Off The Grid Summer

The best Summer is discovering something no one else has. The best adventure is finding something beautiful that is just ours.

Stairway rock summit touches the clouds. We climbed its peak and sat on it for awhile just enjoying the view, the moment, the bonding.

Celebrating our First Days of Summer with the familiar and the favorites.

First adventure destination is just off Carmel towards Big Sur.

It’s off the map. No cell signal. No name. Just an electric post and the coastal mountains as landmarks. It’s the perfect off the grid Summer getaway without being too scary. No 911 access, which adds up to the danger excitement.

Some days we find it. Some days we don’t. Part of our road trip mind set, “We go where we are meant to be.” No expectations. No plans. Spontaneous. Cheap.

I named our family spot Summer because regardless of season, we feel the joys and warmth of Summer with every visit.

If I didn’t make an effort, I wouldn’t have seen how Nature looks from this side of the hiking trail.

This is where we often stop to bring out our folding chairs and eat the juicy flavorful 5-Guys Burger from Sand City.

The pandemic spoiled us with scenic views that restaurants no longer are appealing. We order to go or Door Dash. Not missing indoor dining at all. It’s one Post Covid Lifestyle we plan to keep.

It has lots of tide pools that contains tiny corals, crabs, fish, sea plants, shells and urchins. When the tides are low, it’s a fun place to to discover sea creatures and sea life.

Best Outdoor Aquarium. No lines. No entrance fee. No crowd. No buzzing talking noise. No social discomfort. Just the soothing sound of wind and waves.

One time, I saw a couple dug out several old giant Abalone shells. How they figure out where to find the treasures is still a mystery to me. Shell Tracker maybe?

His dream is to eat Sea Urchin Sashimi he will personally pluck from the sea. So we have the Sashimi kit ready anytime inside the car. Actually, it’s an expired Incision and Drainage procedure tray.

Anywhere you turn, grandeur! It’s 360 degrees of beautiful Nature landscape and ocean views.

At the edge, up close, both Nature’s vision and experience are ruggedly stunning. Here, Alive comes to life. Here, you want to be lost and never come back to the world prior. But it’s unrealistic, so we revisit and recapture the moments as often as possible.

Wild local succulent plants and flowers grows in abundance. How they thrive and flourish is a marvel considering California is in a severe drought.

This succulents are like carpets along coastal California. They come is lemon yellows and dark pinks.

The rock formations and it’s surrounding background are works of Art. Unique and priceless. Hand made by God himself. Like you and me.

Final topping to complete the incredible spectacle, a glowing Golden Sunset guides people on their way home. It’s just Nature’s way of saying, “Thank you and come back soon.”

We got home almost 10 PM because of traffic along highway 17. We didn’t care. We were too happy and thankful to whine.

We find time for what matters. We find time for what makes our heart go, grow and glow. Waiting is not an option, not after everything. Besides, it’s Summer and Summer is all about discovery and rekindling to all that’s happy, fun and relaxing.

Do we notice simple blessings of Nature? Do we stop to enjoy the moments that are unfolding before our eyes? Do we see and feel how vibrant the colors are? We should.

So, claim our adventures. It is ours for the taking. Don’t let this Summer pass without finding the best Summer possible.

I don’t know why many magnificent creations made by God for all has a fence and owned by one person only or by the Government. Wasn’t all these free once? Wasn’t these meant to be shared and experience by everyone? World and Man will never be fair but God and Heaven will be. For now, we enjoy and appreciate the view from afar.

Really, we don’t have to travel far to experience Summer. No need to ride planes and hold our breathe. Just be open. Be creative. Experiment. Listen to what your heart tells you. Surprise yourself and just go where the wind blows. Just don’t get blown over the Cliff. Off the grid means self survival and no rescue.

Stop reading the reviews. We don’t find off the grid adventure there. Just drive, go, stop and discover when we see something interesting.

Happy Summer all from California. Second Summer destination coming soon. For now we enjoy the day and be sunny merry.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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31 Responses to Off The Grid Summer

  1. Fabulous – stunning views and I really resonate with your comment about the nonsensical fencing in! Freedom is key – keep enjoying !


  2. Lisa Blair says:

    Love your photos and stories. Thank you, many of us are vicarious vacationers.🙂


    • I didn’t miss the world travel because of this place and its nearby Nature wonders. It help me to stay content and calm in a time of great disturbing both from the pandemic and personal people stress dramas. It reminded me that good, Hope and kindness are still possible. Thanks.


  3. Halbarbera says:

    Beautiful photos
    Of some the
    world’s wonders


  4. So stunning beauty of nature 👌🌷
    Perfect photography 👍🏻🙏🌷


  5. The Guat says:

    These are so great! I enjoy these inspiring pics, going to where the road leads you. Up the coast near Carmel and with a 5 Guys Burger. Sounds like a sweet day. Inspiring travel pics thanks for posting


  6. ourcrossings says:

    What an absolutely magical place! Big Sur is such a beautiful stretch of coastline. I can easily see why this mountainous and rugged landscape that’s accessible by the narrow Highway 1 which hugs the Pacific Ocean is one of the most dramatic and beautiful drives in the world. Thanks for sharing and happy exploring 🙂 Aiva xxx


    • Thanks. We drove back yesterday but ended up in Carmel when we saw full Sun in one of the beaches along the way. It turned out to be a great surprising adventure of nature discovery and scenic views. Weather was weird yesterday, some places so foggy , others with Sun, so we took a chance and discovered something new.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Sabrina says:

    Oh my. I feel I am bird flying behind your camera! These are lovely. & I agree, dining outdoors is so nice. I don’t miss too many indoor dining experiences!


    • Thanks. As California reopens tomorrow June 15 to 100 percent capacity without infection guidelines, I’m more concerned than excited because people had been doing things without safety covid guidelines for months now. I guess this is this final phase of the experiment. Either we make it or back to another surge in Fall. I think it’s best to stay away from the main tourist areas and crowded indoors till we now if the pandemic is really gone. The best thing about nature is that anywhere can turnout amazing & beautiful like any other tourist destinations if we are open for it. Besides, I hate long lines and traffic. It’s a waste of time when we could be enjoying already.


  8. The landscape here is gorgeous. I can see why this is one of your favourite spots to return to, especially since it seems off the beaten path and the crowds haven’t taken it over. Tide pooling is always a lot of fun, you never know what you’ll find.


  9. Stunning beauty. Love these photos and seeing the beauty of creation. Gorgeous 😊


  10. maayaronweg says:

    What beautiful photos, we are delighted!


  11. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. I can’t to drive up there in 2 weeks, a little road trip I have planned up to Carmel.


  12. Ab says:

    What gorgeous views and photos. I can hear the sound of water from your photos. The discovery of the sea shells and clams and abalone must’ve been quite something. And I love your description of the carpet of succulents. Bring it to life. The burger is truly the cherry on top! What a great weekend!


  13. Vinny says:

    Those photos are magnificent!

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