pray for all safe in this world 💕🌷🙏🌷


              • I agree. Alabama Governor said it best , “it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ as pandemic worsens. People are to blame really from its creation, to its spread to its come back. The vicious cycle will keep happening because it thrives on selfishness and ignorance. We can’t blame anymore the government for not having a vaccine if it’s been available for months.


              • So beautifully the truth you cleared this message. We cannot blame anybody !!
                They get sick means own ignorance only ! Here also government giving free
                Vaccination . All taking. Take care 🌹🙏❤️🌹


              • Thanks. Stay safe my friend. This battle is far from over but in the end, those that did something will inherit the Earth. Just my thoughts.


              • Yes, sure, we all connected , whole world. What happen end, when this
                Sick is going to leave from our countries don’t know . Prayers 🌹🙏🌹❤️🌹


  2. phenomenal facts says:

    Amazing blog 😀


  3. Thanks for this post🙏


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    • Thanks. Once the U.S. was the worst with the daily hospitalizations and deaths but many are now having intentional Covid Amnesia. Then there’s Unbelievers who still think the Pandemic was all made up to take their Freedom. It’s crazy how facts and real life events are turned into a lie and lies into truth. Of well, nothing surprising anymore this 2021.


      • I am suppressing my real feelings on this topic because I don’t understand the hesitation and debate about it. Think about smallpox, polio and diseases we irradicated in the not-too-distant past. What’s the difference now? Politicians want to debate the scientists and doctors. What the hell…?


        • Exactly, What the Hell…? It’s the same thought I have every time people answers and behaves like this virus is over or not real. Like flu it is here to stay but all year round. How we adapt will determine its ability to mutate more infectious and deadlier or not. Politics and Personal beliefs and convenience sadly took many lives and made many sick. It’s part of the cause why this virus is now global and hitting other countries tragically. It will be the same cause of future outbreaks. Everyone in between, collateral damage. Stay safe.


          • Frankly, it upsets me when I think about it and it’s hard not to, since the pandemic is not over.

            Thanks. You too.


            • Same here. Just as worse, it seems our concerns are just being dismissed. CNN today on Covid vaccine: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Tuesday at a White House briefing. “They are nearly 100% effective against severe disease and death — meaning nearly every death due to Covid-19 is particularly tragic, because nearly every death, especially among adults, due to Covid-19 is at this point entirely preventable.”


  5. You people are lucky to move around freely after vaccination..We Indians are vaccinated, still either locked in our homes or even if moving out, we follow all precautions and remain fearful.


    • So sorry to hear that. Been watching the news too and I wish it is not happening in your country or any where else. For months, the U. S. in horror due to covid deaths, hospitalizations and infection. It is something to really learn from because it should have not happen if people are working together and doing their best. Vaccination on the other hand should be equally safer and available for all but unfortunately like always, the world is never fair and equal. People don’t realize how lucky they are that they have vaccines while others don’t. Stay safe and healthy. Hope things will get better soon.


  6. cheylou4me3743 says:

    I cannot believe that people are not doing the research on these jabs that really are gene therapy and not a vaccine. It designed to attack your immune system, reproductive systems, heart. Brain. Any serious reactions and nobody will offer compensation or pay your salary or help you.
    Yes this plandemic virus was planned and is a bioweapon why again are the people not doing their do diligence and researching????


    • Agree. Though U.S. is trying to catch up on the gene sequencing and determining strains, it’s unbelievable that despite of the billions of covid funding, we are a year behind to U.K. when it comes to focusing on the most prevalent strains. We have strains here in California that are just uniquely Californian and though may be less infectious than the Delta should never be dismissed as nothing because it is capable of mutating to something worse than the delta strain. I always thought it’s engineered by Man and nature was the excuse. It is behaving like a bioterrorism weapon. We are horrified of the taught of anthrax in our mail but not bothered at all by another person standing next to us breathing the highly mutating , deadly covid. People had been strange in terms of their thinking, behavior and rationalizing. Thanks for the feedback.


  7. Rai says:

    I work in a hotel and every time we remind our guests to wear their masks, they tell us that as per CDC, face shields are not required anymore. But it’s the city’s protocol and if we do not follow the protocol, we’ll be closed down. People just doesn’t understand this somehow. Another one is that there are guests who are from the US telling us that it’s okay for them to just wear masks since they are already vaccinated. That’s when I thought of what you said

    “Just because we are vaccinated doesn’t mean we can just do whatever we want.
    Sure, if we don’t care about others, but if we do, we still need to be mindful
    and be respectful till this virus really is 100% controlled.”

    I just wish that people would be more understanding and caring of other people too who are not yet vaccinated and are still suffering financially from the pandemic.

    But this post is amazing. Thank you for this.

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  8. The masks are being lifted where I am ( btw not in California) but I am happy things are looking up for us.

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    • The low numbers of cases and hospitalizations has been a great relief. It’s nice to see the economy back and people looking much happier. Nice to see people making more eye contact too and less evasion. The pandemic affected how people react and behave when in public. Socialization got infected with paranoia as well as negative Racial Profiling. We may be maskless now but the invisible mask we wear to cope with our fears and anxiety and to protect ourselves will likely be on for awhile. After more than a year of rules and lockdowns, to enjoy Summer truly is precious. Stay safe. Thanks.


  9. kagould17 says:

    So much anger and misunderstanding over how Covid spreads. Like you say, we all need to chill long enough to listen to the science. Vaccination is like the Flu shot. It lowers the odds, but is not 100% effective. Stay well. allan

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  11. There are so many different perspectives, and peoples lives are effected in so many ways. I may not agree with everything in your post, but I do appreciate seeing the situations from all sides. This tragedy effects our lives in a multitude of ways that I can’t even cover in a response. I do have my shots, and I feel healthy. But I also want to be sensitive to others, and not live recklessly. But I also want to live my life. I will continue to be respectful of others and pray for protection and healing. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Thank you for sharing a very honest and very important point of view and experience. Yes, we do need to respect each other and everyone’s perspective and beliefs. I think more than ever, we need kindness and sensitivity in a world so divided and in conflict already. Everyone has to live their lives the happiest and best they can. Life is short after all and truth has never been clearer to me since last year. When people talk about retirement at 65, my answer is always, “That’s an if, but good to know.” We enjoy in moderation of what we are blessed everyday. We enjoy Summer now because next year, we’ll anything is possible. Take care and stay awesome always.

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  12. Thank you! We need more posts like this!

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    • Thanks. The only way for covid threat to be over is for people to come together and do what Science has already proven effective. But I guess personal and political issues are more important than what’s good for humanity overall. When late Fall comes, some communities will be back to where they are at covid’s worst. It’s a sad inevitability when it could have been prevented.

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  13. amable828 says:

    Research, research, research ingredients, 😪

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    • Thanks. Yep. Was watching the news today of when to get my booster shot. Two versions after 6 months , 8-12 months. For the time being, it’s everyday possible contact while the virus mutates. 10% of those that recovered will be long haulers. Can be anyone from kids to elderlies.


  14. I hope everyone is safe, but I’m also confused by the rush to “get back to normal”. I’m currently living in China. There are very few cases not imported from overseas. But just last week the whole city, like 15 million people, got tested in 4 days because there were a few cases found in the city. Today, they cancelled 400 flights and shut all the airport shops and restaurants because of one case. It’s a scary disease and needs to be taken very seriously!

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  15. kagould17 says:

    Great post. Unfortunately, many people only hear what they want to hear. Vaccination is a bit of a comfort, but it is not protection, nor is it an excuse to assume you are invincible. We have one friend who gave in and hosted a backyard [party for her teenage son. Their whole family got Covid and she (no underlying conditions), ended up on a ventilator in ICU. After 14 days, she was kicked out because they needed her bed for the next patient. She got sent home as an uncontrolled Type 1 diabetic for the rest of her life. Our neighbour was just 30 minutes from death with an oxygen level of 50%, when the ambulance came. We will keep distancing, wearing masks and treating everything coming into our house, like it is nuclear waste. We are safer, but we are not invincible. Stay safe and stay cautious. Allan

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    • Sorry to hear about your Friend and Neighbor. Their stories are exactly why Covid should be treated seriously both by citizens and leaders. People who never saw and experienced what it could do will never understand. People even have died and beg for a different diagnosis because the fatal disease was never real to them. One side of the world is celebrating freedom while others are dying or lost friends and family. We can never truly understand people like we can never fully understand covid. One thing for sure, it is here to stay and mutate to survive. It learned to adjust while many of humanity hasn’t. Stay safe my friend. Now really is the time to be careful even with the vaccines. We lockdown with so much less and now reopen when anyone can be a walking source of infection. Thank you for an honest , brave , truthful share. We need it. World needs it.


  16. ourcrossings says:

    Many, many valid points here on your blog post. The pandemic is not over yet and increased mobility and interactions may lead to more transmission. In the face of a continued threat and new uncertainty we still need to exercise caution and rethink or avoid international travel. Just after getting my second dose of Covid vaccine and have no plans whatsoever to drop my guard or stop wearing my mask. Wishing you a good day ahead 🙂 Aiva

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    • Stay Safe Aiva. I agree, better cautious than sorry. It’s now, Full capacity in all stores. No more distancing. I’ll still wear mask in public. Can’t afford to be sick nor want to be sick. It’s concerning how vaccinated and unvaccinated are intermingling in crowded places. Even Health Experts and Leaders seem to be allowing a whatever approach and so sure that the threat is over. The world is a mirror of what can possibly happen to any country no matter rich and powerful. When next Winter hits, history will repeat in places with least vaccination and safety measures. It’s a predictable preventable pattern.


  17. Ab says:

    I too am puzzled by the big rush to drop masks and guidelines. I’m very happy to hear about the full vaccination rates but there are still scary strains out there and now is not the time to be complacent. We can still live our lives and enjoy summer safely. I guess we will find out the effect o our behaviour in a few weeks!

    I got my second dose yesterday. Very happy indeed but still trying to be cautiously excited. 🙂 Take good care!

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    • Thanks. I think we are all part now of the biggest scientific experiment in our present history. First people and first countries vaccinated are being watched if how much percentage of vaccination is needed for herd immunity and how fast the virus adapts and mutates. Rushing it all is only a proof that the world is still overall in a pandemic emergency. It’s foolish to ignore truth and reality. We can still enjoy life but after everything, we enjoy it wisely till we are 100% certain. Take care.

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      • Ab says:

        I agree. I saw something on a late night show, I think James Corden, where he did a musical number called “No More Lockdown” with singer Ariana Grande. Celebrating no more masks, distancing etc. It just felt so oddly tone dead and wrong to me considering so much of the world is still suffering, like India. I want to go back to normal soon too but not at the expense of us having to return to lockdown again one day soon because we were all being hasty.

        Ah well. I got my fully vaccinated this week. It is a relief for sure! But still going to be cautious for a while for everyone’s sake.

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        • Thanks. To be vaccinated fully is like having our second freedom back. To be free of fear and worry is just amazing. Summer will be a quiescence in many places with high vaccination rates but scattered surges are expected to happen in communities with the least vaccination and with the Delta strain dominance.

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  18. My father-in-law is vaccinated and he tested positive for COVID-19 last month. Luckily he exhibited no symptoms, but it’s a good reminder that being vaccinated does not give you immunity.

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    • Thanks. Infectious organisms has so many unknowns and very unpredictable. To live realistically , truthfully with COVID is what’s needed and a ton of kindness and sensitivity to one another. There will always be a vulnerable members of our community and we need to protect them as often, as best as we can. Never easy to do the right thing.

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  19. Great post. I think we are in danger of over-saturation, and at a time when we need to be willing to be vigilant.

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    • Thanks. I think so too. If the virus is mutating in other countries and causing their worst, it can happen anywhere. The vaccine is a miracle but miracles comes with responsibility and accountability. So with kindness and giving to those who can’t afford the best & most effective vaccines out there. It will never be fair if some gets 65% or whatever effectivity while others 95-97%. Even not fair, some are wasting it while others beg for the vaccines. Crazy and sometimes easier to just close our eyes and pretend it doesn’t bother us.

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  20. ashok says:

    Well done 👍🏾

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    • Thanks. It’s just weird in comparison how everyone reacted last year , compared to how they are acting now. It’s nice NOT to be afraid but it would be nice to acknowledge also the loss and all our fears did happen because of the pandemic. It’s not a switch we can just turn and all is fine. I’m treating covid like it’s colds now because I do know this is something that will be part of both my private and work life for a very long time. Our stories after the pandemic deserves a happier , more positive hopeful content.

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  21. AGE says:

    Totally agree!

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    • Thanks. I was actually very impressed yesterday when I went to Costco and other stores, many Bay Area residents choose to wear the mask despite of being vaccinated. Looks like I’m not the only one observing cautiously if we really got the virus controlled.

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  22. Msdedeng says:

    Too many valid points here, and it’s about time someone mentions some negligent politicians.

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    • …and they are still out in the open creating more lies and havoc. In the U.S. , there are actually two different Governments that lately just came out two obvious. They are causing conflicts among Americans that shouldn’t be from vaccination to Racism to deadly Insurrection. Oh, well, we can only try to change how we react and respond. To do what’s right and be an example. Will it be enough? May be not but better than doing nothing. Take care. Thanks.

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  23. I’m vaccinated as well. I don’t wear a mask unless required to do so, such as in a medical office. I personally see COVID as Nature’s attempt to either beat back or annihilate an invasive species. And she’s not done yet.

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    • I agree. It’s causing death to other countries now similar to the previously first pandemic hits. My son calls it , “Population Control.” If indeed this started by nature and not in the lab, Nature is simply reacting to what humans did to it for many centuries. Karma or not, sadly people have to die for many years to come because covid will stay, like influenza. Stay safe. Thanks.

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  24. francisashis says:

    Yes,it is indeed a matter of grave concern.It depends on us as to how long the virus will be able to drag people to Sheol.It’s time to contemplate and adhere to strict measures that make us more safe and secure.Thanks for sharing.Take care.🌹🙏

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