Strawberry Picking Back in California Post Markedly Reduced Covid Pandemic

Signs of normalcy more than a year of COVID-19 Pandemic No-No Rules and Restrictions are back in California.

How do I know that? Well, we can pick strawberries now without masks and with our bare hands. Of course, ideally it’s best to follow the honesty rule. So we assume everyone washed their hands before touching the strawberries and pickers do not cough or sneeze in front of them. We trust each other so well in California. We are that super chill and laid-back.

My wife jumped out of the portable toilet and did not use it. She told me, “There was shit sticking on the toilet paper.” I pretended not to hear it because I was eating the delicious Strawberry Shortcake we bought at the Strawberry Farm.

June 15 is our official Covid-19 Independence Day, though really, we’d been celebrating our freedom and happiness many weeks already.

Memorial Weekend, the official kick-off of Summer was 4 times the social crowd from last year. It’s okay now to enter restaurants without masks. It’s okay now to talk, laugh, even cough out a bit when accidentally choking on food or saliva without masks next to people who are eating, obviously without mask as well.

So, is it really back to normal in California with about 43% of its population fully Covid-19 vaccinated? It appears to be.

At work, it’s back to seeing patients live in person with Covid symptoms. We are using our PPE’s of course, though really, plain surgical mask is fine. No more fears. No more anxiety and dilemma of pointing fingers who takes care of a possibly Covid infected patient. No more worries about new strains. Hospital Covid admissions almost zero. It’s a miracle!

So yes, the more than a year of wearing mask, social distancing and strict lockdowns and semi-lockdowns worked. Scientifically and personal experience, the Covid vaccine works. Herd Immunity is happening which is truly exciting and promising.

Summer will look sunny and bright in California for the first time since last year’s explosive surges, closures and deaths. For the first time, we get to breathe without restrictions and live our lives without fear. That is hope to everyone that we can all win over Covid-19 if we do our part together, or mostly together.

Some States with the least Covid vaccination turnouts and no safety guidelines will sadly and inevitable have intermittent outbreaks when the rest are back to normal particularly next Fall and Winter. The hope and goal however is that one day they too will be able to normally pick strawberries with bare hands and no masks without potentially getting Covid-19 from the sick person next to them or from the sick person who also touched their strawberries.

Well, we chose to wear the mask inside even if we don’t have to. We’re not sure if we’re asymptomatic walkers. We felt it’s the right thing to do.

Back to normal is real. We’ve seen it in some countries already. I’ve seen it myself in my community. However, the normalcy post pandemic world did not happen by accident but was intentional. It required lots of hard work and sacrifice among people willing to do their part and be heroically selfless. It did not happen out of thin air or because the virus just evaporated. Covid-19 like Flu is here to stay all year long. It’s a fact. It’s the normal reality. Everyone has to accept it and move on.

We get what we sow. So, doing what I needed to do this entire entire Covid coaster ride was so worth it. In some places, I can take off my mask and not care if I catch Covid or not.

“I’m vaccinated ,” is my new mantra and reminds me I will be okay. I hear the same from people around me. So I guess, I’m not the only one thinking and believing it.

I’m 95% confident I will not get Covid-19. Better odds to seasonal Flu where Flu vaccine only is 65% effective. And since I never had a Flu in America ever, that makes it now 100% confidence level.

Sorry, there are bits of sarcasm here but sarcasm partly helped me survive the worst of the Covid-19 apocalypse. Besides, Truth and Sarcasm goes hand in hand. They are irresistibly funnier together.

Finally, Covid-19 disappeared Summertime. Thank God and thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Ex-President Trump was correct in one of his earliest Covid announcements, only it happened one year after. It’s cool though that he was able to predict the future. Not everyone has the gift of prophecy.

Did I wash my hands? No, there’s no water and soap in this beach park. Just a public portable toilet. I did use Purell hand sanitizer and wiped it on my shorts. I turned out fine and well. We need some germs to sensitized our body and build immunity. Not a myth.

Whatever, I’m going out this weekend and enjoy my freedom. I earned it after all. I may even do cherry picking. Yes, they are in season too and also you pick however you want it. Fun, fun, fun.

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19 Responses to Strawberry Picking Back in California Post Markedly Reduced Covid Pandemic

  1. I Daily Blog says:

    Awesome location, thanks for share


  2. cautransgvn says:

    Amazing Good Jobs


  3. Shoes says:

    Those fields look amazing! I am glad you are enjoying such treats and that life is getting back to normal, at least in some respects. Picking strawberries was my very first job, if you don’t include babysitting. The owners were smart and told us pickers we could eat as many strawberries as we wanted so that we gorged ourselves on the first day or two. After that only the largest, reddest ones were a temptation.


    • Thanks. It is nice to go back to the normal things we used to do before the pandemic. In the end, we just wish everyone to live in happiness , freedom and just making the most of everyday. Nature and Family are precious blessings that made us survive the craziness of the pandemic and it will continue to inspire us whatever future lies ahead. Take care. Happy Summer.


  4. I really want some fresh strawberries right about now. Public health restrictions are supposed to start easing here in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait for things to return to normal. Even if it’s a new normal. I don’t care so long as we can go camping and start to travel again soon.

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  5. dianaed14 says:

    What a lovely evocative sense of summer

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  6. restlessjo says:

    Good to see you relaxing a little and just enjoy life. Have a wonderful summer 🙂 🙂

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  7. Ab says:

    “It’s cool though that he was able to predict the future. Not everyone had the gift of prophecy.” 🤣🤣🤣

    So glad to see you enjoying a wonderful day out. And that fresh strawberry sundae looks delicious for what looked like a hot day. 😋

    I’m glad things seem to be going back to normal. We’re still at 800 daily case counts but going down very sharply. All hopeful things will be back to normal soon!

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    • Thanks Ab. Honestly, numbers don’t matter at this point in the U.S. People are tired of the restrictions and had been going back to normal regardless of caution warnings. My work place in fact wants us to act like it’s also back to normal except forever mask for healthcare workers. Unfortunately, frontliners medical staff may still be wearing the mask while everyone else can toss it because of the kind of work they do. But yes, fresh strawberry sundaes sound refreshingly good. It’s getting hotter here like today. Take care my friend and have a fun weekend.

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      • Ab says:

        I can understand the pandemic weariness but it is nonetheless frustrating. I hope mask wearing becomes a thing for the next while. Vaccine only makes us better to fight covid. We’re not immune it it. Hope that message is clear!


  8. I love strawberry season and am so glad we can get back to some of our pre Covid activities.

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  9. What a delicious day out and a fitting way to move on from Covid19.

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    • It was. I did not pick strawberries however, just the one on their store. We also bought strawberry apple cider which is so good. This is one of our favorite road trip stops when I the area. I was so glad it’s alive again.

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