I Need Nature Like I Needed The Sun

Sunday, I felt joy-less and lacking energy. And that’s after 2 cups of coffee and a delicious sugar rush of home baked brioche.

Nature just feels right. It’s instant calmness and contentment the moment I step into its door. It’s a beckon to find my way back to everything that makes me feel whole.

I knew what I was missing. I knew what I needed to feel happy and energized. So, I beg my wife, that we go drive somewhere outdoors. I even threw a little childish passive not talking tantrum because it works every time. Selfish much? May be but can’t really ignore the needs of the heart.

Like Superman needing the Sun to have his super powers back, I needed Nature to power up my inner joy, positivity and energy.

I always wondered why many cars are parked along the highway in this part of the Santa Cruz County. I don’t see anything from the road. After 5 years, I decided to stop and park as well. Now I know why.

I was desperate to feel something before work Monday hits.

Surfers, Soul Searchers, Dreamers, Nature and Beach Lovers are drawn to this beautiful California secluded cove. It’s entirety can’t be captured nor described. Has to be personally experienced.

An hour of being close to the Ocean and rugged Nature was all I needed.

An hour of discovering a new adventure was all it took to revive my heart to beat excitingly. I was smiling and humming on the way back to the car and won’t stop talking driving back home. Wife was so glad I got what I needed. When I’m happy, she’s happy. When she’s happy, I’m happy. I guess compromise and being selfless when needed or asked are the secrets to forever in every relationship.

Alive because I needed to feel it. Nature because I needed it like I needed the Sun.

The older we get and the more complicated life gets, the more we would like to go to places and moments that revives our life force. It is not a want. It’s a need. It’s not a luxury. It’s a vital necessity like air is to sustain life. We should never have to explain or feel guilty for needing them. It is part of who we are.

Summer is almost here. We’ve given up so much because of the Pandemic. It’s time to live as alive as normally as we can. Enjoy because it is our birth right. Explore, discover, experience, remember and celebrate because life has never been more shorter, important, clearer.

We shine happily the moment we follow what our heart needs. It’s not easy to stand out and fight for self. We become a threat, an enemy to Society’s man-made entrapments. Movers and Shakers are frowned upon because they inspire others to step away from control. To question and be different, we need to be ready for difficult challenges but it will be worth it because our freedom and happiness are so worth it.

If there is one important lesson COVID has taught me is that everything is exhaustible and transient not to try being happy…even for an hour.

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Just a Man too curious where his dreams will take him.
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58 Responses to I Need Nature Like I Needed The Sun

  1. arlene says:

    Hello IT, ang tagal kong inabangan mga posts mo. This one is inspiring.


  2. Kally says:

    Awesome post.


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  4. maayaronweg says:

    Amazing! thank you !

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  5. The way you talk about nature, can make anybody see your love for it.
    great blog (y)
    I have to say nature is a true healer for any scar. It gives you immense please of joy and being in a rightful place.
    Also Monday’s are cruel

    Hey I have also written a blog on nature it’s called Earth- on reset mode
    link is below it would be great if you wanna check it out.
    along with that I have some other blogs written on selfceare too
    Have a great day! 🙂

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    • The world can be unforgiving sometimes and people can bring us to an all time low, Nature however, it welcomes us like a long lost friend and heal us without telling what needs to be healed. When days feels like I needed to scream but can’t, nature gives me a place to run too and let it all out. Thanks 🙏

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  7. blogbyA says:

    I love nature too..refreshes my senses. U have access to a very beautiful beach.. Wow

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  9. Such beautiful pictures. I also love nature. I love nature by the sea even more.

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    • Nature is one positive side of life that we can easily just go when we need our happy place badly. May we take care of it like it take care of us the world over.☀️


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  11. jryb29 says:

    These pictures are so calming

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  12. Captivating and mesmerizing ocean

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  13. Halbarbera says:

    Energizing Nature scenes…

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  14. It’s amazing how much of an impact spending time in nature can have on our mental health and well-being. Glad you were able to get outside and soak in those gorgeous views of the ocean and rugged cliffs. I’m counting down the days until the weekend. Rain or shine, I’ll be out on the trail.

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  15. M.B. Henry says:

    I can see why this provides such healing for you – what a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the pictures so we can enjoy it through you!

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  16. ourcrossings says:

    Love your photos; the Californian coastline looks amazing, and its beaches are perfect for exploring, lounging or both. Just like you, I often need Nature to power up my inner joy, positivity and energy. Time in nature is an antidote for stress and spending time in green space or bringing nature into our everyday life can benefit both our mental and physical wellbeing. For example, doing things like growing food or flowers, exercising outdoors or being around animals can have lots of positive effects. So, here’s to more time outdoors. Cheers for sharing so many wonderful photos and have a nice day. Aiva 🙂 xxx

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    • Thanks. I can so relate to every word you wrote. The busier , stressful our work days are , the more we need lots of doses of Nature. Serenity, balance and joy are very important nowadays. Some define success with wealth and accomplishments, even popularity, mine is all about inner treasures no one can take away from me.

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    • Kananisdeepcleaningcrew says:

      . Z

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  17. Gorgeous place you have captured in your photos. I would love to be there too 🙂

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  18. Those pictures create a lively atmosphere and is refreshing.

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  19. Loving your relaxing and recharging images.

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  20. cindy knoke says:

    Calms me down just looking. Beautiful.

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    • Nature is second favorite Happy Place. Home with Family is the first. Outdoors is a break for me from the craziness of work and stress. I’ll go insane without it. Thanks


  21. Halbarbera says:

    Yes! Reconnect to the positive frequencies of the Universe far from the restricting EMFs of our homes from which should more frequently roam! And walking barefoot does help for sure!

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  22. Ab says:

    I feel very recharged from just looking at your beautiful picture of the ocean view and the jagged rocks that I can only imagine how rejuvenating it feels in person with the sound and the smell of the water.

    And yes, adult passive tantrums always work like a charm. Glad you got your way. As you say, everyone is happy after! 😊🤣

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