Honesty Not The Best Policy With COVID-19 Mask Rules

We’ve seen it. We’ve lived it. Had lots of anxiety because of it. After more than a year with the COVID-19 Pandemic confusion, lying, downplaying, defiance and fighting over the highly Politicized Mask Rules, we know better that Honesty is NOT the best policy when it comes to whether vaccinated people should toss the mask when in public places, particularly indoors.

Racial Hatred skyrocketed this year. Vaccinated People threatened by it will continue to wear the mask with the biggest sunglasses they can find to protect themselves from people, not COVID.

People positive with COVID-19 have knowingly mingled with both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Bizarre few even threw parties and placed bets as to who gets infected first. Many however, didn’t have a choice because of threat of hunger and homelessness. Others never cared because they believe it’s a hoax. It has been happening and will happen even more as this is the new normal. These we hardly read in the news because it’s too truthful. Conspiracy theories, scandal lies and negativity brings more viewers and money. Capitalism profited the most during this Pandemic. Suffering and sickness became profitable.

Many of the predictions happened, some worse. Few were off the charts and so unbelievable. For now, we enjoy hope and pray it will last.

Many financially hard up victims, even those in the middle income bracket don’t get a Government stimulus check for staying home every time they get sick with COVID-19. Imagine if they have chronic lingering symptoms and complications. On their own, how are they suppose to survive? So, if both parents has COVID-19, one has to go back to work to feed their family. They do what is needed to cope even if they don’t like it. Work or starve. Work or be homeless. That’s it!

On my first lockdown walk, I can’t believe people near me live on the streets, under over pass and by the river edges. Now it’s more. I threw our old tent one day, then on my way out, saw a homeless cleaned it up so he can have a place of shelter. This is happening in the Silicon Valley, home of the Tech Billionaires.

With the CDC new Mask update, it’s anything goes now mindset. People who does not want to wear the mask will not wear it and those who feel unsafe will. Either way, many will get sick several weeks from now because fact is, many are still not vaccinated and people fully vaccinated may still get COVID-19 though with milder symptoms or none at all. Then there’s the vulnerable population who will remain vulnerable to some degree despite of vaccination.

Indoor places will be challenging in the next few months…honestly. Been inside the mall once since last year, it was a necessity not a want.

My son is still not vaccinated and my top priority is to get him vaccinated but children below 12 won’t be. As the all year long COVID-19 continues to mutate, it is just a matter of when that a new mutation will cause serious sickness and complications to our children. When that happens, we will look back to what we have done and who is accountable. Of course, more fighting and blaming like the usual but we can’t really escape our own conscience when someone we know gets sick or worse, develop complications and die because of what we decided to do.

Health for all, not “I” or “Me” only.

It is a free country, sure. Freedom is important, I understand that truly being big on freedom myself but our choices have consequences. The things we say and do affects us and others. We are responsible and accountable for our words and actions. Leaders and Health Experts even more because we rely on them for answers and guidance but many of them will say what we want to hear. Many are Politicians first, Public servant last. Familiar? Check today’s news, it’s nauseatingly all there.

We can’t revive the dead. We can’t replace the irreplaceable. We can only show our respect and support for the grief of those left behind to pick up the pieces.

Personally, I will do what feels safe for me and my Family. I will do what ensures safety for my patients, co-workers and community.

We will continue to live a life of caution until we know for sure what’s going to happen the rest of 2021. Just because someone declared it’s “all okay now” doesn’t mean it is. Once again, there’s Politics, then there’s genuine honesty.

I choose to follow a rule that is not just about me but of everyone around me.

This is an old picture. Just imagine all dining without masks and that will make it current. Exciting to one group, dreadful to the other. This is our new normal forever!

As for Honesty, we’ll that only works if Honesty is universally real and applies to all.

If people were honest yesterday and today, there will be no permanent closures and loss from the pandemic.

Hey, it’s a free country. We can speak freely our opinions, beliefs and rights, unless that too is a lie and only applies to certain people. Just saying from experience.

Caution is now optional. By June, we will pretend COVID no longer exist and evaporated with the Summer heat. Sarcasm is the best new medicine for sanity and emotional health. Laughter, well if it’s really funny…maybe.

Genuine Honesty happens when people become genuine to themselves first. It doesn’t happen when Bull Shit comes first. Just stating what is already out there.

It happened. Still a wildfire in other countries. May we never forget.

Globally, the Pandemic continues to kill and create havoc and devastation. Globally, people started traveling. That’s great, but we need to remember what made this highly contagious, lethal virus spread so fast in our Country and around the World. Traveling made COVID-19 reach every corner of the Planet.

No place in America is safe. Certain Race even more at risk than ever. Melting pot cities are the worst. The mask is a way to protect ourselves as well as deal with fears and anxiety.

The Fools, the Proud and the Fun-seekers are bound to repeat history. The rest of us are just consequential Collateral Damage.

Congratulations to all and great job for doing what we can. We are part of the final emergency phase of the COVID-19 vaccination (vaccinated, non-vaccinated, placebo). We’ll find soon enough if the number of vaccinated plus the post infected equals Herd Immunity.


Till then, wishing everyone good luck. Stay safe for you and those you love always. It’s a different World out there. People have changed. I’ve changed. COVID-19 has changed. Things will never be the same. We can only learn and live smarter. Now, that is being honest and realistic.

Stay safe. Stay chill.. Follow your heart and try being Happy. Enjoy life the way you want it and not how someone wants you to live it. You are free, never forget.

Peace when we respect each other opinions despite of conflicting differences. No need to throw hate or anger, too unhealthy and draining.

Be invisible, wear the Mask. Be powerful, wear the mask. Stay safe and healthy, wear the mask.

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45 Responses to Honesty Not The Best Policy With COVID-19 Mask Rules

  1. Nice read and very informative! Cheers!

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    • Thanks. California now is trying to act live the threat of the pandemic is over and that all of a sudden life is before covid. Official no more covid is June 16. It’s a wow seeing how crazy it’s been just last January.


  3. Just want to Thank WordPress for sharing this under tag Discover. More than ever, we need Honesty and Kindness for the next few months with pandemic guideline. We don’t have to be mean to our Essential workers like the store workers and cashiers when they ask us to wear mask or about vaccination status. They are simply trying to do their job and earn a decent living.


  4. Momin Minnesota says:

    You don’t need to be afraid. You also don’t need a shot — neither the Johnson & johnson (which is the only real “vaccine”), nor the experimental mRNA injections. Nope. How do I know? I know because I read, and I HAD Covid… waaaaaaay back in early March of 2020, when China wasn’t even telling us all the symptoms. I was halfway thru my illness when Trump came out with the news that hydroxychloroquine helps. (it really did, and still does.) Now we know of at least 2 other medicines that help — all of which we ALREADY HAD ON HAND — ivermectin, and remdesivir; I think there’s one other — besides the treatments involving blood: either get a blood transfer, or it fit’s really dire use ECMO. But at the time, I was 57 and we did not have any of those available. I used garlic. And aspirin. And MSM (methyl-sulfanyl-methane, an organic form of sulfur; entirely natural, anti-inflammatory, so safe there is no unsafe dose)…later I was able to get some goldenseal herb, and my recovery really sped up them. But aft first all I had was garlic, and I repeat: I was 57 years old. YOU CAN LIVE. Your immune system is amazing. (I have an overly-sensitive immune system, I had an auto-immune disease for 15 years and only recovered 5 years before catching Covid.) Look: if I can recover, so can you. If I can get over it, so can your 12 year old. You are stronger than you think,. Get sunshine, get vitamin D, eat garlic by the handful. You’ll be okay.


    • Thank you. Covid 19 is really like flu now. I agree, we shouldn’t be afraid of it, for me at least not anymore. We’re back to seeing face to face patients and the fear is gone compared to last year when the virus was unknown and vaccines not available. Just went to my doctor yesterday for high blood pressure , turned out it’s work stress related. I gained 35 lbs and prediabetic however so back to focusing on healthy lifestyle. To live in fear is not the way to live life. There is so much to live for and look forward too. Virus or stress , choosing to live without fear is the first step to living a full life. I appreciate the sharing. I’m 50 now & health & well-being has never been more important. 🙏


    • By the way, my co-worker was just telling me of placing garlic under the tongue once a day for BP control, and now a living testament from you . I will be going to the store to buy one. Thanks 🙏


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  7. Mask is the best armour against covid19


    • It is …and from people since last year. Flu cases hardly happened since people wearing mask, & it’s the same for covid in the years to come. Mask and vaccine are the two top secret to outlive this forever virus.


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  10. Yes, I heard about that on the news last week about how fully vaccinated people in the US can resume activities without wearing a mask. I don’t have much faith in the honour system. This whole plan seems a bit premature, and it’s as you said, could have significant consequences for children who are not yet vaccinated. Stay safe out there.


    • Me too. If Honor system worked, there wouldn’t have been a global pandemic and people didn’t have to die. It is insane after what we had been through but sure, if it makes the rest happy that they can toss all safety mandates and live with blameless freedom, who are we to deprive them of that. People became more transparent with covid and that I think is a truth worth thanking for because know we can decide smarter.

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  11. Halbarbera says:

    Wearing masks has become the ugly face in a “culture war” and a flash point pitting one group against another … vanity versus insanity in an ever increasing politically insane world!

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    • People were already wearing an invincible mask for centuries but took a pandemic emergency to literally wear one. I live close to the cities where Asian Hate Crime has been out of control. People don’t care if we are wearing scrubs because we are healthcare workers who needed to be there to take care of the covid sick including the Racists and the Angry people themselves. Racial Hate doesn’t choose. It does not see humanity. It has no conscience. It is what it is, evil. Yes, it’s insane indeed. Stay safe.

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  12. thirdeyemom says:

    So well said. This past 14 months have had me wondering about so much of humanity. The pandemic, the death of George Floyd, the voices of hatred coming from our past President and so much more. It had all wanted me to pick up and move to another planet. Yet I still have seen the good. The people who have cared, the frontline health care workers and average citizens in my own city of Minneapolis who came together after so much of our city being down (and impacted mostly people of color and immigrants) and helped provide food, donations, and essential items to help them survive and rebuild. I feel like I saw two different parts of this country. One of hate and uncaring for others, and the complete opposite. It has been a horrendous year and I too will continue up to wear my mask and help others keep safe. I seriously believe the CDC ruling was political as it really makes no sense.

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    • Thank you. There is something seriously wrong with America since last year. We are two decided not just culturally but politically. Humanity and everything that makes our country has been overshadowed with selfishness and fighting. Don’t really know what else can heal it. The virus just made transparent what I think was already there. 5 major stores today issued mask as optional if vaccinated. That to me is crazy after all that we witnessed just few months ago. As for the the rest of the world, they too needed to be vaccinated if we want to go away globally. Stay safe my friend.

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  13. Mask doing our lives proctor now this pandemic Cov-19 situation 👌🙏🌷

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  14. Ab says:

    I was a bit surprised by the announcement of masks this week. I personally feel it’s a little too early to let our guards down. So many people, including teens and children, are still quite vulnerable. I hope it doesn’t drive up cases in the weeks to come, especially as people start gathering outside.

    On the bright side, that’s a lovely place for you and your son to be exercising. Right on the beach with that stunning mountain in the background!

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    • A friend went to a major store today, and many are no longer wearing mask indoors. CDC will end up being accountable for the early announcement, and the leaders and major store chains that may possibly cause another surge. I truly hope they are correct but this is the final phase of the vaccine experiment. People don’t realize everyone is now part of it whether they got vaccinated or not, believed in covid existence or not. Stay safe my friend. Summer is here and can’t wait for more outdoors.

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      • Ab says:

        I think the next few weeks will be the tell tale sign of whether this was a wise move or not. Unfortunately, it does feel like a bit of social experimentation doesn’t it? Kinda sad and scary to think about it in these terms.


        • It does. I started seeing symptoms of covid in my patients again last 2 days but this is expected as covid is part of daily sickness now. It’s the hospital surges however that determines the need for mandates or not. It’s watch and see time this Summer as we try to navigate and enjoy life. Stay safe.

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  15. auntyuta says:

    Reblogged this on AuntyUta and commented:
    What are the Mask Rules?


  16. auntyuta says:

    Mask Rules, what exactly are they?

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    • A friend just went to Walmart, one of the 5 big store chains not requiring mask anymore. Being a healthcare worker seeing what most don’t read in the news, she got scared. Honestly, now is the time to be be extra careful as half of the population toss the mask while infection though slowing down is mutating to out do the vaccine. CDC, public health and leaders are giving confusing messages that doesn’t go well with “Honesty Rule.” After what America and the World witnessed in 2021 events, people should not be betting their lives and health on honesty. We are now part of the final vaccine experiment. I guess, we’re all just collateral damage. Same last last year. Thanks. Take care.

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      • Mamalava says:

        That is interesting. It must be by region. I don’t live too far from Silicon Valley, but our walmart still requires masks. Every business around here still does.

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        • I agree, seems like it’s by region, even by community. I’ve seen some patients having flu like symptoms of covid again, some after vaccination. Perhaps it’s milder this time, but fact is, it’s still here and we just do our best to stay safe. Summer will be a make it or break it. Our hope of course is to really have this pandemic end. Take care.

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